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Mar 24, 2018

The Horoscope on Washington DC's Einstein Statue

Photo of Albert Einstein, age 42, taken during a lecture in Vienna, Austria in 1921. Einstein was born March 14, 1879 at 11:30 am (-0:40) in Ulm, Germany and his natal horoscope with bio details may viewed at where you'll see his 10th house natal Sun @23Pis30 (dreamy Piscean eyes!) and his 6th house Moon @14Sag31 near asteroids Urania (Science and Astrology) conjunct Toro, one of the power asteroids often linked with atomic and nuclear power.

His Jupiterian Sun Pisces-Moon Sagittarius personality blend identifies him as a philosopher and "a nature mystic with inner vision" (Harveys) which you may agree describes him very well. Rising is 11Can38 with goddess star SIRIUS (@12:25 in 1879) which makes the Moon his chart-ruler, and as such, Luna makes only one applying aspect in his birth chart: a trine with Venus (2A27) in Aries which accounts for some of Einstein's attractiveness to women, his harmonious, friendly personality (except possibly to his long-suffering wife and children--Albert really should've behaved much better there), and his popularity and talent for public relations.

Yet this post isn't about Albert, the genius, it's about one of Washington DC's most interesting horoscopes upon the statue of Albert Einstein at the corner of 22nd Street and Constitution Avenue outside the *National Academy of Sciences building which has him in bronze and sitting with his foot resting on the Bootes constellation shown in a Zodiac full of stars, planets, asteroids, and quasars. Some attempt will be made herein to make sense of this cosmic horoscope set for the moment of the monument's dedication ceremony at noon, an astrologically elected hour, on April 22, 1979. The statue was created by the famous sculptor Robert Berks (1922--2011) who came up with glyphs for the quasars since there were few or none in the olden days of 1979. (*Note that the NAS website is linked, below.)

Actually, Einstein's resting foot reminds me of constellation Orion's royal star Rigel (Orion's left toe) with pinioned birds underfoot which represent subjects under the pharoah's protection and to whom Orion brings civilization and education (Brady's Fixed Stars). Unfortunately for the world, the work of Einstein helped provide us with civilization-destroying atomic energy which shows how satanic actors tend to pervert what could have been positive knowledge into something extremely negative--the abomination of desolation, thanks to death-worshipers. Of course, you're familiar with Einstein's letter to FDR dated August 2, 1939 warning of the Third Reich's development of the atomic bomb, a letter which subsequently spurred the US into developing a bomb of its own instead of stopping such devilish work as Einstein had hoped. If only! But I digress only slightly for here is the Einstein Statue's Horoscope for your consideration--your on-topic comments are welcome:

Image: Einstein Statue Horoscope (part of the Einstein Centennial Monument) dedicated at noon on April 22, 1979; Hour of Jupiter; chart-ruler Sun @1Tau58 applies once to a trine with Saturn (5A21) Rx in Washington DC's revered zodiacal sign of Virgo, the Beautiful Virgin; North Node (Head of the Dragon) of public encounters and future direction is also in Virgo and conjoined in transit by the determined asteroid Sisyphus (see Einstein quote, below). Near the Goal Point of the horoscope (MC): Sun conjunct Chiron in Taurus denotes solar will power fused with The Quest of Chiron (R. Nolle); Sun trine Saturn denotes the ceremony's solar spotlight shining upon the form of a Saturn-ruled bronze and stone monument and promises its beneficial acceptance (trine).

Note: on the topic of Sun-Chiron Quests and America perhaps you remember the curious synchronicity which occurred in April 2006 when transit Chiron conjoined the natal Sun of Thomas Paine just as transit Sun conjoined his natal Chiron! Spotlighted are the Fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius; a bi-wheel of the horoscopes is shown for the curious.

