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Jun 1, 2016

June 4/5 2016: Gemini New Moon culminates at Summer Solstice 2016

Since we've already considered the Washington DC horoscope for Summer Solstice 2016 (with a Full Moon occurring at 7:02 am edt) let's look at the prior New Moon (Syzygy Moon) which perfects in the Eastern Time Zone on June 4, 2016 at 10:59:32 pm (edt) at 14 Gemini 53 (June 5th abroad).

Obviously the June New Moon gains significance due to its link to Summer Solstice and for people or institutions with mid-degrees of Mutable signs in their charts (Gemini-Sagittarius; Virgo-Pisces), projects, events, and relationships may be affected or influenced by the New Moon, particularly by conjunction or opposition.

My primary interest in this particular New Moon involves its Sabian Symbol, a word picture that provides additional information beyond the lunation's aspects to planets, angles, and such. Actually, I want to consider the 'karmic degree' (here, 14 Gemini) prior to the rounded-up degree (which would be 15 Gemini) and that degree's Illumination Point which is the opposite degree. Both the Marc Edmund Jones and the Dane Rudhyar versions of the symbols will be included. And obviously, a New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle of activity and suggests a time of planning or 'seeding' which will be fulfilled at the next Full Moon.

Naturally, we keep in mind that Airy Gemini is a mental sign of The Mind, the senses, messages, news and other forms of communication, disseminating information, trading and other forms of deal-making, negotiation, childhood, siblings, trickery, magic, dualism, and other Mercurial realms. Since you're here on SO'W, you may wish to relate this info to the tiresomely ongoing election process and our 2016 candidates.

New Moon June 4/5, 2016's karmic degree:

(Rudhyar) 14 Gemini: "Bridging Physical Space and Social Distinctions, Two Men Communicate Telepathically...Keynote: The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence" which speaks of "invisible nerve channels" and "vibratory resonance...It is a TECHNIQUE OF TRANSCENDENCE. It evidently can also bring confusion and many failures, as well as illusory claims and self-deceit."

(Jones) 14 Gemini: "A Conversation By Telepathy...Keyword: INTIMATION; positive expression = an exceptional capacity for achievement through the more organic relationships of personality in given and pertinent connections; negative expression = attempted accomplishment through innuendo or underhanded means."

June New Moon's Illumination Point (14 Sag) opposite its karmic degree:

(Rudhyar) "The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx...Keynote: The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, 'Seed-men' of a previous cycle of existence....What is revealed is THE POWER Of SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY."

(Jones) 14 Sagittarius (Jones): "The Pyramids and the Sphinx...Keyword: CERTIFICATION; positive expression = effective practicality through a gift for bringing real imagination to everyday living; negative expression = ridiculous efforts to fill the shoes of giants.

To me the lunations of June 2016 spotlight bids for achievement that may involve such methods as occultism, telepathy, spiritual ancestry, innuendo, underhanded means, and ridiculous efforts by some who symbolically boast their tootsie sizes to be as large as those of America's spiritual ancestors--our Founders. Will such boasts be believed?

Now here is a list of countries that are said to be ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius though some are associated with a second or third sign as well:

Gemini: Belgium, Italy, Kuwait, USA:

Sagittarius: Hungary, Kenya, Slovenia, Spain, Latin countries, USA.

You may know of more, of course, but notice that on this partial list, America is the only country ruled by both signs though naturally Cancer and Virgo must be added to the US column. For Cancer is where the June 20, 2016 Solstice Sun enters at one of the Cardinal Points of Global Manifestation, 00Cancer00, the Gate of Birth in arcane tradition.

And in Stars Over Washington tradition, the horoscope of Summer Solstice 2016 has been set for Washington DC, if you're curious. There is some discordancy here, however, for the Solstice's post title concerns endings and partings which may not jive well with entering the Gate of Birth.

Then there is our 1776 Mars-Uranus midpoint of revolution and potential violence which will be conjoined by the June 4th New Moon (14Gem53) hinting that a new cycle of freedom-fighting and/or plans for unusual achievement may be seeded during the dark of this New Moon with proof revealed around Summer Solstice 2016, either positively, negatively, or, a realistic mixture of both as the Solstice Full Moon provides the light of revelation.

Mossy Cave Under Full Moon, a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell.

Mar 31, 2016

Summer Solstice 2016: Endings, Partings, and Denials of Guilt

Summer Solstice 2016 Horoscope: June 20, 2016 6:34:30 pm EDT Washington DC; Hour of Mars; Sun 00Can00:00, Moon 5Cap36; Venus @3Can50 out-of-bounds (US Venus Return 7:02 am edt); a Mutable Grand Cross; Saturn Rx @11Sag50 rising in 1st house suggesting delays, restrictions, and other difficulties in markets (Capricorn on 2nd cusp, a money house, and Saturn co-rules 3rd house of Neighborhoods and Communications); Capricorn Moon in 1st but conjunct 2nd house of the National Treasury which hints at financial fluctuations and changes in mortgages or real estate (Pisces on IC with most of Pisces in 3rd h):

Chart-ruler Jupiter 15Vir48 still conjoins North Node (a Jupiterian Point of encounter) at Midheaven (The Goal) along with starry Denebola with key phrases: out of the mainstream (Trump? Sanders?) and to go against society (Utopian infiltrators?) with Neptune-South Node (intrigue and loss) opposite and part of a Mutable Grand Cross (marked in blue) which indicates dynamic and tense circumstances worsened by scattering energies too widely, vacillation or indecision, inconsistency, and unreliability in partnerships and alliances.

