Jan 30, 2006

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    Bush Signing Ceremony: Peep-Eye!

    Dec 30 2005 8:00 pm est OUR White House

    In honor of another of the President's signing statements which undermine the law he supposedly endorses--in this case, McCain's Anti-Torture bill--let's consider the chart for the signing ceremony...a little uncovering of the under-wraps shenanigans at the White House. Got the date and time from an excellent article in Slate by Dahlia Lithwick.

    Highlighted are the YODs between:

    Sun/Uranus = Saturn: rebellion against limitation of freedom; difficulties overcome through extraordinary efforts, and

    Moon/Uranus = Saturn: self-willedness; striving for independence; suppressed irritability.

    There is self-willed, contentious, warring Mars at the top o'the chart, with Jupiter in Scorpio at the foundation. They are part of the stubborn Fixed Grand Cross in effect at the time, and since I've posted on that already, I won't repeat here.

    Saturn in the behind-the-scenes 12th house is sitting upon Mr Bush's natal Mercury, and this signing ceremony/power grab to again vault the "unitary executive" took place during the Balsamic/dark phase of the Moon. Appropriate time when you're attempting to be sly while chaffing under the controls of Saturn.

    jc Jan 30 2006 2:16 pm est

    ps: a quick note--today there's a USA natal Moon Return, 27Aq10, and the midpoint of Uranus/Neptune (the New World Order pair) is stomping upon our Moon.

    If you look back at the post on the US Progressed chart, you'll find that sec Mercury, focal point in a YOD pattern, is at 26AQ+, so there's a lot of pressure upon our country just now from old Uranus/Neptune of 1993--"smug or strong-armed paternalism" abounds and is in process of sticking its big fat nose under everyone's tent...and asking us to like it!!!

    But you don't need this reluctant astrologer to tell you about pressure...

    (Moon = the public or populace; Mercury = thinking; communication. The two combined = perception.) Having our Moon Return today gives me hope that many citizens will PAY ATTENTION to what's being done inside the Beltway this week.

    (The reason I'm mentioning this is that the "stomping" is in effect now for the Alito-60-votes-or-bust game playing out in our Capitol Building as I type.)

    jc 2:36 pm est

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.20.06 1:00 pm edt


    Jan 29, 2006

    Wiretap Hearings: Papa Can You Hear Me?

    February 6, 2006 9:30 am Capitol Building DC

    The skinny is that the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduling hearings for Feb 6 on the legality/illegality of Bush's secret surveillance program, and the Senate Intelligence Committee will hold similar behind-closed-door sessions on the matter, they say.

    With Aries rising, Mars is the chart-ruler for the Congressional and Senatorial day, with all its theatrics, secret meetings, questions, evasive answers, and compromises.

    If we were considering a horary chart, we would look at the chart-ruler's applying aspects to see how things will go on...well, let's do just that...should be a barrel of monkeys.

    In order of occurrence, the applying aspects of Mars are:

    1. square Jupiter (and 9:30 am is a Jupiter hour; Jup in Scorpio, sign
    of investigation, spying/detective work)
    2. inconjunct Pluto (Pluto of spying and manipulation fame)
    3. square Sun (Sun at the Unmasking degree, along with delusional, veiling Neptune.
    Mars has already squared Neptune.)

    Squares are obstacles or blockages, as you know, and an inconjunct aspect signifies adjustment and/or crisis.

    So as Mars goes through his day, things aren't looking so easy or breezy for him, and the outcome may not suit brash Mars much at all...IF the politicians do their jobs honestly, that is.

    The way they've tended to rubberstamp Bush's tactics thus far, I wouldn't take bets on their being able to rein His Nibs in now, but fortunately, I don't believe in betting, so all bets are off.

    Moon, the public, is in Gemini--we're still of two minds, it seems, but hopefully, not for much longer.

    As you see, the Sun is shining on Neptune...either Nep is veiling the Sun, or the Sun is actually bringing to light what's been hidden by Neptune's veils. Perhaps some of both.

    (Elsewhere--mainly on Slate's The Fray, I have posted RePeatedly on Neptune's ongoing visits to the Unmasking degree..."18AQ"..."a man unmasked": a demand that each person make a public accounting of himself whenever the general welfare requires it.*

    No one paid much attention, in spite of my typing finger freezin' up--"unmasking ahead, unmasking ahead"...but The Fray sailed on, seemingly oblivious to my warnings a la George...peacely2 went unheeded, post after post, so I gave up--hence this blog where I can whine all I want, and you're still blissfully free to ignore.)

    Well, NOW George is under Neptune's eroding haze, and with tr Saturn sitting immediately upon his natal Asc (7Leo07) this very day--also an ongoing transit of 'calling to account' begun just after Katrina--it seems the fans are blowing feathers all about the halls of Congress (and if truth and justice prevail, for a change) they will stick to George's unmasked snout where such feathers belong.

    The Dane Rudhyar version of this Sabian Symbol gives: "a man's secret motives are being publicly unmasked"...Keynote: the difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives...the publicizing of past behavior...he needs the help of higher Powers as well as of the protective agencies he may have placed at his service. (Indeed...globalists to the rescue? Puh.)

    (And let's remember there's a Solar Eclipse at the Unmasking degree, Feb '07...more revelations to dread...major ones, I should think.)

    Using "11Ari" for the Ascending degree> WHAT: "the president of the country"...IDEALIZATION: shadow side = an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense.

    MC: "6Cap", WHY, you may ask: "a dark archway and ten logs at the bottom"...THOROUGHNESS: shadow side = fear of experience and bondage to mystery.
    (DR speaks of a THRESHOLD on which one may have to pause** in order to safeguard one's further advance.)

    The IC, the HOW of the chart: "6Can", "game birds feathering their nests"...METICULOUSNESS: neg = unnecessary concern over everyday security. (Seems to apply, but I'm not sure how! Kind of odd, actually, unless it refers to Bush's use of 'national security' as his excuse for spying on American citizens, including his "enemies"--I'm waiting for his "Enemies List" to surface a la Nixon.)

    Well, I hope these hearings give President Snoopy (all apologies to cartoon dogs everywhere) more than "pause"**...I hope it nips his delusions of being above the law in the bud.

    And now he's morphed "warrantless wiretapping" into "terroist surveillance" which doesn't improve his motives...it may further mask them for some people, but that's not what "hearings" are for. But somehow the GOP's enemies list will undoubtedly be protected.

    Yet with Sun AND Neptune at "18AQ", we'll see how well Snoopy manages to keep his secret motives hidden.

    So yall better put away your camera phones, or it'll soon be "Papa, can you see me?", too...

    jc Jan 29 2006 10:00 pm est

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.20.06 1:08 pm edt

    *from the MEJ version, Dr Marc Edmond Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology

    Jan 28, 2006

    State of the Union Address 2006

    Sometimes the President's State of the Union Address begins a minute or two after 9 pm, so I may be taking a chance degree-wise on posting this now, but with the State of Much of the Union being Misery, Loss, and Oppression for all but the "elite", I decided to go ahead with this today. Besides--as long as he begins within 4 minutes of 9 pm, there should be no appreciable difference...4 mins = 1 degree.

    As usual for this Address, the dedicated worker/server sign of Virgo is rising (WHAT), with communicator Gemini at the WHY position of the chart to give the nation a shout-out.

    At the foundation of the chart, is powerful manipulator, Pluto, at the IC--Pluto of spying and propaganda fame, that is...and the power-behind-the-throne.

    In first house and rising during this speech is the South Node of the Moon--a separative point relating to Saturn's control and restriction...not what you like to see rising in any chart actually.

    Also in first is the last Solar Eclipse of Oct'05--10Lib19, the "immense power and anger" Eclipse in which series the Iraqi Election of Dec 15 has fallen. You may remember this Eclipse occurred at the start of Ramadan and the Jewish New Year, and the world is under its sway until the next Eclipse although, of course, the "10/11 Libra" degree area is forever sensitized, and has been 'ere this. (The next Eclipse is in the "flashes of genius/prophetic dreams and visions" series.)

    So just how these things are affecting the State of Our Union, Mr Bush is apparently about to tell us, but whether with honesty or deception remains to be seen.

    One picture of note is:

    Sun/Neptune = Mercury: false logic; deceptions or illusions; small amount of objectivity; mental disturbances; nerve weakness. Sun in a national chart represents the leader or leadership, Neptune is deception, delusions, propaganda, etc, and Mercury is the communicator; manner of thinking.

    The Sun AQ/Moon Pisc blend: rich imagination and universal outlook (yeah, we've noticed); devout commitment to a mix of social causes with metaphysical ideas/ideals (that's what I'VE been sayin'); preference for "doing one's own thing" (which passes for "strength and resolve" in some quarters.)

    Greatest Weaknesses: evasiveness; impracticality; tendency to let idealism turn into gullibility; sensitivity that tends to escape to a Utopian dream-world when feeling badly treated or fenced in.

    (And you'll be happy to ponder that this is the natal Sun/Moon personality blend of VP Cheney.)

