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Jan 21, 2019

Horoscopes: Trump Shutdown w Feb 1, 2019 Planets

January 21, 2019: below you see a bi-wheel of DC Horoscopes with the Trump Shutdown chart (December 22, 2018 12:00 am est) in center surrounded by the transits of February 1, 2019. My reason for using February 1, 2019 is that this times the exact opposition of transit Jupiter (Mr. Money Bags) to the natal 10th house Uranus of chaos-creator Donald Trump, a significant transit when financing and business matters may come to a screeching halt, a lack of solidarity is problematic, and everyone wanders off in various directions which makes coordination of group efforts impossible for the moment. Plus, opposing views and opinions abound and there's too much political conflict within Trump's personal network to get things done. All the energy of this transit is focused on one day only: February 1, 2019, so hopefully things will improve as February plods on toward the February 19th Full Moon @00Vir42 which conjoins and spotlights royal Regulus and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. (Please note that my February Full Moon post was written when the Trump Shutdown was only a gleam in its papa's eye!)

For as you know, Full Moons mark phases of completion, culmination, and fulfillment begun at the previous New Moon so will the February Full Moon time an end to the Trump Shutdown? Possibly! Yet we can't be certain of prognostications when dealing with the unpredictable Uranian Mr. Trump, plus, transit Uranus is involved, planet of unpredictability, with catalyzing action that disrupts or shocks so that things seldom turn out as any normal person would expect. Actually, the only thing we can expect is change.

Now as you know, Trump's natal Uranus @17Gem53:34 is last to rise before his natal Gemini Sun and is therefore his oriental planet--his 'guiding planet' of gut intuition--with all that disruptive anarchist Uranus implies. Transit Jupiter @17Sag53:34 on February 1, 2019, acting as leader of a BOWL shape in the chart (advocate of a cause), makes one exact opposition from the 3rd house of the Trump Shutdown chart to Trump's quirky Uranus. Then on February 4, 2019 comes a New Moon @15AQ45 (horoscope shown) and the seeding of new plans. Also note that the Trump Shutdown Moon @22Gem59 conjoined his natal Sun (22Gem conjunct NN) while opposing his natal Moon (21Sag conjunct SN) so he probably felt ego (Sun) satisfaction as he called for his shutdown although he's currently not so thrilled with the mess he created and the fact that he continues to be held accountable for it (Shutdown Moon opposite natal Moon = emotional tantrums?).

Trick or no trick in the form of a Senate vote this week, his and McConnell's attempt to switch the blame to Democrats and onto Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not favored although typically the gullible may comply and swallow it whole. I believe that on one level, the Trump Shutdown is Trump's way of retaliating against the American people for voting a Democratic House into power! And it's also his pathetic attempt to usurp power and the spotlight away from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats which is, of course, against the will of a majority of November 2018 voters.

Now across the bottom of the chart/s below you see three major transits upcoming in relation to the Trump Shutdown including tr Jupiter opposing Shutdown Moon (3x beginning March 11, 2019), tr Jupiter square Shutdown Mars (3x beginning March 16, 2019), and tr Saturn conjunct Shutdown Pluto (at critical degree 20Cap16--3x beginning April 12, 2019) which denote a heavy mixture of political conflict--and dramatic changes for Trump, along with a sense of urgency, and unstable conditions in the realms of power and finances.

As for the Trump Shutdown chart itself is a difficult trio which forms a midpoint picture of power-craving Sun-Pluto conjunct Saturn with potentials for: loss in relationships due to power struggles (Trump natal Jupiter vs Pelosi natal Jupiter); ruthlessness; separation). Then as you see, on or by February 1, 2019 the trio morphs into Moon-Pluto conjunct Saturn with potentials for: grave inhibitions, depression, and mental and emotional suffering (Ebertin)--Trump's Christmas gift to the American people. Noel Tyl adds: feelings of loss, constraint, and the pressure to regroup forces and plan anew. Well, there's a good idea.

So here's the bi-wheel of the two horoscopes in which you will find many more chart factors of interest:

To close, here's a photo of his nibs himself in happier times when he could freely romp and swing a golf club upon greener pastures instead of taking responsibility for the people's suffering he's selfishly caused and the mess he's made which, if not ended soon, will ruin the US economy--just like Putin would do!

