Jul 18, 2012

Romney-McCain-Palin and Those Dag Dabbit Tax Returns

by Jude Cowell

Well, I almost titled this post: Cheater-Geezer-Quitter but I'd better not...

John McCain "personally vouches" for Mitt Romney's tax returns! Even though in 2008, McCain wasn't actually involved in the vetting process for his Vice Presidential pick, one of which was Mitt The Bainster Romney who, it is said, released years of his tax returns to the McCain team.

And you know who McCain's VP choice turned out to be: the awesomely unqualified for the White House, Sarah Palin, who would have been a mere wheeze'n'sneeze away from the presidency had the Older One expired while in office. Unfathomable! Why, it's as if the GOP wanted to lose in 2008, then saddle a Democratic president with the financial and military messes they'd made through eight years of Bush-Cheney---knowing he'd be hamstrung in so many ways! Especially since Republican obstructionism could easily make a Democratic White House look bad--a perfect ploy to counter a landslide vote.

Well, the above NY Magazine article makes some great points with quotes from John McCain on the topic of Romney's tax returns, yet one thing I expected was missing: that in 2008, as the Democrats and the public were coming off a Mile High Stadium high topped by the electrifying acceptance speech of Apollo--er, Barack Obama--the entire news and blogging cycle was promptly commandeered by the GOP's announcement of John McCain's running mate, the lovely yet virtually unknown, Sarah Palin.

Now does anyone think that Mr. Romney, with his lackluster 'charisma', secretive religious practices, dodgy financial baggage, condescending attitude, and awkward rhetorical style could have come anywhere near capturing the public's attention and imagination as did a VP choice on the scale of former beauty queen Sarah Palin, the lady who (the very next day) stole the thunder from DNC 2008 and its fascinating orator, Barack Obama?

Then you and I must not think along the same lines at all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jude!

First of all - I love your site. I enjoy your astrological take on politics and find it very enlightening. I wanted to mention that I followed the link on this post to one on Mitt Romney's Birthchart and I noticed that you have a chart for a birth time that is in conflict with what I've seen on other sites online. Astrodatabank has his birth date/time listed as 12 March 1947 at 09:51am with a Rodden Rating of A.

This would give Romney a Gemini Ascendant. With Uranus in the 1st House in Gemini making a square to Gemini's ruler, Mercury (in retrograde) - that would explain his penchant for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He seems to not think things through (especially his choice of words) and he has a tendency to be more defensively reactive to the words and comments of others, which always works against him. Saturn in his 3rd house also shows how stiff and constricted he seems when he communicates. He just can't connect well with people.

Even his Venus conjunct the MC is in opposition to Saturn and Pluto (in Leo), making it so difficult for people to "love" him the way he so badly wants to be loved by the public. It is just impossible for him to embrace or show in any way the warmth and playfulness of this Leo energy. However, he's got no problem with the Leo ego-trip. Well that's my take...I'm still just a student of Astrology.

I would love to hear any further insights you could give about his chart with this birth time.