Jul 24, 2009

President Obama's Solar Return 2009: chart + details

President Barack Obama's Solar Return on August 4, 2009 will perform as something of a natal chart for him until his 2010 birthday since any Return chart is 'good for' the length of time the planet in question takes for its orbit - thus, a Solar Return = one year (even though it's the Earth orbiting the Sun. This is Astrology, not Astronomy, and yes, astrologers know the difference!)

The president's SR chart is set for the White House (although Mr. Obama could very well be out of town on his birthday) - since he's the current denizen of the Oval Office, it seemed a fair idea to set this world traveler's Solar Return chart for the White House as its primary representative.

If you click to enlarge, you'll see that President Obama's natal placements are highlighted around the outside of the chart in pink; a few US natal positions are notated as well. US natal Moon in Aquarius continues to be affected by Jupiter/Neptune and by Chiron, although I neglected to enter the Moon's position on this chart.

Solar Return 2009 for President Obama:

Hour: Sun; chart-ruler Jupiter, retrograde in 3rd house, indicating delays (Rx) in Jupiterian things such as money, ideals, and expansion, especially in the realm of 3rd house Communications issues. 3rd house is also The Neighborhood, so our nation is obviously affected by the president's Solar Return.

Hemispheric emphases are balanced: 5 in the North, South, East, and West: You/Me and Public/Private in balance. The chart is weighted on the Mutable/Earth side, an indicator of Virgoan concerns.

Chart-ruler Jupiter's ongoing conjunctions with Chiron and Neptune are the only aspects the jolly giant makes in the SR 2009, applying or separating. (Separating aspects are given equal weight in Return charts, as per Mary Shea and Erin Sullivan to me.) So the expansive, inflationary, speculative pair, Jupiter and Neptune, rules Mr. Obama's year along with Chiron, the wounded healer, who can't seem to pass a healthcare reform bill until further notice. Perhaps a Direct Chiron in a couple of months will help circumstances.

There are many spiritual dimensions to the Jup-Chir-Nep trio, of course, but this blog is more for Politics, that organized system of hatreds (as explained by Henry B. Adams, John's grandson.) And this is Washington we're talking about, so spiritual concerns are shunted aside in most cases.

The natal house brought to the SR Ascendant is of primary importance, and for Mr. Obama's 2009 SR, this would be his 10th house of Public Status and Career. SR Mercury/Neptune midpoint is on his natal Mc, so we have...

SR Mercury/Neptune = n Mc: far-reaching plans and ideas; sympathetic understanding of others; intuitive thinking; to go the wrong way; lies; self-deception; living among the clouds, or without practical orientation.

(I've noticed the above midpoint picture operative when lots of air travel 'among the clouds' is indicated. As usual with mdpt pics, it's an any, all, or none may apply proposition; pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

The Sun is in a critical point in the 8th house, just before the 9th cusp.

The house of the SR Sun is very important as its affairs are a focus for the year - the will to achieve (Sun) is associated with people and issues governed by that house and is a year's worth of opportunity to gain mastery over the house's concerns. (I only hope it's all for the best interests of a sovereign America, don't you?)

Plus, the 8th is a succedent house so resources and personal values are in the spotlight; succedent houses represent conclusions, finalities, and opportunities for stabilization. However, with Sun conjunct 9th cusp, there is a Solar ego/will/purpose blend with the Cadent 9th house.

A Cadent house indicates phases of transition, fluctuation, and preparations for long-range achievements. (Hope this isn't a picture of more US taxpayer monies being sent across the seas to we know not where.)

A Cadent SR Sun hides steps being taken behind the scenes which may flower and become apparent near or at the next SR (August 2010.)

(I do not want Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security gutted, thanks. But if Capitol Hill politicians want to take large pay cuts, that'd work just fine. Paying their own medical insurance premiums would be a great improvement, too. Why should we continue to do it when our own insurance and med situations are so shaky?)

There are two aspects to the president's Sun here: an opportunity aspect, a sextile (60 degr) to Mars (applying, so exact a little after his SR - 3A46), and a separating sesqui-square (interlaced squares of dynamic inter activity) with reformer Uranus 26Pis10 Rx in 4th house of Real Estate, Domestic Scene, and Security Concerns.

