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Nov 12, 2011

Jon Stewart 'hearts' Rick Perry brain freeze! (video) as a Listening Parrot Forgets to Talk

Jon Stewart!

Rick Not-Ready-For-Primetime Perry doin' a Texas 2-Step 'cos 3 just won't come to this 'Parrot Listening Then Talking' fella.

What I mean by citing the Sabian Symbol (word picture for a degree of the Zodiac) below is that Perry's diverting, substandard 'debate' performance confirms to me a suspicion that Gov. Perry's stated objectives are primarily only talking points fed to him by political strategists--points that he must memorize, write on his hand or on paper, or read from a teleprompter--whatever he's counseled and instructed to say by his handlers.

Wonder if anyone has checked the deja-vu Texas governor's back under his suit jacket a la the debatin' George W. Bush? Was it Karl Rove feeding Dubya his answers? Will we ever definitively know?

All My Exes...

Meanwhile, it's 2011 and Rove's parrot bungled his lines in what passes for a political debate in the US.

Now you don't really believe a buffoon such as Perry can be calling any high level shots, do you? He's a shill who pulls the plug on inmates and signs away Texas's assets to the highest bidders. As governor, Perry executes human beings who may or may not be guilty of their alleged crimes. Even with forward strides in DNA identification, in Texas and much of America, who can tell?

Well, if Rick Perry has lost any sleep over his duties and forgetting his lines as a result, may I recommend melatonin for more REM phase sleep. Cutting down on caffeine consumption might help, too.

But there's another thing.

America's political class by and large is in great need. It is in need of being scoured out of all crooks and betrayers of American sovereignty. This includes all those who tout the US government as Not Functioning, or who go on and on about how government is 'too big', too overbearing, etc (thanks, Bush-Cheney regime--you're the Terror Twins who took down the Twin Towers--Gemini = trade, commerce, and other words, civilization), or how government is 'failing', etc etc, need to be pushed out the door.

In fact, I'd be in favor of a brief amnesty for political crooks if it would encourage the little rats and weasels to scurry for their lairs.

(I knew it was YOU, Bacon.)

Well, as far as Campaign 2012 goes, I hope Jeb won't show up to bat for the Rs who are even worse than the Ds. Some political party name-changin' ought to go on up in here, m'peops.


Political parties should call themselves what they actually stand for, factions, warts, and all. And be expected to live up to their names. If not, we know that secret purposes are on top of their to-do lists, not finding viable solutions on behalf of the America people. So far, Perry seems to be the only one of them who can't list up to three things they'd change yet they are what needs changing if they don't believe in America anymore!

For you know it's way too late in the day for mask-wearing to continue to be allowed by The People. 'Public servants' and officials who take Oaths to serve, protect, and defend this country and its citizens but who also take what they consider to be higher oaths are no longer wanted in service to The People. They have abused the public trust and as such are in breach of contract with the American people.

This circumstance has gone on for decades so it's not as if they haven't proven themselves to be brigands, gangsters, and thieves long before now.

For more progressive ideas visit Thom and text of Thom's broadcasts are available.

Rick Perry Memory Gaffe Described by Nov 10 Full Moon's Sun Symbol

As you know, in Political Astrology, a branch of Mundane Astrology, the Sun represents the leader or the president which Mr. Perry kinda dreams of being, he says, and the Sabian Symbol (word picture) of the Sun's degree during November 10, 2011's Full Moon @ '19Tau' (Sun '19Sco') is a telling tableau that I believe relates to candidate Perry and his painful brain freeze segment during the recent Republican debate (11.11.11.)

'19 Scorpio' = "A Parrot Listening and Then Talking" = CONVENTIONALITY.

Positive expression: exceptional skill in bringing the whole tenor of transient circumstances to the service of a personal aspiration ("Oops!" rp and jc);

negative (unconscious/shadow side): idle mimicry and self-gratifying pretense.

(Quoting The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Now if I had to guess (and most commentators and political pundits seem to agree), his most recent gaffe seems to be Farewell to Perry 2012 (see The Perilous Perry Pattern.) This is a view based on the symbol's meaning in relation to Perry's obvious lack of personal connection to his 'own' list of the US gov departments he'd abolish like a White House monarch with the Magic Wand of Imagined Mandate--to be brandished over our lives without any forethought for consequences or blowback. It's the austere right-wing way.

And so the Sun's degree and symbol at the Nov 10, 2011 Full Moon (Sun/Moon phase of fulfillment-culmination-awareness) naturally opposes the Moon's degree making the solar degree the Illumination Point where deeper awareness of unconscious material may be found.

Jon Stewart certainly found comedy treasure in the moment!

(Of course, all degrees have Illumination Points opposite them which is a good way to delve into that blueprint of your unconscious, your natal horoscope--perhaps finding first causes--by 'flipping' all the zodiacal positions in the natal chart and reading the Sabian Symbol (or other system of symbols) for each planet's and cusp's Illumination Point degree. Exs: '1Ari' = '1Lib', '10Leo' = '10AQ" are IPoints. Voila! Your shadow self peeks out with a mercurial wink.)

The Full Moon/degree synchronicity here indicates that the Perry campaign impetus has gone as far (out) as it can go, at least for now. Mars in Leo may have favored Perry but now the more serious, studious sign of Virgo with impetus planet Mars, does not. His quick comeback and handling of his mess-up was pretty good but will not be enough unless all other candidates blaze up and flare out.

My point is, Gov. Perry's hollow performance, with ideological details near-memorized yet void of any true conviction--is linked to the mimicking parrot archetype and reminds me of a friend's parrot years ago, a bird that sometimes messed up on his rehearsed sayings, sometimes on purpose, as it turned out. He was good at pithiness though.

Scary Perry?

Becoming dizzy with the circus lights/look-at-me-world aspects of a situation does not work on TV for anyone who wants to gain or retain a reputation for cool poise and composure. Cool he is not, and Perry seems to me to be the sort of person who tends to laugh inappropriately, such as those who snicker during funerals. And with the GOP now presiding over what they hope will be America's memorial service (R.I.P.), perhaps giddy laughter and murmured justifications such as, Oops at the prospect of lousy leadership are about all the American people care to muster at the moment.

In between our LOLs, that is--at this masterful display of what does work on TV. So view Jon Stewart enjoying his comedic opportunities while feeding his family on The Daily Show above, if you haven't already! Laughter really is one of the best medicines for our ills and the more we ridicule the powerful, the better we'll feel and the less puffed up they will be.

But let's keep the tar simmering on the national hob and our feathery ducks plucked in case we get a chance to use them.

Crazy As It Seems

So who can GOP voters turn to now? Well, they say that popularity polls are on the upswing for Newt!


Our purposefully inefficient, quarreling Congress has inspired a credt rating agency in China to issue (during a TV interview--not good) the US government a debit downgrade warning.

Now you'd think the opinion of Washington's main creditor would carry some weight and get Capitol Hill's nattering noggins bent together and turning out economic consensus amongst them in spite of their tiresome ideological differences.

To do otherwise, and suffer the indignity and financial results of a downgrade compliments of the Chinese government, shows who wants America to fail and collapse which is by its very nature treasonous endeavor committed by zealots with bigger fish to fry than upholding US sovereignty.

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