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Jul 28, 2008

Why do you want to serve George W. Bush?

News Updates from Citizens For Legitimate Government

July 28, 2008

All items are here: Breaking News

"What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?"

Justice Officials Repeatedly Broke Law on Hiring, Report Says July 28, 2008

Former Justice Department counselor Monica M. Goodling and former chief of staff D. Kyle Sampson routinely broke the law by conducting political litmus tests on candidates for jobs as immigration judges and line prosecutors, according to an inspector general's report released today.

Goodling passed over hundreds of qualified applicants and squashed the promotions of others after deeming candidates insufficiently loyal to the Republican party, said investigators, who interviewed 85 people and received information from 300 other job seekers at Justice.

Sampson developed a system to screen immigration judge candidates based on improper political considerations and routinely took recommendations from the White House Office of Political Affairs and Presidential Personnel, the report said. Goodling regularly asked candidates for career jobs, "What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to serve him?" the report said.#

Oh don't encourage me to answer that one! Heil? -jc

May 24, 2007

Monica regrets...

Oh yeah--it's a SO'W Gold Star for Robert J. Elisberg's article
The Revenge of the Monicas: the Sequel on HuffPost...if you haven't read this one, you really must.

That's why it gets a Gold Star! And you won't have a single "mistake" to regret...

And here's more GoodlingGate Goodness:

Monica coordinated the response to the firings.

May 23, 2007

a Goodling day

With Mercury and Venus out-of-bounds it seems that one of them represents Monica Goodling and her immunity from prosecution for testifying about purgegate.

Will she fall on her sword for Rove and Bush? The granting of prosecutorial immunity seems to indicate otherwise. But she's a woman protecting her chickens from hawks!

And naturally the Moon indicates a woman and is important in seeing how a day will proceed based on the Moon's applying aspects:

The Moon's only applying aspect (looking at 9:30 am edt) is her square to the Sun (3A34) and this square will be perfected at 5:02 pm. (The fault-finding Sun Gem-Moon Virgo combo is shared natally by Pres John F. Kennedy and Robert McNamara.)

Other factors at 5:02 pm edt:

IC "28Cap"..."A large aviary"...conjunct the powerful natal Pluto of the USA. This relates to the Pentagon and a certain association of generals (AVIARY.)

Oppressive Pluto/Chiron midpoint will have just crossed the IC, the Foundation of the chart.

Rising will be 23Lib49 with Fixed Stars Arcturus ("a different approach") and Spica ("potential for brilliance"), both Stars connected natally to the founding of America.

However, the current position of the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (the two planets in opposition on 9/11/01, and which always bring misery, cruelty, violence, and war when in hard aspect) is 23Lib44. The blending of their energies in midpoint isn't so jolly either.

Sat/Pluto = ASC: cumbersome and difficult circumstances; mourning and bereavement; sadness. Sat/Pluto is conjunct Bush's natal IC also which affects MC, the Career and Public Status Point:

Sat/Pluto = MC: hard, hard work to arise from difficulties; major separation as a last resort; flight; severity; one-sidedness; application of tenacity and endurance.

The YOD pointing at Venus indicates a special purpose or task for a lady, and she's at "17Can" = "The germ grows into knowledge and life"...but Venus is applying to a helpful trine with reformist Uranus, whose Symbol is:

"19Pis": "A master instructing his pupil"...ELUCIDATION...

pos: high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight;

neg/shadow side: a desire to live by rule and a conceit of empty knowledge.

(update Thursday: Gonzo may be said to have "instructed" her about his recollections according to her testimony!)

If Uranus is instructing Monica Goodling's testimony today, I hope his name doesn't start with Karl Rove or George Bush or that's what we'll end up with--empty knowledge.

Mar 26, 2007

that useful Fifth Amendment

Some US laws the Bushies monkey with at will--some they hide behind when it's tres convenient.

Such is the case of Monica Goodling, a Justice Department official and Gonzales' senior counsel and White House liason, as she's about to testify bwo subpoena concerning the Bushie prosecutor purge. She was one of the varmints Paul McNulty said "misled" him before his own February testimony.

Do we look that stupid to them? Guess so. This is the political heat they warned themselves to be girded for.

Gonzales Aide to Invoke Fifth Amendent...still, I certainly wouldn't want her not to be able to protect herself from her own testimony, now would I? Especially since I might need the Fifth myself one day...