Mr. Obama's heritage and roots (4th house) may be continue to be under fire as well through the actions of disruptive Uranus in mysterious Pisces...in other words, his birthplace is still under suspicion in the minds of some people, though I think their chances for traction on the issue have passed -- or have they?

One must think also of flu epidemics in the US by way of the Pisces connection to contagions with disruptive Uranus Rx in 4th house of Domestic Scene.

A very prominent factor is an angular Saturn 19Vir46 at Midheaven - not just at Mc, but on it, and thus the closest planet to a SR angle (excepting natal Moon conjunct Descendant as mentioned below under 'Mercury square natal Moon.')

Mid-September 2009 will be a peak of activity for the president when the Sun contacts this SR Mc and Saturn, and healthcare reform legislation should be at a peak of some sort: marked up, voted on, or even passed already. Voted down is a possibility, too, especially considering this Return's Mars/Saturn square, an aspect of blockages and obstacles. Mars/Saturn energy is very much 'stop and go' and can be very frustrating.

The Mc is the Goal/Aspiration Point of any chart, and Saturn = government; this indicates that control and authority are his main aims and with Saturn in Virgo, sign of Health, we know the agenda for healthcare reform (or insurance reform, if you prefer, for that seems to be the main focus with this legislation) will remain on Mr. Obama's menu for the duration of the upcoming year.

The good news is that Saturn is Direct; the bad news is that the Old Man is about to catch up with US natal Neptune 22Vr25, the 'grim reality' transit, but it can also indicate dreams (Neptune) made real (Saturn.) Healthcare reform at last?!

Sun to SR ASC 3Sag55 is a busy time, too, near the end of November; Sun to Pluto 1Cap01 may tell a major part of the tale with its 'formidable power' flavor on or about Dec 23, near Winter Solstice 2009.

Mercury to natal Pluto:

SR Mercury 3Vir01 will conjunct natal Pluto 6Vir59 on or about August 7 or 8, so the president's activities center around and relate directly to gaining power (Pluto, in Virgo, sign of Health. Perhaps the Republicans are correct: if they ruin Obama's healthcare intitiative, it will be his political "Waterloo"); finance, investments, work methods, and organizational talents are highlighted as well. Important travel is indicated as might be expected with any head of state, even a merely titular one.

The Solar Return Moon:

The Solar Return Moon always gives quite a few details about the year's daily momentum and this SR Moon is at a critical/crisis 29th degree: 29Cap14, conjunct the transiting North Node (NN) - which puts them both smack dab within Mr. Obama's natal Saturn 25Cap20 Rx and Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx conjunction.

He definitely will be dealing with crises, won't he? He signed on for it, in fact!

And 29Cap is the degree of the US Secondary Progressed Pluto, planet of nuclear bombs, sabotage, and extreme wealth...the 'secret hand' of government, as I tend to call it. Permanent transformations are stealthy Pluto's stock in trade.

SR Moon and the president's natal Jupiter key a midpoint: Uranus/ASC, a combination of energies which Ebertin gives as: 'a quick response to the influence of the environment; inventive ability; tech and industrial connections; scattering one's energies; haste or restlessness; excitable people; upsets; accidents; headaches; rearranging one's environment.'

Three pictures are formed and are written on the chart, but I'll type them more in full for you...

Uran/ASC = Moon: emotionalism spills into view; needing support, approval, and sympathy; quick mood changes; sudden experiences through the female sex.

Uran/ASC = NN: getting like-minded people on board; seeking change jointly with others; bringing about change along with others; an association dictated by common interests.

Uran/ASC = n Jupiter: successful cooperation and teamwork; quick contacts are easy; a fortunate rearrangement of the environment; working feverishly to earn recognition.

SR Moon in Capricorn accents responsibilities, status, and as we might expect with Capricorn, one's reputation is on the line. Setting a good example and exhibiting emotional control are musts; interactions with others are 'all business'; issues with elderly family members may occur during the year (in this SR's timing, 2nd house = end of 2009 and first 3 months of 2010 since the clock starts ticking on August 4) and as previously mentioned, this SR Moon is at a stand-out 29th degree.

