Jan 27, 2006

Happy 250th, Maestro!

Concerning Mozart's natal chart: the generally-accepted birth time is from a mention in a letter by his father, who ought to know.

2006: Saturn now at 7Leo+...opposite Mozart's natal Sun, therefore conjunct his natal Neptune. Saturn/Neptune--form to music, and music into form!

He IS the best, the archetypal musician, a 5th harmonic kind of guy.

But his chart shows overpowering parental figures: Saturn conjunct Sun, and Pluto conjunct Moon...ouch and double ouch! Amazing how his music still radiates so brilliantly after such eclipsing of his spirit--or perhaps that's part of the reason why...the pain of creativity. Always a tear along with the smile, that Wolfgang.

And Jupiter(expansion) biquintile Uranus, planet of creative inspiration from On High--biquintile (144 degr) = talent, a gift. Made the mediocres jealous, I'd think. Doesn't true talent always cause jealousy?

Images for Sun AQ/Moon Sag: a distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy-dress party for her best friends...Alice in Wonderland.

And Mozart was a Freemason, too--but you knew that. The Magic Flute is all about it!
He disclosed their numbered secrets and was soon dipatched, some say. And yet, if his natal Ascendant was truly Virgo, health was always an issue, and infection easy to come by. Personally, I stay away from pork chops of all kinds!

jc Jan 27 2006 12:42 am est

UPDATE from the FUTURE: today is Dec 30, 2006 and I'm adding a post today for Mozart and the NY MET is broadcasting an English version of THE MAGIC FLUTE to all the world. The opera actually began at 1:38 pm est...the excellent Mozart! #

Jan 20, 2006

1933 Calling: Hello?

This post is inspired by today's NYSE drop--the largest in 3 years, and the headline of Dec 27, 2005: "Stocks Stumble", and by the rickety Japanese markets of late:

On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank System, the Controller of the Currency, and the Secretary of the US Treasury, for numerous criminal acts, including, among others: Conspiracy, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, and Treason.

Noting that the Federal Reserve Banks are "private monopolies", he asserted that they were rich and predatory moneylenders who prey upon US citizens for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers, foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers. He called them, "financial pirates", and worse.

Just prior to this filing of charges, FDR signed--at MIDNIGHT of his Inauguration Day, March 5, 1933--a proclamation to divorce US currency from the gold standard, thereby mooting an old debate in America, and seemingly helping the country. On April 5, 1933, FDR ordered the confiscation of gold coins, gold certificates, and gold bullion, Executive Order 6102. (You say there's gold in Fort Knox, do ya?)

Officially, the US was taken off the gold standard, April 19, 1933.

And on June 7, 1934, Congress passed the Corporate Bankruptcy Act allowing corporate reorganisation with the support of 2/3 of their creditors. Yuh.

BTW--McFadden died in somewhat murky circumstances, and after other attempts had been made on his life.

Linkages are squirrelly tonight, but there's more info to be had at conspiracyarchives.com which is as good a place as any to check it out if you haven't--because history does repeat, and last I heard, McFadden's case against the Fed is still pending.

jc Jan 20 2006 8:40 pm est

Jan 16, 2006

False senator

To mark the tenor of the times, and because I couldn't resist, I'm putting a link to a new portrait--drawn today, posted tonight--of a False senator.

This is not to point a finger at Washington--I've only got ten of 'em--but to post a ha ha Dreamyfish alert. And while they may share the idealism of big dreams, only one has a love of ill-fitting toupees.

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