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May 12, 2007

Bush's Progr'd Chart 5.12.07

Playing US President is a busy undertaking--it's hard werk, yall--and we might expect that George Bush's Secondary Progressed chart (physical plane) would be very active at the moment.

It is.

If you click to enlarge the chart you may see the Sun Vir/Moon Cap blend which gives these Images for Intergration:

A student passes entrance examination to a prestigious technical college...A headline: 'Small-town boy makes good...Fine bone china (my italics-jc)

(The first word picture sadly reminds me of the posthumous degrees that VA Tech is awarding this weekend.)

There are three midpoints rising in GB's Sec chart:

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: organizing talent; desire for power; far-sightedness; prudence.

(The Jup/Pluto combo is a significator of plutocracy as is Pluto/Chiron.)

Mercury/Neptune = ASC: potential overreaction to others; exploitation or being exploited.

Ven/Pluto = ASC: an attractive personality wielding a great influence over others; an unusual love affair.

At MC (the Aspiration or WHY Point of the chart--the most visible point) we see Uranus/NN--the unusual political groups combo with the reformists' swagger...

Ura/NN = MC: the desire to bring plans to fruition jointly with others; seeking stimulating ideas from others (see Sec Moon degree's Symbol below); teamwork paying off; professional recognition.

Transit Saturn, now direct, is tromping on Bush's Sec Mars/Uranus midpoint...

Mars/Ura = tr Saturn:

A clash between controls and the freest spirit; controls cannot be tolerated; potential battles and separations; lack of adaptability; violent destruction; a heavy injury; surgery.

As you know, midpoint pictures give us a look at any or all ways in which things may manifest...or 'none of the above' yet I think we're seeing some of these manifestations now, don't you? And the Sec Progressions represent internal changes while tr Saturn (above) would bring external events and conditions...and in tr Saturn's case: accountability, restriction, and denial.

Nep/NN = Pluto: difficulty blending one's personal perspectives with others's views; exercising a bad influence upon associations (last Tuesday's meeting with 'concerned about re-election' Rs?); breakdown of relationships (some of the rats are leaving the sinking White House ship in droves while the gettin's good-jc)

Nep/MC = Pluto: adventurous enterprises; criminal offenses; pursuit of peculiar objectives; supernatural experiences or the supernatural as a professional focus (see Sec Moon degree's Symbol below); strange happenings on the job or in the home (the White House? like 11 pm meetings with the Brethren? -jc)

Mercury/ASC = Sun: desire to discuss vital matters which affect many people.

And let us not leave out Sec Mars for our very Martian dice-roller and Holy Land-bomber...

Jup/Nep = Mars: speculation; unreliability; irresponsible actions; relying on others and being let down; strong idealism with the need for practical focus.

Moon/Saturn = Mars: sense of real problems (it's hit him at last-jc); soul-conflicts; desire to overcome difficulties; feeling inferior; difficulty getting off the ground except by carefully planned strategies.

Venus/Nep = Mars: easy self-delusion; misdirected energy; sex drive has difficulty being fulfilled (they have Viagra for that--jc)

And old man Saturn is also being affected by two midppoints, NN/ASC (personal relationships) and ASC/MC (ID awareness; higher self + lower self.)

NN/ASC = Saturn: conservatism; feelings of suppression or oppression in the presence of other people; seclusion; mourning or bereavement (he's certainly brought a lot of it to the rest of the world-jc.)

ASC/MC = Saturn: conservatism is comfortable; austerity is important as a part of maturity and reliability (puh!-jc); feeling inferior (he is-jc); depression; mourning or bereavement.

Sabian Symbols (Dr. Marc Edmund Jones) for Sec Sun and Moon are:

Sun "13Vir": "A strong hand supplanting political hysteria (again: last Tuesday at the White House meeting with worried Rs?-jc)...keyword: POWER...

pos: consistent effectiveness in dramatizing personal potentials (it's all about the drama, photo-ops, and propaganda, isn't it? -jc);

neg/shadow side/unconscious: loss of all opportunity by timid action (seems odd considering his public brashness--pass the kool-aid?-jc)

"13Vir" is about providing an overall ordering for each moment of history if it is to count for much in the lives of others...since there is always a counsel of confusion to take over when events are allowed to drift or
when the immediate leadership proves deficient (oh yeah! my italics-jc)

Bush's Sec Moon has been at 00Cap00 lately, which is one of the four World Points (00Aries/Libr; 00Can/Cap)...where the most public events may manifest; and the Symbol for it (using the rounding-up method) is:

Moon "1Cap": "An Indian chief claiming power from the assembled tribe"...keyword: INFLEXIBILITY...

pos: an ever-effective authority following from a single eye of vision and a consistent dignity of character;

neg/shadow side/unconscious: idle pompousness and a senseless raising of minor issues (he tried that diversion with his peanut-funding whine-jc)

This degree concerns a determination to maintain every advantage gained by birth or through experience and to grasp every oppportunity for genuine self-expression (my italics-jc)

The opposite degree, the Illumination Point, an unconscious point which if integrated can move things along in a more positive fashion, is:

"1Can": "A furled and an unfurled flag displayed from a vessel"...keyword: ADAPTABILITY...

pos: a gift for highly profitable adjustment in every developing relationship with others;

neg: vacillation if not complete instability.

(I include the Illumination Point due to the Moon's connection to the Unconscious and because he needs to adapt and adjust--to learn how to 'play' fairly with others-jc)

So it seems that the Skull'n'Bones Society--and other secret associations (Ura/NN)-- are very busy now being called upon by Bush for extraordinary power from "the assembled tribe."

And with Bush's Sec Pluto/Chiron midpoint (16Vir34) now having risen in his Sec Chart, I believe we've ALL been feeling it--the plutocratic oppression and class warfare which is in process of being waged upon the world and which are touted ad nauseum by George Bush in his role as US President.

Since his Sec Chart is now at a Jupiter Hour we might look at Sec Jupiter's degree as well:

Sec Jupiter "27Libra": "An airplane hovering overhead"...keyword: REFLECTION...

pos: high effectiveness in self-adjustment or real skill in meeting the crises of life;

neg: complete inability to get down into immediate realities.

My fret is that his seldom-used self-reflection is coupled with self-pity now as Bush retreats into the bowels of my White House...will the Bubble World of George Bush continue to hover over America as he continues to run from the reality of the mess he's made?

Mar 30, 2007

New World Order proceeds

Here's the chart for the NWO with a few notes scratched around the chart.
Read my Nov 2005 notes on this devil's spawn here and here you'll find a March 2006 post with natal chart for The Illuminati if you wish.
My friend Alex D'Atria sent me a link to an excellent article by Leuren Moret, Planet Earth As Weapon and Target which spells out so many things, I cannot tell you.
Examples: NWO, 9/11, weather modification including Hurricane Katrina, GWEN towers, HoSec, FEMA, mind control, NASA, Skull'n'Bones, Illuminati + Adam Weishaupt, Hegelian philosophy, the Bilderberg Group/Trilateral Commission/CFR, Brzezinski, space warfare, ethnic-specific bioweapons, US's permanent war economy,"wars on terror, drugs+", Valerie Plame and the pan-Islamic bomb, CIA's true purposes, and much more.
You'll need some time to read, m'peops, for we may as well gaze into our self-styled "masters' eyes." Any neo-cons of the unwashed masses still out there? Boy have you been duped--and taken the rest of us along for the sorry ride.