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Dec 13, 2011

Paul Singer's natal Sun = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy)

An Astro-Peek at Paul Singer: Monarchs, Butlers, and Politics

by Jude Cowell

Over at The Vile Plutocrat (great title!) GOP Hitman Billionaire Paul Singer Attacks Middle Class and it's been found that Paul Singer, major Republican Party donor and Friend of Mitt (and George W. and the Vulcan war profiteers), has natal Sun in very late Leo and Moon in Airy Libra.

The GOP sugar daddy, once a happy passenger on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, was born August 22, 1944 in New York (EWT), as noted in his rather sparse Wiki bio, and the only aspect to natal Sun is an applying conjunction to Jupiter @ 6Vir (an out-of-sign conjunction), which gives an enlarged ego and makes him a natural salesman with broadened, perhaps overly enthusiastic views.

Of course, Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Virgo is considerably less showy in the ego department than if Jupiter were still in Leo with the Sun--in its own royal sign.

Now in Mundane Astrology, I tend to use Jupiter as significator for the GOP ('Grand' and 'Party' = Jupiter though Saturn's 'Old' is in there, too) and Paul Singer was born into the 19 North Saros Series--the same Series as the Republican Party.

19N: 'realism, coming down to earth, seeing things are they really are; a good time for tackling the truth.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

In 1944, 19N manifested @ 28Cancer which conjoins Singer's natal North Node. A Solar Eclipse in this truth-tackling Series last occurred last on August 22, 1998 @ 29Leo--a birthday eclipse for Mr. Singer; the next 19N will be in 2016 @ 9Vir.

In fact, all of Paul Singer's planets lie in the Zodiac between natal Uranus 12Gem50 and natal Moon 10Lib59 (noon), a bowl pattern, making his psyche, shall we say, unbalanced...with no planets posited in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, or Taurus. Thus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Venus are his only planetary rulers (his birth time is unknown so we don't know his Rising Sign which would tell us his chart-ruler; MC is also unknown.)

Of course, there are midpoints within those 'empty' signs, and planets transit and progress through them but this is meant to be a simple astro-peek at his natal planets, not a 3-volume set! ;p

Paul Singer August 22, 1944

Sun Leo/Moon Libra can be a gracious and charming combination of energies (Sun/Venus); intellectual curiosity is evident, and a romantic idealism may be noted. A communicator with conviction and finesse, this blend of Adult (Sun) and Child (Moon) assumes leadership yet likes to work in collaboration--but tends to be bossy. A stubborn will and a strong sense of self (which Sun/Jupiter supports) may provide a 'someone has to give the orders around here' attitude.

When his rebellious and independent side is well-directed, much is accomplished; partners must share his interests and goals, and a busy social life is wanted. Weaknesses may include unconscious snobbery, vanity, and a self-righteous streak when it comes to other people's morality.

(That's where politicians often go awry: by pretending they can legislate morality. And since it's impossible, they end up screwing things up more than they would have otherwise though it's difficult to say how poorly they can do them--we're seeing examples now.)

Of interest to plutonian topics is an equation involving Paul Singer's natal Sun making him quite a complex bundle of vitality as he trudges along the path of his Hero's Journey (the Sun)--any, all, or none may apply:

Sun = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; disenfranchisment) = Mercury/Pluto (political talk that offers change; propaganda; intell activities; surveillance) = Neptune/NN (national glamour as an excuse for neglecting growth and progress demands of the people; spies or terrorists with villainous purposes; drug policies that ignore important issues; scandals caused by foreign concerns; inadequate medical/hospital systems.)

To close, here are the Images for Integration for Sun Leo/Moon Libra--see if you think any of them could apply to Paul Singer:

"The Actors' Guild stages a political rally...A monarch discusses poetry with a visiting diplomat...Jeeves the butler welcomes Bertie home with a jolly party of artists, important personages, and eccentric friends."

Hmm...a 'jolly party'? How Jupiterian! At least when it comes to the plutocrats of the 1%.


For more personality blend info try Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey; midpoint info from Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.


handsomemaggie said...

Interesting news today on Democracy Now! today - former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson is filing for a run at the presidency on the Justice Party line. His objective is to show both parties for the Janus-faced corrupt corporatocracy for what it is and to run a grass roots campaign basically reflective of OWS. On the one hand, I am elated at this news. On the other, having seen interesting third parties come and go before and the agreement between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole to duoccupy (to coin a term - duopoly + occupy) the field of presidential "debates", I'm fairly heartsick with anticipatory despair. Worth a listen and a forward to any like-minded person one can think of.

All the best.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, thanks, Rocky Anderson was speaking as I had to dash out the door today. Planning to watch a re-run this evening to consider what he has to say.

Yet I despair like you--if anyone runs as a 3rd party candidate they have 2 parties ready--and having every reason in the world--to gang up on them. Jude :-(