    Images: a scientist sings grand opera...a brilliant inventor takes a sabbatical on a desert island. (Wonder if we could arrange that last for George'n'Dick. They're just hankerin' to go to Mars, they say, and a desert island would save big bucks for the taxpayer...wouldn't that be a pleasant change?)

    As far as the Symbols for the WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHERE of the chart/speech, I choose today to focus on the negative/shadow side of these degrees. Forgive me, if you must, thank me, "if you will." Just remember: I'm not the author of the speech, and I didn't vote for him, not once.

    WHAT> "25 Vir": "A flag at half-mast." Neg: superficial self-dramatization.

    Leading to WHERE> "25 Pisc": "The purging of the priesthood." Neg: blind bigotry and vindictiveness.

    WHY> "25 Gem": "A man trimming palms." Neg: an empty display of trivial excellencies.

    HOW> "A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse." Neg: idle self-indulgence and ingenuous claims of merit.

    Of interest also are the Symbols for the Nodal axis, the "path" or "destiny" of the chart...

    ...headed toward NN> "5 Ari"..."a triangle with wings." Neg: blissful obliviousness to all normal or everyday considerations. (Mr "Above It All"?)

    ...coming from SN> "5 Lib"..."a man teaching the true inner knowledge." Neg: fatuous pride in the self's acumen, and subtle or underhanded attempts to dominate everyone.

    (The above sounds like Bush's SpyGate may be mentioned, doesn't it? More damage control on the way, m'peops, esp with SN on the rise.)

    And since SN's "5 Lib" has made mention of the word, "acumen", I should mention Fixed Star, Acumen--part of a pair with Aculeus. Both are at the foundation of this chart--near Pluto, in fact, and both Stars have connection to 'blindness' and to 'attacks'.

    The blindness may not be physical, but can relate metaphorically to inner vison or insight. Acumen and Aculeus together are known as The Fish Hook, and represent a single concept expressed in shades of light and dark.

    Acumen carries the neg/shadow side and describes "attacks which weaken" and eventually cause much damage. People who have had connections to Acumen in their natal charts are: MOZART, Marilyn Monroe, and Vincent van Gogh. Not such a happy crowd, as it turned out for them in the end. GeoBush may be of this crowd by the time his term ends. (He's certainly under attack and a victim of gossip now...and troubles are often self-created.)

    Aculeus describes the less destructive style of attack which may be used to strengthen when steely resolve is there. Margaret Thatcher has this Star connected to her natal chart...the "Iron Lady" who finessed them all.

    Both Stars involve challenges which are often fanned by excessive gossip, yet if one lashes out in anger, the sting of the scorpio can be fatal...health issues may be a problem also.

    And now, in a fit of full disclosure, I admit to the frequent use of Composite and Davison charts, which "average" two charts together to give a picture of the event (the Address) and the addressee, Mr Bush. The Davison Composite of the two gives this Sun Ari/Moon Cap blend:

    Sun Aries/Moon Cap> Images: a young soldier is rewarded by the king for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.

    The first will surely be mentioned in his Address--and rightly so considering the courage of our troops, however misguidedly they've been used--and the second is what keeps me awake at night...the NWO has its raptor's eye on us all.

    (And in the interest of equal disclosure, the above Sun/Moon combo is the natal blend of Al Gore, member of the Trilateral Commission, along with Cheney, Carter, Bush Sr, and their ilk. That's why America is so sunk, imho--they're ALL hubristically in it together, the sorry sots.)

    It's also the natal combo of Otto von Bismarck (remember ole Otto?), who said:

    "The question of our day cannot be solved by speeches and majority votes...but by iron and blood."

    Seems ole George has taken ole Otto's counsel much to heart--if only he had one to take it to. (Elsewhere I've been known to post and ask: is bombing the Holy Land the action of a Christian? And seldom do I get an honest reply.)

    So, m'peops, if I've too-soon posted upon the State of the Miserable Union Address--if the schedule should change--I am determined to do it all again, but for now, this chart shall stand for your perusal and comments, "if you will." And I hope you do.

    jc Jan 28 2006 4:51 pm est

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.19.06

    email: Stars Over Washington

    Here're the comments on the NWO Chart posted November '05:

    Stars Over Washington: New World Order 10/24/93 1:11 pm edt

    Jan 27, 2006

    Happy 250th, Maestro!

    Concerning Mozart's natal chart: the generally-accepted birth time is from a mention in a letter by his father, who ought to know.

    2006: Saturn now at 7Leo+...opposite Mozart's natal Sun, therefore conjunct his natal Neptune. Saturn/Neptune--form to music, and music into form!

    He IS the best, the archetypal musician, a 5th harmonic kind of guy.

    But his chart shows overpowering parental figures: Saturn conjunct Sun, and Pluto conjunct Moon...ouch and double ouch! Amazing how his music still radiates so brilliantly after such eclipsing of his spirit--or perhaps that's part of the reason why...the pain of creativity. Always a tear along with the smile, that Wolfgang.

    And Jupiter(expansion) biquintile Uranus, planet of creative inspiration from On High--biquintile (144 degr) = talent, a gift. Made the mediocres jealous, I'd think. Doesn't true talent always cause jealousy?

    Images for Sun AQ/Moon Sag: a distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy-dress party for her best friends...Alice in Wonderland.

    And Mozart was a Freemason, too--but you knew that. The Magic Flute is all about it!
    He disclosed their numbered secrets and was soon dipatched, some say. And yet, if his natal Ascendant was truly Virgo, health was always an issue, and infection easy to come by. Personally, I stay away from pork chops of all kinds!

    jc Jan 27 2006 12:42 am est

    UPDATE from the FUTURE: today is Dec 30, 2006 and I'm adding a post today for Mozart and the NY MET is broadcasting an English version of THE MAGIC FLUTE to all the world. The opera actually began at 1:38 pm est...the excellent Mozart! #

    Jan 25, 2006

    Jude Can Be a Brownie 2

    Brownie not yapping and making excuses in front of microphone, circa 1959...
    and standing in front of a brick wall rather than up against it.

    USA Secondary Prog'd Chart Jan 2006: Crisis

    Secondary (Sec) Progressed Chart USA: Jan 25 2006 9:30 am, with handwritten notes**:

    As you know, a YOD pattern in any chart is indicative of a crisis, turning point, or major adjustment of situation...basically, a "back against the wall" dilemma.

    We've got one ongoing.

    Of the 'formed' variety--this has been coming for some time--this YOD has as its focal point, planet Mercury = young people, communicators, and/or siblings and neighbors. The Media comes under Mercury's domain.

    Archetypally, the Scribe and the Trickster are common expressions of Mercury, although telling the Good News is the exalted mission of the Messenger: "wings upon helmet", as ya know. (His "wings upon ankles" represent Mercury's traveling talents and silvery quickness.)

    So a YOD, or Finger of God, as it is sometimes called, is pointing to Sec Mercury--our younger generations (puer eternus), our reporters, writers, communicators, spokespeople, etc, and also our thought processes. (Sec chart = how we're progressing with what we've been given: relates to the Physical plane.)

    This YOD has planets Neptune and Mercury both at Nodal Degree (26)...which is an indication of crisis in the "fated" sense, and which points again to the unconscious/trickster/karmic levels of life: a reaping of what was sown.

    The combo of "Neptune/NN" = "lack of team spirit; exploitation and deception, esp of the public, or in maternal relationships; peculiar conduct in communal life; erroneous judgment leads to wrong ideas about others; possible breakdown of associations or relationships."

    (Well, "confused public" would certainly describe one of the negative manifestations of this pattern, while "art associations/connections with the public" would be a more positive expression...for our society's sake.)

    Apex Mercury: Seeking or gathering Too Much information; cluttered thought processes; being 'out of tune' with one's environment; demand is to focalize one's mental energies, while avoiding over-stimulation, in order to facilitate utilization of simple, clear aims and to produce efficient expression of them.

    (Rx Mercury: the reconsidering or reformulating of our thought processes--just HOW we think--is appropriate. But the YOD configuration adds a crisis or major adjustment influence to personal expression, m'peops. And remember Cetus, the Whale and Jonah.)

    Back to Apex Mercury: there is a compulsion to acquire a wider range of knowledge, which can be used, if focused, in education, communications, and/or in the social-political fields.

    And since we know that nothing can manifest by progression, transit, etc, unless it is first promised in the Natal chart, we see...

    Neptune/NN = Merc: being let down by occurrences; expecting too much of others; undependability; having misconceptions about certain associations; making secret arrangements; imagination shared with others; tendency to deceive other people; fantasy.

    Here's some Free Advice from a reluctant astrologer/child of the Revolution:

    1. Concepts must be streamlined so that they are structured with meaningful simplicity--direct, clear communications are imperative.

    2. Limit your info-taking-in time

    3. Avoid mind-fogging substances whenever you can.

    4. Turn off the tee-vee, unplug your iPod, and put your mental ducks in a row...get help with that, if you need it, and

    5. Pay attention...but

    6. Focus on a specialty or two where you can make a difference--don't scatter your mental ducks overmuch, for they may not know the way back home.

