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Sep 17, 2011

Sign Deficit Super Committee Petition: No Safety Net Cuts!

This 'just in' to my inbox--if you care about our social safety net programs and know someone who depends on them, perhaps you'll add your John Hancock, too:

Dear Friend,

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are in danger. But the biggest threat isn't driven by economics, it's driven by politics.

Twelve members of Congress from the House and Senate have been newly empowered to force both chambers of Congress to vote on a deficit reduction bill that can neither be amended nor filibustered.

Unfortunately many members of this new bipartisan, bicameral deficit super committee have Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security squarely in their sights.

In essence, they think it's better to let seniors fall into poverty, or deny needed health care to the poor and elderly, than to raise taxes on people who can comfortably afford to pay more.

I just signed a petition telling the members of the deficit super committee not to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits. I hope you do too.

You can take action at CREDO


Stop America's imperial wars and fund the needs of we-the-people! jc


Singing Sparrow said...

I am simply going to blunder along as I know I am wont to do:
I came to an area in which I found 8,count them- 8,discussing the information that the scientist has gathered regards Japan and earthquake, the tsunami.
I know in my skin that we are being played these days. More than once I have stopped and said to my Beloved that the rhythm of these repeating shocks is NOT organic, of the earth and heaven but rather have a human rhythm (well I imagine we are organic what I am "feeling" is an easily identified human rhythm not the cosmic rhythm that is so immense that the outbursts seem unpredictable. Okay that said I move on.
Yesterday I saw the photos from Huffington Post of the new "US embassy in Iraq". I was shocked and I thought that I could not be shocked but I was left alone in the house with my mouth having fallen to the floor. Looking at the monstrosity I FEEL that I need no further "facts"to convince me that madmen have taken over and they are driving as fast as they can into the Sun.
Right now I am interested in finding my own way to live in these interesting times and how to transmit the knowledge that I have and my grandchildren will need.
And...doesn't seem that we can do anything but pray and request the assistance of the angels and all forms of higher knowing-we can not hope to change things with the level of consciousness that got us here. Nope we need help
I will sign all the petitions and show up for gatherings,etc but I am "calling all angels".


Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, well said. We must call upon all angels--and people of good heart must stick together and welcome those who come late to awareness on who our real enemies are. Thank You! Jude

Kieron said...

Jude, this may be of interest:

It has astrological bearing, for certain.

Anonymous said...

Signed and emailed. Thank you for the heads up.