Now as you see, the 1979 chart shows Chiron @8Tau53--and Einstein's natal Chiron in 11th house is @5Tau32 conjunct his Neptune (7Tau52) suggesting a Seeker on a Quest who unconsciously expresses powerful psychic and emotional energies as a vehicle for self-transformation (Nolle)--mystical! Also his Chiron trines electrical Uranus (@1Vir17 Rx in 3rd house) which helped him excite public attention but may also figure in on some very deep level to uranium and its role in the regrettable development of the atomic bomb. So we see that in 1979, Einstein was in process of a Chiron Return which would have activated both his natal aspects. Actually transit Chiron returned five times to his natal Chiron degree on: July 17, 1977, August 31, 1977 (Rx), April 29, 1978, December 13, 1978 (Rx), and February 16, 1979--just prior to the dedication of this statue. (And as you know, 1977 is the Discovery Year of Chiron @3Tau07.)

Now here is a list of the Horoscope's featured constellations and their major stars which Robert Berks immortalized on his Einstein Centennial Monument in Washington DC (my apology for not listing the quasars--they're fascinating but I have yet to use them in horoscopes):

Sirius (Canis Major), Procyon (Canus Minor), Betelgeuse and Rigel (Orion), Pollux (Gemini), Aldebaran (Taurus), Capella (Auriga), Deneb (Cygnus), Wega/Vega (Lyra), Fomalhaut (Piscis Austrinus). Other constellations represented are Draco the Dragon and Hercules.

As for constellation Bootes (the hunter and herdsman turned farmer, and a son of Zeus), its Alpha star is bright Arcturus, the pathfinder who teaches and shows the way forward. The fact that Einstein's foot is 'stepping out' resonates in the sense of one who leads the world into new ideas and ways of thinking which he certainly did. In fact, the 'papers' on his lap display in bronze his most famous formula, e = mc2. And yes, we've met Arcturus multiple times in SO'W posts as the Federal Triangle's cosmic representative for the White House...for even mystical Albert knew that, As Above, So Below !

Further Castings Have Occurred!

Two additional versions of sculptor Robert Berks' Einstein Statue exist. A 12-foot version was cast to celebrate the New Millennium, resides at the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities in Jerusalem, and was dedicated in December 1999. The 'star chart' under Einstein's feet commemorate their precise positions at the founding of the State of Israel (horoscope shown). Note that Israel's natal Sun in Taurus conjoins Einstein's natal Pluto and both receive the New Moon @24Tau36 on May 15, 2018 which also happens to conjunct the natal Midheaven and Phaethon of Donald Trump...Israel's 70-year fig tree prophecy is involved. Also note that in the 1979 horoscope shown above, Trump's natal Pluto @10Leo02 chillingly rises--and 1979 Pluto @17Lib26 Rx conjoins his natal Jupiter (17Lib27) which was Station Direct at his birth on June 14, 1946.

Another 12-foot statue was cast in 2002, loaned to the American Museum of Natural History for their comprehensive, year-long Einstein exhibition, and later purchased for display on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia with the monument's 'star chart' set for the night sky of December 10, 1948, the date of the signing of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is intended to be a vision for the future. For more details, plus video, visit The Art of Genius. So it's Washington, Jerusalem, Atlanta--boy, does Albert really get around!

*Founded on March 3, 1863, the National Academy of Sciences describes itself as "a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars" and its website announces the 155th Annual Meeting to be held Saturday April 28 through Tuesday May 1, 2018. During the Wilson administration, the NAS's mission was expanded to serve the US government in such matters as military preparedness and to provide advice to the government "whenever called upon" for which no compensation from the government is received.

Now let's let a genius add some brief yet very good advice:

"The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein.


Related posts include: Horoscope of the Third Reich 1933 with 1933 Chiron conjunct the natal Pluto of Albert Einstein (@24Tau43) and the Third Reich's Progressed New Moon conjunct Progressed Venus (@4Taurus+) which disturbingly perfected on June 6, 2017 during the first year of the Trump administration, and symbolizes a new cycle of activity. So as turns out, the New Moon of May 15, 2018 @24Tau36 may be a very big deal on the global stage and may act in similar Uranian fashion to a disruptive, direction-changing solar eclipse which New Moons can sometimes do.

Recommended Reading: The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason, Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, and Brady's Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette Brady.