    America needs you, Mercury in Aquarius...sign of the humanitarian, the scientist, the futurist...Hay-yelp!

    jc Jan 25 2006 8:02 pm est

    A personal ps: my European friends have been successfully alienated from me now--SpyGate is working for the bushies..."cut them off from the herd....ramp up the propaganda campaign...undermine the press, let's see, my talking points must be around here someplace...Jan 31, Jan 31...where're my hidden earplugs? Testing testing one two three...is this thing on?"

    (Jan 31--will be "watching" the planets rise, culminate, and set on computer screen as the State of the Union address is catapulted all the way to Pluto...howbowchu?)

    **If the handwritten notes on the above chart are illegible, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know! Thnx, jc

    pps: almost forgot--here are the Images for the Sun Pisc/Moon Cancer blend of our Progressed Chart:

    A school of fish...an actress is so inspired by playing Clara Barton, she leaves the theater to become a doctor...a medical missionary voyages to the east...we'll meet again.

    Jan 23, 2006

    Chaos Blues Yodel Letty Hoo-oo-o

    May i be a tad specific?
    mr bush is hitler-ific
    and he takes psycho
    Napoleon to heart.

    With his finger on The Button
    and the rest of us as mutton
    putting Bossy at the helm
    was not so smart.

    Can we fix it in a minute?
    'cos we're really thickly in it
    and i see no help in sight
    from george the king.

    If you want your rights, Miranda
    swallow all his propaganda
    (and a NAFTA he will handya)
    But you won't receive a notice
    'til the Spring.

    jc Jan 23 2006 3:27 pm est

    ps: also see "tortured rhyme for Presidents' Day" post...written 'specially for a torturing President.

    Jan 20, 2006

    1933 Calling: Hello?

    This post is inspired by today's NYSE drop--the largest in 3 years, and the headline of Dec 27, 2005: "Stocks Stumble", and by the rickety Japanese markets of late:

    On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank System, the Controller of the Currency, and the Secretary of the US Treasury, for numerous criminal acts, including, among others: Conspiracy, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, and Treason.

    Noting that the Federal Reserve Banks are "private monopolies", he asserted that they were rich and predatory moneylenders who prey upon US citizens for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers, foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers. He called them, "financial pirates", and worse.

    Just prior to this filing of charges, FDR signed--at MIDNIGHT of his Inauguration Day, March 5, 1933--a proclamation to divorce US currency from the gold standard, thereby mooting an old debate in America, and seemingly helping the country. On April 5, 1933, FDR ordered the confiscation of gold coins, gold certificates, and gold bullion, Executive Order 6102. (You say there's gold in Fort Knox, do ya?)

    Officially, the US was taken off the gold standard, April 19, 1933.

    And on June 7, 1934, Congress passed the Corporate Bankruptcy Act allowing corporate reorganisation with the support of 2/3 of their creditors. Yuh.

    BTW--McFadden died in somewhat murky circumstances, and after other attempts had been made on his life.

    Linkages are squirrelly tonight, but there's more info to be had at conspiracyarchives.com which is as good a place as any to check it out if you haven't--because history does repeat, and last I heard, McFadden's case against the Fed is still pending.

    jc Jan 20 2006 8:40 pm est

    Bottlenecked Whales as Messengers

    Update Saturday: You've surely heard that the whale passed away as he was being ferried out to sea. I'm leaving this post about the big guy because I was hopeful for him then. In memoriam, I guess. :(

    You've heard about the Northern bottlenose whale that's swimming up the River Thames today, under Westminster Bridge and past the Parliament building?

    Is this a cry for help? Without doubt, a complaint about the miserable soup we've given him to live in, full of sonar waves, anti-bacterial agents from soaps and such, oil, and other poisonous chemicals...such is man's arrogance.

    Or has he a message for Tony Blair, who continues to be on the hotseat?

    This is the first whale-up-the-Thames-come-to-call since the Natural History Museum began recording such sights in 1913, according to Museum zoologist, Richard Sabian. ('Sabian', as in Symbol!! Update: NO--early report I read this morning had, "Sabian"...now (5:36 pm est) his name turns out to be Sabin. Get it right, reporter people!)

    Astrologically speaking: a look at Jan 20, 1913 yields an interesting sight, too--2006 Uranus conjunct the 1913 position of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Chiron 2006 conjunct the 1913 position of Uranus! (Uranus now in Pisces, sign of the ocean and the fishes, and this is a 17-foot long one! Uranus brings the unexpected, and I imagine it IS a sight to see in London today.)

    This double emphasis on Chiron/Uranus is fairly unusual, and could point to a message from our past--from our Collective Unconscious. The constellation, Cetus, the Whale, relates archetypally to Jonah and the Whale of Bible fame, and to a Higher Power making Its point when a message which Should Be Delivered is being held back. Seems this particular whale is doing his best to deliver. So who's listening?

    If you have time and haven't already, please see "Chiron/Uranus Types in Government", a previous post from Dec 30, 'if you will.'

    Also the US is connected to Cetus, the Whale, by the Fixed Star, Menkar, keywords: "victim of the Unconscious." The US Inaugural ceremonies occur as Menkar rises over DC, and today is, of course, the anniversary of such--January 20. Is Bush imagining again? (More on this asap--I haven't forgotten my earlier promise to post on the change of US Inauguration dates from March to January and its relationship astrologically to Nov 2 elections. Needless to say, Menkar didn't rise at earlier Inaugurations, and so did not affect US presidencies to such an alarming degree.)

    We know Bush is threatening again, and it astounds me that he seems to think Anyone would believe his wolf-crying ways now after the mistakes he's finally (partially) admitted from the last disaster. And if he's the "globalist" he seems, it's no "disaster" to him, of course, as noted in the above-mentioned post on Chiron/Uranus Types.

    Must motor now to appointments in the city, but can't wait to return this afternoon for a closer look at this interesting development Up the Thames!

    And I'm guessin' a whale up the Thames is better than a whale up the snoot, no matter how infallible snooty governments try to seem. But a whale in the ear would be worth a listen, if only...


    jc Jan 20 2006 11:11 am est

    Updated update: Now it's 5:38 pm, back from the city, readimg up on the apparently injured whale...a second one has been sighted (possibly related to and searching for the first), and the bloodied snout and cuts around his eye and on his torso are clues I hope they can figure out. Predators are a possibility, as are sonar, lack of food, and fluctuating ocean temperatures (Gulf Stream in process of slowing down.)

    Why not all of the above? Disorientation could be the result of more than one factor.

    It's dark on the Thames now, of course, and I'm wondering if they've kept it from beaching itself.

    One more note on the 1913 chart vs 2006--North Node has returned to its 1913 position, a joining or meeting point. Whales are normally in the deep waters of the North Atlantic, and most people think climate shifts are upon us as the Gulf Stream slows. As fish species have been all fished up, what are the larger animals chowing down on? Takes a lot of little 'uns to feed the big.

    Anyway, the Nodal Return is in effect, and we all know the Moon's control of the tides is a natural fact...the North Node of the Moon has returned to its position of Jan 20, 1913, and Cetus is calling our names. The canary in the mineshaft is history and the horror of another coalmine fire is on the front page--the whale has a similar message for mankind--there's danger in these waters, YOU are called upon to be stewards of the Earth, and life is waning as the Moon.

    jc Jan 20 2006 6:30 pm est

    Jan 17, 2006

    The Pentagon Apr 29 1942 10:30 am edt

    Let's consider the natal chart of the Pentagon's first roar.

    The date is easy to verify and the time is from several sources which all seem to agree. Scroll down a bit for link to view of natal chart.

    Libra is very much a fighting sign being the opposite of Aries, ruled by Mars, the Warrior archetype...planet of war and conflict. (Remember when Bush kept talking about "going to Mars"? Ironic...'cos that's where he took us.)

    Plus, today, with the New Horizons probe blasting off to Pluto, planet of nuclear/ atomic power, etc. Pluto was discovered 1930...OK, I'm in a foreboding kind of snit, I confess. It's easy when you see the Ascendant degree for this chart is "15 Cancer" which is a murder/suicide degree. Jolly bunch. (This is from centuries of observations at what happens when the degree is triggered. So don't blame me, ok?)

    So lovely Libra, ruled by Venus, has much to do with war...as in "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", and is, I believe at the base of the fury in the hornets' nests of jihadist circles--sometimes you can actually hear of Mothers raising their sons to be suicide bombers, etc. They send them out to kill and be killed like automatons who take as many down with them as they go. That's Satan's doin's, direct from prophecy.

    Back to Libra--it was Venus who triggered the Aug 11, 1999 "King of Terror" Eclipse on September 11, 2001. I'm just sayin'.

    So--the Aries/Libra axis is the I/You axis, and while it can be Awareness, with the correct motivation, if you're geared toward war and conflict, you can certainly choose that instead.

    Images for Sun Tau/Moon Lib: cream tea for two...a computer produces a beautiful painting.

    Considering the vulnerability of the Pentagon's hackable computer systems, and the impossibility of a computer-generated painting having any life in it at all, this is not comforting. And "Cream for two" sounds like the old country, doesn't it?