If afflicted, SR Moon in Cap indicates emotional depression or a sense of failure: this Moon's only aspect in the Return chart is a sesqui-square with Mars. Will mother-in-law have a health crisis? Will the president be in danger or have an accident? Life is complex and occurs on many levels at once - thus, Astrology is the same and only tells us trends and influences, not usually the precise events.

A SR Moon with an adverse aspect doesn't bode well for popularity so we'll see if President Obama's poll numbers continue to slide. His SR 2009 seems to hint that they will though perhaps not too much. He has improved America's standing overseas, that's for certain.

SR Moon in 2nd house: emotions are tied in with financial security; incomes increase or decrease (wherever the astrological Moon is there are fluctuations); expenditures do increase; there may be new choices about how to spend money and energy. If afflicted (yes, by Mars, andby critical degr), there may be temporary (Moon) blocks put on spending or on incoming funds. But the 'block' from Mars is considered a minor affliction (136 degr) though it could have adverse health indications.

Opposite, in 8th house of Big Money, we see transiting South Node about to precisely contact the current Solar Eclipse degree, 29Can27, of July 21, 2009. This is the 'systems fail; new methods are needed to deal with events brought by the Eclipse; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' Series (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) Yucky, but there it is.

We'll see how operative this difficult Eclipse is for the president and the country as his SR year goes on. If it isn't, I won't fuss, I'll say, whoopee! It falls, however, in Mr. Obama's SR 8th house, so we expect our financial system to be part of the circumstances as the Fed vies for more power, and other institutions jockey for better positions within the new hierarchy the power elite envision for our nation and the world.

North Node to natal Jupiter:

This creates an interesting pile-up in one of the money areas, the 2nd house, and NN to n Jupiter is a time of profitable liasons, meetings, and 'connections', but the fruitfulness of this contact can lead to moving too fast due to possibilities for easy expansion which may then cause future collapse. (Sorry! I'm not making this up, you know, it's in the chart, more's the pity.)

Well, you've noticed the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition lining up for another stand-off (Sept 11, 2009), here across SR 4/10 axis. Plus, this SR is one day after a Lunar Eclipse: August 5, 2009, 8:54:42 pm edt, White House, Moon 13AQ43, Sun 13AQ43 in 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and services such as military and police forces.

So basically the August 5 Lunar eclipse qualifies as a Full Moon in the president's 2009 SR chart, a good omen, actually, although slightly less fortunate than having a New Moon in a SR. A Full Moon (the Lunar Eclipse), normally indicates a culmination of activities relating to the house polarity, and may show discordant separations in relationships. As a Lunar Eclipse, hidden weaknesses may show up for the president.

And his SR Sun and Moon are 166 degrees apart (just before the Lunar Eclipse of the next evening) so there is some question of his being overly confident within relationships - Mr. Obama may find himself left at the political altar by someone he'd depended on and perhaps shouldn't have.

And since a Return chart is also a Transit chart, you see that Mercury is squaring Mr. Obama's natal Moon which is posited on the SR Descendant of Partnerships - fluctuations and changes (Moon.) Mercury is Midheaven ruler as well as Desc ruler so the partnership changes have something to do with Career and Public Status issues.

Mercury square natal Moon:

This is a time when one must grapple with conflicting opinions, annoying distractions, and too much or too little information. Projects may not get finished on time due to frustrations and interruptions, privately and in the public arena.

Travel delays and difficulties may occasion re-schedulings or cancellatons; important papers, documents, and other info are misplaced or lost. It isn't impossible to make progress when Mercury squares natal Moon, yet mechanical and other failures interfere with smooth sailing as plans must be changed at the last minute. (Instant Horoscope Reader, Julia Lupton Skalka.)

Of course, being aware of these indications always helps, doesn't it?

Well, that's the gist of what I'm noticing in President Obama's Solar Return 2009, so let me know what I left out, okay? ;p


Note: For some reason, SpellChecking stopped working halfway through this post, so please pardon any typos. They will be corrected later when Blogger's spelling ability returns. jc
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