Jun 26, 2016

2nd Sept 1666: Great Fire of London breaks out in Pudding Lane - video (w/ Astrology)

2nd September 1666: Pudding Lane, London, England. A baker leaves an oven burning as he retires for the night, a fiery conflagration ensues. Winds blow as London goes up in flames. HistoryPod shares the basics of the tale in 2 minutes 40 seconds with a little Astrology to follow:


A Brief Astro-Peek at the Great Fire of London

by Jude Cowell

Naturally when it comes to fire, planet Mars must be investigated and on September 2, 1666, the planet of arson was at 14 Scorpio, a sign that Mars rules. Morbid, secretive, sometimes betraying Scorpio is sub-ruled by the permanent transformation planet of wealth, stealth, and sabotage, Pluto (when in Gemini = ruthless behavior toward society or the social order--Ebertin). That Britain's current financial center, the City of London (51N51:55 00W09:22) developed from the clearing out of London by the Great Fire of 1666 is beyond the scope of this post and yet it lurks within my own thoughts, if not in yours. As you know, the City of London is Sui generis as are we all as unique individuals and is a sovereign state as is the Vatican with its scandal-prone Vatican Bank of money launderers and thieves.

A Few Primary Planetary Influences Active on September 2, 1666:

Pluto and the North Node of Destiny were coasting in tandem though Pluto remained in late Gemini (28Gem28--'28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY), yet North Node (the public) @2Cancer58 would soon meet Mr. Hades to form the tiger by the tail duo of Pluto-NN. This pair implies a common and tragic destiny, according to Ebertin.

In addition, another conjunction held sway: Saturn @13Cap59 Rx and Neptune @19Cap38 Rx with loss-bringer Neptune curiously at its 'new world order' degree as in 1993 when the nebulous fraudster met radical reformer Uranus, forming the oh-so-rational planetary pair of the Enlightenment.

(You, dear reader, must be quite fatigued with my near-constant mention of this pair of arch conspirators of Globalism but with all that's occurring before our eyes since the New Millennium, how can I do otherwise?)

Now I have yet to find an exact or approximate time that the sleepy baker left the oven burning but an early night of it must have been the case since bakers must arise extremely early, you know. At 8:02 pm LMT on that date, the Moon was freshly into Scorpio (2:29 and setting) and the Sun was @10Virgo25--with a critical-crisis 29th degree rising (ASC 29Ari06 = fiery Mars ruling the chart and the event, I suspect). Sudden event planet Uranus was not only strong in its sign of Aquarius (21:33 Rx) but conjoined wounded Chiron (22:32 Rx) while hidden by Dark Moon W'Mat2. Intriguingly, MIDAS Rx conjoined Uranus as well and perhaps suggested some type of monetary motivation for the conflagration. Plus, Uranus may cause difficult disruptions and upsets at the most inconvenient of times.

Another reason I like the '8:02 pm' chart is that Egyptian goddess star Sirius conjoins the IC, the Ending Point of the chart where a draining of energy occurs. Sirius is sometimes known as The Scorcher, a most descriptive application in such a case.

Still, the prime motivator of any fiery show has to be Mars, the fire-starter, in mid-Scorpio as noted, conjoined fixed star Zuben Elschemali, keywords: negative social reform. And of course, the influence of Saturn's and Neptune's combined energies by conjunction indicates a time period with potentials for distrust, hysteria, sacrifice, tormenting conditions, illnesses, weakness, and/or a 'methodical execution of plans' (Ebertin). Both Saturn and Neptune are considered karmic planets that can bring losses of all kinds--combined, they may bring societal woes and conditions of suffering that were most likely a long time forming.

As I type at you from North of Atlanta, Georgia, let's consider the Solar Eclipse Saros Series under which the Great Fire of London occurred and a curious synchronicity which you may find rather interesting:

Prior to September 2nd, on July 2, 1666, a Solar Eclipse manifested @10Can26 in the 11 North Series with fiery Mars @7Lib23. Round up the degree of Mars and its Sabian Symbol seems appropriate for our topic: "A Blazing Fireplace in a Deserted Home"..."the ever-nascent HOPE for a rebeginning." (Rudhyar). Of course, much rebeginning (rebuilding) was necessary with perhaps the most famous architect in history, honorary Freemason Christopher Wren redesigning London, cathedrals and all.