Jan 19, 2019

US Progressions w/ the January 21, 2019 Lunar Eclipse

America in January 2019, a Lunar Eclipse, POTUS, Pelosi, and Immigration

by Jude Cowell

January 19, 2019: at 4:00 pm est today, Mr. Trump seems determined to speak on an immigration compromise allegedly intended to jump start negotiations over the Trump Shutdown now in its 29th day. So far Democrats are said to be unimpressed and he has yet to open his mouth. In a chart set up for today at 4:00 pm est White House, there's a problematic Thor's Hammer pattern of Uranus-North-Node (reformers; radical politicians/politics; upsets; restless work conditions) = Venus (diplomacy; values; money--a lady like Speaker Pelosi) which denotes a softening of policies, or the introducing of novel ideas. We'll soon see about that.

Below is a bi-wheel of my intended post today concerning America's current secondary progressions ('SP') with the January 21, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @00Leo51 which will directly affect America's natal POTUS Sun (the leader; Jan 20, 2017 @00AQ49 = Trump). As you see, transit Neptune @14Pis35 continues veiling, hiding, obfuscating America's POTUS in deceptive Pisces (with a cosmic peep-eye! to FOX News pundits), and as usual, both charts are over-stuffed with details.

But hopefully those who are interested can enlarge the image, possibly print it, and manage to read the many notes penned on (you will be rewarded!). No apology for my messiness this time, dear reader, because I was amazed at how instructive this bi-wheel turned out to good luck reading it!

Jan 7, 2019

Dec 28, 2018

1929 'Black Tuesday' Solar Eclipse repeats July 2, 2019

Not to Worry But to Inform

by Jude Cowell

Here you see a re-posting of the DC Horoscopes of the opening of the 116th Congress on January 3, 2019 at noon est, Capitol Hill, Washington DC (inner) with the 3 North July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse @10Can37 (outer) conjoining the IC of the 116th Congress. Of interest financially is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's natal Jupiter @18Aries opposing Trump's natal Jupiter @18Libra in rising and setting positions in the chart (denoting their wall-funding stand-off most likely along with the Trump Shutdown, and then $ome), plus, the fact that a 3 North Solar Eclipse @18Taurus preceded the 1929 'Black Tuesday' Crash, with acquisitive Taurus, sign of money, growth, and possessions, snorting like the 'Bull of Wall Street' and an apt symbol of Wall Street greed and gold-worshiping.

Now as you may know, a previous SO'W post displays both DC Horoscopes of the 3 North July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse @11Cancer and the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Capricorn with wealth-hoarder Pluto in Capricorn ('The Dictator', aka, the 'Underworld Crime Boss' and/or the saboteur of governments) creeping nearby and getting ready for his tryst with karmic Saturn @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020--conjunct the natal Vertex (fated encounters) of Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Will the karmic imperative of 'reaping what was sown' prevail?

3 North themes: news involving a young person and or that transforms a situation; information causes worry or obsessive thinking; large plans are wanted which can be positive but don't get carried away (paraphrasing Brady's 'Predictive Astrology').

For more info, follow the 'July 2019 Eclipses' link for the 3 North Eclipses, one of which was the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') of 9/11/01 for it perfected as the 2001 Summer Solstice Eclipse @00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation where prominent events tend to happen on the Global Stage.

Feb 9, 2018

DC Horoscope: Government Shutdown Feb 9, 2018

Update Feb 9, 2018: "Overnight Shutdown"! USAToday provides a Timeline of congressional goings-on last night into today with the House voting 240-186 in favor of the massive funding bill "around 5:30 am ET" which Trump signed into law this morning around 8:30 am give or take (based on his 8:39 am tweet). Rand Paul didn't get support for his grandstanding of the fiscally irresponsible Republican Party, and the Democrats didn't get their way on Dreamers/DACA either. Apparently Mercury conjunct South Node ruled with its 'inability to gain support (votes!) for ideas' (see horoscope, below, penned on top), and rising Jupiter in Scorpio took the cake with help from a sextile to powerful, wealthy manipulator Pluto (at critical-crisis degree of 20Cap). The Jupiter-Pluto sextile is base of a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point) pointing toward Trump's natal Sun-North Node conjunction = political activity and shared success (Ebertin).

Original post follows:

As of February 9, 2018 @12:01 am est, the 115th incapable and incompetent US Congress has shut down the US government again under Trump's watch, egos at its base, money on and under the table, and Trump lurking about the place (rising Jupiter in big-business oriented Scorpio leading the rest of the planets (actors)).

Here's the Trump Shutdown #2 horoscope for February 9, 2018 12:01 am est Capitol Building Washington DC:

My notes are penned on the chart. Someone will be almost certain to call it the Rand Paul Shutdown!

A further note: testy Mars applies to a square aspect with unstable Neptune thus reminding Americans of our national Mars-Neptune square of misguided motives and actions.

