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Sep 14, 2022

2022 Uranus in Tauru$ to NYSE 1869 Pluto

Taurus the Bull of Wall Street Hosts Disruptive Uranus: Speculation; Unusual Sources of Money; Risking It All

by Jude Cowell

Whenever Uranus and Pluto are in contact, it's a volatile combination of energies. Since June 2022, transit Uranus in Taurus has reached the New York Stock Exchange's Pluto in its reorganization horoscope. The timing of the NYSE 1869 horoscope I tend to use is based on the New Moon that perfected on that day - May 11, 1869 NYC at 11:11:27 am LMT NYC.

The NYSE 1869 Horoscope is shown below, surrounded by a transit chart for the moment on November 16, 2022 that Uranus meets 1869 Pluto @16Tau36 (the degree of the 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse conjunct extremist Uranus). Is the link apparent? Flush corporatists and mega-monied Wall Street gentry funding US elections and candidates so that the results go their way? Am I over-explaining?

Now November 16th is the second of three such meetings with the first having occurred on June 6, 2022 and the final conjunction coming on March 28, 2023.

As you see, the 'reorganizational' New Moon of May 11, 1869 @20Tau57 awaits the catalyst of transit Uranus as well (rebellion; shared conflicts; upsets) and obviously technology is in the picture, along with new methods and a potential for disruption. Additionally, in 1869 Mars @25Leo31 squares the New Moon (New Moons can behave like Solar Eclipses - and there was an Eclipse @20Taurus in May 2013, a 15 South: 'sense of collective loss or grief' - B. Brady). Plus, warrior Mars hopes to add a measure of fanaticism to the picture on or about September 14 and 15, 2022 - today and tomorrow.

And so I'm posting a few notes concerning the Uranus-to-Pluto transit, their sextile, and a mention of 1869 Saturn (in 4th house of Real Estate - housing crash coming? Some economists say so; or, a crisis involving Mining, metals, etc - for 1869 Saturn Rx is apex planet of a YOD pattern with the Uranus-Pluto sextile at its base, plus, Saturn is handle of a Bucket shape in 1869). As you know, YODs are karmic in nature and signal turning points or crossroads - and/or bring karmic opportunities, and with apex Saturn, karma is boosted to a higher, or deeper, level and what's been sown will be reaped.

Meanwhile, planet Saturn as Handle (which turns a Bowl shape of planets into a Bucket) reveals the Timekeeper planet as having a special capacity and interest in a particular direction (M. E. Jones). Here, and considering current anxieties over recession and/or a collapse of home prices, it appears that the above noted Real Estate and Mining matters (4th house) may be simmering on the economic hob in relation to the NYSE - or, are being put there by the NYSE, aka, the Wall Street Casino which has no care or concern for Main Street where the rest of us live:

Multiple notes are penned upon the bi-wheel which may be of interest to the curious reader so please enlarge or print the chart for easier reading.

Uranus sextile Pluto is quite a rare aspect between the two outer planets. When it formed in the 1940s it activated a war between democracies and dictatorships and light vs dark (aka, good vs evil) - exactly what we're again fighting, along with atomic bomb concerns ('nuclear' now), and goose-stepping Nazis (now it's "neo-Nazis" and "neo-Fascists"). Secret knowledge is also involved with this sextile, an aspect of opportunity, (ex: purloined classified documents), plus, it activates opposition to conformity, control of information issues, and resistence to the suppression of independent thought (A. Epstein) - ex: Republican book banning and burning.

As for the Uranus-to-Pluto transit itself, abrupt changes to social conditions are potentials and can cause serious psychological adjustments in society in relation to our familiar ways and traditions. And if the 4th house Saturn in the 1869 chart counts for anything, domestic conditions may become more difficult once Wall Street harvests our treasures once again and uses the money for its own selfish purposes which for some will include their continued financial support for sedition and sabotage so that America loses democracy and falls beneath a paternalistic authoritarian boot.

So, my friends, whatever you do: Vote Blue in 2022 - and in 2024. Don't let the 'economic royalists' win!

Previously on SO'W: Jupiter-Neptune and Volatile Markets 2022.

And for comparison with the 1869 Horoscope, here's the NYSE 1792 Buttonwood Horoscope with its frothy Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction.

Plus, a brief, related video, Why Home Prices Haven't Crashed Yet may be informative.