And the curious synchronicity? That would be the fact that 11 North is also the Pre-Natal Series of The Burning of Atlanta to the ground, via Union General Sherman and his troops, on November 15, 1864.

And the most recent manifestation of 11 North? That would be what I then called the New President Eclipse of January 26, 2009, the eclipse @6AQ30 (conjunct US natal South Node) which is cosmically imprinted upon the presidency of Barack Obama--inaugurated it, we might say. It's aka, the Ring of Fire Eclipse. 11 North's initial manifestation was on August 1, 1125 (OS) @14Leo33 and its themes that were in effect in 1666, 1864, and 2009 are: suddenly changing groups through travel or ideas and feeling that a great deal may be gained (Brady).

So 11 North has influenced at least two major fires burning cities to the ground and a suspicious financial heist that wiped out trillions of dollars from the pockets and pensions of millions of regular folk while the 1% "gained a great deal." Therefore, it seems to me that forms of exploitation and oppression of the masses must be embedded within the 11 North Saros Series. The next occurrence of 11N will be on February 6, 2027 @18Aquarius, fyi, so if you're around for it, please watch your back.


In no particular order, other events influenced by 11 North include: the '13 Bankers' visit to the Oval Office (Mr. Obama's alleged 'pitchfork warning' to the sorry jack*sses), the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Bush Senior's Desert Storm invasion (his touted heralding of a 'new world order'), the Hindenburg Disaster of 1937, and the construction of the White House where US presidents have come to expect "a great deal" -- as long as they follow the transnational bankers' script toward Global Banking though the Rothschildian conspirators' long term plan received a bit of a goosing this week as Britons voted to Leave the EU.

Apr 13, 2009

Tax Day 'Tea Party' Astrology: Mars conjunct Uranus 4.15.09

Update Tuesday 4.14.09: after writing the following post yesterday concerning Wednesday's Tea Party hullaballoo while attempting to not credit or blame the GOP with the concept, it turns out that one of the Tax Day Tea Party organizers has distinct GOP ties - which makes me wonder: innocent - or trying to hide something?

Original post begins here:

Across America this April 15 'Tax Day Tea Party' rallies are being staged at town halls and state capital buildings (most are at noon) to protest spendthrift deficit government spending - some sources say 'stimulus package' also which in my book has to include the Bush administration - and massive bailouts (which definitely include the Bush administration.)

Over taxation is an allied issue as well but this may be where people like Newt Gingrich show their hands because the rich fear financing the poor and needy.

Now I'm Jill-come-lately to looking at Astrology charts of these events but you don't have to look for long to be aware that April 15, 2009 is the day of the cyclic conjunction of Mars and Uranus, together the revolutionary pair.

Not surprisingly, "a new American revolution" is a phrase being bandied about concerning 2009's 'Tax Day Tea Party' and, of course, Mars and Uranus form a wide conjunction in Gemini in the US natal chart of 1776 (8 and 22 Gemini.)

You may even give merit to the natal version of what I think may be Benjamin Franklin's preference for America's birth chart by his reputed insistence that the Declaration of Independence be signed at 2:21 or 2:22 AM lmt (July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA) - Mr. Franklin the Astrologer is pictured on the $100 bill with the Independence Hall clock pointing to 2:21/2:22. A chart set for this time and place gives Uranus precisely rising which is why I'm investigating this chart more and more. Yet the Sibly version (5:10 pm lmt) certainly times perfectly the attacks of 9/11 with the tr Pluto-Saturn opposition across the ASC/DESC axis. Perhaps both charts are relevant even though Uranus was discovered in 1781.

