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Jun 19, 2019

June 18, 2019: Trump Opens Campaign 2020 in Orlando

Last evening in Orlando, Florida, survivor Donald Trump introduced the 2020 Campaign to a large crowd eager to chant and applaud their favorite demagogue currently playing the POTUS role. Check out Gabby Orr's Politico article Trump stages his greatest show yet (updated at 10:39 pm edt last evening) for details on the rally's proceedings which began with the familiar chords of the predatory Eye of the Tiger and ended with Trump's usual You Can't Always Get What You Want. One assumes that Trump fans in the chanting crowd may not have realized the irony embedded within the lyrics of that last Stones tune but the title of the album the song issues from is appropriate for a violent man born with Mars-Saturn = Pluto..."Let It Bleed."

Anyway, I digress. Or do I? Well, who cannot when Trump's the topic?

Astrology of His Risings and Settings with natal Neptune at Midheaven

If you wish, please enlarge the image to read my notes messy as they be.

Above is an 8:00 pm edt horoscope of June 18, 2019 Orlando, Florida which I'll most likely use in future as the Opening Horoscope of the 2020 Campaign--at least in relation to Trump's bid for re-election for I've not found the moment he took the stage after Don Jr and Mike Pence spoke (chart time may be adjusted as needed). Note that most of the notes penned on the chart concern last night's rally with few concerning Trump's natal chart itself although his chart surrounds the 8:00 pm chart as a bi-wheel, as you see. This emphasizes Trump's natal South-Node/Moon conjunction rising while his Sun-North-Node-Uranus sets on the 8:00 pm Descendant...placing his transactional nature (Sun-Moon opposition) in the WHAT? and WHERE TO? positions. Unstable Neptune at MC suggests 'hiding in plain sight' but a percentage of his followers refuse to see his fraudulent nature. His problematic Moon-SN does not suggest popularity, you know, although there's a great need for it, and my suspicion is that the general public is not much impressed by last night's performance.

Ascending is 22Sag42 ("23Sag" = "Immigrants Entering a New Country"--one of his favored topics and targets, of course) which makes Jupiter Rx @18Sag25 rising the chart-ruler. Jupiter, the politician, financier, guru, and General, is strong in his own sign (of 'the outsider' or 'foreigner') yet is weakened by his retrograde condition--plus, he makes no applying aspects in the chart. However, even though he's weakened, Jupiter leads a Locomotive shape of the planets signifying the 'ruthless high-power executive determined on success' (Jones). Plus, as noted lower left, you see that Venus opposes Jupiter Rx (6A18), an aspect between two money planets, exact on June 23rd with transit Venus also conjuncting Trump's natal Uranus (17Gem53 in 10th house of Career and Public Status); this, and other current planetary indicators, suggests problems or separations in relationships, particularly with females, and a Venus-Jupiter opposition denotes extravagance, wastefulness, and social climbing--someone child-like and in need of moderation. Wonder who?

Then as you see, Trump's discontented natal Venus-Saturn conjunction snugs around the 8:00 pm 8th cusp of Shared Resources and Big Business with the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Cap04 cosmically scheduled to oppose his watery Venus and Saturn in self-defensive Cancer. And as with all 'wild card' eclipses, revelations may occur and disrupt as more scandals (with the ladies and/or with finances) and inconvenient secrets turn up as Summer 2019 proceeds. Yet it's doubtful that anyone needs Astrology to inform them of such goings-on in the mobster-style life of Donald Trump.

Now as expected, last evening Trump Sr regaled the audience with several golden oldies such as grousing against his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton and the 2020 Democratic field of candidates, all of whom want to "splinter us into factions and tribes." Tribes! Pot calls kettle on that one and on other insults and brags which you may wish to read about in the Politico article, linked above. A fave of mine has to be when he added a gem of a whopper: "If I deleted one email, like a love note to Melania, it's the electric chair for Trump." So much hokum packed into one goofy claim, and certainly one of his intended distractions! First, he's said to never use email, plus, he surely must be joking about sending Melania a love note! And the "electric chair"? He said it, not I! And of course, the 'royal Trump' does not escape our fatigued attention.

