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Mar 28, 2014

"How to Steal an Airplane" video

As it turns out, cyber-hijacking of airplanes has been around for over a dozen years. For your consideration:

When the attacks of 9/11/01 are mentioned, I think of the 9/11/01 horoscope with Mercury (travel) conjunct US natal Saturn (authority; stability, @14Lib48) rising, all at '15 Libra' = "Circular Paths"--note this discussion of airplanes expertly turned from their paths such as the one that hit the second Tower--and including Malaysia 370. This presentation also reminds me of the void-of-course Moon on the morning of 9/11/01 and its implications that something put into action could not be interfered with...such as the course-change a computer-hacked plane would experience.

Transit Mercury to natal Saturn denotes a time of seeking or using information and skills in order to attain a more senior or authoritative status. Remember that Bush and Cheney were recently installed in the White House and were spoken of as "illegitimate" after Justice Rehnquist placed them in office in December 2000 after the bogusness of Jeb Bush's Florida election.

Serious pursuits are also indicated by Mercury to Saturn along with a hint that the preparations for 9/11 were a long term enterprise which resulted in a restriction of ideas and communications--such as police phones that didn't work properly that morning, the often touted inability to "connect the dots" between the FBI and CIA, and the silencing of dissenting journalists and others since that day.

'15 Libra' from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones; "Keyword: CONGRUITY: a rather extraordinary facility in self-adjustment or practical reorientation." I'll say! After all, it was the 9/11 attacks that allegedly made the US Patriot Act implementation and all the subsequent cyber surveillance by The State 'necessary', sans the US Constitution.

Jan 29, 2013

Are social networking sites CIA fronts? (video) w Mercury-Pluto

The 'Social' Duping of America

by Jude Cowell

Though I gave up Facebook years ago (but do realize that FB is like sticky flypaper stuck to my cyber shoe), it seems more difficult to give up using Twitter. Plus, I have several blogs on Google's Blogger and a Gmail account so...

No doubt about it! The energies of America's natal *Mercury-Pluto opposition have been actively developed for spying on US citizens since the beginning and indicates a total obsession with doing so. And with FB and other social networking sites, the CIA has our full cooperation as we identify our own friends and acquaintances to whatever security forces are looking in, no matter their true motivations.

Suggested: a few notes on Benjamin Franklin, America's first postmaster (spymaster.)

Blog Note: out of pure cussedness, this post will not be tweeted by yours truly! Not that it will make any difference.

*Mercury = senses including sight, information, details, tricksters, etc; Pluto = spies and spymasters, intelligence agencies, invisibility, the power elite, the secret hand, betrayers, assassins, rapists, tunnels, underground bunkers, the Pope, the Underworld, the Syndicate, etc.

A variety of videos on many topics await you at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Nov 21, 2009

Does 'The Matrix' have your computer?

In the wee hours of this morning I was on my WordPress blog attempting to do some code posting that wasn't working out when I got a message typed at me on the screen saying 'The Matrix' "has" me.

Read more here and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any good ideas. Is my pc's Adobe Flashplayer old, perhaps? Curiously, I had just spent about 3 hours or so creating a new Art Slideshow at, too.

Funny that a mystery message should happen after the (rare) rude comment of personal attack that I received on this blog yesterday - by a cowardly 'Anonymous', of course - I published it and you may find it by scrolling to yesterday's post about Sarah Palin's disappointing folks who attended her book signing tour.

Well, I guess a rude comment would be from one of her fanatics, wouldn't it?

Astrologically, good old transiting Mars of quarrels and attacks - Mr. Contentious himself - is now opposing my natal Pluto in Leo. Nice. Because as stated in a recent post, it will be 33 long weeks of Mars in Leo!

Jan 14, 2008