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Jul 28, 2010

One reason the GOP blocked Dems' DISCLOSE Act

Ignoring for a moment the constant one-ups-manship and 'ego games with important consequences' between our national-international political parties (based in Washington DC - you know the ones), I have an opinion about one of the reasons the DISCLOSE Act was blocked - with the ongoing Cardinal T-Square's Pluto at work squaring/blocking other planets which are engaged simultaneously in tangled opposition - relationships; awareness - with one another...well, I don't have to tell you that it's a difficult, noisy war being waged on a higher level above our noggins (for evolutionarily speaking, we are mere children in the universal scheme of things) and thus in our collective psyche yet it's a war that doesn't have to be expressed as violently against the common good as the power elite would have it.

Refuse to be manipulated!

Now we all know that the current Cardinal T-SQ and off-on Cardinal Cross bring times of tribulation, and it even includes things such as a minority party blocking progress (described by another exact opposition between status quo Saturn on - here, the Rs - and progressive (BHO) Uranus on Monday July 26 (2010; view chart) -- both are being blocked by apex (focal point) Pluto in Capricorn. And Mr. Hades holds all the puppet strings (as he wants us to think.)

Meanwhile, traditionalist Saturn and upstart Uranus are going at it hand to hand across the relationship/balance/war axis, Aries-Libra. But is Pluto interfering on subtle levels in their relationship dynamics? Primal violence is often the most effective arrow in his quiver and humankind pays the price through this dark force's frantic struggle for control of the human race, as down he goes. More guises of Pluto: devil, psychiatrist, Pope.

Eventually transiting Pluto, god of the underworld (and I mean that in every lousy, anti-social, psychopathic way you don't want to imagine), will return to his position in America's natal chart ('charts' for there are many potential birth dates and times for the US but basically Pluto = 27Cap33 Rx) and I think secret hand, wealthy bankster, saboteur and assassin Pluto has already left his psyche-you-out calling card on the world's hall tables, the fancy and the plain.

Well! WikiLeaks' Julian Assange is on TV now in a re-broadcast of last evening's interview conducted by journalist Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow! (which I get bwo of LINK TV.)

And Mr. Assange is correct, I think - America's wars are unsustainable, not easy to exit, and yet we must end them. It's a bitter pill for the Vulcans among us, but frankly, m'dear, I don't give a ham for the warmongers of the world who sit in their libraries and bank vaults while directing young men and women to their deaths as if they were pawns on a chess board.

Yes, the Crashing of America IS their goal and they're doing a good job of it, aren't they? Because now our nation is locked into a death spiral of war and bankruptcy engineered by dark forces - and we-the-people seem to be the only ones desperate for a 180-degree Turn of Direction!!!

Candidate Obama pretended he'd help end the madness, but this seems to have been a campaign ruse. Did he believe his NWO masters would withdraw their crusading footprints from the Middle East because President Obama said Pretty Please? He's a smart guy. And I think he knew the game very well, sorry to say.

So it remains for our citizen-zombies created by drugs both legal and illegal, programmed by entertainment trances and other methods meant to weaken the populace in every way - to awaken from their slumbers. And perhaps now that it's become of great financial consequence to so many, larger numbers of people will pay closer attention to what's really going on here and become active in non-violent displays of dissent.

They say that just recognizing and identifying a monster can go a long way toward lessoning his power and eventually vanquishing him. I submit that here is where monster Pluto comes in.

But sad to say, there's some ill news about the Horoscope for Inauguration 2013 (on Monday Jan 21, 2013): at Midheaven (Mc = The Goal; Aspirations; WHY?) lies not only US natal Pluto, but Vulcan; at Ic (Endings; The Drain; HOW?) lurks Vulcanus, both named for the myth concerning a jealous blacksmith, an iron-fashioner of war weapons.

Things were already bad enough but then his lady Venus betrayed him, you see, by messing around with lusty Mars - and these vulcanic archetypes turning up in the US Inauguration 2013 horoscope are indicative of vengeance, war, and strife or the preparation for war - made more apt to physically manifest in the world for the presidential term (2013 - 2017) because weapon-maker Vulcan has the Mc/Ic axis on both ends, going and coming, upon which to do his worst.

He has four years for the Inauguration 2013 horoscope to be in effect (or until the next US president, if we keep having them, takes the Oath, as mere titular heads or not.) Nuclear concerns cannot be ruled out. Pluto loves this since 'he' was discovered in 1930 and announced the atomic era. (More's the pity for all humankind when that natural law was broken for it brought the world the abomination of desolation and the subsequent contamination they can never be honest with us about.)

Yes, more chart study for Inauguration 2013 must be carried out, of course, for many other chart factors must be weighed in spite of such a strong signature of exactly what our world does not need - more war.

The good news is that we have time to divert the worst of it if we-the-people can manage soon to throw off the dark mantle that's been tossed over our collective right shoulder. More on that later if anyone is interested...because a certain Sabian Symbol describes a very telling and fateful picture.

Well. I almost forgot to say what I consider to be one of the reasons the GOP blocked the Dems' DISCLOSURE Act...

Why, to keep their true faces hidden within the shadows, as you know!


Kieron said...

I'm definitely interested in knowing the Sabian symbol. Forewarned is fore-armed.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Kieron, it's a topic that's coming soon to a blog post near you! Jude