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Apr 23, 2011

Are BP-Gulf Oil whistleblowers dying mysteriously? video

Are the several mysterious deaths and arrests since 2010 connected to knowing too much about the April 2010 BP-Gulf Oil Blowout? This video details 9 cases of interest relating to whistleblowers such as scientists and others who were or may have been threats to BP, to other companies involved in the Blowout, and/or to the US government concerning the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig (a horoscope of the April 20, 2010 event and the natal chart of Mexico are shown.)

The list of mysterious deaths includes the names of two high-profile men whose lives have been snuffed out since the BP Blowout occurred and whose deaths spotlight political implications: Senator Ted Stevens in an airplane crash (an easy sabotage for those who know how), and bio-weapons expert, Pentagon consultant, and aide to US presidents, John P. Wheeler, who was murdered in late December 2010 and his body stuffed into a trash dumpster where no one would ever find him.

But glad to say, the sanitation crew did.

The links to check out for yourself (as mentioned by the young men in the above video) are to be found at where you'll see this video with the links listed underneath.

Feb 2, 2011

John Wheeler murder case: $25,000 reward offered for info

Family of slain ex-Pentagon official wants info is quite a mild headline considering that search warrants and other information have been sealed by Attorney General Beau Biden's office and Newark police in the investigation into the mysterious death of John P. Wheeler, whose body was found in a Wilmington Delaware landfill on December 31, 2010.

The excessive sealing of information reflects the sensitive nature of the case, yes, but also may signify governmental wrongdoing and cover-up.

Mr. Wheeler, a bio-weapons expert, MITRE Corporation consultant, the driving force behind the Vietnam War Memorial, and former aide to Reagan and both Bush presidencies, is alleged to have traveled from NYC where he met family for the holidays (Dec 24) to Washington DC (Dec 28) in order to complain about the (alleged) transport and potential use by US forces of Phosgene which was found in Saddam's Iraq and stored in Arkansas.

Some believe Phosgene escaped during transport from an Arkansas military base thereby causing Arkansas's massive amount of dead birds falling from the sky at the end of December 2010.

In his work for the Pentagon, Mr. Wheeler had recommended that the US not use such deadly agents (good man!), a caution with which this blogging gnat must agree. Agent Phosgene is as deadly as they come.

Some have speculated that what was going on with Phosgene in Arkansas had alerted Mr. Wheeler to bio-weapon shenanigans by the Pentagon and that Phosgene indirectly may be said to have led to Mr. Wheeler's untimely death. Or, more specifically, his "raising hell" about it in Washington DC made him a target for assassination.

In America, it's been done before.

Mr. Wheeler's family has been refused clear answers on the case and were first told by authorities that their family member died from a "heart attack" caused by an assault. It has now surfaced that it was blunt force trauma as previously mentioned on this blog.

The Wheeler family announced on Sunday that a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to arrest in this case.

Was the culprit only a street thug or gang? Or a hired assassin? Sadly, the intimate involvement of the US government in this case may indicate that no one will never know what really happened to John P. Wheeler III...and why.

My thought is that (if Delaware authorities truly want to solve this heinous crime) a seasoned practitioner of Forensic Astrology would provide investigators with very useful clues.


Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder.

Mega-thanks go to astute reader Kieron for her comment which includes a link to the above AJC article. JC

Today is Ground Hog Day and a New Moon to boot. You may be interested in my post concerning today's New Moon in Aquarius (chart shown) and the subsequent Leo Full Moon of February 18, 2011.

Jan 30, 2011

Bio-weapons expert John Wheeler died of "blunt force trauma"

Turns out all those diverting 'he was disoriented' - 'maybe ill' offerings from talking heads about the mysterious death of bio-weapons expert John P. Wheeler, a former presidential aide and Pentagon man, were not factors directly involved in his murder.

But blunt force trauma was. Makes sense really because no matter how much 'toxicology' one may indulge in or how 'disoriented' one may be, it's difficult to stuff oneself while dead into a dumpster without a lot of help from the living.

Dumpsters are used to conceal one's deadly handiwork when the body in question - and the reason for the murder - are intended never to be discovered.

Previous posts include:

Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder, and More on the John Wheeler murder, dead birds, and Phosgene.

As you know, Phosgene is the bio-chem that Wheeler is said to have traveled to Washington DC to express his concerns over because Phosgene, which the US found in Iraq, was loaded in Arkansas onto a military plane to be sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan. Some of the deadly agent may have escaped causing Arkansas's dead birds to fall from the sky.

(It must be just as difficult to fly when dead as it is to stuff oneself into a dumpster under the same lack-of-life condition.)

There is a 3rd post on this blog concerning the mysterious death of Mr. Wheeler but the video it contained (showing his disoriented behavior hours before his death) has been removed from YouTube.