Apr 8, 2014

May 19, 2014 Mars turns Direct as a karmic YOD points to Saturn Rx

On May 19, 2014 at 9:31:09 pm edt Mars @9Lib01:31 Stations Direct in 10th house when the horoscope is set for Washington DC. It's a Mercury Hour with speedy Mercury @20Gem38 in 7th house of Partnerships out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane yet by degree approaching US natal Mars and turning plans into action. Mercury makes no applying aspects to other planets (actors) in the Mars Direct chart so its house placement, sign, and degree are emphasized. Issues in the news may include transport, communications, negotiations, agreements, stock traders, trade deals, speech writers or deliverers, reporters, and possibly children or education though perhaps with delays and blockages involved (OOBs.)

Rising in DC is 15Sag02 which makes Jupiter as chart ruler so its condition is of primary impact in relation to Mars-ruled matters which will now move ahead, proceed, or result in actions taken and plans initiated as the motivation-energy-action planet picks up steam. With testy Mars (god of war) in Libra, sign of diplomacy, we may expect news concerning foreign affairs with Virgo, ruled by Mercury, in 9th house of foreign lands and travel. Trips by the president and others will be taken and troop movements or deployments may be on Washington's agenda. (Yes, they always are--I know!)

Is a Water Grand Trine our best hope?

Chart ruler Jupiter makes only one major applying aspect, a trine to Saturn and forms a protective Grand Trine in Water with the 3rd house Chiron @17Pis18, a critical degree. Healer Chiron may attend matters as security issues come to the fore though the closed circuit of energies of the Grand Trine may cause a 'pick-n'choose' quality to be shown. Some are protected but others are not. Additionally Jupiter @18Can07 conjoins the 8th cusp (19Can04) which brings in the light and dark twins, Castor and Pollux so corporate matters can go either way--up or down. The stock market is fluctuating now as I type (April 8, 2014) and may be what's described by chart ruler Jupiter conjunct 8th cusp. And of course, Cancer is business-oriented, relates to oceans, security, The Family, and tribal syndicates and is extremely self-protective and shrewd.

Naturally the ongoing (tedious) yet dynamic Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto (strikes, protests, generational power struggles) runs in the background though the Grand Cross is 'missing' Mars at this Direct Station--yet by turning Direct at 9 Libra, Mars will soon rejoin the rioting throng between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. For now let's stick with the T-Squares created among the trio with the Jupiter-Pluto opposition pointing toward activist Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries (Utopians and anarchists--Ebertin.) Some loss of partnership or alliance, or a type of witch hunt may be noticed as well due to Mars' Direct Station occurring upon the degree of Fixed Star Vindemiatrix.

The horoscope of the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse for this Direct Station may be viewed here. The chart is set for DC, the eclipse is in money sign Taurus (The Bull of Wall Street) and it stimulates the natal horoscope of the Robber Barons.

Two Cardinal T-Squares/Oppositions are stimulated within midpoint pictures:

Explosive Mars-Uranus = controlling Pluto: a higher power; force; violent intervention. Plutocracy's pair Jupiter-Pluto = radical Uranus: quick exploitation of every situation; fanatical striving for improvement; sudden reform; quick development; adjustment to new circumstances. (Ebertin.)

Other midpoint pictures are formed in the Mars Direct Station 2014 chart as well and one very weighty picture has formed off and on in previous months--Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden (poor little plutocrats, the 1% acting all put-upon by the rest of us is one potential of this picture); tremendous awareness of a potential for loss (as if the 1% can't spare a dime for the sake of society!); fear (Tyl.)

Of course, We the People are described here as well with Plutocracy putting us on the losing side and fear being a usual tactic of our government.

Moon-Mercury = Uranus: irritability about progress; sudden, innovative ideas and plans; and, Sun-ASC = Neptune: being duped or disregarded (Tyl.)

A Karmic (Fated) YOD at the Crossroads with Apex Saturn Rx

Note: as a Saturnian astrologer, when I mention karma or fate I refer to the natural law of reaping what's been sown when past actions and attitudes catch up with present circumstances and affect them either positively or negatively. Saturn is particularly sensitive to this phenomenon and requires accountability.

The base of the YOD is a sextile (60 degr) between Mercury and Venus which may indicate people who like to discuss pros and cons such as debaters and though the presence of Venus seems to lean toward pleasantness, the debates can turn to bickering especially when complacent people are being challenged.

