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Sep 15, 2018

Aug 27, 2007

But where is Gonzales going?

As you know by now, Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation this morning at 10:32 am edt, an hour of Mars. The announcement took 2 minutes with no questions answered so we were spared the usual Washington tripe: to spend more time with my family.

Last day is to be Sep 17--4 days after the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse. Today's announcement comes the day before the Lunar Eclipse 4Pis47 which is a Full Moon or the culmination stage of things begun at the New Moon, in this case, Aug 12, at "20Leo"--where Venus is today.

I confess to a smidge of controlled joy as I set up the 10:32 am chart yet my accustomed suspicious nature soon took over...there's a YOD (Finger of God; special purpose or task, crisis) pointing to MC 24Can30 which is the position of the US natal Mercury...and MC is the Career/Public Status/Aspirations Point. Mercury rules announcements and communications.

So we have Moon/Pluto which together indicate fanatical striving for objectives or zeal which has no regard for other people; exaggerated new plans; offended vanity or conceit, and/or an extreme expression of feelings.
Moon/Pluto = Mc: remaining alone and never acting in accord; ego-consciousness prevails; one-sided emotional intensity.

At least one of TV's talking heads remarked that AG seemed calm...Sun/Jupiter midpoint was rising at 10:32 am...

Sun/Jupiter = ASC: shared success; devoting one's life to social aspirations; great enthusiam; successful teamwork.

Does this sound to you like his "resignation" is a pitiful thing?

Gonzo's n Neptune is rising...the actor or his identity dissolving...or both. His worst day serving the country (actually serving Bush), he said, was better than his father's best day. A sentimental touch for the peanut gallery. Are you buying?

But it is most interesting is to read the YOD with the US Mercury in place...

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: strategizing; planning; far-reaching plans; pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the power of persuasion; wielding a powerful infuence upon the public.

Mars, whose hour it is, is at the midpoint of Mercury/Uranus...

Mercury/Uranus = Mars: summing up a situation quickly and acting accordingly; determination and courage; a sudden success and advancement in life; assaults; nervous drive finds the mark and usually pays off; the instincts of a fighter hitting home.

Perhaps the far-reaching plans refer to the NWO regime marching on and the sacrifice of Gonzo has become necessary to save the gorgon's head...Bush with his second head, Cheney. Then Gonzo can put up his hooves on a Texas porch next to Karl's while they await the commander-in-thief they helped create. Pass the beer and peanuts.

Or maybe they should consider kicking back instead on the Bush family compound's porch in Paraguay.