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Dec 7, 2015

Chris Hedges: Reality of Psychopaths - clip

A comprehensive grasp of history blends with compassion when you hear Chris Hedges speak. Here's a brief clip from a longer presentation:

Sep 3, 2015

Religious Right Is Keeping Ted Cruz’s Campaign Alive - video

Yes, the number of Americans who score themselves as 'religious' has fallen to an all-time low which must make international bankers and corporatists such as the Houses of Rothschild and Rockefeller and other World War III promoters such as Adam Weishaupt of Bavarian Illuminati fame (May 1, 1776), Confederate General Albert Pike (still with his statue standing at the foot of Capitol Hill!), Mazzini (colleague of Pike and creator of the organized Mafia), and modern Zionists (the ruling hierarchy, not the Jewish people) thrilled that their 'Great' Plan is proceeding so well and full implementation of a satanic 'new world order' is on the verge of fruition--or so they arrogantly assume.

Yet as Max Igan reminds us, The Price of Apathy Is to Be Ruled by Evil Men (audio-video) so apathy is our main problem. And if we're smart we'll "build unity in our communities"!

My question for today is: Do present conditions in the world remind you of the season finale of Mr. Robot last evening? Me, too!

Closely related: Who Is Albert Pike? (includes Astrology and an informative video); Ted Cruz Announces But Mercury Goes Nowhere; and the horoscope of the 'Illuminati Eclipse' of Nov 3, 2013, the year of Ted Cruz's hammy, rotten-egg Government Shutdown, a theatrical yet costly stunt that Republicans seem determined to engineer again before the end of 2015--based on a two-year Mars cycle of activism and ideological passion apparently. September 2015 is a crucial month, as you know, with two eclipses, solar and lunar.

And all this makes me wonder: Can Astrology Describe Ted Cruz?.

Aug 22, 2015

Finding the Way Forward in a World of Division - Max Igan

Here is an intriguing excerpt from the latest Surviving the Matrix by Max Igan (see links, below):

Season 5 Episode 6

For this and more presentations visit The Crowhouse.

Jul 18, 2015

'Living in a Paradox" - Max Igan -- The Full Circle Project

Here are the first 15 minutes of Living in a Paradox with options for more, below:

#MaxIgan #LivinginaParadox #FullCircleProject #FalseReality #TheMatrix #TakeBacktheWorld #FullSpectrumResponse

Download at The Crowhouse; or, directly stream the audio (mp3) here.

Awake are you? Then you may wish to join the Full Circle Project.

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing left to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

May 16, 2015

The Awakening - Max Igan (Full Length Documentary 2011)

#MaxIgan #TheAwakening #SurvivingTheMatrix

Uranus-Neptune to Earth: Are You Unconscious?

In astrology, when it comes to such things as the elimination of the waking consciousness leading to a lack of clarity, spiritual understanding, inner vision, peculiar inclinations, and the growth of subconscious powers or forces, the midpoint between Uranus and Neptune is useful in analysis. The Uranus-Neptune pair also contains flavors of psychic researchers, mystics, and clairvoyants. These two planets of the Enlightenment--the so-called Age of Reason--conjoin approximately every 171 years and last met 3 times in 1993 around the POLITICAL POWER degree of 18 Capricorn with its "The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer" Sabian Symbol. The negative expression of this degree is, "smug or strong-armed paternalism" (Jones) and describes in large part the negative forces growing stronger in the dark--out of public view--and causing conflicts and calamities in today's world.

Not exactly the sort of enlightenment most folks yearn for, is it? As detailed in the Max Igan broadcast above, each of us as members of the worldwide community must facilitate our own awakenings and shake off our lack of clarity. Never mind "Tomorrow Land" and other fluffy fantasies--the future of our children requires our conscious participation in reality Now.

For more midpoint info: The Combination of Stellar influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

May 12, 2015

Max Igan & Jim Fetzer speak out about Jade Helm Deeper and Darker...

#MaxIgan #JimFetzer #TruthFrequencyRadio #JadeHelm15 #PoliceState #USSpecialForces #Awaken #TheBigEvent

Note that Jade Nelm is said to run until mid-September 2015 and is synchronous with the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse. Tap or click here for a list with details of 2015 Solar Eclipses. The highly stressful September 13th eclipse is number 2 on the list. September 10th is mentioned above as the date to look out for and it is within 2 weeks of the September 13th eclipse with its background themes and Uranian disruption.