Different points of view are explored and new perspectives are entertained with this sextile as attempts are made to assuage the doubts of others; contrariness and turning a deaf ear to the concerns of others may be noticed (Washington DC!) so relationships don't develop as they should. Yet stories are told, some in childlike fashion and a naive manner may be utilized to make or avoid a point. (Tierney.)

In business and politics the Mercury-Venus pair denotes the potential for: 'news about the status of wealth; business + society; the study of people and their reactions (polls?); highway beautification programs (Thesis); debate (or bickering) over added costs; a business sector at odds with society; propaganda about the ease and quality of life; speeches emphasizing economic issues and facts; a transportation system that values beauty over function (Antithesis.)--Munkasey.

So with YODs already karmic and Saturn being a karmic planet (actions from approximately 30 years ago return to aid or undermine today's circumstances--the 1980s and Reagan policies are implicated) we may expect the 11th house Saturn Rx @19Sco19 to provide insight into the circumstance of Mars moving ahead in the Zodiac after May 19th.

As a midpoint picture Mercury-Venus = Saturn throws a sliver of light upon our topic with its 'hard sell' argumentative position, high expectations for getting its off-the-norm way, and a 'sense of mission' mindset (Tyl.)

Meanwhile there's that karmic Saturn at a degree (19 Scorpio) which has traditionally been considered malefic for it meets with Fixed Star Alpha Serpentis (aka, Unukalhai) which can bring tragedy and misfortune in its wake especially when conjoined by a planet such as Saturn. (A. Louis.) And of course YOD patterns in general denote crises, crossroads, turning points, or special tasks whose time has come and must be dealt with as required by the Cosmos. Breakers of natural law may seem to triumph initially but will later discover that they are ultimately the losers.

Now as Summer 2014 trods along it is for you to determine which actors in America's Political Theater this apex Saturn represents since the restrictive Taskmaster's realm includes Government, Law, and Business. Both political parties in the US (factions of the global government agenda, imho) may at times be signified by status quo Saturn though it seems to me that of late it's primarily austere Republicans wearing the Saturnian mask as they follow their political script to enrich the wealthy class. As for business, Saturn tends to represent managers or possibly CEOs for Scorpio is the sign of Big Business and Corporatism after all plus, some switch of roles may be notable once Saturn turns Direct in July. And as you know, an activist SCOTUS is also in the Saturnian corporate mix.

As apex planet in a YOD configuration Saturn's 'fated undertone' shows that timing and maturity are key to the purpose of the YOD. Fateful consequences are denoted if whoever is represented by apex Saturn doesn't act responsibly. Self-defeating attitudes are no longer acceptable at this fork in the road and self-preservation should not be the only goal--Saturn and Jupiter are our 'societal planets' and must when necessary act upon that level on behalf of the common good.

This Saturn in this condition (apex and Rx) at this juncture (YOD) has developed special talents for social responsibility and for overcoming obstacles and limits so let's hope that Saturnian managers, CEOS, lawmakers, judges, politicians, and other authority figures meet the test of this YOD by embracing higher ideals for society's sake than we've seen from them during the last three decades and more.

Since the energies of this chart are weighted on the Cardinal (initiating)/Air (mental) side (and other planetary factors will affect matters as well) we may expect that transit Mercury's approach to US natal Mars in Gemini may time outward movements as various plans are turned into action.

For more information on YODs and other planetary patterns see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Jul 5, 2010

Uranus Rx Station 00Ari35 = new seeds and fated paths 7.5.10

Today at 12:48:28 pm edt, transiting Uranus changes direction and seems to stand still @ 00Ari35. In Washington DC, this occurs in 6th house (daily rounds, health, service, military and police forces) during an Hour of evaluating Venus 24Leo36 in 11th house.

Chart-ruler Venus applies to opposition with Neptune 28AQ23 Rx (5th house; 3A47) whose mystical, deceptive, illusory rays are still causing dissolution, disappointment, and a sense of rootlessness and loss to America's natal Moon (the people), and values are hard to define. Neptune is also involved in a YOD pattern (aka, a Finger of God indicating crises, special tasks, or a turning point) which will be discussed below.