Jan 22, 2018

Astro-Notes: Is Stephen Miller the rat in the shutdown woodpile?

Photo: By Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons (File: Stephen Miller by Gage Skidmore.jpg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A Few Astro-Notes concerning Stephen Miller

by Jude Cowell

The natal horoscope of 'political scientist' and Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller has a Rodden Rating of AA (BC/BR in hand) if you're curious about the guy some are blaming for influencing Donald Trump's intransigence on immigration issues during current congressional negotiations. Senator Lindsey Graham is one such casting shade upon Stephen Miller for his outside-the-mainstream opinions on DACA and other immigration issues--and for his influence on the rule-by-whim Mr. Trump. Here's today's Bloomberg update on the shutdown.

Stephen Miller August 23, 1985 4:53 pm PDT Santa Monica, California (RR: AA). Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, changes); Moon out-of-bounds (faulty or distressing relationship with Mother); Moon conjunct Uranus (intuitive, seeks emotional excitement, erratic mood changes, extreme emotions, often cranky and irritable). Tellingly, Sun in Virgo (@00:46 in 8th house of the Occult--other metaphysical and occult factors are shown elsewhere, see his PE, below) indicates a mother-ruled child. Sun sextile Pluto (shared with Trump) denotes those whose deep desire is to control the world, are self-reliant, and base their lives on winning vs losing (see his Pluto conjunct MC, below)

His Earth-Fire personality blend is known as a 'bull-dozer' who may push his moral certitude upon others. Dictatorial and insensitive to other people, Mr. Miller values rationality over human suffering while shoving through his preferred political policies (Sun Sign-Moon, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

A bright note is a first-house Jupiter Rx in Aquarius (9:36) denoting social concerns, a broad intellect, and a knowledge of human nature. Yet the placement also adds self-will and a potential for indecisiveness (Ebertin).

A Caution from Royal Regulus

Also in Mr. Miller's natal chart, we find Moon in Sagittarius (11:14), sign of immigration and foreigners so one may be tempted to think his interest and hard line views are emotionally based. Sun @00Vir46 conjoins royal star Regulus--and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump--both of which were 'eclipsed' on August 21, 2017 by The Great American Eclipse. As you know, Regulus is the 'kingmaker' star and when conjoining a natal planet can denote an individual with a 'king complex'. Now you and I both know that Mr. Trump is the epitome of this narcissistic, me-first psychological complex and apparently Mr. Miller is a victim of it as well. His Mercury in proud, royal Leo adds to his thinking on the topic of 'rulership' and the right to attain and wield it. So these days, it seems the divine right of kings is alive in the White House! However, Regulus always contains an important cosmic caution: success if revenge is avoided. Otherwise, gains will be taken away.

Yet the planet of dreams, visions, and ideals--Neptune--conjoins one of the Cardinal World Points of fame, fortune, and recognition on the world stage (00Cap56 Rx) in the 12th house of...Politics and Karma. As you know, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is the sign of government, law, and business. In support, his Mercury-Mars conjunction in brash Leo suggests strong political opinions and a tendency to quarrel over them, perhaps in a self-interested fashion (Leo).

Now with Saturn-ruled Capricorn rising, Stephen Miller may have had a hard road during his early years and even now seems older than his mere 32 years would suggest. A Saturnine expression seems always on his face--perhaps because a Capricorn Ascendant suggests discipline, austerity, plans formulated secretly, and a reserved demeanor (frowny!) Everything Mr. Miller does must have a definite purpose and serve a pragmatic end. In short, if you're looking for fun, a barrel of monkeys Stephen Miller is not. And note that the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis is intercepted in his natal chart suggesting a cosmic imperative to deal with such issues during his life time. this relates to a Mercury-Jupiter opposition which squares his Nodal axis (public contacts) and indicates one who is indiscreet (similar to Mr. Trump with his Mercury-Neptune square), holds illogical beliefs, feels intellectually superior, tends to over-promise (like Trump), and becomes flustered when under scrutiny for his memory fails him under stress. We saw this recently in one of his TV appearances with Jake Tapper. Here's Seth Myers speaking with Mr. Tapper, who's known Stephen Miller for years, discussing Miller and the cut-short interview.

Chart-ruler Saturn in 10th house (@22Sco08) makes no applying aspects in the chart though there is an applying Mars-Saturn square (see the aspect, below). Natal Saturn in Scorpio adds to his Saturnine demeanor a serious attitude, obstinacy, and a tendency to probe deeply into metaphysical subjects and to apply such principles in a practical manner.

