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Oct 3, 2009

The Fed hawks + Michael Moore's Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus

Well, everyone is linking to an article by Tim Duy on the Fed's hawkishness vs the doves' embracing of 'green shoots' so I will, too. Duy's Fed Watch is an excellent resource for financial info.

Speaking of financial crashes, yesterday I actually attended a movie theater (unusual due to its overly loud volume - do they think we're deaf?) to see Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, which I thought was excellent, and left the theater revved up for action while wiping tears from these American eyes.

Take some Puffs with you if you go because watching bank foreclosures on 'real people' is difficult to bear unless you're a bank officer or CEO - the ones who should be required to see the film before they're allowed to put another child out on the street.

And here are three chilling words from the film that come as close to the GOP's oft-touted "death panels" as one might ever imagine: dead peasant insurance.

Plus, if you missed it, dear peasants, here's the Sept 25, 2009 interview between Naomi Klein and Michael Moore on his film about the history of capitalism, the system's inherent evils, and how the (manufactured) financial collapse is impacting American families as it ultimately leads America to the 'new world economic order' that's been in the making for decades (or some say, since America's founding. Yet our founding plutocrats foresaw these problems and warned against them - modern-day plutocrats don't have to be evil, they choose to be that way. Money isn't the root of all evil but the love of it is. And as the film accurately points out: Jesus wasn't a capitalist.)

So what can we make of this Michael Moore and his AA-rated (accurate) birth chart?

Born in Bakersfield, California on Sept 11, 1949 @ 2:15 am pst, MM has 6Leo21 rising (with US natal North Node, a point of public contact with a Jupiterian flavor.) A lucky duck!

At Midheaven ('Mc' = Career and Public Status) is 26Ari46 with a 10th house Moon 1Tau53, and NN 16Ari49 in 9th house. Moon/NN = Mc: cultivation of soul unions; ego-involvement intensified in relationship (Tyl; Ebertin.) Naturally, Moon/NN relates to public outreach, publicity, and fame - and being Angular his fame is worldwide.

Chart-ruler Sun 18Vir20 (in 2nd house with responsible Saturn 10Vir42) makes only one applying aspect: a trine with hierophant, priestly Jupiter 22Cap25 Rx in the humble 6th house, which plays in to his stated childhood desire to be a Catholic priest.

Powerful Pluto 17Leo10 is in 1st house of Self, and what interests me in his natal chart considering his documentary film career is a sextile (60 degr) between 1st house Pluto and Mercury 14Lib53 (3rd h), the planet - and house - of Communication.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune 13Lib56 which gives much creativity and writing ability; Venus is in 3rd house as well, conj Ic 26Lib46, all indicators of a communicator for the masses (Neptune) concerning practical subjects (3rd house.)

Checking Alan Epstein's wonderful Understanding Aspects series for The Sextile (out of print), this fortunate aspect between Mercury and Pluto indicates a propagandist with a penetrating analytical mind, one who delves into facts and forms his own independent conclusions - great traits and inspiration for an 'independent filmmaker' to have.

Some folks with this aspect tend to control the scope or direction of investigations or are involved with people who do. Moore has been criticized for doing just that, and he has certainly interacted with people who are reluctant to share all the facts, especially the negative ones. I'd say he's made a career of it, wouldn't you?

And it's not as if a tendency to 'control the scope or direction' isn't useful to a film 'director' - you'd have a garbled mishmash of a movie if you had no control or editing talent!

The Mercury/Pluto sextile is a fighter for the free exchange of ideas and is unshakable in his opinions - sometimes to the point of refusing to consider alternative ideas. Ignoring or hiding info that could lead to doubt ('controlling the scope') is possible - which I thought was a problem with Fahrenheit 911 when he didn't address possible Israeli involvement in the attacks (or if he did, I missed it entirely.)

This aspect is very useful for investigators, researchers, scientists, and psychologists, and those who seek to probe the past; expressing ideas with certainty and a desire to challenge misleading information is helpful in the field of journalism.

Wrapping crime scene tape around NY's AIG building and demanding our money back isn't all Moore is up to in his new film. I recommend seeing it for its overview of the capitalist system, the Greenspan/Clinton/Rubin/Bush/Paulson/Bernanke/Geithner heistings, and for a closer look at what central bankers - such as Bank Robbers of America and CitiGroup - are doing to our over-scammed, bankrupted-by-experts nation.

Now here are the practical Earth-Earth Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus blend's Images for Integration:

'A nun finishes washing up in the refectory, and then takes the keys to the Bentley and drives off to see the new art exhibition...A sculpture of still life.' (Sun Sign-Moon, by Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

I shall leave the Images as they may pertain to Mr. Moore to your very vivid imagination...

Sep 25, 2009

Naomi Klein interviews Michael Moore - text link

On Sept 25, 2009 Naomi Klein interviewed by phone Michael Moore whose new film Capitalism: A Love Story is garnering excellent reviews.

Click the link to read the text of their interview.

Plus, you'll find a video of the film's trailer embedded a few posts below this on Sept 21. It's worth your effort, if you haven't seen it. Actually, don't scroll - here's the link for you.

For as Mr. Moore says so ably on our behalf: we want our money back.

And I must pass on what David Letterman just said on TV about Dick Cheney's back surgery...he needed it from carrying Bush for 8 years.

Then, today as I waited in line, whose frowning snoot do I spy on the cover of a supermarket tabloid but that of ex-prez George Bush along with the news that Bush is depressed and suicidal. Hmm. With his ego?

Sep 23, 2009

AT&Ts prophetic vision 1993 - video

Tom Seleck's voice + AT&T technology = prophetic view of the future from way back in 1993, year of the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus (new technology; progress; science) and Neptune (mass communications; propaganda; dreams) 3x: Feb 2, Aug 20, and the birthday of the modern phase of the New World Order, Oct 24, 1993 @ '18Cap' - Sabian Symbol: "The Union Jack Flag Flies From a British Warship"...Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER. (Rudhyar.)

Ah, yes, the early 90s, when promises were made to build fibers optics networks across the US for the increased fees added to our bills and yet, they didn't build Jack. What did you do with our money, AT&T? Surveilled much lately?

Man, I can hardly wait to see Capitalism: A Love Story.