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Apr 27, 2012

On Paul "Nonsensical" Ryan

Representative Paul Ryan, whose draconian budget plan is primarily aimed at the older, younger, and weaker among us (easy targets!), has come up against formidable foes of the Catholic bishop persuasion who've disputed his claims of the plan's Catholic origin. As well they should.

Not-So-News Flash: Ayn Rand Was Not Her Brother's Keeper

Well, here's a tinge of Astrology concerning the personality blend and powerful quindecile (an obsessive-compulsive aspect of 165 degrees) of Rep. Ryan, the erstwhile Ayn-Rand-er, and a peek at the natal chart of Objectivist Ayn Rand herself, compliments of Astrodatabank.

Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I scampishly embedded on this blog the film made from her novel The Fountainhead--it's around here some place and as you know, Rand wrote the script for it. But I won't visit that horror upon you again now (please pardon me for the first embed!)

After all, for anyone who has a heart, the Ryan Budget Plan contains more than enough real-world horror to consider. And if you know someone with a student loan (as I do), the plan's implementation would bring losses and difficulties aplenty if America should follow Paul Ryan and his buds into that dark, austere place where 'survival of the fittest' leaves no room--or life--for anyone but the arrogant, self-annointed, megalomaniacal 'strong' who shall not (in spite of all their visions and intricate machinations) inherit the Earth.

And considering the current presidential campaign so far, it's doubtful they want to win the White House in November 2012, from the looks of it! Romney? Really?


Oh okay, here's a link to the video of the film The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper. It is, at the least, a curious relic of black and white cinema and it fairly creaks along awkwardly.

Besides, I think you'd be much happier reading Jonathan Winn's intriguing new novel Martuk...the Holy which will draw you in and not let go!

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