Venus and Pluto

Perhaps the most prominent chart factor in his chart is, of course, Pluto @2Sco26 conjunct MC, the Goal-Aspiration Point. This supports his Sun-Pluto sextile 'control' implications and also his metaphysical and occult interests (like Hitler!) Actually, the shape of his natal planets show Venus @25Can05 as leader of a Locomotive pattern of high-powered success, a pattern which may ride roughshod over others in order to achieve its goals. His 7th house Venus has only a separating trine with authoritarian Saturn (in 10th house = a fall from grace? plus, Saturn-Pluto = SN in 10th house) so a sense of loyalty may be evident along with a reserved, even cold, demeanor. At 25Cancer, Miller's Venus precisely conjoins Mr. Trump's Venus in Cancer with Trump's Saturn nearby. Is theirs a long-lasting love match?

Politics and Gut Feelings

And ruling Mr. Miller's 3rd house of Communications via Aries and his 10th house of Career and Public Status via Scorpio is Mars which forms a square with Saturn (3A00). This aspect can indicate a career in Politics although it also indicates difficulty relating to others. Sullen anger, resentment, callousness, and an austere disposition may be noticed, plus, a Mars-SAturn square can attract potentials for accidents or even violence. Another suggestion here is restrictions in career matters (which some Americans think is a good thing).

Another chart factor spread across Miller's chart is high intuition of which he apparently has gracious plenty. Besides, his visionary, impractical Sun-Neptune trine (0A10), one such indicator is his Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series, the 5 North which, prior to his birth, manifested on May 19, 1985 @28Tau50 (among the Pleiades constellation and its difficult stars of rage and fury). 5 North themes include hunches, prophetic dreams, and deep insights (Brady), and it last manifested in 1985, as noted. The next occurrence of a 5 North Solar Eclipse will be on June 10, 2021 @20Gemini.

Taken all together, I'd have to say that Stephen Miller is a cantankerous blend most noticeably under the sway of three prominent chart factors: his Moon-Uranus conjunction, a problematic Mars-Saturn square, a Sun-Pluto sextile, and powerful Pluto in occult Scorpio at Midheaven. Disagree if you wish, but there it is.

Well, there are many more chart factors for Stephen Miller that are worth consideration and for brevity's sake, I hope you'll study the natal horoscope of Mr. Trump's Senior Advisor if you haven't already!

Jan 20, 2018

Jan 20 2018 Government Shutdown = Trump 1st Anniversary

Jan 20, 2018 UPDATE: actually the high roller fund raiser at Trump's Mar-a-Lago compound will proceed according to CNN.

Jan 21: fundraiser canceled. He'll pout for the rest of his life. #TrumpShutdown

Original post begins here:

After last night's flub on the Senate floor resulting in the government shutdown official at 12:01 am est January 20, 2018, today's first anniversary of the 2017 Trump inauguration hints at a difficult year ahead. For astrologers, the familiar planetary pattern, the YOD, may describe the R vs D stand-off and Donald Trump's turn from accepting a bi-partisan bill that included funding for his highly touted 'wall' and, sure enough, we find a YOD pattern in today's Solar Return horoscope of Trump's January 2017 Inauguration which may be viewed here. That's if we accept the North Node as apex of the sextile between Moon and Mercury but given current conditions in Washington DC, I'm willing to accept the pattern as a YOD if you are.

YOD = crisis, special task, crossroads, turning point, opportunity for karmic progress.

Perhaps the question is, what are the effects of a Moon-Mercury pairing in Politics and Business? In US Mundane Astrology, we know Moon = We The People, or The Public, and Luna's sign indicates the prevailing public mood (Pisces = confused--and compassionate toward all those who will be harmed by the US Congress not doing its constitutional duty to appropriate). Mercury represents many things such as negotiations, agreements, dealing, trading, communications, commerce, messages, votes, young people, and tricksterism.

Together Moon-Mercury denotes such potentials as: propaganda efforts (each party blaming the other for the shutdown--I see them both to blame but with Mr. Trump behind the curtain throwing a monkey wrench into the deal--he loves to cause quarrels); generating excitement among people on behalf of popular causes; restlessness among the population over business and commerce; compiling and analyzing attitudes of the people (aka, polls).

Well, the House is in session this morning and the Senate gavels in at noon as I type. Mr. Trump's big anniversary party tonight at Mar-a-Lago is on hold until this stalemate is resolved which could be the strongest leverage for forcing a bill signing from the legislatively challenged Mr. Trump.

In case you missed it, see Politico's Government Shutdown: Who's to Blame?

Moon-Mercury info: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.