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May 3, 2015

Max Igan Sets the Record Straight on CHEMTRAILS vs CON trails

#contamination #chemtrails #contrails #MaxIgan

Related is a previous SO'W post-with-video noting that the term "chemtrails" was first used in an Air Force manual in 1990 (though the word must have been previously known if it turned up in a publication. And here at SO'W, when we think of 1990, we must think of the Poppy Bush presidency.

#Toxic #ChemicalSoup #Barium #Strontium #HeavyMetals #HBP ... reflecting poisonous #Neptune now drifting through its favored sign of #Pisces ...kind of like chemtrails dissolving across the skies over toxic garden soil and marine life swimming in our rivers and seas--or turning up dead on beaches. See chemtrails' possible health effects such as high blood pressure and gastro-intestinal conditions.

Image: 'Neptune Ascends', a pencil illustration by Jude Cowell; tap or click to view more drawings which may be freely shared and used with attribution!

May 23, 2010

Solar Transit Photo and Sun Gemini-Moon Libra May 23, 2010

First, some Astronomy:

Space Weather News for May 23, 2010

SOLAR TRANSIT: Yesterday in Switzerland, Thierry Legault photographed the International Space Station and space shuttle Atlantis passing directly in front of the sun, not far from new sunspot 1072. The veteran astrophotographer calls the image his "best ever of a solar transit," and indeed the silhouette of the docked spaceships backlit by "solar fire" is a must see.

It is featured on today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Atlantis is scheduled to undock from the ISS on Sunday, May 23, at 11:22 am EDT, setting the stage for double flybys over many towns and cities around the world.

Need a flyby prediction? There's an app for that called simpleflybys. #


Now for a smidgen of Astrology:

Checking Sunday May 23, 2010 at 11:22 am edt I see that the Sun is in very early Gemini (air flight) while the Moon is in the first decan of Libra, a sociable and light placement for La Luna.

Here are the 'Images for Integration' for Sun Gem-Moon Lib with its 'wandering spirit' vibe:

A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions...An elegant hostess puts on a party and exhibition to help a worthy cause...Elgar's Enigma Variations - 'to my friends depicted within'. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign', Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Additionally, the double Air blend of Sun Gem-Moon Lib is shared natally by at least three people for whom I shall type a quote from each of them but I'll mix up their names with a red herring tossed in so you have to hazard brilliant guesses as to who said what:

1. "I wasn't really naked. I simply didn't have any clothes on."

2. "Henceforth, the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace."

3. "Read. My. Lips. No. New. Taxes."

All are gibberish on some level as Airiness abounds! Want clues? Then read on...

Possible spouters are: Henry Kissinger, Josephine Baker, George H. W. Bush, and Daffy Duck. (I'm just kidding about one of them.)

For of course I jest! Because there's really no comparison between Poppy Bush and Daffy Duck. One walks with a waddle, kind of wobbly, quacks out of the side of his mouth, and has been around for what seems like forever...and the other one is Daffy Duck.

(All credit goes to Mr. Craig Ferguson of CBS's The Late Late Show for the basic form of this jibe but not its precise content.)

Aug 14, 2007

Poppy and the Attacks of 9/11

This post is about Shrub's Poppy and the Attacks of 9/11/01 when their New World Order was given a massive boost by win-at-any-costs plutocrats. Whether by blithe arrogance, inept thoughtlessness, or cruel design, the charts tell a tale of Jupiter/Pluto increase and Mars/Uranus revolution.

Hopefully, if you're reading this, you are also visiting on-blog, for clicking-to-enlarge the image (Bush Sr natal = Inner chart with 9/11/01, 8:46 am edt, NYC round the Outside) gives more detail than a single typing finger can manage--and even though my notes are squished-in as usual, I've color-coded the important bits for your consideration.

And after toying with the idea of posting the chart for Sr's shout-out for the NWO in the US Congress (brazenly on Sept 11, 1991--yep! 10 years prior to the day) I decided that one of the main tactics of promoting the NWO--the attacks on America, 9/11/01--would be just as telling and interesting as his NWO speech. I can post that later on, if anyone wants to see it for it's always informative to progress such charts, too.

But one thing I will add about Poppy's NWO shout-out is the Prenatal Eclipse Series in which it fell. It's the same Series in which the assassination of too-close-for-comfort writer Danny Casolaro fell--killed the weekend of Aug 9/10, 1991...

11South: the need for making sudden reforms as old ideas or methods will fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought by this Eclipse; new ways of handling issues must be developed and any blockages may be violently or tragically removed (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The Initial Eclipse of this Series: June 14, 1360 (OS), Sun/Moon at World Events Point 00Can48, a degree triggered on 9/11/01 by violent tr Mars conj the karmic South Node (SN.) Interesting also is that the Initial Eclipse's Mercury (the scribe, the writer, the youth, the messenger) is conj Casolaro's natal Mercury at "20Cancer"...conj Fixed Star, Castor,to write or create. Casolaro thought he'd found the brass ring at last with his research and planned book. His notes disappeared that weekend.

The 11S Solar Eclipse occurred July 11, 1991; next manifestation: July 22, 2009, 29Can27, at the critical "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.

The attacks of 9/11 happened during some powerful transits to Poppy's chart:

9/11 Venus to n Neptune: others find you out-of-touch, imagination and abstract thinking thrive with satisfying and profitable results; photographs taken now are flattering.

9/11 Uranus to n Mars (the explosive duo): danger in the air; encountering nontraditional people and circumstances; energy within associations and partnerships increase; introducing new techiniques and methods; use of the occult. (This transit was within orb before and after 9/11.)

9/11 Jupiter to n Pluto: personal power, resourcefulness, and new perspectives are felt; the big picture; keeping in control of things; greater power is established; success bwo the evaluation or distribution of monetary assets and raw materials.

9/11 Pluto to Jupiter (a double whammy!): seeking to attain greater power in political ambitions and economic expansion; a thrust for power and leadership; father's influence plays a karmic role in current endeavors; sphere of influence expands; intolerance and fanticism.

NOTE: my post was just shut down--got the "post may not save or publish" message as if I weren't connected (I was.) So I'll end for now with all apologies and continue at a later date since I know this is strong stuff. That's why I waited until 2007 to post it! Hopefully it will publish.