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Sep 13, 2020

Silence of the Lambs - Andrew Joseph Duffer video

Few critiques of chaos-creator Trump pack as much punch into a brief presentation as this from the excellent Andrew Joseph Duffer and although his language may not suit those overly sensitive to naughty words and such, if you skip the following rant to protect precious sensibilities you'll be missing out!

In case of content removal from SO'W here's a link to Silence of the Lambs. My advice? Nab it while it's available!!

Jun 4, 2020

June 2020 Uranus activates 1865 Saturn-Pluto

What's Old Is New Again: Or Is It Vice Versa? Naming No Names

by Jude Cowell

June 4, 2020: Nowadays in America our freedoms are in danger of being vastly restricted. We see it in political events and speeches, in the news, and overhead in the skies. Therefore, care must be taken not to publish on topics that might attract the raptor's gaze. This is something I'd hoped never to have to type in a Stars Over Washington post but the time has drawn nigh, my friends. And so what do I haul off and do this evening? Make an attempt to find corresponding astrological factors that reflect current events to describe the protests, demonstrations, and the overly forceful, reactionary responses from denizens of the White House who feel under threat from the populace and so they threaten We The People. In this case, it's peaceful protesters under siege by alt-right operatives and "soldiers" in black wearing no identifying insignia - ordered about by a desperate man. But there's no call to list such calamities here for we're all drenched with news of the day and, in fact, must make concerted efforts to avoid knowledge of it.

As Above So Below! I refer to the current position of transit Uranus in early Taurus now activating a certain opposition in the founding horoscope of a controversial organization that formed on December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee--a group well known for its violent tendencies and strong-armed behavior. But through an abundance of caution, I shall not name it, nor anyone else, in this post.

For you see, this particular group, backed by enablers both foreign and domestic, coup'ed the White House in 2016/2017 so I suspect you know which group I refer to. The group's natal aspect now activated is a brutal Saturn-Pluto opposition across the Taurus-Scorpio axis and now transit Uranus has careened along within the same degree area and spurred the harsh opposition into expression in our day.

Now as you know, the cycle of Uranus is approximately 84 years in length so this transit has occurred before (since 1865) when transit Uranus was around 8-12 Taurus - significantly during the 1930s. Well, who doesn't know that upheaval, turbulence, and power-grabs in society occurred during those days, too? And by like-minded perpetrators attempting to take control of government. History rhymes but note that their coup failed in America. Now they're trying again and have learned a few tricks from their mistakes.

And so it is due to the quickly shifting reforms and threats to change America into a police state that I type at you with more concern for our nation than ever before. For nearly fifteen years I've fussed here on SO'W about how I didn't - don't - 'like what they've done with the place' - 'the place' being my former city of residence, Washington DC, and of course, this extends to the entire United States of America. Yet as I said, the time has drawn nigh and a great crisis is forced upon the American people who must yield to or fight against oppressive forces.

So! With transit Uranus, planet of revolt and revolution, now triggering the 1865 Saturn-Pluto opposition belonging to a bunch of hotheaded sour pusses who just can't give up their treasonous fight, let's consider the Uranian transit from the perspectives of (1) 2020 Uranus opposing 1865 Saturn in Scorpio and (2) 2020 Uranus nearing conjunction to 1865 Pluto in Taurus (exact three times: June and November 2021 and March 2022):

(1) Traditions and methods are under fire from opposing forces demanding change, progressive reforms, and a 'new order' (Saturn: old vs Uranus: new). Attempts to enforce control over events or people will have negative consequences. Moderation is the best course of action but will prove difficult to manage or retain.

(2) Upheavals, unrest, calamities, revolts, protests, riots, strikes, demonstrations, stalemates, battle lines, and a period when past crimes threaten to 'catch up with' perpetrators. So apparently we can include 'arrests' to this list especially since arrests are already happening.

Now let's add the midpoint picture formed by the three planets, rigid old Saturn, powerful manipulator and bank-roller Pluto (intolerant when in Taurus) plus, rebellious catalyst Uranus, fond of speculative ventures when in Taurus yet may fail due to impulsively taking premature actions: "Brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses" (Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl).

Now there are plenty of other contacts from 2020 planets to the 1865 horoscope I'm looking at ('noon') but to keep this post on the brief side, I'll add only this: 1865 Saturn @9Sco39 was conjoined on Inauguration Day 2017 by our Inaugural Moon @9Sco21 which at noon est that day had sunk into the 6th house of Military-Police-Civil Services, Daily Rounds, and Health (yes, you know that Covid-19 is one of the current assaults upon the American people--and on the world, for that matter--this threatens to become a global conflagration just as certain criminal elements in society have long dreamed--hence, 'the group').

And so transit Uranus in Taurus now opposes 2017 Inaugural Moon in Scorpio which suggests a period when our domestic environments are disrupted, lives and conditions feel unstable, separations can occur between family members, even pets, soldiers suddenly show up, medical systems are interrupted, and deep emotional turmoil ripples across the land.

Well, I made it through without naming names and I sincerely hope that this As Above So Below post doesn't bum anyone out more than they already were before they haplessly or purposefully arrived on Stars Over Washington. As usual, my intention is to forearm any reader who cares to take note via Astrology, the only system of analysis that adds the element of timing to all matters at hand.

Feb 24, 2017

April 2017 Progressions of Our American Revolution Planets

Recently we discussed how, beginning in 2016, transit Neptune @11Pis11 has been in process of conjoining the Prenatal Solar Eclipse that preceded the American Revolution (third of three conjunctions on Feb 16, 2017) and considering how active within The Collective (part of Neptune's realms of the Unconscious) astrological Neptune is these days with its eroding and falsifying influences, its off-and-on lack of aspects to other planets, and its Piscean 'Final Dispositor' condition (all comes back to watery, oily, gaseous, poisonous Neptune) in many recent horoscopes, perhaps a peek at the current progressions that issue from the American Revolution natal chart is in order for clues on how the energies of our founding Revolution have evolved in 2017.

Now you've certainly noticed that the words and concepts of "revolution" and "resistance" have been popping up more frequently in public discourse under the administration of one Donald Trump (who isn't as popular as he imagines--his Mercury-Neptune square distorts reality for him). In America there are currently at least two groups formed against Mr. Trump and his policies: The Resistance movement, plus, an organization called Indivisible.

As a timing device, Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon in any chart provides useful information and can help zero in on when events may occur. Below is the SP Horoscope of the American Revolution dated April 6, 2017 12:30 am 'LMT" in Lexington, Massachusetts where the American Revolution's First Shot Heard Round the World was fired. The date and hour result from SP Moon precisely conjoining SP Saturn @19Lib37 in the 11th house of Groups and Alliances and you may recognize the degree's closeness to US SP Mars Rx @18Lib+ (since 2006--our police state of militarized police forces, secret wars, civil, voters', workers', and women's rights under threat of rollback, etc):

The Hour belongs to Saturn and as you see, SP Mars of warring fame nears SP Pluto of control and coping fame in the 2nd house. Fixed stars are not used in progressions but the ones conjoining these SP planets are entered on the chart to suggest their 1775 positions progressed to our current era.

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