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Dec 10, 2011

12.10.11: One year since Sen. Sanders' filibuster as Middle Class melts away (video)

Senator Sanders, Stray Birds, and Republican Clowns

by Jude Cowell

With certain entities and their agents within our government working hard to collapse America (like a phoenix arising from the ashes of their one-world-government Utopian dream of chaos leading to ultimate control by an unelected few), here is an ice sculpture from a hot June 18, 2011 day in NYC which perfectly illustrates what Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said during his filibuster on Capitol Hill, a place where you'd think the American people could expect their grievances to be addressed on a regular basis and their needs and issues to be served.

But no.

Instead, we get performances from the GOP Theater of The Absurd. And all their time-wasting, special-interest promoting and protecting gambits are played in full costume upon our dime and against the best interests of the majority. Their contempt for we-the-people knows no bounds and neither does their greed for more more more money and power, as the Senator correctly notes.

They want to us admit that the US government is "broken" and can no longer serve us--and the GOP ploy is to refuse to serve us. A use of self-fulfilling prophecy doesn't work for this dissenting America. You?

Presenting the billionaires' war against a Middle Class which should be the foundation underneath our nation's structure...and one of our few hopes on Capitol Hill, Senator Bernie Sanders:

Imho, it is due to political games, higher oaths, and mystical tricks that America is betrayed and may be 'discontinued' if the American people wimp out thus allowing certain forces to have their totalitarian way.

And so I ask again something I asked you months ago, dear reader, which you never answered--and it has a very Taurean ring to it since intolerance is one of the shadow traits of Taurus the often-greedy Bull and it's where moneybags Jupiter now tarries in retrograde, its energy strengthened by Direct Station which occurs on Christmas Day 2011 5:08 pm est @ 00Tau22:

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerable?

Here's an interesting overview of the world's condition: The New "Manichean" Left & the Old Far Right: Tolerating the Intolerable by Nick Cohen.

Additional info: Mani and Manicheaism.


Astro-Brief: 00Tau22 is Adolf Hitler's natal Sun degree (00Tau48) so the 00-1 Tau range of degrees are considered by some to be degrees of violence--Hitler's trigger degree for when his natal Sun @ 00Tau48 was triggered by a planet or planets in transit, he tended to 'get busy' harming people.

Of course, progressions stimulated his egotistical Sun, too. And natal MIDAS conjoined natal Sun--he was a heister extraordinaire and apparently assumed he deserved all the spoils, including controlling the reins of a futuristic Plan that called for a New World Order.

How long was Hitler tolerated and appeased before his crimes--and his psychopathic New World Order intentions--were dealt with? Too long? Well, yes. And it's almost 2012 and we're in precisely a similar predicament again.

'Save America' is only a part of it for the devils have gone global with 'free' trade agreements set up to dissolve borders (and squirrel away large sums of money) in more ways than one.

Two questions: will the World Awaken from the gossamer of false reality in time to be our own rescuers locally, if not nationally? Or, as mentioned in the video: will contemptuous, self-elected global masters of the Earth spitefully pull the plug on civilization in vicious response to the world uprisings which they know must come?

As Rabindranath Tagore wrote so eloquently in Stray Birds:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims."

Doesn't it though?

Now. Since the 99% supposedly does so anyway, let's go Occupy America! or support those citizens who do.

Oh, and the usual if weeded-out line-up of Republican clowns are 'debating' again tonight in Des Moines, Iowa, as you know. Here I think we'll be watching a DVD of The Debt (Helen Mirren) instead and try to catch up with the mercurial Newt & Friends on the Sunday morning political shows tomorrow and by viewing video debate highlights when I can manage to snag a peek.

And if it's not too close to my dinner time.

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