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Feb 24, 2016

Stephen Colbert's Sun Taurus-Moon Gemini personality blend

With his exact birth hour a mystery, there are at least three potential natal horoscopes for comedian, actor, and political satirist Stephen Colbert. Tap or click for the data some of which has been rectified based on the timing of known life events and view versions of his natal chart while you're there.

Born May 13, 1964 in Washington DC, Mr. Colbert, now host of CBS's The Late Show, has Sun in Taurus with a chatty Gemini Moon. His rising sign may be Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (4Sag21 in the 9:02 pm version, 22Sag42 in the 10:30 pm chart) which loudly hints at a comedic persona (Jolly Jupiter!)

This is an Earth-Air blend of energies that supply him with innovation, efficiency, and rationality. Abstract thought melds with practical considerations to form the clear-headed, scientific approach of a pragmatic idealist. When Sun is in creative Taurus and Moon is in communicating Gemini ruled by Mercury, the messenger and trickster, we see hilarity concerning everyday issues and satire of the public figures who well deserve the ridicule.

Other traits many include the wit and flippancy of a penetrating conversationalist graced with 'the gift of gab'--a bit of an Irish signature. A charming opportunist, Mr. Colbert has an ability to sway the views and perspectives of others which makes a job on TV the perfect soap box for his Gemini Moon to broadcast from while the Taurus Sun keeps things down-to-earth. Of course, parenting children tends to puncture big heads, too!

On a difficulty level, Mr. Colbert may have to adjust some bullying tendencies and work on his lack of consideration for the emotional side of things if he should overdo his reliance on rational analysis. 'Unflappable and detached' describe his style but there is also a great sense of playfulness which the public sees in each episode of The Late Show and in every facet and stage of his comedy career.

Then if we check for an apt 'Image for Integration' describing Stephen Colbert's solar conscious mind when working harmoniously with his lunar unconscious, we find this: "A wealthy publisher launches another new project." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey) which reminds me of his hilarious books!

Unsurprisingly, the list is impressive of famous folk who share the Sun Taurus-Moon Gemini personality blend such as: Edward Lear, Teilhard de Chardin, Sigmund Freud, Catherine the Great (Russia), Empress Marie Theresa (Austria), Fred Astaire, David O. Selznik, explorer Robert Peary--and the brilliant George Carlin.

And for the sake of Jolly Jupiter, here is a popular illustration by Edward Lear from his Nonsense Drolleries, The Owl and the Pussycat (1889):

Public domain, published prior to January 1, 1923;

Aug 18, 2015

Thom Hartmann Sees Shades of the 1964 Republican Convention - clip

As of 2015, the RNC of 1964 occurred 51 years ago which may suggest that a cyclic astrological influence from that era upon the upcoming Republican National Convention contains Chirotic vibes of mentorship, guru-ism, wounding and/or healing. Or perhaps Mr. Hartmann is sensitive to such an influence!

Although his birth hour is unverified, you may wish to view the natal horoscope and brief bio of Senator Barry Goldwater who was born under a very individualistic Sun-Mercury-Uranus conjunction.

And here are two of what are perhaps Goldwater's most famous and instructive quotes:

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away."

"Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, and let me remind you they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyranny."

Related: The Colbert Report on Being Poor in America (clip).

Apr 24, 2013

Austerity Spread Sheets Flawed (Colbert video)

Stephen Colbert interviews graduate student Thomas Herndon who discovered in writing a paper for his professor that the spreed sheets used to justify the benefits of austerity measures contain faulty numbers, plus, the much-cited Growth in a Time of Debt by Rogoff and Reinhart completely leaves out the improved economies of Australia and others in order to further support their faulty conclusions that austerity is beneficial.

As noted on this blog previously, austerity cuts are a huge mistake, the kind of 'mistake' people make in order to force their selfish ideology on to those who didn't cause the engineered crises that are allegedly being cured, and to grab more of the world's resources for themselves. "Austerity is counter productive," says Mr. Herndon, and the suffering caused in countries with austerity-implementing governments is now laid plainly at the hooves of such politicians--including those obstructionist Ayn Rand-ers of Washington DC.

Why? To crash the global economy to the point where populations plead for any system to be set up--even a devilish 'new world order'!

Oct 1, 2012

Stephen Colbert on Romney's poll numbers (video) and his Pisces Planets

Last week Stephen Colbert reported on the Romney campaign's lack of oomph in the polls and I'm just now posting the video to cheer up my two Romney-supporting friends who are admittedly down in the dumps. I'm not certain which stage of grief they've entered (they'd rather not talk about it) but I'm sure this will help them deal:

Right away astrologers recognize Mr. Colbert's 'Aqua Romney' as a (perhaps unconscious?) reference to Mitt's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars in watery, diversionary Pisces! Just when you think you've 'caught' a Pisces, he swims away.