Another applying aspect of chart-ruler Venus is a sesquisquare (3 interlaced semisquares of drive and determination) to North Node, perhaps a signature of a need for meetings, or, of a desire for contact with the public.

Venus applies (5A55) in opposition to Chiron as well, an aspect describing great openness and receptivity to others with perhaps the collective's fear of the unknown surfacing (in tandem with the SN-based July 11 Solar Eclipse bringing unconscious material to the surface - but with successful outcomes.) This may relate to the 2012 prophecies being uppermost in some people's minds this week, for planet Venus is said to be the culprit in an ancient-days catastrophe the likes of which some folk expect to recur in 2012 (or 2011.)

(Yes, there are 11:11s in this chart: the cusps of the 6/12 houses: 11Pis11 on 6th cusp, placing the 6/12 axis in Nodal Degree with NN 11Cap57; 'Nodal degree' indicates a fated or karmic condition, and there is another 'fated' factor within the YOD pattern, see below. Perhaps this describes the dire conditions for US troops in the Middle East and/or police actions in the US or on the suffering Gulf Coast, along with the limiting conditions being navigated by our nation's authority figures as mentioned below.)

ASC 6Lib59 shows that America's first natal planet to rise is Saturn 14Lib48 (n 10th house) so with Uranus now Rx, will radical reforms be put to simmer? Uranus is strongest today at Station and will be strong this week as it remains @ 00Ari35 but the Senate doesn't return to duty until next Monday, July 12.

Plus, today's chart shows Sun 13Can34 still on its US natal Sun degree, here in 10th house with Mercury 22Can02 preparing to return to its natal degree 24Can12 Rx in n 8th house (Sibly chart.) With US n Saturn rising, we get the baggage of our n Sun/Saturn square to deal with and the inferiority complex it implies.

Supporting those feelings (which with maturity should ripen into a sense of responsibility and accountability, traits or their lack soon on global display with US Saturn Return upcoming, after tr Saturn crosses US n Mc again) is the 10th house SN still within orb of US n Sun (the leader) which shows a karmic condition whereby past selfish actions interfere with the qualities of leadership; his willpower is thwarted by current conditions as past frauds and losses (SN) prevent President Obama from implementing that which he would implement.

Major circumstances in the environment deny him the opportunity and resources for expression of his solar-directed goals resulting in a loss of power potential as obstacles are thrown in his path, and what he does accomplish may be credited to others. Sun = the President, but also the nation itself, and the only thing to do until this transit of SN-to-Sun passes is to show mastery in the areas which he is able to command.

As noted, this karmic condition is at the top of today's chart for all the world to see which obviously includes the past wastefulness of the prior administration (SN = past behavior affecting the present.)

At Midheaven (Mc; the Goal or Aspiration Point) is 7Can57 which puts US natal Venus and Jupiter on the world stage; both planets have monetary implications, as you know. And SN at Mc indicates things are not going well in career matters or public status; SN is a Saturnian point of separation and loss as the Dragon's Tail (SN) swipes across the White House for all to see (Mc.)

Before I mention a few details on transit Uranus Rx, let's consider the YOD as mentioned with Saturn at apex. Adding to its fated quality is the fact that Saturn and Neptune are both @ 28 degrees of their signs, and Saturn is posited in the karmic 12th house of the Unconscious; Large Institutions such as hospitals and prisons are provinces of the 12th house, too, and Politics' behind-the-scenes quality works secretly in 12th house where backdoor deals are made.

First, the midpoint picture formed by the YOD's three planets using a blend of Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey...any, all, or none may apply:

Moon/Neptune = Saturn: prolonging indecisiveness increases disappointment; showing caution and reserve when beginning to neglect what you care for; hard work to restructure ambition; shaking off indolence; a sense of suffering under the yoke; being strongly influenced by prevailing yet temporary conditions which will pass; feeling inhibited, frustrated, or paralyzed; depression, despair, or pessimism.

So poor old Saturn is working behind-the-scenes and feeling stymied. But activist Mars 15Vir37 is there to keep him company although Mr. Action can feel frustrated in Virgo. (A 12th house Saturn in classifying, discriminating Virgo is often a sign of the scientist. Politically speaking and in the realm of business and law, he's the manager, and/or the Democrat.)

