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Aug 3, 2007

a squinty eye on Congress

Because astrologers much prefer to have exact times for setting up charts--whether it's for persons or events--I was happy today to find a Library of Congress website that gives bills, resolutions and their statuses, and the congressional schedule--times noted.

So often we get stuck with "approximately", or "shortly after" the hour, etc...which makes it scintillatingly challenging to use angles, planets, degrees and such to pinpoint a correct time, and all astrologers are accustomed to doing just that esp with rectification work.

Rectifying charts to a correct birth time, for example, while fascinating, is one of the more time-consumimg facets of astrology--how much easier to have the correct time in the first place.

Why no one has given me a heads-up on the existence of this marvelous resource, I don't know, but it should make my charts more accurate as far as congressional shenigans go. Feeling pretty miffed about it, but that will pass...

So...have you met 'Thomas'? Named after Thomas Jefferson, this site has search features for bills, resolutions, for what's happening on the floor NOW--why, it's stunningly helpful for using the time-focused art of astrology. is great for when you need to know What, Who, How, and WHEN (it's the Why that remains highly questionable.)

Oh! And Bush signed the new and improved we're-draconian-so-that-you-don't-have-to-be "Homeland Security" bill today. Yippee.

It's more of America's increasing isolation and police state mentality on the way for John Q. Public as the USA's Secondary Progressed Mars Rx focuses inwardly on the Lunar-named "Homeland" for now more than ever their target is We The People.

Besides--Saturn's "Fatherland" was already taken.

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