And it seems curious to me that Romney's assumption that it's now his "turn" to be president (added to the regressive GOP platform meant to roll back progressive programs from FDR's New Deal, Civil Rights advances, women's reproductive rights, and more) shows an interesting synchronicity with the Inaugural Sun positions prior to the change from early March (Sun 13Pis+) to January 20 (00 AQ+) for noon Inaugurations, a switch which took place between FDR's Inaugurations of 1933 and 1937--and Romney's natal Mercury Rx = 13Pis55!

Don't know about you, dear reader, but I do Not want to live under 1930s conditions any more than we already are, either with or without Mr. Romney playing the role of president!


Blog Note: many Thanks to all who have subscribed to the just-published Oct-Nov-Dec 2012 edition of Stars Over Washington Monthly! Your kind encouragement is very much appreciated, Jude

Jun 2, 2012

Political Ideas, Astro-Notes, and dyslexic Romney (Colbert video)

June 2, 2012: A Meddly of Articles w a Few Astro-Notes Between

by Jude Cowell

From Information Clearing House comes a gob-smack of a Newsletter full of insightful op eds which 'run the gamut' from the Stuxnet worm to the private prison industry. You may wish to read a few especially if you prefer that your government act on behalf of the people rather than against them, an idea that once seemed novel, then didn't, and now seems novel again!

Not all the following opinions are endorsed by this blog or by this writer; authors' remarks are their own--but consider if you will:

Op-Ed Articles

Report: Obama Ordered Secret Attacks On Iran's Nuclear Program

by Haaretz

Stuxnet worm was part of joint U.S.-Israel effort to sabotage computers that control Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities.

(Secret: Neptune, attacks: Mars; US natal Mars and Neptune are forever locked in a square aspect denoting misguided, misdirected, and/or deceptive actions based on unclear or hidden goals. -jc)

Iran Nuclear Irony Lost On The West

By Jamal Kanj

The five-plus-one should be guided by reason, not by Israel's irrational paranoia.

Astro-Note: as you know, paranoia is a common contagion during times such as these when Neptune, planet of the unconscious, navigates its own watery realm of oceanic Pisces. My advice? Act steadily and maturely and don't let this be you! And remember that the Obama presidency was irrevocably imprinted during its premiere year (2009) by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction/s which started the planetary clock over again for a new cycle of grand schemes, get-rich-quick offers, speculation, fraud, and glowing over-promises based on unreliable foundations like shifting sand.

Unending Wars against Mankind: Afghanistan and Iraq

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD

Wars are planned and orchestrated by the few, the privileged ruling elite; humanity becomes the targeted victims of the few for global hegemonic governance.

When You Hear About Massacres, Reach For Your Truth Detector

By Danny Schechter

When is a massacre a massacre, and how can we find truth in the fog of intense war propaganda?

(Reminds me of the Biblical prophecy, "There will be wars and rumors of war." Plus, truth: Saturn, fog: Neptune, intense: Uranus and Pluto, war: Mars, propaganda: Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune-Pluto. -jc)

"Might Makes Right" Says Conspirator of Syrian-Iranian Conquest

By Tony Cartalucci

2005 interview profiles psychology of those behind the Houla Massacre.

Zionism A Rebellion Against Judaism

By Uri Avnery

When Theodor Herzl raised his flag, almost all East European Jews were still living in a ghetto-like Orthodox atmosphere, ruled by the rabbis.

Will Americans Speak Out Against Obama's Drone Warfare?

By Medea Benjamin

While purporting to represent the world's greatest democracy, US leaders are putting people on a hit list who are as young as 17, people who are given no chance to be tried in a court of law.

Well, Will They? Or will karma (reaping what was sown) take control? Drone kills are radicalizing large numbers of survivors--brothers, cousins, fathers, and other family members--so the devilish tactic is extreme and extremely counterproductive to what is allegedly America's 'righteous cause'--unless perpetual war is actually what you intend to accomplish while hiding behind a 'righteous' mask of national 'pride' and touting our (tattered) flag. The US Constitution these days? Not so much. -jc

Hope Burning

By Robert Scheer

A steely warrior who, according to a lengthy leaked insider account in The New York Times, hurls death-dealing drones at anyone who threatens the good old USA. Including children.

(Hope: Jupiter and Moon-Jupiter, and possibly: Neptune, burning: Mars. -jc)

Obama At Large: Where Are The Lawyers?