On Wednesday, April 15, 2009, the Mars-Uranus conj is exact in Washington, DC from 5:57 am to 6:27 am edt; ascending degrees range from 9Ari52 to 22Ari07, with asteroid Nemesis (keywords: the unbeatable foe; divine retribution) 22Ari35 and rising at 6:27 am. Midheaven degrees: 5Cap25 to 12Cap21 placing US natal Jupiter, then natal Sun at the HOW? Point of the chart - the IC, or Foundation of the matter. Money and mission matter, indeed.

5:57 to 6:27 am edt:
Sun 25/26Aries, Moon 2Cap14 to 2:28, a Fire-Earth blend which gives these 'Images for Integration':

'A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

'Freedom' and 'individual rights' are words associated with Uranus; 'new world order' is a phrase associated with much of the blogging I've done here since 2005 and on jude's threshold...and with the deceitful bailout betrayal, fraud, and greed that have boosted the coffers of the global power elite's one-world-economic-order agenda while beggaring the American people and other ordinary folk trying to exist on the Earth at this time in history.

Mars and Uranus meet at 24Pis27 in the 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions in the chart set for Washington, DC...a political behind-the-scenes meeting perhaps? As you know, Mars conj Uranus indicates risk-takers and those who despise the authority and control of others. I, too, despise what 'my' government has used our tax monies for - their own ends, such as war, the undermining of duly-elected governments abroad, assassins' paychecks, and who knows what else under heaven.

My neck of the woods, Atlanta, GA:

With Sean Hannity's 'Tea Party' broadcasting at the State Capital Building in Atlanta, GA (7 to 9 pm edt), I'm not certain that Capital Hill politicians are particularly worried about this 'new American revolution' as much as they are planning for it. See previous post Congress' closed door meeting of March 13, 2008. But we can bet that police squads will be in place and radicalized against dis-order of the populace, if needed.

Tea Party speakers in Atlanta are said to include former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, country star John Rich, and even "Joe the Plumber" may "stop by"...hopefully the rally's porta-potties are in no danger of failing if they must depend on this fake plumber's services. So who knows how it will go in Atlanta? Hannity's inclusion has made the event's funding requirements considerably higher than they were initially and last I checked, they're seeking more donations.

Another astrological factor to consider for April 15 is the ongoing transit of dissolving, often deceitful, if spiritual Neptune to US natal Moon (we-the-people), a time when we feel a rootlessness as domestic relationships become eroded or more spiritual; sticking to a routine is difficult, but promotional talents can flourish. Prisons may be on Neptune's menu as well.

And very telling is that possessions are subject to loss through carelessness - or by theft.

And that theft is being billed as the impetus for Tax Day Tea Party rallies 2009 - theft of taxpayer monies. The devil is that some of our rich power elites are participating, too, as if they are suffering anything like the financial hardships that we-the-people are undergoing.

Plus, you probably know of the political party formed as the 'Boston Tea Party' as an ideological improvement on the Libertarian Party, and whose platform is based on Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. The whole Tax Day Tea Party shebang is based on their lead, it seems.

My fret is that their platform to abolish practices which do need abolishing (such as warrantless searches and surveillance, and establishing a total withdrawal of US troops from all nations, and a well-deserved audit of the Federal Reserve) - while they sound good - may be part of a disguised attempt to abolish our nation's sovereignty and thus promote the same old NWO agenda. Tiresome not to know whom to trust, isn't it?

Note: concerning the original
Boston Tea Party of Dec 26, 1773
- it was apparently staged by Masonic Lodge members dressed as Indians! Not that they were the only participants, mind you, and the anti-British government tea-dumping is now considered part of the lead-up to the American Revolution. "No taxation without representation" is still an issue for certain with the fatcats of Washington and their global masters pulling strings against us.

So with the early-Cap Moon of April 15 conjuncting manipulating, plutocratic Pluto (planet of powerful publishers at 3Cap+ Rx) during the day, it will be interesting to see if the media (mainstream or otherwise) portrays 2009's Tax Day Tea Party rallies as 'anti-Obama only.'

My advice: don't leave out the de-regulating, thieving Bushies, Clintonites, and the Reaganheads - for they are heisters all!