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Nov 17, 2020

December 2020 Full Moon: Fear of Losing the Dream

Year 2020 Ends with a Cancer Full Moon: Trump's Mercury on Full Display

by Jude Cowell

On December 29, 2020 at 10:28:04 pm est comes a Full Moon @8Can55. The following Full Moon horoscope is set for Washington DC as representative of the United States of America, and the natal planets of Donald Trump are penned around the chart and are highlighted in pink. As you see, the Cancer Full Moon spotlights the natal Mercury of Mr. Trump which necessarily brings in his natal Mercury-Neptune square of deception, misperception, fantasy, loose lips and indiscretion. And as Alan Oken terms this square, The Sneaky Mind:

Please enlarge the image to read my study notes if you wish.

The December 2020 Full Moon falls across the 4/10 house polarity of Career/Public Status vs Home/Security; Hour of Venus; Moon and Mercury are out-of-bounds of the earthly plane, off on their own; Mercury@14Cap42 4th house is chart-ruler but makes no applying aspects so its sign and house position are significant.

The Solar Eclipse Saros Series is the difficult 4 South @23Sag08 (in Full Moon's 4th h in DC) with its themes of strong emotions over money and relationships; the desire to suddenly end relationships; a sense of fate is attached or partnerships (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). As you know, the Total 4 South Solar Eclipse manifests on December 14th, the day the Electoral College is set to vote, and it 'eclipses' the 8th house Saturn (authority) in the Inauguration 2017 chart. It is also the Prenatal Eclipse of Inauguration 2021 with the combustible Mars-Uranus Conjunction energies added to Inauguration Day 2021.

So besides occurring during a Venus Hour, the Full Moon horoscope shows Venus @18Sag05 conjunct IC (Endings; Foundation; Homeland; Domestic Scene) of the chart with an interesting Sabian Symbol considering current conditions: "19Sag": "Pelicans, Disturbed by People, Move Their Habitat" (penned on chart, lower right.) Also of note is that Venus leads the rest of the planets bwo a Locomotive shape of ruthless determination toward success. In the sign of 'the foreigner', can this Venus represent Melania leaving the scene? Plus, planet Mercury, also in 4th house, relates to relocation and change of residence (and perhaps to Barron). And as you see, dissolving, disappointing Neptune conjunct the Partnership Angle (Descendant) relates to relationship issues, plus, in Pisces to the ongoing pandemic.

Well, we know that moving should be going on. But is it? At some point, it must! I can't imagine Biden and Trump bunking together, can you? Besides, who doesn't think that Trump will be much more comfortable lounging around Mar-a-Lago and gorging on beautiful chocolate cake?

Meanwhile, we know that Full Moons can affect events much as Uranian Lunar Eclipses do: uncovering inconvenient facts, making unconscious material conscious, disrupting the proceedings, and/or stirring up scandals. If you haven't, check out a previous post concerning the natal Mercury of Donald Trump, linked below. His Mercury's Sabian Symbol is penned on the chart, upper center, highlighted in pink ("9 Cancer": "--a tiny nude miss").

So in closing, why is this post about the "fear of losing the dream"? My suspicion is that this describes on some level the mindset of Mr. Trump these days but of course we must wait and see how events during the rest of November and December 2020 turn out for him and for our nation. Yes, his Mercury-Neptune square does like to dream on a wildly fantastic level, with reality and truth forced to conform to his ideas and plans (he thinks).

So astrologically, the chart contains these potentials: Venus-Neptune = Jupiter: 'keeping up a good front''; and Venus-Neptune = Saturn: 'fear of losing the dream' (Tyl). And Trump is a discontented Venus-Saturn type of guy who never met a lie he couldn't tell (how Neptunian).

Yet for Americans such as myself, the fear is more about how Trump will react to the rejection and eviction notice ("you're fired!") he received on November 3rd. My dream is that he'll move his bulk out of President-Elect Joe Biden's way thus managing to give new meaning to the phrase, The lights are on but nobody's home.

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