By Ralph Nader

The rule of law is rapidly breaking down at the top levels of our government.

Rule of law: Saturn, breaking down: slow Neptune and sudden Uranus; Saturn-Neptune = secret government; weakened government; contracted ideals. -jc)

WikiLeaks, War Crimes and the Pinochet Principle

By Amy Goodman

"This week's developments bear crucially on the public's right to know, and why whistle-blowers must be protected."

Coming: Even more FBI Warrantless Searches?

By Nat Hentoff

Wow! Have presidential rivals Obama and Mitt Romney said a word about this? Don't they care when the Constitution is being ravaged? Will this come up in any of their debates or in press interviews during the campaign?

"Democracy" For Sale

Conservative Groups Plan to Spend $1 Billion to Retake the White House

By Suzanne Merkelson

The $1 billion total surpasses the $750 million that Barack Obama, one of the most prolific fundraisers ever, collected for his 2008 campaign.

(Now why did I think it was Gov. Romney collecting the biggest war chest?)

America's Corporate Immigrant Detention Racket

By Sadhbh Walshe

Who benefits from immigrants awaiting hearings being locked up in worse conditions than criminal convicts? Only private prisons.


Enjoy this handy recap of The Colbert Report for the week of May 29, 2012: my personal favorite--the "with Mitt" iPhone app that spells 'America' as 'Amercia'--is Mitt Romney or someone close to him dyslexic? Chant with me now, SUA, SUA, SUA...

Aug 2, 2011

Colbert Report on being "Poor" in America (video); Jupiter trine Pluto

Without right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation and journalist Stephen Colbert to define what being "poor" in America really means, what would our refrigerator-rich, microwave-oven-infused nation do?


Here's the latest rant from the Heritage Foundation website against "liberals" who cause all of America's problems, didn't you know?! Good thing Bush-Cheney ignored them those 8 years and shoved their neocon-warhawk agenda upon the nation.

You know the Heritage Foundation was incorporated on February 16, 1973 as a reaction against Richard Nixon's 'liberal consensus' tendencies and it's been a neo-conservative thorn in our national side ever since. One of its founders, Paul Weyrich, is the one who said that large voter turn-outs don't help Republicans win elections.

Perhaps that's because a majority of the American people would never vote GOP--against their own best interests--if the truth were told during political campaigns rather than facts being spun and hidden. (Glaringly against our best interests is the 'trigger' mechanism inserted into the 'debt deal' on the Senate's table today. All the GOP has to do is not agree to the 'cuts' list and Americans crash.)

Now few of us would vote Republican if everyone made it to US voting booths and were allowed to cast a ballot. The Weyrich ploy is behind the ongoing and current movement to disenfranchise certain groups of voters with photo ID requirements and other hoops now placed between American citizens and their right to vote for the political brigand of their choice (for even most of the 'good' politicians turn bad when mixed into the corrupt system such as we have.) Votes can, of course, be skewed by miscounts, funky voting machines, and other tiresome, previously un-American tactics employed by both parties but mainly by the success-at-all-costs Republlican Party.

Astro-note on the Senate's session today which began at 9:30 am edt: the trine between Jupiter and Pluto blesses the proceedings and the US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint was rising and signifying the global banking cartel, powerful religious leaders, US and global plutocrats now collapsing our nation, and an extreme depletion of resources.

But not to fret! Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn are moving in and out of a privileged, futuristic trine these days so we can chillax--for plutocrats aren't the ones who will suffer 'extreme depletion of resources' because that's reserved for those pesky refrigerator-buying, microwave-using "poor" folks of America that we hear so much against and whom Democrats and Republicans are in process of legislating in order to further wound. Population control!

And Pentagon cuts? The Pentagon budget will still be able to grow with inflation so it's part of the ruse, people!

Personally I prefer the ideas of Van Jones and his Rebuild the Dream movement because I do not want neocons back in total control of Washington DC, much less running America off a cliff as they continue the Bush-Cheney trajectory along the path of a New World Order meant to dominate the entire globe.

(See sidebar video of Bush Sr's chilling threat of an enforced NWO. Check out those beady reptilian eyes.)

Well, the Senate's action at noon will occur with Senator Bernie Sanders voting 'no' because the bill is, as he says, "grossly unfair". Agreed.

And what else was rising at 9:30 am edt on Capitol Hill today when the Senate went into their drama-riddled session? America's natal Ceres @ '9 Pisces' (security needs and issues; food/grain supplies and supply chains, etc) which has, since July 4, 1776, had the plutocrats' Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjoining it with its tinges of 'primal violence (which Washington expects when the American people realize the full gist of what's been done against us and hit the streets--peacefully, please!), corporatism, fascism, racism, and other -isms of oppression...basically the "Haves" in the Haves v Have-Nots equation.