From the Grand Cross there are, of course, midpoint pictures with potentials for impractical plans, distrust, philosophical discussions, short journeys, and/or fortunate separations. In fact, separation is a theme of this Summer Season 2016 especially with the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of this Solstice at IC, the Foundation of the Matter. The eclipse @18Pis55 manifested on March 9, 2016 in the 18 South Saros Series and its separative influence will be felt through the summer as it affects Campaign 2016 and the candidates as well as individuals with 19 Pisces prominent in their natal charts.

Actually, the trail of dispositorship ends with Mercury in its own sign of Gemini where it barely maintains a tenuous grasp upon the chart's actors (planets) for Mercury opposes restrictive Saturn (defensive attitudes, strong opinions, isolationism; criticism and scheming alienate others), squares chart-ruler Jupiter (words, plans, and decisions based on insufficient information, avoiding responsibility for actions), then squares confused Neptune which adds fear to being held accountable, escapist behavior, hidden truths, setbacks in competitions, and objectives that demand clarification. Perhaps the day's Full Moon will reveal some of the 'hidden truths' much as an eclipse tends to do.

Other themes of Summer 2016 include skewed perspectives about relationships and values (Venus out-of-bounds), denial of guilt by those responsible (Saturn-Neptune @26Cap = US natal Pluto), expansion of personal influence, power, and control (Jupiter trine Pluto 0A48), cold feelings and/or a tragic destiny (Saturn-Pluto = Full Moon @7:02 am), plus, quarrels and separations (Moon-Mars = Saturn in the Full Moon chart)--any of which may describe certain actions, attitudes, and rhetoric of the 2016 candidates.

We should also consider the US National Treasury (2nd house) with the fluctuating Moon conjoining 2nd cusp and transformative Pluto therein--wealthy Pluto of 'secret treasure in hidden places' fame. Perhaps diplomatic Venus, opposite and near the 8th cusp of Corporatism and Big Business, will be able to smooth over financial issues though a modernization theme may turn up (Uranus-NN = Venus) and this may hint at the ongoing question of replacing an image on US paper currency with a feminine image.

(Such a change would not bring much improvement in our circumstances, would it, ladies? It's an empty gesture, imho.)

Now as you see in the chart, Mars Rx in the 12th house of Politics and Karma and 1st house Saturn Rx form a fretful midpoint picture with potentials for separation (again!), a need for economizing measures, and a possible health threat for as you know, Mars-Saturn is the 'death axis' though I don't like typing so. On another chart angle is the karmic Sun-Saturn midpoint at MC which denotes more separation and isolation ("the lone wolf"--Tyl) and denotes feeling devalued which ties in with Venus' out-of-bounds issues. This picture also echoes America's natal Sun-Saturn square which forms a Thor's Hammer pattern (aka, a Fist of God) in the US natal chart (1776) and its difficult energies are permanently aimed at US natal Moon (We the People) which denotes the government's continued use of fear in order to sway public moods, sentiments, and emotions.

Yet perhaps the most telling astrological tidbit in the Summer Solstice 2016 Horoscope is unaspected Uranus. You know what shocks, disruptions, separations, and anarchy Uranus can visit upon the human race--and suddenly, like a flash of lightening. Well, this Uranus position @23Ari54 (ruled by hothead Mars) remains in what Ebertin describes the realms of blind zealots, fanatics, violent people, Utopians and reformers. Here, the Quirky One is not affected, nor his actions mitigated, by the energies of any other planet and therefore, may be behaving in a "pure" manner with more intensity than usual--and may even fancy himself beyond compare when it comes to 5th house matters. For this is a very discontented Uranus from which chaos may ensue especially in the Gambling and Risk-Taking areas of life (5th house). And since the sign of Uranus denotes behavior, we may suspect that this restless Uranus is a warrior, an activist, an upstart, a rebel, and is perhaps incendiary and violent.

A Question Occurs...

Do people fulfilling radical Uranian roles consult their consciences over what they do, what they disrupt and the consequences that result for others? With denials of guilt so prevalent these days along with lacks of confidence and trust among the public--what might we expect this summer from political and ideological Utopians who would destroy law and government? Here we see loner Uranus (the outsider determined to win the US presidency?) conjoining nurturing asteroid Ceres, an indicator in a Mundane chart of questions of conscience and events that affect large numbers of people. It seems we can only wait to see what Summer 2016 has in store but hopefully, children (5th house) are not threatened by Uranus' overbearing, radical political ideology that inspires anti-societal actions.

And although I did not like writing this Summer Solstice 2016 post, my sincerest wish is that the American people (in spite of the pathetically low-brow political campaign full of misogyny and bigotry) and people of all nations and faiths may enjoy a wonderful Summer 2016 (depending on hemisphere, of course). For we are all bedeviled by governments full of bad actors who are best dealt with via ridicule, parody, and satire! And legal actions where applicable, of course.

Now here are four famous personages who share the pragmatic, shrewd Water-Earth Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn blend of energies, plus, we'll close with two quotes from two more of them--words meant for the miscreants and poor decision makers of Washington DC:

Edgar Degas, Joseph Papp, Rupert Sheldrake, actress Karen Black, and...

"What is moral is what you feel good after." Ernest Hemingway.

"Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know he is." Jean Anouilh.


Midpoint pics: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.