Apr 12, 2009

Tell me again: why is Pres Obama looking racist?

Here's an article from Stars Over Washington's Looks As If It's True Department:

Obama sides with banks accused of racism which is difficult to believe and even harder to stand for.

He's begun to sound too much like Bush3 for me.

The subprime mortgage case involves several of those Pluto-Chiron isms and I don't think a cute little black'n'white puppy should take precedence over this legal case in the media no matter *who gifted the Portugese water dog to the young Obama daughters (sweet as they are.)

Actually I think it's not about racism for Mr. Obama per se, it's about protecting the financially powerful elite who helped put him in office for such a purpose as this. Perhaps Pres. Obama is more of a monarchist than a racist, hmm?

Well? Have you any thoughts on the matter?


*The new puppy now leaving bundles of joy in the White House is a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy.

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