Imho, the only planetary pair that describes the elitist US Senate better than Pluto/Chiron would have to be Jupiter/Pluto!

Yet throughout the debt-deal drama in DC, the words--or threat--of Senator Barry Goldwater (Jan 1, 1909; Sun Cap-Moon Tau) keep running through my common-good noggin:

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away."

Even refrigerators and microwaves, it seems--and the food that should go in them.


On these and other topics, you may wish to try Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! for videos, articles, and interviews.

Nov 1, 2010

On Karl Rove's subpoena (video) and Pluto/NN

Trying to catch up after having out-of-town guests this weekend is proving difficult for I've missed a lot of politickin' the last 3 or 4 days. But you know I have to begin by posting this video concerning the October 24, 2010 serving of a subpoena upon Karl Rove, that warmongering goose stepper I adore despising for the lies he's helped perpetrate upon our nation and the lives his ambition has cost.

Served as he arrived for a segment on Face the Nation, at 10:00 am edt in Washington DC on Sunday October 24, 2010, we see that 00Sag338 rises with '1Sag' being the symbol of: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"; Mars 27Sco21 has just risen identifying a contentious reaction to having to give a deposition when you've operated for decades without ever testifying under oath concerning your political actions, misdirections, indiscretions, and law-breaking.

On Oct 24, the Sun @ 1Sco03 is somewhat auspicious since October 24, 2010 marked the 17th birthday of the current NWO-ers with that 'new order' planetary pair, the enlightened Uranus and Neptune, who met three times in 1993 with their 3rd conjunction standing in as a modern day 'NWO natal horoscope' with Sun 1Sco19.

Another possible NWO natal horoscope is for the last time Uranus and Neptune hooked up in Great Conjunction: March 21, 1821. This may be the primary date which will act as a natal horoscope for the previous incarnation of the NWO but I've not completed my sleuthing into the matter so it's inconclusive at this juncture; a 4-second orb on that date for Uranus and Neptune is their closest approach I've found so far.

However, on March 21, 1821, genius Uranus and inspirational Neptune met at 3Cap01 - where transiting Pluto and tr North Node are trouncing about lately (Pluto conjoins NN on Nov 9, 2010 @ 3Cap38; tr Moon reaches 3Cap38 on that date at 3:13 pm edt, DC; Pluto/NN = common destiny of a large mass of people, Moon = the people, so I keep mentioning their triple conjunction though no one seems to notice. I will be interested in keeping an eye on the news for any big meetings or summits held on or near Nov 9, 2010. Perhaps you already know of one?)

We Love Jon S. and Stephen C.; We Do Not Love Karl Rove

Interestingly, both Pluto and NN were rising at noon on Saturday Oct 30, 2010 for Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's rallies in Washington DC to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. (Astrological Saturn is associated with both sanity and fear! And with the accountability Jon shouted out for regarding the culpable media and cable TV.)

Yes, I really appreciate Jon Stewart's serious remarks about the US and the pi*s-poor job the press with its 24/7 news cycle is doing 'for' democracy. And yes, I agree that it is only in Washington DC and in the press that things in America are not 'working'; Washington's obsessive belly-button gazing is the joke of the planet!

So. The subpoena served to Mr. Rove at 10:00 am on Oct 24, 2010 also shows two asteroids rising with quarrelsome activist Mars: Eros (the piercing) and power asteroid, Hidalgo. You may remember the BP-Gulf Oil blowout chart with Hidalgo rising at...curiously enough...'1Sag'...that 'Grand Old Army' degree again.

Plus, the first midpoint to rise in the Rove-subpoena horoscope is Sun/Pluto 2Sag08 so we have:

Sun/Pluto = ASC: suppression of the environment for the attainment of one's own aspirations; experiencing the ruthlessness of others; a crisis of self-preservation. (Ebertin.)

Well, it seems Mr. Rove assumed he would suppress the environment as usual while appearing on Face the Nation but the ruthlessness of others stepped on his happy Sunday morning dream scenario and quashed it a bit.

One chart factor worth mentioning is a major transit for anyone (and not everyone experiences it in a lifetime): tr Pluto 3Cap13 to Mr. Rove's natal Sun (birth time unknown but his hatch date is Dec 25, 1950 in Denver, CO.) This places his natal Sun around 3Cap41, give or take, and obviously, the current positions of transiting Pluto and NN conjoin his natal Sun.