Well obviously, hypocrisy and grand fantasies made their usual cameo appearances in Orlando as they do whenever Trump opens his mouth, wearing his nationalism and tribalism on his sleeve as his natal Mercury-Neptune square of 'loose lips' tells tall tales and misperceives situations. So not much of his rhetoric was fresh last evening but unveiled was Trump's new-ish campaign slogan for 2020: "Keep America Great" which suggests that our nation has been improved under his tutelage, no matter how many brown children must be caged in order to 'make it happen'. On that score alone, I strongly dissent.

Another interesting natal planet of Big T on full display at 8:00 pm in Orlando was his Neptune Rx at Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal/Aspiration Point of any horoscope. Also at MC were three midpoints thus creating a few pictures we may wish to consider to see if they apply to our topic:

Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter, and North-Node/ASC conjunct MC and Trump's natal Neptune combined their energies which suggests potentials for: favorable arrangements, zeal, a person fond of talking (guess who?!), bamboozling or misleading people, falsehood, unfaithfulness, plans without a chance of realization, failures, a powerful imagination (his nibs), successful deception, trusting in good fortune, an expression of communal sense (he fibbed), and/or a tendency to 'lose the solid ground underfoot' while speaking (Ebertin). He often does this although my ears couldn't make it to the end of his pontificating to find out. So when he loses the thread he simply continues talking in goofy fashion for after all, he loves the sound of his own voice, as you've noticed. No telling what he'll say off-script!

Now in closing, there's much more to the charts yet I'll only mention two more items--that the lovely, successful, ego-expanding Sun-Jupiter midpoint conjoined US natal Neptune (22Vir25; penned on the chart, lower right) last evening which denotes the crook and/or feebleness, according to Ebertin. Add to that the fact that Trump's natal Sun-Moon midpoint @22Vir03 also conjoins US natal Neptune constantly so we find ourselves with easy upsets, illusions, deceptions, and mistakes. To this I'll add, sad disappointment and loss.

And that's about all I wish to type about 73-year-old Donald Trump today so if you've managed to read this far, I do salute you, dear reader!

Leave your on-topic comments with this post if you wish, and please Share if you care! jc

Jun 13, 2016

Did US leaders and candidates get Orlando wrong?

Our hearts go out to victims, their families and friends in Orlando. And as Steve Benen of MSNBC notes, President Obama and 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each made statements and remarks concerning the tragedy this weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Occurring quite close to July's political conventions and not so long before November Election Day 2016, Americans might get the idea that their emotions are being swayed toward voting in a certain direction. It's been done before and the accusation of 'false flag op' will surely turn up at some point if if hasn't already.

And yet for this American 'child of the Revolution', Obama, Clinton, and Trump have touted off-kilter lessons from the violence in Orlando so I'm posting here the lesson that all acts of terror have demonstrated to me--especially since the 1 North 'King of Terror Solar Eclipse' of August 11, 1999 which repeats as The Great American Eclipse in August 2017 due to the 18.6-year cycle of solar eclipses. The tango sparked by this manifestation of 1 North will naturally appear on the next president's dance card.

So here is the lesson I take from acts of terror against Americans--that while Washington and the Pentagon commit violence across the globe in their role as military arm of the corporate criminal banking syndicate enforcing a 'new world order' for the sake of Global Government, the American people are, and will continue to be, caught in the cross hairs of retaliation as we suffer blow back from the paternalistic strong-arming being done in our names.

Now you may suggest that there is more to it than this and of course you are correct. But without forgiveness, life is just an endless round of vengeance begetting vengeance which is something *the powers that think they be ought to know considering the 'unerring wisdom' they (incorrectly) assume themselves to possess. The tragic thing is, they do know but they only care for their own--and for retaining and expanding control via the ends justify the means tactics in which the rest of us are completely expendable--much as Satan, prince of this world, takes as many down with him as he goes. Thing is, he's already lost the battle so those who follow him follow a loser.

But look! Here are some of the US power elite and their own now:


*the powers that think they be is a quote from Max Igan.