Well, apex Saturn makes for a karmic YOD pattern, as noted, and since Saturnian form is always a must for brilliant Uranus to pour his genius ideas into (and get them off the drawing board and into reality), impatient Uranus is being made to wait. This is one of the primary factors shown here with the retrograde phase of any planet signifying delay or review.

Apex Saturn shows that proper timing, patience, and inner maturity are the necessary ingredients to prepare for the turning point the YOD describes - without those qualities, the promised new direction will bring failure if it is unwisely forced.

Saturn's safety and preservation needs are preceded by current anxiety and uncertainty and will not abate until Uranus moves beyond its current position, with Uranus The Awakener now conjoining US natal Ic 00Ari53 (Home, Homeland, Domestic Scene, What We Need to Feel Psychologically Secure; Endings.)

Since tr Uranus is Rx as of today, this 'hit' will recur after Uranus turns Direct and re-crosses n Ic, which shows a Cosmos wanting to be sure we 'get it' with today's second 'hit' becoming internalized for further planning - yet ideas from the first 'hit' (June 2010 with expansive Jupiter in tow) will be brought to the surface of the Collective Unconscious during this transit.

Actually today's Rx Station is part of Uranus' testing phase of our lasting values, but here, the form that our brilliant ideas must have in order to be implemented are otherwise engaged in a crisis-ridden YOD, a pattern with inherent testings of its own.

Master astrologer Erin Sullivan says that Uranus' second pass in transit, if Rx, indicates that a new seed is being planted which matures into comfortable integration by Uranus' third pass (mid-March 2011 and after.) Erin further states that, 'Very frequently the events or inner experiences...during the retrograde transit are not fully developed until well after the degree is cleared." (Retrograde Planets, Sullivan.)

Now apex Saturn may be feeling like an unwanted outcast at the moment with self-defeating attitudes quite entrenched and reinforced by the harsh outer realities which we're all experiencing.

(And notice I'm not mentioning the ongoing Cardinal squares between Saturn/Uranus to Pluto, and Jupiter/Saturn to Pluto, for how many times can I type the same info? ;p Plus, toss your browser in any Google-y direction and you will find thousands of analyses of the conditions created by the Cardinal squares' and Cross' difficult energies which are similar to those during the Great Depression; also notice how often economists such as Robert Reich and various talking heads have mentioned the conditions of the 1930s and their possible recurrence. If you or a loved one have lost employment, the 'possibility' is now a reality.)

So what other factors ensue from an apex Saturn in YOD formation?

Well, the two quincunxes (aka, inconjuncts; 150 degrees) from Moon (the public; publicity) and Neptune (the masses; the media) indicate feelings of inadequacy and insignificance with painful awareness of economic or psychological deficiencies; yet due to the corrective nature of quincunxes and Saturn's natural determination to overcome difficulties and obstacles, we may expect this YOD to provide better organization of our energies which will bring greater efficiency and stability to situations.

This testing (a Saturn word) YOD can free us on some level from negativity and burdensome attitudes which hold us back. Social responsibility with purposeful activity results as steady focus and self-discipline make the difference toward the success or failure encountered along the new path shown by the YOD (and by Uranus to US n Ic.)

Our potential for commitment to stable Saturnian principles and our resolve to find workable solutions are called on here if fateful consequences are to be mitigated (for too much unaccountability, irresponsibility, dishonesty, and unrealistic expectations have been indulged in by those in charge and by some of the populace for dire outcomes to be wholly avoided - as already demonstrated by Financial Crisis 2008. Moon inconjunct Saturn shows we-the-people's deep sense of being exploited, and we should continue to question authority's actions; also, refuse to be an emotional patsy for anyone in your personal or public lives as they will try to guilt you into taking over what are really their responsibilities. I'm also looking at you, BP.)

And whatever we do, the applying trine (120 degr) to the Moon 26Ari00 from secret hand Pluto, with his deep connections to publishing, mass media, and the world's wealth, should not be allowed to lull us (trine) into accepting his public relations campaigns at face value.

For as my flower power generation was once so fond of saying: Question Authority!

And for 2010 I would add, Work (Saturn) to ferret out the true motivations (Pluto) behind the many masks worn by the plutonian power elite and share what you find with others!


Beyond the scope of this article (and mentioned in previous posts) is the historical marker for scientific breakthrough, Uranus to Aries Point. Plus, the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus indicates 'new explorations and discoveries' as comprehensively detailed in Anne Whitaker's excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus.