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Sep 3, 2023

Sept 2023 and the Belligerence of Mars

Caricature of a mouthy Trump; source unknown

With a very active Mars (the warrior), a favorite planet of Mars rising Mr. Trump, it's worth noting that the current legal battles going on now fall within the time frame of the Summer Solstice 2023 Horoscope until the Autumn Equinox 2023 Horoscope 'takes over' on September 23rd. A shift of energies within the Collective will be noticeable, and significantly, Venus-ruled Libra is the sign of the Scales of Justice.

Meanwhile, here's a link to a recent post displaying both the Autumn Equinox 2023 Horoscope and the Winter Solstice 2023 Horoscope, its frosty Saturnian energies taking us into 2024 until March and Spring Equinox 2024 (a chart not yet published but coming soon to SO'W).

Significant to Trump's current legal challenges is his natal Pluto rising in the Autumn EQ chart, and this necessarily brings along Trump's Mars-Saturn midpoint (the death axis - R. Ebertin) with its destructive energies and 'intervention of a higher power' vibes. Set for Washington DC, the chart's Midheaven ('MC': The Goal) @29Aries+ is the position of belligerent Mars during Trump's January 6, 2021 coup attempt (failed, but ongoing). In addition, this happens to be the position of the Sun in the "first shot" Horoscope of the American Revolution, as you can see if you wish.

And everyone who's paying attention has heard the maga/reich-wing shout-outs attempting to link their Trumpian sore loser sedition efforts with the 1775 Revolution while calling for another civil war like the loose cannon troublemakers and zealots they are. For my part, they behave much more like the Confederates of the 1860s than the patriots of the Revolution whose battles and victories ultimately led to the estabishment of our democratic Republic, a form of government that the current crop of reich-wing zealots now work against.

Eclipse Cycles Bring Similar Conditions 'Round Again

So as I type this post, we operate under the auspices of April 2023's 7 North Solar Eclipse at its critical 29th degree, until the 7 South Solar Eclipse @21Libra 'takes over'. And perhaps you've noticed that the Eclipse in the 7 North Saros Series has previously been termed, Hitl*r's Birthday Eclipse by yours truly. Well, Herr Adolf does have his modern-day followers who imagine that they need to complete the little Austrian's mission of world domination - as if theirs is a worthy goal when all they offer society is evil and suffering.

And yes, America has been in such an evil Saturn-Pluto pickle before - and democracy survived. An example of a watershed moment? The Big Brazen N*zi Rally of 1939 NYC (horoscope shown) in which a gaggle of 'em brashly latched on to the reputation of George Washington who walked away from power as the archetypal example for all future US presidents to follow - all but malignant narcissist Donald Trump, that is.

And so there's an example from 1945 that I hope for America's sake will be followed now via the "Trump Trials": that the sadistic brutes of the 1930s and 1940s FAFO!

Feb 11, 2023

DC Horoscope: Saturn Perigee 2023

Aug 27, 2023: Bright Saturn Shines Opposite the Sun

by Jude Cowell

Tropically speaking, in Mundane Astrology, because karmic Saturn, lord of many realms such as: Time, reality, authority, responsibility, accountability, maturity, wisdom, restriction, control, limits, borders, form, structure, consolidation, old age, conservatism, blockages or obstacles, loss, the status quo, The Establishment, the system, and laws, opposes the Virgo Sun on August 27, 2023, we can be certain that the word perigee will pop up all over the internet any minute now. Already has done, in fact!

For on that day, the Earth passes between Saturn and the Sun, a cosmic event that contains all manner of advantages for astronomers, but for Stars Over Washington's purposes, let's settle for a DC Horoscope set for August 27, 2023 4:28 am edt which is when my astrology program calculates an exact opposition between Sun and Saturn. Chart factors and astro-notes are thus generated, some of which are typed below the following Horoscope with astro-notes scribbled upon the image for your consideration.

The notes include the 'PE' in the 7 North Saros Series during which the Saturn perigee 2023 occurs, highlighted in orange, in 10th house @29Ari50 - conjunct the January 6, 2021 insurrection's Mars position and, as I've noted in previous posts, this lunation also times a "birthday eclipse" for Herr Adolf. Then will bunker boy sit up or merely roll over?

Meanwhile, the 7 North eclipse's throwback to J6 Mars increases potentials in August 2023 for zealotry, violence, and/or criminal actions - hopefully blocked by Saturnian forces! - such as those perpetrated on that day when the US Congress was assaulted and its work of certifying the 2020 Electoral College Vote for Joe Biden was disrupted for a few hours.

So to me it seems significant that the Vertex ('VX') in the August Horoscope @23Sag37 (5th house) points toward a fated encounter of some kind, perhaps legal, which concerns the 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 as what I've termed the Electoral College Vote 2020 Eclipse which 'justified' in the delusional Geminian mind of the orange albatross the 'Big Lie' he has used to aggravate his followers and certain politicians into storming the Capitol Building and the US government - strong feelings which Herr Trump continues to use for what he considers to be his financial, legal, and political advantage (see lower right corner). For as everyone knows, he is a desperate man determined to 'get away with it'.

Yet we should take heart for there is a bright note (perigee Saturn will be bright and large so close to Earth!) because Astraea, asteroid of Justice, directly opposes the Vertex and the 4 South Eclipse, as you see. Come on Justice Department, put on your Saturn cap and do the right thing! And if a Trump indictment is to be, then let it be:

Note: Sabian Symbols for the Sun-Saturn opposition (4Virgo/4Pisces) are messily penned on the chart. And if you wish, feel free to enlarge and/or print the image for better viewing.

Also of interest, is that the Sun @3Vir50 conjuncts the Progressed New Moon ('SP') of Herr Trump, a symbolic life passage timed by his SP New Moon which perfected on September 16, 2019 @3Virgo with its "white power" implications (see above chart, upper right).

Then remembering that America was founded under Sun-Saturn square energies which in part describe the need to develope maturity as the US ages rather than relying on the superficiality and unreliability that our institutions have often been accused of - plus, our 'worship' of youth and disrespect for wisdom - general potentials within the Hegelian form of the Sun-Saturn duo include:

Thesis: Form and definition in an enterprise; the will of the people as defined in the principal founding documents; the checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations.

Antithesis: Pessimism and gloom as a center focus of policy; unreasonable centralization of authority in one location; a leadership preoccupied with the various forms of law enforcement; older and more distanced leaders.

(Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey #ad); my italics.

Among other topics, perhaps the ongoing campaign by Republicans to tinker under the hood of the US Constitution will be part of the scrutiny as the Sun and Saturn oppose one another in August 2023.

Previously on SO'W: Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice showing its Dedication Horoscope of 1934 (by FDR) where we find DOJ Uranus Rx @29Ari21 conjunct its Syzygy Moon (28:31), and DOJ Mars @4Virgo. Now as you know, these create cosmic time links to the above positions particularly to the karmic 7 North Eclipse for when Uranus is involved, the karma attached to eclipse themes is intensified, positively or negatively, while adding a touch of 'brotherhood' to the cosmic mix. Major karmic progress can be made!

A final thought: Therefore, it seems the time has come for the DOJ to spear the snake as depicted on the building's outside panel which is why my reference to an "esoteric" Department of Justice. And we both know exactly who the snake really is. jc

Nov 30, 2019

DC Horoscope JFK Inauguration 1961: a Look Back

If you're curious, check out this Historic Footage: JFK Inauguration 1961 (7m23s). And below is the 1961 Inauguration Horoscope with John F. Kennedy's natal chart outside it (contacts between the planets are circled--1917 vs 1961). As usual, my messy notes are scribbled upon the charts and there are five primary contacts of note from the Inauguration 1961 chart to his natal planets--two are notable since they involve powerful Pluto but JFK's natal Saturn and Uranus are also activated by transit, plus, other transits and progressions occur as well, both positive and negative but these five are the ones that 'pop out' at me in this inaugural horoscope although you'll spy others, I'm certain, especially if you look at *future transits to the 1961 Inauguration Horoscope:

1. 1961 Pluto square natal Sun denotes potentials for a need to overcome those with more power and influence; loss-of-power issues; threats received; integrity challenged; benefits are gained but with much frustration and possible setbacks; determination is tested; achievement of ambitions may be delayed or transformed; willpower may be paralyzed temporarily.

2. 1961 Mars Rx conjunct natal Pluto indicates a period when karma comes into play as energies are intense, purposeful, and require patience and direct channeling for best results; male relationships are prominent and one male in particular (brother Bobbie, one assumes--see Mercury @10AQ03 in 10th house with the presidential Sun) may be a guiding or a driving force; negative conditions can involve provocation, blow-ups, jealousy, and/or revenge, plus, investing assets and deep research are on the menu.

3. 1961 Uranus Rx in Leo opposes natal Uranus at station in Aquarius three times from September 1960 through July 1961--this is the "mid-life crisis" transit of disruption when one may behave uncharacteristically and generational clashes occur with 'no meeting of the minds'; however, well-handled changes are beneficial and are not too disruptive, with moving forward the objective;

4. 1961 Saturn @21Cap54 opposes natal Saturn three times from March 1961 through December 1961 indicating a harvesting time when rewards may be reaped if hard work has been done in the past and responsibilities have been met; past mistakes, if any, need correcting, and legalities may temporarily get in the way of progress.

5. 1961 Venus square natal Venus suggests potentials for imperfect timing; wrong or unpleasant settings or environments; something amiss but not entirely useless; values are blocked in some way or are not quite appropriate; or, things don't work out as they should but they'll 'have to do'.

Note that both the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') for 1961 and for JFK's birth and their themes are listed on the chart, lower left (1961) and lower right (1917). And if you're looking for any hints of the tragedy to come, may I suggest the usual suspects--Mars (to natal Pluto), Saturn (conjunct 1961 IC of Endings), Uranus (oppo natal Uranus, a time of instability and perhaps unusual characters in the environment--plus, 1961 Uranus is apex in a YOD crisis pattern suggesting Jack Kennedy's 'special task' of moving our nation toward a new direction which quite a few folks took great exception to); then there's hidden hand Pluto blocking his natal Sun (goals) while Venus, possibly scorned, adds her hints of jealousy and revenge.

In addition, we must include masking, deceptive, shady Neptune--both 1961 Neptune in intense Scorpio (angular and conjunct natal Eros, the piercing) and JFK's 1917 Neptune in Leo opposing his PE in the 9 New North Series.

*Two transits I'll mention here between the 1961 Inauguration Horoscope and the JFK Assassination Horoscope of November 22, 1963: in progress was a Nodal Half-Return across the Cancer-Capricorn security axis (see my scribble in the center of the bi-wheel concerning Sun-Saturn = MC) suggesting broken relationships, and transit Uranus which had met and crossed the 1961 Pluto-North-Node conjunction (the "tiger by the tail" duo) and thereby formed a midpoint picture of: "big upsets within the community; and, emotional suffering through separation" (Ebertin). Yes. That.

A Closely Related Post: Horoscope: LBJ Sworn In November 22, 1963.

Feb 21, 2016

Horoscope: US Moon Return on Election Day 2016--We the People!

Have you seen the horoscope of our national Lunar (Moon) Return for November 8, 2016 which happens to be General Election Day 2016? Here's the chart, below. Please enlarge the image to read my messy-as-usual notes for it seems America will be hatching 'an exotic moth' that day since we already acccommodate the 'hovering hawk' of NSA total surveillance:

Venus @25Sag47 in 11th house is out of bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane and acting according to her own unusual or possibly skewed perspectives yet is in Mutual Reception (on friendly terms) with Jupiter (Sag/Libra) which leads a planetary Locomotive of success (which could signify Mr. Trump with his Jupiter in Libra.) Meanwhile critical degrees grace the ASC/DESC axis of Self and Other and manipulative gold-hoarder and power-grabber Pluto has just risen into the 12th house of Karma, Secret Deals, and Politics while testy Mars at a critical-crisis 29th degree readies to rise and take control of the situation. Following activist Mars closely is asteroid Hidalgo who seeks higher status, an exotic social climber, we might say. But is Hidalgo the 'exotic moth' a majority of We the People will vote for?

Actually, Mars rising is Donald Trump's planetary signature but he expresses it with a dramatic Leonine flair! Plus, there's the 8th house 19 North Solar Eclipse @9Virgo to contend with and its realism vibes which will take precedence since late August-early September as expressed in large part by candidate Bernie Sanders. However, you see the Scorpio Sun and Mercury at the top (Mc) of the chart which suggests Scorpio Hillary Clinton (natal ASC, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Sun) at the Aspiration/Goal Point of the Lunar Return chart and in her natal 12th house of Politics. Is the American public feeling futuristic (AQ) enough to toss out establishment candidates? Polls have said so but November 8th is what tells the conservative vs progressive tale one more time.

For more info, let's look a bit closer at the degree of a planet that often triggers action:

Warrior Mars at '30Cap': "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs," a symbol which relates to an "occult hierarchy," or, the "White Lodge" (the White House.) Also "seeing through the facts" is involved with this degree referencing EXECUTIVE POWER (Rudhyar) which resonates well with US Politics, this year's major political election, and the oppressive, exploitative corporate structure behind the US government. Plus, the Illumination Point of '30Cap' uncovers what I believe also relates to Election 2016 rhetoric and proposals and to a basic American tradition:

'30Cancer': "A Daughter of the American Revolution"...GLORIFICATION OF THE PAST." Have we learned anything from war at all?

Sabian Symbols from An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.

Jan 9, 2016

Mars in 2016 - Steve Judd video

2016: Mars in Scorpio and Sagittarius

In 2016, year of the US presidential campaign and election in November, warrior planet Mars performs a 6-month retrograde period beginning in mid-April, just as he reaches pugnacious, belligerent Antares (9Sag), and the action planet's period of inverted energies lasts way too long for anyone's comfort. Frustration, irritation, and aggression are Martian themes, as you know, and many secrets will be leaked or coughed up during the year along with lies revealed. This may be of interest to 2016 candidate Donald Trump with his Mars rising natal chart though other candidates will be affected as well. For example:

At the end of February, early March 2016, Mars crosses President Obama's natal Midheaven (MC), the Career and Public Status point, and he will be very busy with political projects and self-promotion (which includes promotion of Democratic Party concerns and candidates). it can also denote a time of danger, tension, haste, and/or anger for him in relation to such themes in the public sector. In early June MArs conjoins his MC again and at the end of June MArs stations Direct. Inaugural Moon (We the People) in 2009 is involved as well when Mars conjoins the 29 Scorpio position (30Sco = "A Halloween Jester" degree.) In Politics, this symbol always reminds me of the famous 'October Surprise' perpetrated by the Reagan campaign against Democrat Jimmy Carter in days of yore.

And when testy Mars moves within range of an opposition to President Obama's 3 Gemini Moon more irritation, anger, and potential danger will be evident at the White House (his Moon is in his 4th house of Home). Caution and moderation are advised for him, his family members, and for us, the American people as part of his political family. These Mars-to-Moon periods will occur during March and August 2016.

A hint of better news is that transit Mars will be moving direct after having left his shadow (9Sag where he stationed Rx in April) in August prior to Election Day November 8, 2016 though Mars will be at a critical 29th degree in governmental Capricorn. Rounding up we have '30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference...OPPORTUNITY...positive expression: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life; negative (shadow/unconscious) expression: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others." Wonder if activist Mars will allow it to remain secret? And will their be explosive events when Mars meets Pluto @15Cap in October?

For more details concerning energetic Mars in 2016, check out this very informative presentation by Steve Judd:

A related video by Steve Judd is Neptune in 2016 which includes the difficult Saturn-Neptune square, a phase of their cycle which began in 1989 in the degree range of 10--12 Capricorn.

Please note that this post was prepared without reference to the 'wild card' interruptions of Solar and Lunar Eclipses which also tend to reveal secrets and lies. Here's a list of eclipses through year 2022 where you'll see the two Solar Eclipses of 2016--on March 9 @19Pisces (Total and in the 18 South Series) and September 1, 2016 @9Virgo in the 19 North Series. Obviously the 19 North eclipse acts as the Pre-Natal Eclipse of both Election Day 2016 and Inauguration Day 2017 so 19N themes will influence both events and outcomes. Plus, if you wish, type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar of SO'W for several more entries concerning these solar and lunar 'cosmic blinks' in relation to our nation's past, present, and future.

'30Sco' and '30Cap' symbols from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Marc Edmund Jones.

Nov 8, 2015

Indonesia is Burning and Nobody Knows (or Cares?) - David Pakman reports


Astro-Note: when we think of fire, blazes, or arson we think of fiery Mars which is now in late Virgo and approaching its 1949 position in the natal horoscope of Indonesia @00Lib28 in the country's 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland after passing natal Saturn @19Vir26 (natal IC 11Vir23.) Mars-Saturn is known as the death axis and as David Pakman reports, there have been deaths in Indonesia along with other hardships due to these conflagrations.

For those who may wish to take a look, here is the natal data for Indonesia as given in The World Book of Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion:

Indonesia: December 27, 1949 when "the Dutch gave independence to the United States of Indonesia--"; the horoscope is set for 9:22 am GMT Djakarta, Indonesia (then the new capital) with 11Gem49 rising, MC 11Pis23, and 10Cap11 = 8th cusp where transiting Pluto, planet of wealth, stealth, transformation, and death, has recently entered. Natal Mars @00Lib28 (a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation) opposes natal Moon (the people) in 10th house @6Ari36 (Aries ruled by Mars); the country's 7th house Sun (leadership) @5Cap18 has obviously been transited and transformed by Pluto, a time when the use, misuse, and abuse of power and control are spotlighted.

Aug 11, 2015

August 2015: EPA Toxic Mining Sludge Spill video, plus EPA Astro-Notes

And then this happened:

Under toxic threat, the Navaho Nation has taken emergency action against the August 5, 2015 accidental release of heavy metal sludge as the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado as it was being 'cleaned up' by the EPA--or, apparently, by contractors hired by the EPA. Perhaps we can thank the movement to privatize government agencies for that.

The King Gold Mine toxic catastrophe will create havoc for several years as the mustard yellow plume flows south toward the Grand Canyon and beyond. Astrologically the toxic release may be identified in part by the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle. When Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency by Executive Order 1102 and the EPA began operating on December 2, 1970, Jupiter (expansion, breaking through boundaries) and Saturn (restriction, also the Earth, boundaries, and soil) had conjoined last on February 19, 1961 @25Cap12--Capricorn, an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, planet of government, law, and business.

So by December 2, 1970, the two societal planets with their checks and balances Yin-Yang qualities were in process of an off-again-on-again phase of opposition with Jupiter @21Scorpio and Saturn @17Taurus, another Earth sign of Environmentalism, conservation, and preservation.

As for the August 5, 2015 toxic spill, Jupiter and Saturn are in process of a square phase issuing from their Great Conjunction of May 28, 2000 @23Taurus and there's that environmentally aware Taurus again. Squares are aspects of blockage and obstacles but unfortunately, the blockage of soil was removed. Yet another aspect operative on August 5th is Mars in late Cancer squaring its position in 1970 (late Libra) which indicates males (Mars) acting impulsively and with a caution to beware large mechanical equipment--which is what workers were up to as they failed to realize the consequences of their machinery disturbing loose soil which released a heavy metal brew of arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, and more from the King Gold Mine clean-up site.

And with karmic Saturn again to transit the early degrees of Sagittarius, we may consider its conjunction with 1970 Neptune @00Sag58, the grim reality transit when it's easy to misinterpret what one is supposed to be responsible for and there is failure to fully comprehend the reality of a situation which describes the initial reaction of the EPA as the amount of toxins released was underestimated to area residents and the public (as is typical in such disasters).

Then like a computer program running underneath it all, we feel the effects of the planet of toxins, poisons, contamination, and water, Neptune, floating through its own sign of Pisces, sign of fish, bodies of water, and lack of clarity--and the EPA not letting out the news of the catastrophe to area residents until Thursday (Aug 6), a full day after the disastrous event.

You may wish to read President Nixon's message to Congress dated July 9, 1970: Reorganization Plan No. 3 which includes information on the protective mission of the EPA. But if it seems odd that a Republican president would create a regulatory agency like the EPA (which was actually a glopping together of agencies) try Myth: Nixon Created the EPA to Help the Environment which seems more in character with the Richard Nixon who played president when yours truly was a resident of Washington DC.

May 2, 2015

April 2015 Timeline: the arrest and death of Freddie Gray

Crisis of Confidence: Can Mars Rx Protect and Serve Americans?

A timeline provided by the Baltimore Sun tells yet another tragic American tale of undue force or negligence by police officers against our citizens. After "making eye contact" Baltimore, Maryland's Freddie Gray (born 1990) ran from police officers beginning at 8:39 am edt on April 12, 2015, was arrested at 8:40 am and transported in a police wagon toward Central Booking (though he had done nothing illegal--he ran while black). Mr. Gray was ultimately taken to Shock Trauma arriving at 10:00 am where he remained until April 19, 2015 and where double surgeries were performed on his severed spinal cord. Mr. Gray continued in coma condition and succumbed to his injury or injuries expiring at approximately 7:00 am EDT on Sunday April 19, 2015.

Six Baltimore police officers involved have been charged in relation to Freddie Gray's arrest and subsequent fatality from injury while in police custody.

The police-state style tragedies that continue to 'make the news' have reminded me of America's natal Mars in Gemini (1776) turning retrograde @18 Libra in 2006, the exact date of the Rx station depending on which US natal horoscope is used. This uncomfortable, frustrated, distorted condition for active, energetic, forceful Mars has been problematic for our nation even before 2006 as policing Mars prepared to stop forward movement through the Zodiac and symbolically turn its energies inward--against the American people.

As you know, Mars is in detriment when in Libra for Libra is opposite Mars-ruled Aries across the Self-Other axis of Relationship; therefore, the action principle of Mars is somewhat limited by a need for cooperation from others which adds to the frustration of its Rx condition. Males between the ages of 25 and 35 (give or take a year) are represented by Mars as are police officers and men Freddie Gray, age 25, may also be described as being in varying states of frustration and limitation.

And so our citizens continue to suffer indignities, injuries, and untimely deaths such as the arrest and demise of Freddie Gray, the latest in-the-news victim of a police-related event. For with America engaged in perpetual war it seems to me a given that even without our national Mars Rx in Venus-ruled Libra we would be drenched with images and circumstances of violence, death, and mayhem as fiery Mars overhead reflects events and conditions below and the entertainment and gaming industries chime in with constantly more gory, depraved story lines. As the moral weakening of our population proceeds as planned, someone's gotta get those ratings and sales quotas!

Chart Angle Clues: The What, Where, How, and Why of Freddie Gray's Arrest

My sincere hope is that the family members of Freddie Gray won't mind if I discuss here a horoscope for April 12, 2015 at 8:40 am EDT Baltimore (Gray's arrest) for I would not wish to add to their pain in any motivation is to understand.

With that in mind, here are what I consider to be a few significant chart factors:

Rising we find Venus @1Gem01 with 4Gem02 on the Ascendant, and note that 3 Gemini is a critical degree, and is also "The Garden of the Tuileries" degree in Sabian Symbols which links to violence. Mars, signifying on one level police officers, is in stubborn, intolerant Taurus, sign of the neck and throat, and sadly we must note that Mr. Gray's spinal cord injury was in the neck area. Mars @8Tau43, Mercury @25Ari54 ("eye contact"), and the Sun @22Ari17 are all in the 12th house of secret enemies, karma, self-undoing, politics, and large institutions such as prisons. It has been reported that Freddie Gray had been arrested several times previously for possession (of drugs, one assumes) so a fear of incarceration would be an understandable motivation for running away from potential interrogation and arrest. That, and Baltimore's history of oppressive policing which in this case has been ruled an "illegal arrest".

Disruptive Uranus @16Ari47 has just left 12th house and entered its own Aquarian 11th house of Groups and Associations. Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries is the quite the zealous anarchist (Ebertin) and being oriental (last to rise just before the Sun) requires adventure, variety, freedom, and/or danger within the work environment (Tyl.) Also in 11th house are the South Node @9Ari55, a Saturnian point of separation, and wounded Chiron @19Pis22, unaspected and thus disconnected from the other actors (planets) in the chart which makes its energy undiluted.

In addition, if we allow a point rather than three planets in a pattern, there is a YOD (crisis; crossroad; turning point) between a Mars-Neptune sextile pointing toward NN @9Lib55 in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, Romance, and Children. Mars-Neptune hints at exploitation, harm, paralyzed activity (a severed spinal cord can do it as can illegal--Neptune--arrest--Mars), and/or possible drug use; with the NN of fated encounters we have potentials for negative attitudes, a weak will, or sense of suspicion. And of course, YODs tend to have health implications as well.

Ascendant = What? Now I know of the dark side of archetypal Venus, veins, venom, cravings, jealousy and all, but to see Venus in light-hearted Gemini rising made me feel sad at the image of a young man standing on a city street possibly engaging in social chatter with what may have been a lady friend--certainly a friend, acquaintance, or even a sibling--when suddenly fear arrives in the form of police officers intent on accosting him...for what? Having a legal-to-carry knife in his pocket (assuming it wasn't planted on him during the arrest--wonder if the knife--not a switchblade as some sources erroneously reported--is known to have been his)? Was something else on his person which would again get him in trouble? Was the presence of Venus more venal than a social chat--was sex solicitation involved? (I'm only typing out loud here with such questions.)

Starkly, there is restrictive, authoritative Saturn @4Sag15 Rx setting at the Descendant (Partnerships) and opposes rising Venus, an aspect which hints at financial hardship, miserly bosses, low-wage employment, a sense of duty in relationship, and/or relationship difficulties or separations. On a societal level, the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square continues its 'social responsibilities are burdens' routine of whining and we hear pundits and citizens assessing the ill effects of urban neighborhood blight and lack of economic opportunity for minorities and the poor and working classes while the murder of Freddie Gray once again spotlights such problems for all the world to see--as if the world hasn't already seen Americans being marginalized and oppressed by a growing Plutocracy class. Much is being made of the vast sums of money sent to city neighborhoods and their failing schools which makes me want to demand of our politicians where the money went--name and incarcerate the embezzlers, investigate the 'middle men', please!

Now if we look to the Why? Point of the April 12th chart, the Midheaven (MC), we see 11AQ19 there, Neptune @8Pis51 in the public 10th house, and two planetary midpoints conjunct MC which may help shed more light upon this saddening event being too often repeated in similar cases across the country. Yet actions and oppressive policies of certain police departments may finally be re-viewed in depth and re-calibrated with US Mars re-trograde. This would be a positive outcome, as you may agree, and We the People must continue to insist upon it.

Now the first midpoint at MC is between old order Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and new order Uranus, what some call the modern ruler of the sign. (I call Uranus the higher octave of Saturn.) Therefore, two midpoint pictures are formed by Saturn-Uranus (rebellion, provocation, tension; curtailment of freedom or the fear of it; violent people) and the second midpoint, Neptune-Pluto (a speculative use of force, control of the masses, organized crime or criminal elements, drugs and the craving of them, whims, tricks, illusions, fraud, falsehoods, the supernatural, peculiarities, obsessions, presentiments, manias, grievous loss, concerns about death matters, self-torment) at MC.

Here are the planetary midpoint potentials when having the MC angle as an outlet for the expression of their combined energies and adding in planet Jupiter @12Leo36 (still at its Direct Station degree of April 8) in opposition and conjunct IC, the How? Point and indicator of Endings; how or to whom the potentials may or may not apply to I shall leave for you to consider:

Saturn-Uranus = MC: break away from the old; separating from others; making the highest demands upon one's strength; rebellion. Opposing Jupiter: the misfortune to get into difficulties; losses; damage to buildings (which came later); adaptation to every situation; a sudden turn in destiny...for everyone concerned.

Neptune-Pluto = MC: self-knowledge; mystical peculiarities; high spiritual aspirations; worldly revolutions; being noticed by others; adjusting personal ambitions; pushing ahead to make life better for those you care for. Opposing Jupiter adds: an increased need to find a better way to spend your life; improvement of your mental state by neglecting others; expanded desire to enjoy a better future; social or political pressure (arrest quotas?); religiousness; a peace-loving disposition (Venus in Gemini?); sectarians.

As for the Moon (physical body; moods and trends) in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of law, business, and government--and ambition--we find Luna in 9th house @27Cap03, the precise degree of America's natal Pluto, planet of obsessive control, subversion, and assassination. The Moon-Pluto pair denotes such potentials as emotional upheavals and shock, the pursuit of selected objectives with fanatical zeal and their attainment without any regard for other people (police policies and arrest quotas?), impulsive actions, offended vanity or conceit, deep but one-sided feelings; encouragement of violence or crime; public feelings about crime; obsessions which bring misuse of available resources; conflicting feelings about using violence as a means of control; public relations, and more.

And of course, transit Pluto now plods through Capricorn, breaking down systems of law, government, and business, toppling leaders and heads of state, and transforming societies as Mr. Underworld slowly returns to his original degree in America's natal horoscope (27Cap33). Yippee.

Now these are only the chart factors that 'popped out' at yours truly as I looked at the arrest horoscope and you are certain to find others and to disagree with my assessment. However, I shall attempt to sum up my What? (ASC), Where? (Desc), Why? (MC) and How? (IC) analysis of the illegal arrest of Mr. Freddie Gray, then add a sad note or two concerning his death based on a chart set for April 19, 2015 7:00 am EDT Baltimore, MD.

What? Venus in chatty Mercury-ruled Gemini rising: Freddie Gray arrested.

Where? Authority and law-imposing Saturn in Sagittarius, ruled by freedom-loving Jupiter = off to Central Booking in leg shackles...lock up!

Why? see Saturn-Uranus and Neptune-Pluto = MC, above.

How? by Jupiter in Leo, ruler of the 8th house of Death, opposing the above midpoints and denoting severe policies implemented and enforced for political and ideological reasons and which lead to family disruptions (4th house) and, in this case, the threat of loss of freedom, and death--by neglect or design--with an angular Jupiter expanding such tragic potentials.

By April 19, 2015, a hospitalized Freddie Gray had been through two surgeries to no avail. He lost his struggle at about 7:00 am on that date with 10Tau44 rising (neck and throat) along with Mercury @9Tau22 and Mars @13Tau46 snugged about the Ascendant. Mercury-Mars = crime and violence in the news, angry opinions expressed (on behalf of a victim unable to speak for himself--Mars severs, Mercury communicates and reports), involvement in lawsuits. Their combined energies at ASC = turbulent or stormy proceedings.

The 12th house Moon had left Capricorn and passed through Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries, joining Mercury and Mars in Taurus on that morning (8Tau13 conjunct 'arrest' Mars). The Sun is at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Aries as his vitality (Sun) ended having just passed the 28Ari25 lunation of April 18th at 2:57 pm EDT, a New Moon. Note that the 3-day lead-up prior to a New Moon is a darkened phase when shady or secluded things may occur, and endings and separations tend to happen as a new cycle of activity is about to begin. And note that a significant New Moon in a mundane chart can act in similar fashion to a disruptive Solar Eclipse--both are New Moons (Ovason).

Now since death horoscopes tend to have certain planets at angles of the chart, here we see malevolent Mars rising at the Ascendant in Taurus, the sign of throat and neck, along with the Taurean Moon, plus, a Taurean Mercury the Messenger in attendance as well. Notably, the 8th house of Death is ruled by Jupiter which is placed in the 4th house of End of Life and ruled by the Moon. Venus, formerly the rising planet, is now @9Gem04 conjunct the 2nd house cusp and asteroid Midas. Once again I shall leave it for you, dear reader, to decide the implications of such a placement in what seems to be the wrongful death of Mr. Freddie Gray.

May he Rest in Peace as others speak and act justly on his behalf. For, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye did it unto Me." (Matt 25:40.)


Midpoints from Ebertin, Munkasey, and Tyl; all, some, or none may apply and are subject to future transits and progressions.

Feb 15, 2015

"Who Is Albert Pike?" (video) with a view on Pike's natal planets

General Albert Pike December 29, 1809: Jupiterian Plotter

by Jude Cowell

Here's a brief video concerning Albert Pike, Confederate General, major leader of Freemasons, possibly a founder of the Ku Klux Klan and member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, World War plotter and strategist, and the only Confederate General immortalized via statue in Washington DC. Attached to his controversial legacy is a creepy tale that his body lies in a vault at the Scottish Rite Temple a few blocks from the White House yet he's listed among those resting at Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown, DC (scroll to the letter P).

Yet bodies can be dug up and moved under cover of darkness, can't they? Thomas Paine's was! Or perhaps only Pike's skull 'graces' the Temple in DC for you know how secret organizations with visions of global power are attracted to death, skulls, and bones. No matter where his remains are located, Grand Poo Bah Pike died at age 81 and is long gone since April 2, 1891...


For more info try this interesting site with articles concerning the Illuminati, Albert Pike, his fabled 1871 letter to Mazzini in which he details plans for three World Wars in order to take over the world, and many more such controversial topics, if you get into those sorts of curiosities. Pike's letter may have been written later by unknown sources since a few of its terms were not in use until after 1871. Hmmm...if so, a fake letter full of sinister intent sounds to me like plotters plotting against a plotter!

As for Albert Pike's natal horoscope, I am reluctant to post a version of it due to his birth hour being unknown and the fact that on December 29, 1809 the Moon left late degrees of Virgo and entered Libra at 3:27:28 am LMT (using Solar Fire Gold v9 software.)

Since Luna is the lead planet of a Locomotive pattern (an indicator of executive ability and achievement--Jones) it's quite inconvenient not knowing whether natal Moon was in earthy, practical Virgo or airy, sociable Libra--one sign ruled by Mercury (in Capricorn), the other by Venus (in Sagittarius.) Both Mercury (communication, thinking, planning, travel, the teacher, writer, magician) and Venus (values, relationships, diplomacy--but also, the goddess of love and war) are interesting in the chart with Mercury conjunct his Capricorn Sun and Venus sextile Mars (in Aquarius) and possibly his chart-ruler with Libra rising. In fact, the close conjunction of Sun and Mercury supports the legend of his genius (allegedly he spoke several languages, was a teacher in his early days, and a Jupiterian figure for certain--the General, the Guru, the Priest, the Professor, the Banker, etc.) Check his photos to admire his widened girth!

As you know, using the Sabian Symbols to rectify a chart is a fascinating, time consuming task yet the symbol for '29 Virgo' (Moon?) seems to me to be appropriate for Pike's occult activities and interests: "A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading...DISCOVERY." Another curious one is '7 Capricorn' for natal Mercury: "A Veiled Prophet of Power...SUPREMACY." You may disagree as you wish for these degrees are rounded up from the 12:00 am chart until the Moon enters Libra which also moves Mercury ahead to '8 Cap'. Naturally there are many other factors to consider as well and perhaps one of you will take a little time one day and spend it with Albert's natal planets.

With Moon in Virgo, Venus May Be Chart-Ruler

Now since his natal Sun (personality) has no other major aspect to it other than the conjunction with Mercury making our picture here of Mr. Pike's character quite sparse, perhaps a few words about his Venus-Mars sextile are in order since the aspect is retained throughout the 24-hour period of his birth date. This aspect (60 degrees) between the relational Aries-Libra pair denotes a good organizer and a 'talent scout'--one who learns to use people, their talents, and resources in the best ways possible. Making necessary personal sacrifices to reach goals is indicated along with an ability to disguise aggressive tendencies though when needed, forceful assertiveness may be used to the point of bluntness.

For some people born with a Venus-Mars sextile, the 'killer instinct' can be in evidence with a strong need to be in charge. Since Pike was in charge--as a Confederate General, as a global leader of Freemasonry--I surmise that he used the opportunities and abilities contained within this sextile to much advantage. And since a determined imperative for reaching closure is also a trait of a Venus-Mars sextile person, my guess is that leaving things 'pending'---especially a 'new world order' or a Utopian global government--is an envisioned goal passed down through the generations which now inspires our current crop of infiltrators and power-grabbers to complete the job. For we now see the plan outlined in "Pike's letter to Mazzini" occurring across the Middle East and elsewhere with America's "authorization of war powers" that will further the goal of perpetual war and collapse.

But with the current theatrically hesitant 114th Congress, our Commander-in-Chief President 'Nobel Peace Prize' Obama has now asserted that he doesn't need the approval of Congress in order to wage war, war, and more war. After all, even the most apathetic of Americans cannot fail to notice that the Pentagon is waging disastrous war in several 'theaters of operation' already.

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." - George Orwell.

And as truth-teller General Smedley Butler correctly surmised, "War is a Racket."

Add to those common sense truths some freakish thing like Pike's-Bacon's-Weishaupt's Utopian plan and the whole corrupt conglomeration has a distinct odor of depopulation, fraud, and psychosis, don't you think?


Recommended Reading: Understanding Aspects: The Sextile by Alan Epstein; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, both by Marc Edmund Jones.

Oct 13, 2014

An Astro-Peek at America's Nov 4, 2014 Midterms

A Few Horoscope Factors in Effect on November 4, 2014: Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

With all the deceit and illusion on display in the horoscope/s of the 2014 Midterm Elections and considering my cramped schedule these days I have hesitated to type much on the topic of November 4th Midterms other than that the Astrology looks in favor of the Democratic President's party especially with Venus, planet of attraction, in the same sign of Scorpio as the Sun (leadership.)

Yet caution must be advised since the usual dirty tricks will also be in force such as gerrymandering, ballot box tampering, voter list suppression, and voting machine shenanigans, and other political ploys, plus, campaign ad fibs which those whose policies are not in the best interests of the American people, the US government (and its continued sovereignty), and our business interests have no qualms whatsoever about implementing against democracy. This is the 'might makes right' 'win at any cost' crowd of plutocrats with which Washington DC, my former city of residence, is now infested (see my blog's description underneath its title, above. Written in 2005, I wasn't joking then and I'm not joking now.)

For my study of November 4, 2014 elections, I set up three charts for Washington DC: 12:00 am EST, 12:29 pm EST (Moon conjunct Uranus Rx @13Ari26 in 2nd house), and 11:59 pm EST, we find the Locomotive pattern with Jupiter @20Leo as lead planet: the high-powered executive, The General, the Commander-in-Chief, or, the ruthless corporate hack, shill, or CEO, marching us toward World War III. Even religious leaders are suspect in my opinion for there's a "religious leaders who crave political power" vibe to the day along with an excitable Moon-Uranus tone of anxiety as fearful Pluto @11Cap lurks near an out-of-bounds Mars (OOBs) which ranges from 6--8 Capricorn--exalted there yet off on his own doing who-knows-what: sabotage? arson? terrorist acts? Possibly for there may be foreigners entering the country for no good reason, possibly prior to November 4th as Republicans are already using fear in campaign ads to justify what they hope is a good enough reason to say, Vote Republican. Yet with testy Mars OOBs, homegrown terrorists and political operatives cannot be ruled out, nor can fugitives on the loose.

And let's remember that the shabbily botched response to the first case of ebola in the US occurred in Texas under the cost-cutting tutelage of a Republican governor, Rick Perry, and other austerity measures touted by the GOP could hardly be expected to improve public health concerns in the US as we face contagions of various kinds and hospitals close in states where Medicaid was not expanded. It's called 'public health' and supporting it helps protect everyone.

Now we must flip the political conflict coin for on the Democratic side we have an inflated Treasury as part of the picture...deceit, illusion, religious leaders hankering for power, inflated currency are described by Jupiter quindecile Neptune (R. Reeves.) Plus, America's natal Neptune @22Virgo is apex planet of a *midpoint between voting Mercury, planet of reporters, traders, and young people, and corporate Jupiter which creates an atmosphere of 'putting too much faith in poorly explained or confusing theories' and use of 'erroneous thinking', some of which has been resurrected in honor of winning elections at any price--the Machiavellian model in use for centuries now by the political class and their arrogant enablers.

(Note that the attacks of 9/11/01 and the Great Bush-Cheney Heist, aka, Financial Crash 2008, which occurred on the GOP's 8-year watch is what they wish we'd forget. I do not forget. Do you?)

The November 4th horoscope/s also show feminine influences and minority group involvement which reflect the fact that a large turn-out by each group would surely favor Democrats. Yes indeedy. However, Independent candidates now en vogue are not left out of the astrological picture for Sun inconjunct Uranus denotes a picture of an independent type of leader, rebels, and original thinkers but also those who fear compromise (or who use fear or shock to support their goals), and/or those who hide strong feelings behind mild exteriors.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries is a zealous, workaholic, moody, and pugnacious combination and is in effect the entire 24 hours of November 4, 2014 which imprints it upon Midterms 2014--in fact, at 11:59 pm EST, the Moon conjoins US natal Chiron with its Sabian Symbol, "A Pugilist Enters the Ring" which may on one level have to do with run-offs in certain states, my home state of Georgia included (Nunn v Perdue.)

This forceful Sun Sco-Moon Aries blend is shared natally by St. Augustine, Charles H. Dow, and Bill Gates, and has two interesting 'Images for Integration':

"A crusader fights for her vision of truth...A dedicated scientist pioneers new frontiers of knowledge." (Charles & Suzi Harvey, Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Now I doubt the second image could possibly refer to any Republican candidate since their "I am not a scientist' talking point of idiocy has gone gray around the muzzle with overuse!

Additionally, I again mention that an Aries Moon is the "I AM the People" indicator so my hope is that more voters turn out at polling booths on November 4th than anti-democratic politicians are expecting even with all their dirty tricks meant to sway outcomes.

Background influences include the Lunar Eclipse of October 8, 2014 (@15Ari05 conjunct unpredictable Uranus Rx) and the Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014 @00Sco24 which are in effect for our 2014 Midterms with their strong Mars-Pluto (Scorpio) and Mars (Aries) vibes of power, conflict, war, and infection. Plus, some of their input hints at aggression being used against the populace as We the People continue in protest/activist mode. If you want to glance at the Oct 8th and Oct 23rd horoscopes set for Washington DC, why not scroll down a little and type 'Eclipses' into the Search field of this blog's sidebar?

*See Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Sep 7, 2014

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2014: Jupiter becomes prominent

Set for Washington DC, here is the horoscope for this year's Libra Ingress, or as I usually call it, Autumn Equinox, 2014. If you click the image you may see my scribbles--it's an Hour of Saturn and with all the sober issues bedeviling the world at the moment it's no surprise that Autumn 2014 continues our serious concerns of a Saturnian nature.

In addition, we are at the square phase (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles; 5A15) of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle (the two societal planets.) The current cycle began with their conjunction on May 28, 2000 and denotes, among other things, financial difficulties and delays plus, governmental (Saturn) blockages (square) along with lingering after-effects from events and conditions of 2000 and 2001 as the New Millennium got underway. You'll remember the Y2K scam, tech bubbles bursting, and other societal concerns at that time--and this wasn't long after the famous 'Nostradamus Solar Eclipse', aka the 'Mother of All Eclipses'. or, the 'King of Terror (or, Alarm) Eclipse.

Plus, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred in money-oriented Taurus, sign of the Bull of Wall Street, and paved the way into Millennial monetary robberies, fraudulent trading, 9/11 attacks and the missing gold from the World Trade Center vault/s... at 23 Taurus = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with Valuable Gems" (Rudhyar)--all leading up to the Crash of 2007/2008. Plus, the current Pre-Natal Eclipse degree falls in the 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals (ex: trade pacts the American people oppose), and Karma--also in gold-loving Taurus @8:51 (on April 29, 2014.) This Solar eclipse is in the 16 South Saros Series and denotes 'wasted energy and misdirected motivations especially when dealing with groups--take no real action at this time' (Brady.) Sounds like President Obama is well-advised to be cautious and hold off on committing major numbers of troops to Iraq--for now, but it's coming. After, the Iraq War natal horoscope of 2003 did have its Jupiter (The General) Return recently.

Okay, without further fussing, here's the Autumn EQ 2014 horoscope:

Chart-ruler Mercury (26Lib13 in 5th house of Gambling and Creativity) is unaspected so its sign and house position, the houses it rules (1st and 5th), and its dispositor (Venus in 5th house @21Vir34--they're in Mutual Reception so there will be cooperation between Mercury and Venus) is all-important for gleaning details on the character of Autumn 2014. Mercury is, of course, the communicator, messenger, orator, trader, teacher, and young person or student among many other roles for we often consider planets as actors on a stage.

Yet I would be remiss not to mention that Venus conjoins difficult Fixed Star Denebola indicating 'going against society' or, 'against the mainstream' and this to me denotes entities and groups which are doing and will do just that--in Politics at home and abroad, plus, violent actors and usurpers on the march and demanding that more power and control be added to their dubious accomplishments. And yes, this points toward the current crop of psychopaths!

Then there's trickster Pan, retrograde in Gemini (the Mercury-ruled sign of tricksters, traders, and magicians) and rising on the Ascendant (13Gem00) along with America's natal Descendant (Others, Partners, Open enemies) in the 'Sibly natal chart' so we may expect elements of surprise within alliances which the US government forms or has formed and which may now be up for review or revision. Not all is as it seems (propaganda, bait-and-switch) though I can't say that's anything new for a country saddled with a government that lies its people into war based on fraudulent schemes of global domination and control and thievery of natural resources, can you? POTUS apparently wants partners-in-crime for our further misadventures abroad but our cred may be sorely lacking--others may not want to cooperate as Washington thinks they should--or they may promise cooperation then not deliver as they've done before.

Kind of a 'say what they want to hear then do what you want secretly' ploy so typical in Politics and in human nature. Of course America has been guilty of such duplicity as well with US natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini, sign of multiplicity, one of the factors in the Pentagon's insistence that 'of course we can fight more than one war (Mars) at once'. But is it the sane and responsible thing to do?, says our natal Saturn exalted in balanced Libra.

Deceptive Neptune in its own sign of Pisces placed in 10th house shows media propaganda on view as well as contagion issues such as ebola infections continuing across the globe. Astrological Neptune also signifies the masses, scandals, mysticism, spirituality (including Islam), and paranoia, as you know, and Pisces is the sign of The Oceans--will the spreading Fukushima radiation finally be in full view? Will the mismanaged #CDC get its act together? Wounded Healer Chiron, also in 10th h, indicates a definite need for this yet on another level shows infected healthcare workers such as those evacuated to the US from Africa and healed of ebola. Will there be more infected workers to come?

Well, the very moment that the 2014 Sun reaches 00Libra00:00 happens to be during a Balsamic Sun-Moon phase which is the Dark of the Moon prior to a New Moon and indicates shady goings-on, things going bump in the night, a potential for prophetic visions, and/or an endings-partings vibe. Someone may take over where another had to leave off (ex: November 2014 Midterm Elections) and the Stationary Pluto @10Cap59 in the 8th house of Corporatism and Big Business is actually conjunct its transit position in the January 1, 2014 New Moon horoscope--a New Moon conjunct Pluto, a powerful portent for the entire year of 2014 and pointing ahead in the US toward our Midterm Elections, the propaganda campaigns involved, and our changing perspectives. Therefore, transformation in 8th house matters is on top of wealthy Pluto's menu for Autumn 2014.

As you see, US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People) falls in the 10th house of the Autumn EQ 2014 horoscope thus hinting at the importance placed upon public moods, trends, polls, and perceptions. US natal Sun (POTUS, leadership) @14Cancer (conjunct Dog Star Sirius, one of our nation's many links to Egyptian mysticism, Freemasonry, and goddess Isis worship--yes, 'ISIS', symbolized astrologically and mythologically by planet Venus) falls in the 2nd house of the National Treasury and Values. US natal Jupiter @5Can56 conjoins the 2nd cusp and always carries its "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" vibe from July 4, 1776, and of course, wherever the Moon or sign Cancer turns up in a chart we may expect fluctuations and change with a potential for instability.

Here we also find Moon-ruled Cancer on the 3rd cusp of Communications, Early Education, the Lower Mind, and Short Trips with US natal Mercury Rx @24Cancer actually in 2nd house having just left the 3rd. And with transit Pluto stationing mightily in 8th house as previously noted, and America's surveillance-obsessed and secretive Mercury-Pluto opposition affecting both the 2/8 and 3/9 axes, we may expect more secrets revealed concerning financial, trading, corporate and spying, hacking, communication matters. (Wealthy string-puller Pluto begins creeping forward the night of September 22 at 8:36 pm EDT.)

Plus, with the critical-degreed Moon (17 Virgo, sign of The Critic) in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Real Estate one wonders how such changeableness may affect the US economy though a fluctuation can be more positive than negative given our lackadaisical 'recovery' that so few of us feel. Problems while traveling may also be indicated yet the Moon in its own 4th house is dignified and may also denote people feeling most comfortable when at home and passing around the apple pie!

However, an unsettling placement is warrior Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of Religion, Philosophy, and Foreign Lands, in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (Military, Police, and Civil) denoting military incursions and more actions at home on the weaponized police/Police State front. Mars rules 6th house via the Scorpio cusp and its degree of 00Sco44 points directly toward the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse @00Sco23. Mars-ruled Aries here is intercepted in the 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes and Wishes and Uranus there in Mars-ruled Aries (Utopians, anarchists, fanatic reformers--Ebertin) may indicate a karmic task has arrived--that the time has come for such infiltrators to be dealt with. Will American voters on November 4, 2014 do just that?

Synchronistically, the transiting South Node (SN)--the 'Tail of the Dragon'--will conjoin disruptive Uranus in January 2015 spotlighting the month that newly elected congress members will take office on Capitol Hill--and possibly be voting for war. Yet along with Uranus-SN's 'war and uprising' connotations, might this conjunction indicate that the Saturnian SN, a point of separation and neurosis (when past ideas no longer suffice to solve present problems and conditions) bring about a release of non-governing, anti-government tea-baggers from the US Congress and from other political positions?

Well, in spite of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square energies of revolt and upheaval 'running in the background' (next exact Square on December 15, 2014, the last on March 17, 2015), this populist common-good blogger certainly hopes so!

Looking Ahead

As Jupiter, generous planet of investment and growth--and possibly representing an expansion of investment in America by the Democratic Party--brightens into prominence and visibility in shiny Leo in mid-November 2014 into 2015 there are several other factors of merit that your eagle eye will notice in the chart above so be on the lookout for transits to the Autumn Equinox 2014 horoscope as you get a chance and hopefully you and I will meet again soon.


Blog Note: though not as constant, my tech troubles continue in an off-and-on-again fashion so my plan if all goes well is to post on the powerful October 8, 2014 Lunar Eclipse asap followed soon after by a look at the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse which conjoins the 6th cusp of the above horoscope so please stay tuned if you may! jc

Jul 31, 2014

Brief Notes on the August 10, 2014 Full Moon in AQ (Washington DC)

Mystic Rectangle Full Moon August 10, 2014 @18AQ02

In Washington DC this culmination of the July 26, 2014 New Moon in early Leo falls within the 2/8 house polarity denoting corporatism, big business, finances, the National Treasury, possessions, earning ability, values that affect self-esteem, insurance, debt/credit, legacies, inheritances, transformation, death, the occult--you know, the usual potentials of the 2nd and 8th house departments of life.

But a culmination or fulfillment of what?

Of something begun under the influence of the previous New Moon. Now the Sun remains in fiery Leo, sign of the 'natural leader' and of braggarts and lawyers everywhere, so we may continue to expect further political charges of 'acting like a king' and 'this is a republic not a monarchy' and blah blah blah--as if anyone who's a cog in the current government wheel of total control wants anything but the status quo. Lucrative? Oh yes. The ruling class reaps huge benefits from the state of things or they wouldn't behave as they do. Maybe that's one reason the Full Moon chart of August 10th shows status quo Saturn blocking (squaring) actions and plans of the Sun (leader), Moon (the public), and messenger-reporter-trader planet of young people, Mercury (20Leo16) in 9th house of Philosophy, Diplomacy, and Foreign Climes.

And this is descriptive of the political theater of Capitol Hill that we're being subjected to in place of actual governing! Because though the US Congress skedaddles out of the District today for a 5-week vacation the astrological implications continue's a telling quote from someone who shares in his natal horoscope the Sun Leo/Moon AQ personality blend of the August 10th Full Moon:

"Idealism increases in proportion to one's distance from the problem." -John Galsworthy. And never more obviously than in federal, state, and local governments now infiltrated by ideologues with deep convictions which leave common decency out of all their calculations.

Considering the above quote, we find in the Full Moon horoscope the pattern of a Mystic Rectangle (between Sun, Uranus, Mercury, NN, and Moon) which sounds cool and denotes a condition of and a need for 'practical idealism' not the pie-in-sky kind. Does John Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama sound foolishly impractical since the bill won't be agreed to by Democrats and POTUS would hardly take part in such an undermining of his administration and of his signature achievement, would he? Once again, you waste our time and millions of tax dollars, sore-loser Republicans!

So it's about time to close this post with the factors that determine (as near as we can tell) how things will proceed from this Full Moon in Aquarius, sign of the American people's natal Moon if you use a July 4, 1776 horoscope with Sagittarius rising.

Full Moon's Ascendant 21Sco32 (conj US natal 12th cusp--the house of Politics, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, Karma, Hospitals, Large Institutions--they're rising) is ruled by Mars and sub-ruled by creepy wealth-hoarder Pluto, the manipulator and saboteur. Mars applies to two major aspects:

A sextile to Pluto which signifies an intense energy that's available when reaching for more power. Investment and research are favored yet military action cannot be ruled out as we look toward the rest of Summer 2014.

Second is a conjunction to Saturn (8A21) with both planets in 12th house. This denotes a time of obstacles blocking progress (still) and maybe even some self-created troubles arise--perhaps via short-cuts that seemed a good idea when they were taken but now...not so much. Called for are better organizing, careful planning, and an acceptance of the authority of others--something we know the GOP simply refuses to do.

Yes, the Full Moon over Washington on August 10th will find the city's denizens and perps missing, on a break from the 'work' they failed to do but were paid for. Hmm.

Ah, DC! I again will not miss being there in August for I know what it's like and wish to sit under a shady tree in Georgia instead while watching a toddler pick a bunch of dan-dee-lion flowers...

Additional note: this is the closest to Earth #SuperMoon of #2014!

May 4, 2014

The Stellar Week of May 5, 2014 and a Joking President

Beginning with Cinco de Mayo on Monday, the week of May 5, 2014 picks up cosmic steam just after the Taurus Solar Eclipse of April 29, 2014. But the real steam will be more apparent once Mars turns direct on May 19th and forges ahead into June toward the next sign, Scorpio, where Mars reigns in tandem with powerful, subversive Pluto's sub-rulership.

Note: May 5th, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day which is actually celebrated on September 17. If you're curious, here's a view of the natal horoscope of Mexico in a post I published on May 22, 2010 which also contains the horoscope of the BP Oil Blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico--Hidalgo rising.

As for astro-details of This Week in May, you'll find handy information over at Tracey's Astro Salon concerning the week ahead.

And in case you missed President Obama's remarks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last evening, here is a 20-minute video of our jokester-in-chief's comedy routine which preceded that of Joel McHale:

Apr 8, 2014

May 19, 2014 Mars turns Direct as a karmic YOD points to Saturn Rx

On May 19, 2014 at 9:31:09 pm edt Mars @9Lib01:31 Stations Direct in 10th house when the horoscope is set for Washington DC. It's a Mercury Hour with speedy Mercury @20Gem38 in 7th house of Partnerships out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane yet by degree approaching US natal Mars and turning plans into action. Mercury makes no applying aspects to other planets (actors) in the Mars Direct chart so its house placement, sign, and degree are emphasized. Issues in the news may include transport, communications, negotiations, agreements, stock traders, trade deals, speech writers or deliverers, reporters, and possibly children or education though perhaps with delays and blockages involved (OOBs.)

Rising in DC is 15Sag02 which makes Jupiter as chart ruler so its condition is of primary impact in relation to Mars-ruled matters which will now move ahead, proceed, or result in actions taken and plans initiated as the motivation-energy-action planet picks up steam. With testy Mars (god of war) in Libra, sign of diplomacy, we may expect news concerning foreign affairs with Virgo, ruled by Mercury, in 9th house of foreign lands and travel. Trips by the president and others will be taken and troop movements or deployments may be on Washington's agenda. (Yes, they always are--I know!)

Is a Water Grand Trine our best hope?

Chart ruler Jupiter makes only one major applying aspect, a trine to Saturn and forms a protective Grand Trine in Water with the 3rd house Chiron @17Pis18, a critical degree. Healer Chiron may attend matters as security issues come to the fore though the closed circuit of energies of the Grand Trine may cause a 'pick-n'choose' quality to be shown. Some are protected but others are not. Additionally Jupiter @18Can07 conjoins the 8th cusp (19Can04) which brings in the light and dark twins, Castor and Pollux so corporate matters can go either way--up or down. The stock market is fluctuating now as I type (April 8, 2014) and may be what's described by chart ruler Jupiter conjunct 8th cusp. And of course, Cancer is business-oriented, relates to oceans, security, The Family, and tribal syndicates and is extremely self-protective and shrewd.

Naturally the ongoing (tedious) yet dynamic Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto (strikes, protests, generational power struggles) runs in the background though the Grand Cross is 'missing' Mars at this Direct Station--yet by turning Direct at 9 Libra, Mars will soon rejoin the rioting throng between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. For now let's stick with the T-Squares created among the trio with the Jupiter-Pluto opposition pointing toward activist Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries (Utopians and anarchists--Ebertin.) Some loss of partnership or alliance, or a type of witch hunt may be noticed as well due to Mars' Direct Station occurring upon the degree of Fixed Star Vindemiatrix.

The horoscope of the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse for this Direct Station may be viewed here. The chart is set for DC, the eclipse is in money sign Taurus (The Bull of Wall Street) and it stimulates the natal horoscope of the Robber Barons.

Two Cardinal T-Squares/Oppositions are stimulated within midpoint pictures:

Explosive Mars-Uranus = controlling Pluto: a higher power; force; violent intervention. Plutocracy's pair Jupiter-Pluto = radical Uranus: quick exploitation of every situation; fanatical striving for improvement; sudden reform; quick development; adjustment to new circumstances. (Ebertin.)

Other midpoint pictures are formed in the Mars Direct Station 2014 chart as well and one very weighty picture has formed off and on in previous months--Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden (poor little plutocrats, the 1% acting all put-upon by the rest of us is one potential of this picture); tremendous awareness of a potential for loss (as if the 1% can't spare a dime for the sake of society!); fear (Tyl.)

Of course, We the People are described here as well with Plutocracy putting us on the losing side and fear being a usual tactic of our government.

Moon-Mercury = Uranus: irritability about progress; sudden, innovative ideas and plans; and, Sun-ASC = Neptune: being duped or disregarded (Tyl.)

A Karmic (Fated) YOD at the Crossroads with Apex Saturn Rx

Note: as a Saturnian astrologer, when I mention karma or fate I refer to the natural law of reaping what's been sown when past actions and attitudes catch up with present circumstances and affect them either positively or negatively. Saturn is particularly sensitive to this phenomenon and requires accountability.

The base of the YOD is a sextile (60 degr) between Mercury and Venus which may indicate people who like to discuss pros and cons such as debaters and though the presence of Venus seems to lean toward pleasantness, the debates can turn to bickering especially when complacent people are being challenged.

Different points of view are explored and new perspectives are entertained with this sextile as attempts are made to assuage the doubts of others; contrariness and turning a deaf ear to the concerns of others may be noticed (Washington DC!) so relationships don't develop as they should. Yet stories are told, some in childlike fashion and a naive manner may be utilized to make or avoid a point. (Tierney.)

In business and politics the Mercury-Venus pair denotes the potential for: 'news about the status of wealth; business + society; the study of people and their reactions (polls?); highway beautification programs (Thesis); debate (or bickering) over added costs; a business sector at odds with society; propaganda about the ease and quality of life; speeches emphasizing economic issues and facts; a transportation system that values beauty over function (Antithesis.)--Munkasey.

So with YODs already karmic and Saturn being a karmic planet (actions from approximately 30 years ago return to aid or undermine today's circumstances--the 1980s and Reagan policies are implicated) we may expect the 11th house Saturn Rx @19Sco19 to provide insight into the circumstance of Mars moving ahead in the Zodiac after May 19th.

As a midpoint picture Mercury-Venus = Saturn throws a sliver of light upon our topic with its 'hard sell' argumentative position, high expectations for getting its off-the-norm way, and a 'sense of mission' mindset (Tyl.)

Meanwhile there's that karmic Saturn at a degree (19 Scorpio) which has traditionally been considered malefic for it meets with Fixed Star Alpha Serpentis (aka, Unukalhai) which can bring tragedy and misfortune in its wake especially when conjoined by a planet such as Saturn. (A. Louis.) And of course YOD patterns in general denote crises, crossroads, turning points, or special tasks whose time has come and must be dealt with as required by the Cosmos. Breakers of natural law may seem to triumph initially but will later discover that they are ultimately the losers.

Now as Summer 2014 trods along it is for you to determine which actors in America's Political Theater this apex Saturn represents since the restrictive Taskmaster's realm includes Government, Law, and Business. Both political parties in the US (factions of the global government agenda, imho) may at times be signified by status quo Saturn though it seems to me that of late it's primarily austere Republicans wearing the Saturnian mask as they follow their political script to enrich the wealthy class. As for business, Saturn tends to represent managers or possibly CEOs for Scorpio is the sign of Big Business and Corporatism after all plus, some switch of roles may be notable once Saturn turns Direct in July. And as you know, an activist SCOTUS is also in the Saturnian corporate mix.

As apex planet in a YOD configuration Saturn's 'fated undertone' shows that timing and maturity are key to the purpose of the YOD. Fateful consequences are denoted if whoever is represented by apex Saturn doesn't act responsibly. Self-defeating attitudes are no longer acceptable at this fork in the road and self-preservation should not be the only goal--Saturn and Jupiter are our 'societal planets' and must when necessary act upon that level on behalf of the common good.

This Saturn in this condition (apex and Rx) at this juncture (YOD) has developed special talents for social responsibility and for overcoming obstacles and limits so let's hope that Saturnian managers, CEOS, lawmakers, judges, politicians, and other authority figures meet the test of this YOD by embracing higher ideals for society's sake than we've seen from them during the last three decades and more.

Since the energies of this chart are weighted on the Cardinal (initiating)/Air (mental) side (and other planetary factors will affect matters as well) we may expect that transit Mercury's approach to US natal Mars in Gemini may time outward movements as various plans are turned into action.

For more information on YODs and other planetary patterns see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.