    The Pentagon has a Chiron/Pluto conjunction in Leo, the midpoint of which is opposite the "Medina degree" of 6 AQ...the position of planet Neptune when Mohammed entered Medina--the beginning of Islam.

    Chiron/Pluto is a signature of Plutocracy, class warfare, racism, and oppression. The two were parallel in mid-August of 2004. (Parallels are similar to strong conjunctions, and are a handy timing device. The Bush war cabal was hunkering down bigtime around then with criticisms multiplying like DC fleas and lobbyists.)

    So with the Chiron/Pluto pair rising, Plutocracy and its evils are personalized within the hatching of this entity.

    And with the Cancer/Capricorn axis on the Asc/Desc, security concerns are of the utmost, yet there is eternal discontent and dissatisfaction with these issues. Is that part of the reason why neocons had to find another enemy after the "Cold War" ended? Lost without an enemy--at loose ends, were they? Great (insert: derision.)

    So--we have a military industrial complex that is bringing doom upon its own head and unfortunately for The Sheeple, upon ours as well. (Insert: extra helping of derision.)

    And they have the audacity to call it "protection."

    jc Jan 17 2006 2:52 pm est Update: 10.7.06 6:45 pm edt

    See Pentagon's natal chart here


    More about YODs: ATOM SPLIT Chart

    "Paradox" is a keyword associated with the inconjunct (aka quincunx) aspect of 150 degrees.

    It's the square-peg-in-a-round hole, back-against-the-wall, stalemate aspect of genius, and often of complete despair along with it...the pain of creativity.

    Two inconjuncts from two or more planets in sextile (60deg) aspect with each other, and pointing to a third planet/s, make up the YOD pattern, aka The Finger of God.

    If you're familiar with the Torah's silver bookmark which holds the place where the next reading will start, you can see that it may also relate to a special task in life...an imperative from On High.

    (And I don't mean the imagined kind, as evidenced by the fact that George Bush does not have a YOD in his natal or progressed charts. He may be hearing voices in his earphoned head, but they ain't from That direction.)

    The YOD pattern can show us that from impossible situations, great solutions may arise, although possibly accompanied by difficulties which may include health problems or even death.

    The best advice if you have a YOD in your chart is to wait--yes, wait. A solution will come in time--patience is, in these cases, very much a virtue. Others may not understand why you don't "DO SOMETHING" about the situation, but often their very criticisms are part of the stalemate, and "doing something" usually makes these types of situations worse.

    Dare to Wait!

    Jan 17 2006 11:14 am est

    >>ATOM SPLIT sec progr'd 2006:

    Sad note: After typing the above, my attention was directed to the Atom Split Chart (Dec 2, 1942 4:22 pm CWT Chicago), and when I progressed it to today, there was a YOD of the most worrisome variety, I regret to tell you. Will study more closely as time permits--but the basic picture of this pattern is:

    Saturn/Pluto = Mars: ruthlessness; brutality; assault or violence; necessity to fight for one's existence; maltreatment.

    Not what I wanted to see. (And you remember, I'm sure, that Saturn and Pluto were opposite one another on 9/11/01...violence, war, cruelty, loss.)

    >>UPDATE: Easter Sunday April 16 2006:

    Yes, the YOD in the ATOM SPLIT Chart is still in effect, so with Bush's archer's eye on Iran's nuclear assumptions, here's some info on Apex Mars in a YOD formation:

    Apex Mars needs to make adjustments concerning his aggressive instincts--he tends to plunge into activities without a sense of purposeful direction resulting in non-productive energy expenditure and self-defeat.

    Displaced anger may be shown with hostility aimed at inappropriate targets. This YOD presents an acute crisis situation which compels Mars to dynamic and courageous action and daring.

    If this YOP situation/crisis is mismanaged, there will be fateful and crucial consequences due to the rash or disruptive actions of Apex Mars.<<

    4.16.06 2:46 pm edt #

    And, of course, today is the launch of 'New Horizons'--we're off to Pluto, people, for after ruining THIS planet, what else can we grievously meddle with?

    'New Horizons'...the ironically-named probe which will take "about 10 years" to reach Pluto's vicinity. Nice to know they think we've got 10 years considering the current infestaton of "world leaders" who have their claws on The Button, and their hooves on our throats. (Obviously, New Horizons ended up with a late start due to weather conditions, but is on its way now.)

    jc 12:15 pm

    Have just added a link to an amazing site: Sea and Sky. Go to end of my Links List for a visit--it has so much stuff, I can't tell ya--both cosmic AND undersea wonders!

    Jan 16, 2006

    False senator

    To mark the tenor of the times, and because I couldn't resist, I'm putting a link to a new portrait--drawn today, posted tonight--of a False senator.

    This is not to point a finger at Washington--I've only got ten of 'em--but to post a ha ha Dreamyfish alert. And while they may share the idealism of big dreams, only one has a love of ill-fitting toupees.

  • False senator
  • Jan 15, 2006

    Backlashes, Whips, and the Ground Hog

    Ground Hog Day in DC Feb 2 2006:

    With profuse apologies to innocent ground hogs the world over, here are a few comments on the chart for the Congressional session of Feb 2 which supposedly will entail "secret ballots" by House Repubs trying to save their snarly ground-hoggish hides.

    Or so says Roy Blunt, who seems to believe he has the required majority (117) of members "on his side." And Boehner has said he has 90 members supporting him, whatever that means.

    Well, we already know that math isn't the strong suit of these spendthrifts, so we'll have to see how the arm-twisting shakes out when the diebolds are cast.

    Until then, Blunt is longing to retain the Whip o'Power, while the rest of us retain the certainty that they could All use a serious whippin' in the middle of town square.

    And Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is predicting backlashes in the country--I assume he means from US voters who are in favor of the Soup Line Agenda of the GOP and the undermining of settled law--if filibusters or obstacles are put in the GOP's way by Democrats who he apparently thinks don't represent anybody. (Well, that may be true considering their Invertebrateness' wormy actions since the GOP couped America.)

    So let's consider this difficult chart for this "pivotal moment" for us all--not just the GOP--and try to ferret out some secrets of the hidden Ground Hog:

    The first thing I notice is that NN (a joining, meeting, or destiny point) is rising with the Moon (the public; publicity) in tow...America is watching and destiny is at hand. Moon/NN can also mean meetings with females, of course, or spiritual associations.

    The Sabian Symbol (MEJ*) for the Ascendant degree (what's coming up) is
    "6 Aries": "a square brightly lighted on one side."

    Keyword: SET...pos: the absolute unimpeachability of a genuine self-direction.
    neg: complete loss of self-efficacy in a surrender to frustration.

    Hmm-m-m...guess GOP hearing aids have heard the calls across the nation for Bush's impeachment, and they're in their usual "ram it through" mode. Perhaps that's the ultimate reason for this changing of the masks...?

    The rising Moon's Symbol "10 Aries": "a man teaching new forms for old symbols."
    (Could it be the new boss will be the same as old boss? Figures.)

    Keyword: INTERPRETATION...pos: exceptional capacity for putting every part of an individual's heritage to work.

    neg/shadow side: witless distortion of values and twisted perspective in general events. (Guess "distorted values" is at the base of it, and "twisted perspective" they've got plenty of...ya gotta have that for the spin factor to be successful.)

    Now how about that "square brightly lighted on one side"? Look at the Jupiter/Neptune square, the midpoint of which is at Mc--the Aspiration/"WHY"
    point of the chart--you'll see the application of this midpoint picture:

    Jup/Nep = Mc: speculator; fortune hunter; visionary; spendthrift; damage through thoughtlessness.

    With transit Jupiter 17Sco28 now pouncing directly upon Congress' natal Neptune 17Sco16, this particular transit highlights the importance of the midpoint picture. (When using Astrology, one always looks for echoes of the same theme--the more echoes, the more important and likely to manifest, but only if supported in the natal chart.) So here is an illumination of a square as indicated.

    The energies of Jupiter and Neptune in combination are: idealism; self-indulgences; rumor and scandal; tricky legalisms; speculation; philosophy. So we see how the emphasis of Jup/Nep at the top of the chart for all to see will be influencing this "pivotal moment" for our "representatives" who've gone astray like hapless little ground hogs. (Let's not forget WE'RE the sheeple around here.)

    (How interesting, too, that Neptune is once again upon "18AQ"...the "Unmasking degree"..."a man's secret motives are being publicly unmasked." Guess we'll find out the results of their "secret ballots" soon enough. And maybe another mask will slip out of place--we can always hope. Someone's on the spit, that's for sure.)

    Jupiter to Neptune: deceptions; delusions; fanaticism; paranoia; scandal; drugs; promotion...are some of the likely manifestations of this transit. The scandal is obvious, the deceptions and propaganda common, and you'd be paranoid, too if you thought you were about to be outed for the crook you are and have your gravy train retired between stations. Plus, Jup and Nep both are at the same degree, indicating a fated situation, you may as well know.

    So now you'll want to notice rebellious, disruptive Uranus in the behind-the-scenes 12th house--where secret deals are made behind the veiled curtain.

    Who could this be?