Tr Pluto to n Sun marks a time when more power, control, influence, and recognition are desired; if one has been ruthless or aggressive in the past, an increase of both may be expected; independent actions taken may be courageous or foolhardy; a new start is indicated yet the past will have much influence upon how things proceed.

With the karmic nature of slow-moving Pluto involved, perhaps his shady past (Pluto rules the Underworld) is attempting to catch up with him. The position of his n Saturn @ 2Lib06 shows us he's recently experienced a Saturn Return when taking responsibility for past actions may be demanded. (Plus, the trial of Rove's past crony, Tom Delay, began this week but I expect little satisfaction from it, do you? Has the jailed Jack Abramoff turned on compadre Rove?)

And if the mysterious death of Rove's 'friend' and colleague Mike Connell is spotlighted by the Rove subpoena concerning 2004 election fraud charges in Ohio, I for one, will be heartily glad if one of the many mysterious crimes involving Washington DC players is revealed for what it is: a political assassination meant to cover up actions and protect the career of an operative such as Karl Rove who never met an election he couldn't cheat on or a campaign he couldn't make dirtier and meaner.

Last, let's consider the midpoint picture formed by tr Pluto/NN with Rove's natal Sun as focal supports the above indications of ruthlessness of tr Pluto to n Sun:

Pluto/NN = n Sun: the urge to impose one's will upon others with ruthlessness and vice versa; gaining respect.

A difference is that NN, a Jupiterian point of joining and encountering (he encountered a subpoena - he tried to disavow its receipt by dropping the papers!), 'joined' him at the precise moment of his TV appearance at DC's CBS Studios. And, of course, lawyering, judging Jupiter's natural house is the 9th house of legal matters and courts. Touche! He touched it so it's his.

Well, I hope the US Justice Department is serious about taking to task an old cuss like Karl Rove and isn't just setting up a legal matinee of dramatic actors where charges and rumors against Mr. Rove are - supposedly - laid to rest once and for all.

For I can tell them now that for a suspicious yet reluctant astrologer like myself, these dire times are way too late for that sort of tiresome ruse to work. When you snag an elusive rat in a trap, you'd better be sure you spring it.


Nov 1, 2010: the Fall 2010 Issue of Eclipse is now available at Julie Demboski Astrology so you may wish to subscribe, if you haven't. My latest article, American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun, is proud to be a part of the Fall issue of Julie's excellent e-zine!


In addition, a political verse has been published in the wee hours which concerns the November 2, 2010 Elections. It's the Midterm Elections 2010 Blues; cat photo included.

jc 11.2.10 2:32 am edt

Oct 28, 2007

Stephen Colbert May 13, 1964

In all truthiness, I think that Stephen Colbert is reveling in his prez bid and making nasty presidential promises against my home state of Georgia, if he should win the Oval Office!

So in a spirit of intolerant and grumpy retaliation, I hereby publish Colbert's natal chart (May 13, 1964; sunrise--birth time unknown--in fact there are discrepancies concerning his very place of birth, yet there is some evidence that he was born at some point...and Washington, DC works as a re-location chart if nothing else, and may be correct.)

Funny that asteroid, Cupido, The Family; Corporations is conjunct natal Sun in Taurus. Asteroid Toro, the Bull, is at MC (Career Point), and stable Taurus, the Builder, is the strongest sign in the chart. The shadow or negative side of Taurus is stubbornness, greed and intolerance, but I'm not implying anything or waving a red cape in front of his least I hope not.

Throughout the 24 hours of his day of birth, Moon was in Gemini (communications, esp writing, speechmaking, and announcements--great for TV) so for his personality blend we may confidently use Sun Tau/Moon Gemini:

dogmatic yet flippant; city slicker + country lad in tune with nature; natural teacher with a gift for practical (Tau) communication (Gem); witty yet penetrating conversationalist; flourishes in media, publishing, sales; good at negotiations; earthy sensuality + breezy intellectuality; passionate at heart but seems detached and unflappable; fine reasoning abilities.

Greatest Weaknesses: arguing with bullying bombast; lack of sympathy for the emotional needs of others and for the loftier aspirations of the human spirit.

Images for Integration: A wealthy publisher launches another new project...A sculptor carves the figure of a dancer...A restauranteur earns a reputation for delicious souffles and meringues...A scientist brilliantly discourses on the mysteries of nature. (Ahh, This Week in God--I remember it fondly!) (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, it remains to be seen whether this bombastic meringue will reach the White House as commander-in-chief or as desert on Tuesdays, but his self-serving and vicious attack on drought-riddled Georgia is uncalled for and at least partially or wholly unprovoked--esp when every American knows that the presidency is for disenfranchising ALL states, not just your special pets, Mr. Colbert.

I mean, really.