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Jun 13, 2016

Did US leaders and candidates get Orlando wrong?

Our hearts go out to victims, their families and friends in Orlando. And as Steve Benen of MSNBC notes, President Obama and 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each made statements and remarks concerning the tragedy this weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Occurring quite close to July's political conventions and not so long before November Election Day 2016, Americans might get the idea that their emotions are being swayed toward voting in a certain direction. It's been done before and the accusation of 'false flag op' will surely turn up at some point if if hasn't already.

And yet for this American 'child of the Revolution', Obama, Clinton, and Trump have touted off-kilter lessons from the violence in Orlando so I'm posting here the lesson that all acts of terror have demonstrated to me--especially since the 1 North 'King of Terror Solar Eclipse' of August 11, 1999 which repeats as The Great American Eclipse in August 2017 due to the 18.6-year cycle of solar eclipses. The tango sparked by this manifestation of 1 North will naturally appear on the next president's dance card.

So here is the lesson I take from acts of terror against Americans--that while Washington and the Pentagon commit violence across the globe in their role as military arm of the corporate criminal banking syndicate enforcing a 'new world order' for the sake of Global Government, the American people are, and will continue to be, caught in the cross hairs of retaliation as we suffer blow back from the paternalistic strong-arming being done in our names.

Now you may suggest that there is more to it than this and of course you are correct. But without forgiveness, life is just an endless round of vengeance begetting vengeance which is something *the powers that think they be ought to know considering the 'unerring wisdom' they (incorrectly) assume themselves to possess. The tragic thing is, they do know but they only care for their own--and for retaining and expanding control via the ends justify the means tactics in which the rest of us are completely expendable--much as Satan, prince of this world, takes as many down with him as he goes. Thing is, he's already lost the battle so those who follow him follow a loser.

But look! Here are some of the US power elite and their own now:


*the powers that think they be is a quote from Max Igan.

Apr 18, 2013

Jon Stewart: "CNN: The Most Busted Name in News" (video)

After yesterday's cluster-f reporting from CNN concerning an 'arrested suspect' in the Boston Marathon bombings, you could easily predict I would embed this excerpt from Jon Stewart on last evening's The Daily Show, right?

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Most Busted Name in News - Exclusive and First
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You know if it weren't so tragic it would be almost amusing to see if the Republican Party hops aboard the Obama Terror Initiative as they so enthusiastically did with the Bush-Cheney terror regime of the New Millennium which was ushered in by Nostradamus' 'Mother of All Eclipses"/"King of Terror Eclipse" of August 11, 1999 with the Oxen, Lion, Eagle, and Angel Points of the Fixed (rigid) Cross triggered as predicted in The Book of Revelation.

Now that the tables are turned, and considering the party's obstructionist role as Obama's political foil, will the American public soon be subjected to a GOP pretzel-twist by anti-Obama Republicans so that their "patriotism" isn't questioned by Democrats and the lame stream media?

Apr 15, 2008

Pluto/Chiron class warfare going fine, thanks

Global Hunger, Corporate Greed:

When will enough be enough?

By Debnath Guharoy

Systemic deception has become acceptable culture in too many boardrooms, with nothing more than a wink and a nod required down the chain of command. When it gets to a point that an accountant is unable to explain complex new financial instruments and their equally befuddling acronyms, disaster cannot be far away.

Information Clearing House has the rest of the article for you.


World revolution IS the game, hunger and chaos are musts in the hidden hand's plan for world mastery. And as we see these days all is going extremely well for them with more consitutional crises on the way.

Jan 20, 2008

'King of Alarm' Eclipse of August, 1999

The Aug 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, aka the 'King of Alarm' (or 'King of Terror') Eclipse was predicted by Nostradamus many moons ago and is published tonight by yours truly, your reluctant astrologer for this evening.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse, which ushered in the New Millenium, is from the 1 North Series, given by Bernadette Brady in her Predictive Astrology as:

fatigue or health problems; unexpected events involving groups or friends place massive pressures on personal relationships; issues loom large but avoid hasty decisions because info is distorted or possibly false.

I'll say! Some call it the Mother of All Eclipses...anyway, check out the chart if you've never seen it--it's quite a doozy.

As I signed in to post this entry I belatedly noticed that Blogger can now publish in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew--very kewl, Blogger!

Well no, I can't read or write any of them, but I did once practice writing backwards and upside down simultaneously in my salad days of yore...and created my own alphabet to keep a nosey brother out of my diary's business. Funny that I keep 'personal' weblogs all over the place now. Hmmm.

Anway, if this new facility introduces and encourages new bloggers to the Blogger format, I say, Welcome and Well-met!

Jun 30, 2007

From BBC News: UK terror threat now 'critical' so after taking some time studying charts of Friday's London almost-bombs (or false flag ops, if you prefer to entertain the idea), the situation has updated itself by Glasgow Airport being attacked by a fast-driven, flame-bellied SUV--a jeep cherokee, in fact. Were war whoops included?

Don't Tell Me It's Too Late

Now the hour grows dim and I have little fire in my belly to post on any of the charts and there are other things calling for my attention--like being whumped out for instance.

Yet there are a few things to mention about the current Foiled Attacks charts...

About 1:30 am BST: the first car rigged as metallic Mercedes parked in front of a nightclub they call Tiger Tiger (now Yall check to see if the club has been dealing with any financial problems lately, ok? and check for bankruptcies in particular)...ambulance drivers were called to the scene (someone is said to have been "falling"...does this check out?), they see smoke coming out from the parked vehicle, call police who defuse the gaseous (Neptune) mess around 2 am.