    It's someone who likes to appear conventional on the outside while being quite the maverick in the privacy of his lair...someone who loves progressive ideas and has something of a split personality...one who's prone to expressing self-will in unconventional ways and considers himself a humanitarian who knows what's good for everybody. Read previous post, Chiron/Uranus Types in Government, if you haven't...you may find a clue there:

  • Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

  • And one more thing--Mercury, the communicator, conjunct Neptune (Merc/Nep = deceptive communications; inspired speech; propaganda)...Mercury is hanging onto "18AQ", although about to go on to "19", so perhaps this young person (Mercury is young people, and can also be a trickster, y'know) is one who will make an announcement or otherwise show himself a convincing orator since:

    Asc/Mc = Mercury: use of one's critical faculties; exchange of thoughts; a frank discussion.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say Rep John Shadegg is in the Playhouse and may be given a bigger part to play in the future, if he has his way, and assuming he has no shadowy baggage come to light...unmasking is a constant threat with these skeleton-keepers.

    Well, I don't know if the ground hog will see his shadow or not on Feb 2, but the House of Reps may see the shadow on the wall, if they're smart, and know that the gravy train has left the station with their sacrificed members riding the loose caboose of shame.

    Think they're going to brazen it out as if a cosmetic change will suffice when it's the heart that's rotten? Hmm-m-m...well

    ...there are three asteroids at the top of the chart, too--squished between Pluto (the real power behind the throne, and in the 9th house of foreign lands) and the Mc/Aspiration point, and they are:

    Pallas (strategy), Panacea (a band-aid for a gaping wound, in this case), and Morya, who likes to end things at the proper time. Her keywords are: what we must endure, accept, and transcend. Sounds like they'll give it the old GOP try, doesn't it? Panacean strategies, indeed...but Morya isn't to be trifled with and avoiding her may pause but it doesn't refresh.

    And now, here's some enlightening spin from former Rep, Vin Weber (R-MN):

    "The problem we're facing today is that that hardwork effort to define a reform conservative agenda has taken a backseat to simply political tactical efforts to retain power."

    Well, that's ONE way of looking at it...hanging on with their last claw and hoof.

    But it seems to me that the "conservative agenda" is successfully resulting in the undermining of our social nets, dissolving of our borders, and meddling completely in all three branches of government--you mean there's MORE in store?

    Retain all the Whips o'Power you can for now, naked emps all, and I'll retain the certainty I began with--that they ALL need a good whippin' right about NOW, whether the ground hog sees his shadow or not.

    Jan 15 2006 9:03 pm est

    Jan 14, 2006

    Chart Analysis, Yes!

    Had a couple of requests concerning chart interpretations: do I do them?

    The answer is yes. The report contains such features as your Sun/Moon personality blend with Images for Integration, your Eclipse Series with past and upcoming dates, along with other basic info, including 12th house and outer planet evolutionry/transpersonal (esp applicable since the Millenium began), and other goodies... usually 15-25 pp in length depending on your placements, emailed or snail-mailed to your door. This Report requires: birth date, place, and time.

    If you aren't sure of your birth time, this Report may be done with only your birth date: a Basic Personality Blend Report, $40 US, is for you, Eclipse Series info included. Get your toe wet with this one!

    Also will consider horary questions, preferrably sent by email...and if you don't know what that is, you probably don't need one! ;)

    Update 10.8.06: in process of setting up PayPal payment...stay tuned if you're interested.

    SO'W gives you Reasonable Prices...details available upon request--don't delay!

    email Jude at starsoverwash@earthlink.net

    jc Jan 14 2006 8:29 pm est Update: Feb 18 2006 9:01 pm

    Jan 13, 2006

    Alito Hearings Buh Bye!

    In today's chart for the final day of hearings, Capitol Building, there are two YOD patterns (Finger of God) influencing the day:

    Neptune/Mc = Moon: misinterpretation of observations and perceptions; active and fanciful imagination.

    And because the Moon has conjuncted the US natal Sun (and thereby the natal Sun of George Bush) just prior to 9:30 am, the Nep/Mc sextile is also pointing directly at

    the US Sun: putting on an act; hiding one's character by the pretense of qualities one hasn't got; indecisiveness.

    Moon/Mars = Mc: a woman with strong principles; a forceful nature.

    Sounds like another jolly show for America.

    More to come...

    jc Jan 13 2006 9:20 am est

    Update (after electrical storm): You know I've had it with the Capitol Hill Theater this week.

    Not that I haven't noticed in past performances that they lo-o-o-ove to hear the sound of their own voices, but this week was put on for public show with the real deals and decisions made behind the door before the curtain went up.

    Now I've fussed here and elsewhere about the illusory "Dems vs Repubs" smokescreen, so I won't rehash it now except to say that if taxpayer money HAD to be spent on this badly-acted tripe, please don't sell me season tickets...

    ...especially if Mrs Alito is in the running for an Oscar nomination, for if she is, she shouldn't accept, and if she's awarded, she should keep her day job and refuse to show up.

    That would be ONE grueling, annoying spectacle we'd be spared. Sheesh.

    Jan 13 2006 6:00 pm est

    ps: wonder if Kate Michaelman (sp?) is the "woman with strong principles" mentioned above...? Too bad the old men won't be listening to her testimony.

    Be sure to read Cenk Uygur's HuffPost: Why Sam Alito Threatens Our Democracy. There's a HuffPost link on Links List, if you can't get there by yourself! ;0)

    Link to previous Alito Nomination Chart's Comments from Dec 2 here:

    Stars Over Washington :Alito Nomination Oct 31 2005

    Link to previous post d'explanation on America & its Freemasonry connection, and the inspiration for this blog:

    Stars Over Washington: Why"Stars Over Washington"?

    Jan 12, 2006

    Samuel Alito April 1, 1950

    Here I will consider the chart of Samuel Alito set for sunrise on his day of birth.

    Not having his birth time, we must consider two Sun/Moon combos since before 7:40 pm, the Moon was in Virgo...but after 7:40 pm, his combo would be Aries/Libra. The odds are, within the 24-hour period, he was born pre-7:40 pm, Moon in Virgo.

    And yet with Libra's Scales of Justice, it's tempting to assume his Moon would be in Libra...so I shall list both--see which you think applies more closely to the man they call Alito...

    Sun Aries/Moon Virgo: administrative skills; bossy yet diffident; practical perfectionist; straightforward and direct; impulsive yet orderly; outspoken but timid; a natural modesty, but impatient to be where the action is and take command of the show due to definite ideas about how things should be done...

    argumentative; judgmental; can be self-effacing, disciplined, and conventional; can flourish in senior management but finds the earlier rungs of the ladder frustrating; master/servant issues which can be resolved by becoming an expert in a specialized area; detail-oriented; good teacher.

    ...Greatest Weaknesses: intolerance of others' weaknesses; self-doubt; prone to feelings of guilt; may stand in the shadows and sabotage self-initiative with extreme self-criticism.

    Images: a remembrance that the perfect is the enemy of the good...a surgeon performs a daring operation...a metalworker forges an intricate masterpiece.

    Interesting to note that this is JP Morgan's natal Sun/Moon combo, so here's a quote from the dearly departed:

    I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do, I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do. (This seems to be the common order of the day, doesn't it? Describes Washington and the corporate system of America better than ever before.)

    Here's Sun Aries/Moon Libra:

    Ambitious but hates striving; sometimes lazy; forthright; charming; eager to please, so a natural diplomat; vivacious and outgoing; self-centered but kind-hearted; ingenious; chivalrous; amorous; intellectually precocious; harbors heroic inner picture of self; instinct for justice and cooperation; desperate to be accepted; idealistic and hopeful; charming, convivial host; artistic talents.

    ..Greatest Weaknesses: vacillation--to think great guns, then peter out; need for appreciation may fuel vanity; tendency to rest on laurels.

    Images: a conductor leads an orchestra with passionate conviction and a vibrant, pulsing oraganism of musical perfection is created to the ecstatice uplifting of the audience. (That should be easy to watch for, if so.)

    >Here are a couple of quotes now from two natives who had this combo once upon a time, and still do--transits continue to influence charts of those long gone--Mozart's chart and Ben Franklin's are being triggered and highlighted this year!

    William Hazlitt: The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.

    Arnold Toynbee: No annihilation without representation. (Argh.)

    Well, if I knew Sam better, I could make a better guess, but I have a feeling we'll be knowing him better for a long time.

    Wish I had more time this morning to continue with the day's grilling, etc...I don't, but one thing I want to mention as far as Alito's joining the S-Court--it is NOW his Nodal Return! Right now, and when the North Node of the Moon returns to its natal position, it is a joining time...a time of new associations and beginnings.

    Plus, his Solar Eclipse Series--the one he was born into--is 6 North which concerns one's relationship to authority, and the taking over of responsibilities and commitments which occur because of another's inability to carry on due to illness or unreliability. Sounds about right, si, Justice O'Connor?

    Interesting that the last Eclipse in the 6N Series actually occurred April 19, 2004, which is, I believe, the approximate time Alito would've been approached about the SC opening.