May 9, 2015

"Constructing The End Game" - a Max Igan broadcast

From Season 4 episode 8:

#EndGame #SurvivingtheMatrix #MaxIgan #TheCrowhouse #GlobalElite #HiddenHand of #Pluto #Plutocracy

Visit The Crowhouse for additional audio and video content.

Mar 28, 2015

"Walking the Knife Edge" - Max Igan

#SurvivingtheMatrix #MaxIgan #worldhistory #Disinformation

This is a 15-minute excerpt from a recent Max Igan broadcast. Following up on the rest is recommended.

Update June 11, 2016 Note to Those Who Comment: it's very uncool for you to use my posts to underhandedly advertise your websites and/or services. I would never do such to your work, please don't do this to mine. Your efforts will be deleted if Google allows me to. jc

Mar 15, 2015

"Whose Reality Are You Living?" -- a Maxwell Igan broadcast

Please tap or click for more.

#Reality #FalseReality #Civilization #SurvivingTheMatrix #MaxIgan

Mar 9, 2015

Max Igan: "The World is Run by Psychopaths and Wrapped in Bull$%*t"

Can you think of a politician who seems psychotically divorced from reality? Yeah. Me, too. Here is a 15-minute excerpt from a recent Maxwell Igan broadcast:

#SurvivingTheMatrix #reality #MaxIgan

Jan 4, 2015

"Creating the New Tribe" -- Max Igan (video)

Here is a 15-minute excerpt from a new broadcast by Max Igan:

#SurvivingtheMatrix #TheCrowhouse

Dec 27, 2014

"Rebalancing the Matrix" -- Max Igan (plus, right--left eye symbology)

(If only you could watch it), here is (not!) the first part of a Max Igan broadcast which, among other topics, mentions the power elite's subtle switch of our collective thinking from *right brain to left rather than using a balance between our brain hemispheres necessary for best results and decision making ability. This, I believe, is one reason a majority of us have trouble figuring out solutions for societal problems in the US and this confusion suits total control-global government purposes for our minds to be muddled like kittens-in-string.

And isn't it curious (and undermining) how, for decades, we've been propagandized with the notion that 'we only use 10% of our brains'?

Update December 2022: No Max Igan video which was initially embedded here for it has been deleted due to Max's YouTube account being removed. However, Max's website and content are accessible at The Crowhouse.


With a considerable amount of ruffling and editing for clarity (Dec 2022), my original post continues here:

Eye = Mandala = the Center of Order in the Unconscious (Carl Jung)

*On the topic of right brain to left, it's curious to note that the eye over the pyramid symbol on the reverse of America's Great Seal (as per Barton's design 1782) was depicted as a right eye which in ancient Egyptian symbology represented the sun, the creative aspect of the Deity. So the all-seeing eye in the triangle was a symbol for divine providence overlooking the activities of the Founders of this nation. Did Barton and colleagues intentionally use the sun in this way? Most likely, since many of them were Freemasons and knowledgeable about esoteric symbolism.

Now as you know, in traditional esoterism, the sun symbol signifies intuitive power, inner light, and illumination ("If therefore, thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22) and these links, when perverted into Luciferianism, tally with the hidden beliefs of certain of America's Founders and their colleagues who were more than Freemasons--the eye over the pyramid or in a triangle as a Masonic symbol--for some of the key figures were members of the Illuminati Society which is said to have supplied the design for America's Great Seal.

As for the subtle yet significant switch from right eye to left eye in American symbology, we have an interesting occurrence in 1856 (put in place in time for the delusions and misplaced motivations of the 'Civil War', a delusional Mercury-Neptune affair), for though the 1782 seal depicted the usual right eye, an article appeared in Harper's New Monthly Magazine which included artist Benjamin Lossing's design of the seal (The Lossing Realization) in which right eye was replaced by left eye. Subtle enough for you? For me it is, though when I posted about it previously here on SO'W, someone left a comment disagreeing with me. Fair enough!