Mars' only applying aspect (how things will proceed for Mars) during this episode is a semi-square to Uranus and although the Mars/Uranus combo perfectly describes explosions and revolution and such, a semi-square seems to me to imply imperfect attention to detail--assuming that the intent was to actually carry through explosive attacks (and not just to cower the population--an Orwellian tactic which doesn't seem to work esp well in the UK, does it? Yet with a brand-spankin' new PM you have to ask if it's false flag ops for controlling purposes.)

Note: the NWO degree "18Cap" crossed the MC at 1:53 am BST...see NWO hatches if you fancy. The Sabian Symbol for this degree relates directly to Britain.

The NWO's natal Sun degree is conjunct DESC (setting) at 1:30 am...that makes two Angular connections.

Anyway, the chart for 1:30 am BST, London, 29 June, has god-of-war and violent instigator Mars 2Tau59, ASC = 1Tau54--and here's a list of countries and cities associated with the bullish, determined, possessive, greedy, intolerant sign of *Taurus the Bull (in no particular order):

Countries are Switzerland, Cyprus, Iran, Capri, the Greek Islands, Parma, Ischia, and Ireland.

Cities are Lucerne, Dublin, St. Louis, Mantua, Leipzig, and Palermo. That's FYI, but if you know of any more Taurean cities/countries, please let me know, okay?

George, George Bush and his Aspirations

Action-lovin' Mars, the god of war, rules the natal Midheaven (the Aspiration or WHY? Point) of George Bush.

With cruel Saturn/Pluto's transiting midpoint currently upon Mr. Bush's n IC (HOW? Point, opposite Midheaven, aka MC), he is under tremendous pressure to complete his mission by any means necessary. But that was always the strategery.

Yes, Bush's mojo really has gone limp, as 'they' say (ex: Arianna Huffington has written about it in her blog at HuffPost) and I would add that charm only takes you so far in life. Esp since 'riding on the camel's back' eventually starts looking like what it is...sorriness...a moocher!)

With 'two men placed under arrest' in Glasgow, we see that the US secondary progressed Mars, now RX since July 2006, is at the "Two men placed under arrest" degree of "18Libra"...CONSEQUENCE...

pos: a heightened challenge to every special talent;

neg: total inappropriateness of impulse and act ('impulse' and 'act' = Mars.)

And tr Jupiter/Saturn, the Societal duo, has been and now is conj US sec Mars' degree so we have...

Jupiter/Saturn = US's sec Mars (the military; police; firefighters, men, suffragette-type women, etc): discontent; inconstant will; the desire to enforce change of circumstances and conditions; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line.

And Rx Jupiter is just before returning to 11Sag+, the degree of Chiron-Pluto's conjunction of Dec 30, 1999...when many manipulative plans were laid to usher in the 'New Millenium.'

So tr Jupiter is in process of expanding, increasing, and promoting those plans. Airports in the US and elsewhere have increased their security alert status.

Now at 12Sag+, 'moneybags-guru-the judge-the general-the professor-the priest' Jupiter is conj US natal ASC...representing the USA. And in the London chart for 1:53 am, 8th house contains Jupiter, Moon (18Sag49), and manipulative Pluto (using Placidus house system) so we have this picture:

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: desire to bring about social aspirations and improvements; influencing the masses or the public through emotional appeal; emotional conviction guides a new start; establishing one's new position with a gut feeling (Gordon? Is that YOU, Gordon? And Moon = publicity.) (Midpoint pics are from Tyl and from Ebertin as usual.)

Significator for the Middle East?

Our current Full Moon 8Capr25 (opposite Sun 8Cancer25) is out-of-bounds and may signify in part the Eastern influence in events ('Moon' as symbol for the region)--as does Neptune--still dancing in opposition to authoritative Saturn.) We know that Neptune was at 6-7 Aquarius when Mohammed entered Medina, thus we have the offical beginning of Islam...and the origin of the Medina degree.

Then with the attacks of 9/11/01 being part of Islam's Neptune Return--to 6-7 AQ--Neptune's mysticism, spirituality, vortex to the divine, and poppies-of-the-field qualities seem to describe the East accurately in my book. For chart studies it's Neptune for our brothers and sisters of the Islamic persuasion even while acknowledging that all planetary energies manifest on many levels at once in our complex world...if they manifest at all.

Yet Islam shares something in similar fashion with Protestantism and with Christianity in general besides their professed belief in One God: religions have factions. Nothing manmade is perfect, is it? Religion is a splinteredly thing.

For We Know

All beliefs and all denials of all men are but sequinned mirrors on His robes (I-Ching.)

But What of London and Glasgow?

Perhaps it was crooks--or some in-league covens of desperate politicians. Like I said, crooks.

*Profuse apologies to my Taurean friends who are dear and dependable and open to all...creature comforts! BTW--don't you luv that new TV program, Creature Comforts ? It's my new fave!

A Cat Limerick Heads-Up for you: Lim has written his own rhyme about Congress at Lim's Limericks if you're wondering.

Jun 7, 2007

JFK plot a set-up from the GOP?

News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government 07 Jun 2007

JFK 'plot'

JFK airport plot 'a US setup' 06 Jun 2007: The four suspects in an alleged terror plot to bomb a New York airport were set up in an elaborate plan by the US Republican party to retain hold of the White House, the daughter of an arrested suspect claimed on Tuesday. Huda Ibrahiim, daughter of Amir Kareem Ibrahiim, one of four men accused of plotting acts of terrorism against the United States, said US justice officials had engaged in entrapment in breaking up the alleged plot... She also said her father was afraid to fly, was not computer literate and does not use the internet.#

This is why I basically ignored this whole 'terror' flap--didn't ring true to me, how about you? It must be difficult to mount elaborate false flag wannabe plots for imaginary slapping downs when no one believes or trusts you anymore.

And we know how crying wolf turns out--that will be added to the US government's list of sins when the piper comes for his paypacket.