    Now I realize others may have been approached also, but I just can't seem to shake the notion that the Harriet Miers nomination was a red herring, and Sam Alito was the big fish all along. Which would make Miers a red herring who was shining us on along with the cheeky, canny Cancerian, George!

    Hope to post later this evening on the hearings today---esp since Pisces now rises at 9:30 am over the Capitol Building--no more of that humanitarian Aquarian...seems the big fish is in the House and the Grill's fired up!

    Yall have a great day...

    Jude Jan 12 2006 11:13 am est

    Jan 17 Update: now that the hearings are over and I've heard more comments on this man they call Alito from those-in-the-know, I have to vote for Moon in Virgo--he's such a hard and diligent worker, as I'd assumed...not lazy enough for a Libra Moon!
    (All apologies to you Libra Moons out there--but you Do Have a lazy streak--you Know you do!) ;)

    jc 12:47 pm est

    ps: views of all charts in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.20.06

    Jan 9, 2006

    Alito Questioning Begins Jan 10 2006

    Well, it's Monday evening and I've just had time to look at charts of the Alito Hearings which began today, and to compare them with tomorrow morning's 9:30 beginning of the questions which will be lobbed and/or softballed to the aspiring Supreme Court Justice.

    Since we're comparing two charts/events which are so close in time, it may be interesting to consider them based on a simple criteria--mainly let's look at midpoint pictures, and any patterns/configurations hanging over the Capitol Building, and the differences between today's statements vs tomorrow's questions and answers. Where midpoint pics have two or more possibilities, it's a 'one or more' kind of selection.

    Monday Jan 9, 2006 12:59 pm est:

    Mars in Taurus having just arisen, the Moon also rises in Taurus. Moon in 1st house is often a good start and certainly indicates publicity, if nothing else. And in an event chart it is an indicator of the public or populace, and we actually did get a shout-out or two today, didn't we? (Remember us, pompous politicians o'mine?)

    But let's not forget the shadow side of Taurus while we're at it, for we may need to refer to it later in the hearings process: stubborness, intolerance, and greed.

    The 1st midpoint pic is Moon/Mars = Asc: taking over leadership.

    While it's tempting to assume this refers to Alito (and it may), it could simply refer to Arlen Specter chairing the hearing.

    Note: Chart-ruler, Venus, is Rx which does not favor a good outcome, yet the applying aspects of Venus are quite decent...she trines the Moon, then the Midheaven (Aspiration Point), then conjuncts the Sun. Still that may only describe today's goings on, and the hearing did get a lot of press coverage including a special report on NPR which will be ongoing.

    Here are the other midpoint pictures for the afternoon of Jan 9:

    Mercury/Mc = Sun: forming one's philosophy of life; tackling life's problems; harmony. (At 9:30 am tomorrow, this one morphs into Merc/Mc = Pluto--an interesting change, as you'll see.)

    Venus/Uranus = Neptune: sensitivity; receptiveness.

    Jupiter/NN = Venus: pleasant conduct with others.

    Pluto/Asc = Uranus: success at all costs; constant anxiety; restlessness; upsets.

    And here's a doozy that's been in effect for a while now every time Neptune moseys into the center between 'em:

    Pluto/NN = Neptune: power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost.
    (That's two "win at any cost"s.)

    And Pluto/NN is 'meeting the powerful', while Jupiter/NN (above) is 'meeting the wealthy'. Pretty much describes our favorite pols, doesn't it? Sam Alito has certainly been meeting both lately.

    And, as you know, Neptune and Pluto are big players in the propaganda game.

    Now these T-square pics have been in effect for weeks--part of the Fixed Grand Cross I've previously mentioned, and will be in effect Tuesday naturally:

    Mars/Jup = Neptune: failures; falsehoods. And...
    Saturn/Neptune = Mars: preoccupations which are difficult to explain.

    Another T-sq: Jup/Asc = Neptune: hoping for luck; disappointments; losses.

    There is a YOD formed above us in the last several days, and as you know, YODs describe adjustment, back-against-the-wall situations, and/or can have a health connotation...and it's pointing to authoritarian, Saturn. Dick Cheney's health is in the news now so you may want to see my 'best guess' list of the actors represented by the Fixed Grand Cross planets here:

  • Stars Over Washington
  • Saturn = Cheney + Iraqi Election

    But Saturn in Leo is claiming or restricting other leaders also, as we know, such as Ariel Sharon, but that's miles away, and we're focusing here on the US bellybutton, so let's have the midpoint pic for the YOD ("Finger of God") pattern:

    Mercury/Uranus = Saturn: separation; intolerance (again); trying always for quick extrication; desire for liberation; the correct grasp of a situation and the attainment of advancement in life.

    One picture for Monday that's not easy to translate, but which I believe relates directly to Alito is that of Midheaven (Aspiration Point) which has the midpoint of Venus (values)/Chiron, the Healer, sitting upon it.

    This speaks to initiatory rites of self-transformation--an intense concentration of powers in preparation for the pursuit of the Quest. (If you get a chance, refer yourself back to my Alito Nomination Chart/comments, esp on Uranus at the foundation of the Chart). Joining the SCOTUS would be a definite self-transformation, if he can pull it off, and his Quest is what's on a lot of peoples' minds--hidden though he may attempt to keep it. And yet--Astrology doesn't lie--but men do!

    Now for Jan 10, the additional pics added to the conflagration:

    Mars/Mc = Asc: self-confidence; success. (Bet he got plenty of pep talkin' and cheerleadin' overnight, ya think?)

    Sun/NN = Asc: seeking contacts.

    Nep/Plu = Sun: sensitivity; prone to external influences.

    Merc/Jup = Mc: a good speaker; wealth of ideas; success in one's vocation.

    Merc/Mc = Plu (the morphed one--from the sunny Sun to dark Pluto!): pursuit of fanatical aims; excessive ambition; a turn in one's career; obstinate pursuit of a particular aim or objective.

    Uran/Mc = Venus: quick response.

    And add to the T-squares mentioned above, another:

    Moon/Mc = Ura: nervousness; emotional crisis; upset through a female. (Wonder who that might be? If a lady personage causes something of a squawk this week, you can say you expected it!)

    Similar to the Jan 9 Chart, the one for Jan 10,9:30 am, has two planets 'embracing' the Ascendant--Aquarius is rising, btw, and the two happen to be our old favorites--the significators of the New World Order--none other than...(insert sour note)...

    Uranus and Neptune! Yep, we get:

    Uran/Nep = Asc: instability; hypersensitivity.

    Now that's not so scary-sounding as midpoint pictures go, but it's more: it's a reminder that the globalism of the NWO may be riding in on the coat tails of Right-to-Lifers who've been propagandized to believe that overturning Roe v Wade IS the Quest.

    And given the abundance of Idealism in the Charts and of the people involved, I'd say that's probably part of it, but only a part. Perhaps I should put in a 'disclaimer' here: abortion used as birth control is abominable, yet I do not believe a bunch of politicians belong in an examining room. They never should've stuck their nosy snoots into it, imho.

    I decry the cynical, partisan use of honest peoples' emotional and dearly-held beliefs in the sanctity of life--in fact, I share that belief. And while Roe vs Wade got women out of back alleys and away from dirty coathangers, it was the churches' responsibility to give them direction on such difficult and life-altering decisions...and it was society who should've made better provisions for unwanted children.

    Even now our adoption system is broke-tore-up, and our foster care system is scandalous, yet our politicians "can't afford" to aid dependent children, as they recently said while grooving on another tax cut for themselves and for their elite friends. And they were simultaneously lining their piggybanks with AbeScan money, too! Such little multi-taskers they are!!

    Yes, there is much that needs repair in America, and if our 'representatives' want to DO something, I suggest they get busy on the peoples' business they've ignored for so long. And if Sam Alito joins the SC as a stealth bomber to 'pay off' the religious right for helping the Bushies take over the White House, even they will be unpleasantly surprised at the rest of Alito's baggage.

    Years ago I came across this: a nation whose unborn children are not safe is on the way down. On this I must concur. But the rest of the reform Alito seems to have in mind makes me shudder to the core with dread for America and for the Americans yet to be born.

    Not to mention the rest of the world. (Insert frowny face.)

    Jude Jan 9 2006 11:40 pm est

    Jan 8, 2006

    Tom DeLay's Chart and Jan 30 2006

    Note: Jan 17--seems Congress may reconvene on Jan 31, so the Jan 30 chart may or may not apply. Will check on the situation as time permits, but for now, I'll leave this post as is. Guess the 30th could still be the day of the "secret ballot"....?

    Before I mention a few things about Mr DeLay's natal chart and about the sunrise Chart for Jan 30, 2006, Capitol Hill Building--the apparent change of Republican leadership in Congress--let me say that it is not my intention to make merry of a man's time of trouble. But it is my contention that "godfather" DeLay has brought this upon himself (most troubles being self-created, as we know), and so his taking responsibility for the pickle he's in is a must of crisis proportions.

    Whether he'll improve his behavior or not, the charts do not say...and since one's planetary placements don't take away one's free will, it's Mr DeLay's decision what he chooses to do with what he's been given in life, and what lessons he takes to heart, if any, from these difficult times.