Yet as you may know, the left eye signifies the lunar hemisphere of the brain, which indicates our functions of measuring ability, words, and analysis. Yes, there is more to life and the understanding of its issues than using the brain's mental functions. There is also the feeling-intuitive-imaging functions represented by the right eye (left side of the brain). And so to me, it seems that the symbolic switch could have caused an imbalance of mental functions in the American people, or a confusion, so that conscious rebalancing is the option.

Then in the realm of US Politics, cold calculations are valued most by the budget slashing Republican Party, an entity whose natal Sun (March 1854) conjoins US natal Sun in the protective sign of Cancer--and Sirius, the Isis goddess. Republicans are more like a paternalistic 'Father' whose conditional love may often be expressed heartlessly toward those they consider to be burdens, or beneath them and unworthy.

Since the days of Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic Party's natal Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius conjoins US natal Moon (July 4, 1776) which symbolically identifies the party as 'Mother' of the American people which has set up the much-derided 'nanny state' of 'socialism' - and with 1776 Ceres, asteroid of democracy in the compassionate sign of Pisces.

Through a critical consideration of water, food, domestic products, and chem trail contamination, we gain a further hint concerning mankind's current kittens-in-string condition in how our bodies have been inundated with fluoride and other chemicals which calcify and clog the 'third eye', the pineal gland, where intuition and deep knowing are intended by our Creator to inhabit. And as you know, much of the astrological symbolism here is represented by Neptune, planet of veils, clouds, toxins, poisons, undermining, dissolution, disguises, deception, fraud, gas lighting (lies)...and the Divine Source's spiritual and intuitive insights which are freely ours if only we honestly seek them.

In closing, a related video: Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill.

Aug 8, 2014

August 2014: New Millennium Horoscope Triggered by Pluto

Pluto Now Active in New Millennium Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

With US military action increasing in Iraq against ISIS (formerly al-Qaeda) there are multiple horoscopes in which to look for planetary activity relating to Iraq and Iraq War planets. One such is the New Millennium (NM) horoscope where transit Pluto in Capricorn (11/12Cap) now retrogrades between New Millennium Sun and Mercury in 4th house, the Foundation of the Matter (4th house, when the NM chart is set for Washington DC as a symbol for America and on another level, for the global collective.

We may glean a few hints about the character of this time period by considering the *Sun-Mercury duo as it affects Politics and Business and the synthesis created when transformative manipulator Pluto creeps along and catalyzes the duo into a trio of planetary energies, thus forming a midpoint picture. Let's consider potential expressions for this now-active trio:

Millennium Sun-Mercury = tr Pluto: satellites transmit important information world-wide; important information concealed; theft, neglect, or loss of pertinent communication devices or of information (Munkasey); making far-reaching plans; an orator with suggestive power (Ebertin); a dramatic push to new perspectives (Tyl.)

That last potential seems to be occurring as I type with the US being 'drawn back' into Iraq, as many pundits are describing it. Got weapons manufacturing shares in your stock portfolio? Well, I suspect that many American politicians, past and present, have just that.

New Millennium Fourth House Matters

The IC (Immum Coeli), the lowest point in any horoscope symbolizing Midnight and often considered the cusp of the 4th house, is also known as The Drain and I think we may expect draining of various sorts to occur here and abroad for some time. (Watch for the word 'drain' in the news in coming weeks or months.) So instead of an Ending (another IC-related concept) of all US combat in Iraq we have now a continuation of military intervention "for humanitarian reasons", one of the US government's favorite propaganda slogans. Can any war be "humanitarian"? This may or may not be the case and as always, I prefer to wait for the consequences of Washington's actions rather than trusting promises (and time-worn slogans) touted by politicians and their enablers, bosses, and media supporters!

Now this seems to me like yet another bull-in-a-china-shop mistake of large proportions if you don't mind my saying so. If it winds up quickly that will be one thing but will there be more to come...on and on and on. Cheney had America invade Iraq with one consequence--it broke up what was a black market oil scam. Now control (one of Pluto's words) of Iraq's oil is being taken over by ISIS beheaders, all or in part at this juncture.

Astrological Pluto also stands for assassins (which can describe both ISIS soldiers and the USA, CIA, etc), death, destruction, abomination, and other depraved, morbid things. 'Great wealth hidden in secret places' is another calling card of Pluto of the Invisible Cape, and of course, spies and powerful puppet masters also appear on Pluto's resume.

