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May 5, 2007

The Day America Died: Nov 22, 1963

Chart: Nov 22, 1963 12:32 pm CST Dallas, Texas. Click The Day America Died for chart info from my previous post of Feb, 2006. (The chart is here, details are there.)

Today I've been reading David Talbot's excellent article RFK Immediately Thought Brother's Assassination Was Conspiracy which details RFK's actions on the afternoon of Nov 22, 1963 at Hickory Hill, RFK's Civil War-era mansion at McLean, VA, and beyond.

It isn't that (some of) this was unknown to me having studied the appropriate natal charts, the Dallas Nov 22,'63 chart, and others--or that the mold hadn't been growing on the White House prior to 1963...some say since Andrew Jackson's presidency when the world banking system took over the helm of America for the duration...but it's a good article on the subject if you have a chance to read it, for the mold is growing still.

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