    Born in April, 1947, he is less than one year younger than President Bush, and so both are suffering now from Saturn's visit to natal Pluto, planet of power, spying, coping ability, manipulation, tremendous riches, and transformation. (I asume you are aware of certain basics--ex: that planets operate on many levels in our dualistic world, and at various times. Their actions have influence on a particular chart based on the condition of the applicable planets in that chart.)

    Saturn's restrictive, lesson-bringing functions are on view for all the world to see, and because these men are in public office--I won't say, public "service"--therefore America is suffering, too, with authority issues out the wazoo.

    Any combo of Saturn and Pluto shows 'the magician' or, negatively, organized crime.
    Hardship, violence, and cruelty are usually involved with these two heavyweights, as we certainly know from their opposition which was in force on 9/11/01...with the poor little Earth in the middle of 'em. And it echoes still.

    In the interests of space and time, I will confine my comments on DeLay's natal chart to his Sun Aries/Moon Scorpio blend, and degree Symbols for his Sun and Moon (for now anyway):

    This is a powerful, intense, self-dramatizing combo which results in a deep need for appreciation and applause from peers...in fact, the limelight is frequently sought. If applause is not forthcoming or is interrupted, there can be retreat into brooding bitterness, and a heightening of self-destructive tendencies.

    Ways will always be found--direct or indirect--to achieve the ambitions coupled with a singleminded dedication to pushing one's plans through against all obstacles.
    There is a natural gift for leadership and strategy, and the secret weapon? Self-belief. Ambitious, forceful, and charismatic, this personality always tends to get what it wants, one way or another.

    ...Greatest Weaknesses: narcissism; insatiable hunger for recognition; overbearing and ruthless self-assertion; impatience and a determination to put self first.

    Images: The Godfather films...Charlie Chaplin rescues a maiden in distress...a passionate woman sells herself for her cause.

    The (MEJ*) Sabian Symbols for Sun and Moon:

    Sun "19 Aries"**: "The magic carpet." PANORAMA.

    Pos: full realization of broad endowment which every man can make his own.

    Neg/shadow side: detachment from ordinary living and scorn for its responsibilities.

    Moon (the reigning need)"30 Scorpio": "The Halloween jester." SPONTANEOUSNESS.

    Pos: a gift for making the desires and ambitions of self not only of interest but of actual value to others.

    Neg: ineptness of self-expression and contempt for established values.

    >Given the situation at present, "scorn" and "contempt" may be coming Mr DeLay's way rather than the other way around.

    ><>Now a bit on the Jan 30 sunrise chart:

    Rising is Sun, Mercury, Neptune (at the "Unmasking" degree), Moon, and the disruptive rebel in Pisces, Uranus.

    The degree Symbol for Sun/Ascendant (what's coming up this day):

    "10 AQ": "A popularity that proves ephemeral." APPROBATION. (No one stays on top forever.)

    Pos: a gift for bringing the issues of life to a dramatic consummation at a time of crisis. (Shall we get this 'election' over with? Damage control is more palatable if done quickly.)

    Neg: prodigal opportunism. (Yeah? Not a big surprise considering DeLay's connections to K St lobbyists including Jack Abramoff.) Seems opportunism has come home to roost.

    Having outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, in first house indicates events out of one's personal control, so we'll see how things grind along...there could be tears and deception (Neptune) and unexpected setbacks (Uranus). And, of course, their Great Conjunction of 1993 gives us the New World Order Chart--the start of which is immortalized in the "strong-armed paternalism" of "18Cap" which we all have reason to fear. (You may view comments on the NWO Chart on this blog, if you wish.)

    Mr DeLay's natal Moon 29Sco47, is at the very tip top of the Jan 30 Chart--his reigning needs are out there for all to see...refer to the above "30 Scorpio" info, pos and neg. Looks like actual values will be going mano a mano with DeLay-style contempt for them.

    (And as you know, 29 degrees of any sign is a 'crisis' point--very high frequency, impatient--although I've used here the rounding up method for this Sabian Symbol because it seems to make more sense for the man himself and for this particular day's events.)

    Sad to say, there is a brutal and catastrophic flavor to this chart. And at 9:30 am when Congress usually opens for business, I believe--the Aries Point of prominence is rising, showing that America can so easily affect the entire world for ill or for good. She seems imperialistically to have forgotten the good.

    Jan 8 2006 10:45 pm est

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. And DeLay will remove his royal self from Congress by June and infest Virginia--lucky Virginia. 5.20.06 12:35 pm edt


    *Dr Marc Edmund Jones

    **Reminds me of my comment on DeLay's being called on the "magic carpet" by those who are really in control in Jan 7 post.

    2 Questions of the Morning Jan 8 2006

    #1 Why does Congress even HAVE an "Ethics" Committee? Obviously they've forgotten the meaning of the word, "ethics"..."committee" they know.

    #2 What happens when Tom DeLay stops the botox? I don't want to be standing near him either.

    Note: Working today on charts of Tom DeLay and of Jan 30, 2006, Sunrise Over the Capitol Building. I figure even if the Republican Election/Selection Theater (New Leadership, Act I, Scene I) doesn't play out precisely on Jan 30, it'll still be generally instructive to compare the day with Mr DeLay's chart/s to see how he's holding up and all.

    Check back later on!

    Jude Jan 8 2006 2:26 pm (Happy B-Day, Elvis)

    Jan 7, 2006

    White House Pivots Abruptly on DeLay

    Flip flop-itis affects the White House today as spokeswoman, Erin Healy, is paid big bucks to announce that the administration is now endorsing Hot Tub Tom's decision to abandon his bid as House Majority Leader.

    In a letter to the Republican rank and file (most of whom don't deserve the rank and may be needing a file), DeLay spins that he "cannot allow our adversaries to divide and distract our attention."

    Is Tom in a position to "allow" very much these days?

    "Adversaries"? Don't the American people expect jokers like Hot Tub to work together on OUR business?

    To Hastert, he writes that the Majority Leader's job and "the mandate of the Republican majority are too important to be hamstrung, even for a few months, by personal distractions."

    "Mandate" is a scary word coming from Hot Tub's mouth, and "distractions" isn't a word many would use for his legal and ethical woes were they to land themselves in his tasseled loafers.

    And his so-called "majority" is turning out to be fringed, especially with the Republican rats deserting the ship...thanks to Abramoff's forced uncovering of the joint Congressional cesspool now being highlighted for the public. (Too bad for America that Jack didn't call on the Almighty a long time ago BEFORE he got caught.)

    "Hamstrung", he says? LOL...perhaps he's been hiding the crooked salami so long, he wouldn't know a hamstrung from a hole in an "Ethics" Committee. (Which reminds me--why does he walk like he's got a corncob up his patootie? This I've always wondered.)

    So the White House spin is to put the "interests of the American people" at the beginning of the list of things DeLay is so concerned about that he just HAD to abandon his bid to retake the reins as "The Godfather" (the image for DeLay's natal Sun/Moon combo!)...being the good American that he is and all.

    Kinda sounds like it was George who had an offer TOM couldn't refuse, doesn't it? Or perhaps the shadowy figures who are really in control called him on the magic carpet.

    Either way, I hope Ms. Healy got LOTS of moola for spinning this web o'crap--but legally. She'll be checking her pay envelope next Friday.

    As you know, it was the petition circulated Friday by Jeff Flake (AZ) and Charles Bass (NH) calling for leadership elections "quickly" (Jan 30) which galvanized DeLay to act on giving up the fight for now. (Muted trumpet: Wa-ah Wah-h-h...)

    Flake says Republicans need "a course correction", not just new leadership, but, as we know, politicians will say or do anything to save their hides...crooked salamis notwithstanding. "Culture of corruption needs course of correction", I agree--just don't send it deeper underground--reem it on out. Roto Rooter may need to be called to The Swamp...and make that Without Delay, who may be busy doing a spin in the pen.

    So if there's a larger picture to this travesty of greed and corruption being revealed (and enabled for years) inside the US Congress which once was a decent institution--not perfect, being made up of human beings, but decent--it's this administration's desire to tear down all systems of American government until chaos reigns, so that we-the-sheeple will accept ANYTHING they put in its place...even a global New World Order.

    So, m'peops: can we see the dire threat in our midst? No? Then how about the corncob hidden up our collective patootie?

    See>Chiron/Uranus Types in Government:

  • Stars Over Washington: Chiron/Uranus Types in Government
  • Jan 6, 2006

    Jan 6: 2187 American Dead

    And many more Iraqis.

    Here's Another Duh Moment of the Moment:

    Democrats favored to "control Congress" in AP-Ipsos poll, 49% to 36%...poll taken in the wake of Abramoff's mea culpa.

    But...will the new boss be same as the old boss? Unfortunately, that's another Duh for America.

    Jan 4, 2006

    US Congress Opens for Biz 11/17/1800

    Given the rumpus and upheavals in Congress these days from Jack Abramoff's testimony and from Samuel Alito's hearing scheduled to begin on Jan 9 (the very day of Congress' Mars (conflict, quarrels, action) Return to its natal position, let us cast an objective, if squinty, astrological eye upon the basic nature of this august body in light of 2006's freefall melee of greed and corruption.