Then there's the *Sun-Mercury duo which relates to such things as media coverage, a leader's ability to communicate, stating the intention of an enterprise clearly--or a lack of clarity and thus being unconvincing, ineffective press briefings, needs don't mesh with business concerns, many language barriers, defective thinking or reasoning (Washington is 'eat up' with that and makes innocent people suffer from it), and more. See Michael Munkasey's book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Well, I'll hush for now and say that if you've recently been hiding under a large rock (and who could blame you?) you may wish to check out Why the US Is Bombing ISIS in Iraq. After all, we can't depend on the false reality distractions they provide us here in 'The Matrix' every minute of the day and night, now can we?

Jun 21, 2014

"Reality Is a Double Edged Sword" a Max Igan video (plus, Saturn-Neptune-Pluto)

From Maxwell Igan's Surviving the Matrix broadcasts:

Now Here's a Little Astrology

False (Neptune) reality (Saturn) is having its current midpoint (*Saturn-Neptune) transformed and deepened by transit Pluto which gives many activities in society certain vibes of 'denial of guilt from responsible parties.' Even the current "we broke Iraq but we can't fix it--the ISIS take over is not our fault" denials from the neocon warmongers of 2003 and from the Obama administration in 2014 fall very obviously under the influence of the Saturn-Neptune = Pluto picture--As Above, So Below.

And I'm quite convinced that you, dear reader, can easily think of several other situations and circumstances in the news and perhaps in your life where the above midpoint picture clearly applies.

*The midpoint picture shows that America's secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) is also being deeply affected by arch manipulator Pluto of Hidden Wealth fame and invisible helmet operations as Pluto (the saboteur and assassin) continues to oppose US natal planets in Cancer, most notably at this particular time, US natal Sun (leadership; the president) thus creating titanic contests of wills and 'power games with important consequences'. Additionally, the combination of austere Saturn (control) and insidious Neptune (contagion) also figures in with health care insurance meant to grab and control everyone's DNA (genetic manipulation), plus, Saturn-Neptune is known in Astrology as the 'illness axis' with Pluto also signifying surgery, toxins, and regeneration.

Jun 6, 2014

"A World Gone Mad" -- a Max Igan video

If you're anything like me you're finding the global crime syndicate with all its oppressive excesses and slimy tentacles mightily tiresome about now and worth all the ridicule we can heap upon its instigators and their political allies. Or, you may wish to approach things from a perspective where a higher yet practical view is offered.

From Max Igan's 'Surviving the Matrix' series: Season 2, Episode 5:

The Crowhouse

The American Voice

Feb 8, 2014

"You Are the Solution" - Max Igan video

Max Igan continues his empowering Surviving the Matrix broadcasts with, You Are the Solution:

Note: The first known use of the term sui generis was in 1754. However, the concept was debuted in Biblical scripture depending on how you, a totally unique individual, looks at it!

Dec 1, 2013

"What's the Problem?" (Max Igan video)

Stepping into Our Power

Maxwell Igan has made changes and will be traveling around the world to bring us interviews with various people on topics of interest. Here he is (on camera for a change!) introducing the changes followed by a Surviving the Matrix presentation.

Q: is money really more important than life itself?

Do you see problems as opportunities? We must face and identify problems, even global ones, so that they can be vanquished. "Contrived debt" is one of those problems...

Nov 21, 2009

Does 'The Matrix' have your computer?

In the wee hours of this morning I was on my WordPress blog attempting to do some code posting that wasn't working out when I got a message typed at me on the screen saying 'The Matrix' "has" me.

Read more here and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any good ideas. Is my pc's Adobe Flashplayer old, perhaps? Curiously, I had just spent about 3 hours or so creating a new Art Slideshow at, too.

Funny that a mystery message should happen after the (rare) rude comment of personal attack that I received on this blog yesterday - by a cowardly 'Anonymous', of course - I published it and you may find it by scrolling to yesterday's post about Sarah Palin's disappointing folks who attended her book signing tour.

Well, I guess a rude comment would be from one of her fanatics, wouldn't it?

Astrologically, good old transiting Mars of quarrels and attacks - Mr. Contentious himself - is now opposing my natal Pluto in Leo. Nice. Because as stated in a recent post, it will be 33 long weeks of Mars in Leo!