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Aug 15, 2011

Dec 14, 1996: US Sec Saturn Rx Station @ 3Sco25

An Astro-Peek at When US Authority and Authenticity Changed

by Jude Cowell

In the Fall 2010 issue of Julie Demboski's Eclipse e-zine (subscription only, now an email subscription and worth it!), I wrote a column called American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun which detailed my views on one of the signposts along the way of America's change of trajectory toward overreach, over-expansion, overspending, quixotic notions leading us astray, and excessive arrogance and greed.

This is not our Founders' country anymore, as many Americans feel!

Astrological Jupiter's connection to idealism, broadened horizons, philosophy, and finances figures into the path-diverted picture as well for a planet moving direct at birth (July 4, 1776 US natal Jupiter 5Can56 conjunct US natal Sun and Venus) may turn retrograde by progression depending on whether it turns Rx in real time (1776), and a progressed chart is based on a natal chart when the 'clock' starts ticking by degree as well as moment--for America's founding, Jupiter began @ 5Can56.

So, you ask, just when did America's planet of Jupiterian realms turn Rx onto a more inward-looking, subtle, distanced course which transformed its participation with other natal planetary energies? Precisely on November 15, 1905, and right away we think of President Teddy Roosevelt, the Progressive Social Movement, the soon to blowup Panic of 1907, and the resulting creation of the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank. Other events and changes occurred as well, and perhaps you can locate my article in Julie's Eclipse issue for more details.

Besides, today I want to focus on US *Sec Saturn's Rx Station on December 14, 1996 during the President Clinton era--especially with the final conjunction of US Saturn by transit to US natal Saturn @ 14Lib48, our national Saturn Return, occurring soon on August 28, 2011--the date that the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial is to be dedicated in Washington, DC. Plus, Saturn rules stone and stone markers, of course, in an attempt to create a permanent (Saturn) remembrance of a person or event.

Astrological Saturn, as you know, rules such things as authority, accountability, responsibility, austerity, reality, restriction, constriction, restraint, constraint, reserve, inhibition, Time, delay, endings, discipline, loss, lack...but also form, function, structure, walls and boundaries (even bones, teeth, skin), prisons, membranes, old age, the elderly, etc. You know the senex scoop.

If such a Rx change of direction by progression occurs simultaneously with major transits (as they did with US Sec Jupiter's Rx Station of 1905--lots of powerful Mars/Pluto action in the early 1900s), then a "backdrop for new perspectives" becomes evident although it will be subtle at first. However, something tangible may happen during that year (1996), perhaps directed by those who are aware of the planetary change, and some US leaders are nothing if not aware of such subtle forces which they attempt to engineer to suit their wills--the old win-win way of playing the game for those in charge. Plus, a need-to-know-basis is used for keeping the strings of power within certain hands.

With Saturn Stationing Rx, a progressed trine to the Sun follows in about 11 to 13 years when a fruition of some kind is achieved which stems from the year of the directional change--1996, here, so the years 2007--2009 are implicated (US Sec Full Moon Sun 4Pis10, December 2008, occurred less than one degree past the Sec Sun/Saturn trine.)

This info, of course, provides us with a time frame linking the internalization of America's Saturnian functions (such as authority, authenticity, realism) during the Clinton era 1996 (his second term) into the era of George Bush and on into the Obama Inauguration of January 20, 2009--and beyond to this very moment, for Mr. Obama is still in office.

Yes, the presidential baton was passed from Dubya to Barry in 2009, yet on many levels, the new boss of Saturnian authority acts much the same as the old, doesn't he? And we have basically the same problems grinding on.

So looking back to the Clinton era we may one day be able to see a suspension or weakening of Saturnian functions more than we can now. And it would take months or years for me to study and blog at you concerning the effects of Saturn's directional shift as evidenced by actual events. (My Sec Jupiter Rx Station article took about 5 months off and on to compile and compose.)

Besides, you probably remember some of the authoritarian actions or non-actions of the Clinton administration (the February 28, 1993 Siege of Waco comes to mind as Sec Saturn was slowing down in preparation, already on its Station degree @ 3Sco24 and had just crossed Sec IC by progression into 3rd house where it remains) but here is a brief list of December 14, 1996 events to whet the whistle of those who are concerned with the condition of the US government and the inverted condition of our Saturn, planet of government, law, and business.

Yes, it's 2011 and America's 'broken systems' have been in the news every day now since 2007/08--and tottering, they tell us, on the brink of Saturnian collapse with transit Pluto (transformation; destruction) in Capricorn working his toppling magic.

The rest of 1996 applies as well but why not use the actual date since we have it?

Now you'll note from these news stories the use of Saturnian words such as loyalist, rigid rules, big conservative, hostages, governor, law-politics-labor-business, blockages, obstacles, and other terms which tie in directly to Saturnian themes and issues.

All 5 articles are from the Baltimore Sun and the list begins with the nation that is now our biggest creditor and a man who, it states, once worked for General Electric:

China's new man in Hong Kong Governor-elect Tung Chee-hwa was a big conservative in the US;

Clinton taps Reno, Richardson, Daley Commerce, U.N. posts go to loyalists (contains 'free' trade agreement mention--current lack of US tariff barriers now pose a huge problem along with Ross Perot's predicted "sucking sound" of US jobs being shipped overseas, aka, the NAFTA SHAFTA);

Daley has ties to law, politics, labor, business Son of Chicago mayor ran Clinton's '92 Ill. campaign (Daley 'managed' it: Saturn!);

Businesses challenge Glendening lawsuit planned to block Governor on collective bargaining;

Richardson has knack for freeing hostages abroad Nominee for U.N. envoy also is Clinton loyalist with Hispanic roots.

Well, do you feel that 'something changed in America' during Clinton's presidency as his 'authority' was constantly under challenge and threat from the GOP? Our legal system certainly was affected by the brouhaha. But I'm not so certain that the legal challenges by conservatives to his administration weren't just staged Political Theater meant for public consumption (and for the usual dividing-and-conquering of the people, plus, a financial boondoggle) for it isn't as if the Clinton presidency ended over Ken Starr's investigation, now is it?


Some key themes and potentials for Saturn in Scorpio: skill, obstinacy, occupation with spheres of metaphysical knowledge, endurance, a serious outlook, transformation, delving into difficult problems, spiritual rebirth, melancholy. (Ebertin.) As I type, US Sec Saturn Rx is @ 3Sco14.

Station Rx info inspired by Erin Sullivan.

*I tend to use 'Sec' for Secondary Progressions (aka, SP) to distinguish them in my notes from Minor and Tertiary Progressions. The three represent the 27:13:1 planes of existence: mental-causal, emotional-intuitive, and physical. jc


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Jude! That was an excellent article you wrote--and you are free to re-pub it, of course.

Jude Cowell said...

Happiness abounds whenever when I can mention your excellent and insightful work, Julie!

And sad to say about my US Sec Jupiter Rx article, the trajectory I wrote about has become too obvious w its dire consequences for even the most out-of-touch American to ignore. Understanding where or when things went crazy (such as The Fed created under deceptive conditions) could help us ID our demons and face them but of course head-in-sand remains most people's default mode.

Pity since our strength lies in our numbers, and in the provisions our Founders set up for just such circumstances which they foresaw w their Sacred Geometry.

Well, it's always such a treat to hear from you! Jude