    I'm looking at the cosmic snapshot of little baby Congress' first session--its very entrance into the world of form and substance. Records indicate that Congress opened its mewling craw at 9:30 am, Nov 17, 1800, so let us consider the hallowed beginnings of its unseemly underbelly whose fleas are bailing in droves--left and right, circa 2006.

    First let's consider its Sun Scorpio/Moon Sagittarius combo for some info on its basic traits:

    This personality blend gives a zeal for truth, great integrity, an investigative and probing mind (they do love to "probe", don't they?), and a generally good mix of idealism with realism. (This last is interesting in view of the current Saturn (realism) opposition to Neptune (idealism) in process of lining up now. Seems to be uncovering and--dare I say it--"unmasking" dark places and faces.)

    ...Greatest Weaknesses of this combo: tendency to moralize and expect the world to conform to your views; sudden obstinacy; fanaticsm; tendency to be holier-than-thou because bending the rules can threaten your integrity which is more precious to you than all the gold in Aladdin's Cave. (Perhaps they should consult with present-day Aladdins on that one. That might be one attitude they could 'jettison' along with Abramoff's dirty money); and (as we frequently observe), a leaning toward the puffery of hubris.

    Images: An alien appears and reveals a glimpse of the child's future as a famous astro-physicist...Picasso's Guernica (wish the august body had mustered up the nerve to BE and VOTE anti-war--then even Picasso could've been proud of the little goose-steppers if they'd had consciences devoted to peace rather than war at the drop of a presidential power grab)...a child gazes at the night sky, captivated by the mystery of dark space. (Hmm-m...that last sounds like our F-Masonry beginnings to me. And 'an alien' sounds like our Martian of 2006 lurking in the shallowed halls!)

    And since Mars Returns on an auspicous day as mentioned above, let's look at the Sun/Moon traits for the Jan 9, 2006 Mars Return chart, with Mr. Mars very possibly representing Abramoff on one level, Alito on another--or Rove, or perhaps Chertoff:

    Sun Cap/Moon Tau: sensible realist; frugal; resourceful; loyal; shrewd; possessive.

    ...Greatest Weaknesses: attachment to familiar routine; an overly materialistic and pedantic approach; inflexible system of values (well, it doesn't specify "pos" or "neg" values--just "values".)

    Image: a wealthy grandfather opens a savings account for his granddaughter on the day of her birth. (Of course he does.)

    Also concerning this particular Sun/Moon combo: it's the natal blend of Sen Barry Goldwater. One of his more well-known quotes: "A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away." Tah dah-h-h.

    There are at least two other dates for 2006 which are applicable: June 23 (which directly concerns George Bush), and Nov 10, which is the first of Mercury's Return to the HoSec Chart--#1 of 3...won't bore you with the details, but I plan to post on them as events warrant with this bunch of miscreants in the House who, although they had a fairly decent start in life as part of an august body, have taken a wrong turn or two somewhere in the last 206 years. And this one's a doozy, it would seem.

    The phrase, "rotten to the core" has been coming to mind a little too often with these fruitbaskets. Contempt isn't strong enough a word, fellas. We'll see how you 'police' yourselves, if you can stop policing the American people you've duped long enough to manage it.

    Now I realize this hound dog--this child of the Revolution--is probably howling at the moon here, but the fleas of Washington have become unbearable for this particular puppy. And if our jihadist enemies will step back long enough to give us our usual self-indulgent belly-button-gazing time, we might just rid ourselves of a few of these varmints biting our collective tum-tum so viciously.

    Yep, perhaps 2006 will be the year the flea comb of truth makes a difference with the current crop of insects infesting our Capitol Building, and the relief we'll all feel will resound to America's great and common good.

    Jude Jan 4 2006 10:02 pm est

    Note: As posted Dec 18--Ariel Sharon's health worsens, while Saturn continues heavily through Leo, sign of leadership. The old soldier may not get out of this scrape.

    Link to Previous Alito Nomination post of Dec 2:
  • Stars Over Washington
  • Alito Nomination

    Jan 3, 2006

    "Spin of the Day"

    Spin of the Day:PR Watch.org

    HoSec Yawns Again

    Well, today is actually Jan 5, but here's a Sleep-Better-Tonight Shout-Out for America: our lovely "No-Fly List" has done it again--protected us even when we thought we were safe from 4-year-old boys.

    That's right, America, those naughty 4-year-olds you were concerned about won't be highjacking your plane tonight--one has been pulled aside in Houston as a protection against terroist attack of the Weebles.

    It took his Mom awhile, but she got the agent to see the light. Yet he must've noticed right away that the little guy was too short to pilot an airplane, but a superb job must be done with our tax monies, even if you look like an a** in the process.

    So stay snug, you citizens, and I will, too--for after all, Bush has our backs--or at least our phone numbers...


    Link to Homeland Security Chart's Comments:
  • Stars Over Washington
  • HoSec Is Hatched

    Jan 2, 2006

    FDR: "The Test Of Our Progress" 1937 vs 2006

    Here's a bit of Roosevelt's Inaugural speech of Jan 20, 1937:

    The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those
    who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

    Now I'm no particular fan of the president who sold out America by abolishing the gold standard, but is this the opposite of George Bush's values or is it not?

    Do the American people want Soup Lines to return across this nation or do we not?

    The fewer taxes the richer classes pay, the more the spending decisions belong to the middle class. Seems Congress needs to be reminded of this and...

    April 15th cometh, m'peops!


    Stars Over Washington: Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

    Technorati Profile

    Medicare Rx Plan 2006: Off to an "Uneven Start"

    The Bush administration's comlex, labyrinthine Medicare Drug Plan (made complicated to the point of impossiblility for the cloudy-brained, ill, and/or the elderly--so many of whom are not tech-savvy, and may have no family member to help them figure out what choices in the new plan might actually be of benefit to them) is casting a long shadow over 2006 from the start.

    And the plans our seniors do choose are subject to change...just to infuse things with more draconian flavor and disenfranchise the weakest among us a little more..."entitlement" dissolution, y'know.

    Further "progress" in the "undermine the social structure and destablize the population" techniques of George Orwellian Bush & Co?

    Well, he did say in his 'Weakly' Radio Address Saturday that he sees "progress".

    Progress in giving more tax cuts to the already obscenely wealthy, and progress in slashing care for the Unwealthy--Congress "can't afford" those lower types with their free-loading ways, they say...that "progress"??

    Seems the US government is INTENT on restoring >Soup Lines across America. Hey--here's a slogan for their propaganda banner-makers (get your felt-tips out, fellas)...The GOP: Soup Lines Across America: Make the Rich Richer.

    Yet cutting social services won't pay down their irresponsibly-incurred deficit. But socially responsible rich folk with consciences--if we can find a few--could pay their share of taxes toward reducing the national debt and toward the costs of the war the >jingoists< promoted and waged so ill-advisedly.

    Here's Alan Greenspan, or Greenspin, as I fairly call him, on cutting social aid to the ill, poor, elderly, hungry, and children (of the richest nation in the world):

    If something isn't done to TRIM BENEFIT COSTS, the RESULTING BUDGET DEFICITS
    would CAST AN EVER-LARGER SHADOW over the future living standards of Americans.

    Brilliant! Make a thinly-veiled threat to basic living standards of middle and lower class Americans while simultaneously whining that the rich might miss a Porsche payment, or not be able to fund yet another war if the needy got a bowl of soup or a prescription refilled which might keep them out of a more expensive hospital!

    Guess you've got to say something masterful for your elite pals when in London accepting an award for guiding the monetary ship you helped to steer into this reverse-Robin Hood Bay of Greed that "Can't Afford" more than taxcuts for those who don't need them.

    And what the bottomless money pit of a War is doing to the deficit ISN'T a problem?
    And giving your buddies tax breaks in perpetuity HELPS the deficit? Did Greenspin take his meds before SPEWING this speech? I know a good Rx Plan he can try to sign up for, if need be.

    And this financial "expert" is on WHOSE SIDE?

    So the good news is that the fewer taxes the rich pay into the US Treaury, the more the rest of us have to say about how our tax monies are spent. Guess that'll eventually put US in the catbird seat--able to decide where the money goes!
    Perhaps delaying our April 15th enabling of their topsy-turvy ways would throw some cold water on their high-handedness.

    Ah yes, you say, but the Bernanke Regime is gearing up in the wings.

    God help us everyone, for we are surely going to need it.

    Looking ahead into 2007, here's a post concerning similar issues which you may wish to check out.

    Jan 7: update on the complex, convoluted Rx Plan switch-over from hell...phones are being unanswered, help lines are undermanned, busy signals, etc. Some very ill Medicaid patients aren't getting their meds at all, some people aren't in the system's database at all.

    Too bad Bush can't tap these lines and hear what a mess he's made up close and personal. He has piled upon ill folk who need Someone in Washington to stand up against this criminal, unfeeling administration who are purposefully orchestrating the mess in order to undermine our social fabric with elitist crud.

    Can I get a COMPASSIONATE Conservative in the House?