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Jan 30, 2011

Bio-weapons expert John Wheeler died of "blunt force trauma"

Turns out all those diverting 'he was disoriented' - 'maybe ill' offerings from talking heads about the mysterious death of bio-weapons expert John P. Wheeler, a former presidential aide and Pentagon man, were not factors directly involved in his murder.

But blunt force trauma was. Makes sense really because no matter how much 'toxicology' one may indulge in or how 'disoriented' one may be, it's difficult to stuff oneself while dead into a dumpster without a lot of help from the living.

Dumpsters are used to conceal one's deadly handiwork when the body in question - and the reason for the murder - are intended never to be discovered.

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As you know, Phosgene is the bio-chem that Wheeler is said to have traveled to Washington DC to express his concerns over because Phosgene, which the US found in Iraq, was loaded in Arkansas onto a military plane to be sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan. Some of the deadly agent may have escaped causing Arkansas's dead birds to fall from the sky.

(It must be just as difficult to fly when dead as it is to stuff oneself into a dumpster under the same lack-of-life condition.)

There is a 3rd post on this blog concerning the mysterious death of Mr. Wheeler but the video it contained (showing his disoriented behavior hours before his death) has been removed from YouTube.

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