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Apr 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher: iron Saturn rising

April 8, 2013 UK PM Margaret Thatcher Passes Away Peacefully

by Jude Cowell

Since former Prime Minister of Britain Margaret Thatcher passed away today I want to make note of the event on Stars Over Washington though a complete analysis of her natal horoscope has been published elsewhere many times over. You may wish to view her natal horoscope along with that of Meryl Streep who played her in the film at Solaris Astrology.

One basic way to describe the 'Iron Lady' is to point out key planetary contacts in her natal chart which I am about to do.

A-rated birth data: October 13, 1925 9:00 am GMT Grantham, England; Hour of Venus @2Sag04 in 1st house; ASC 15Sco16 (the Eagle Point which is shown clearly by her beakish nose--no disrespect intended); MC (The Goal) 3Vir51 with Moon 28Leo37 (conjunct Royal Star Regulus--she ended life as a Baroness) and Neptune 24Leo13 in 9th house. As my post title implies, Saturn 13Sco46 rises in 12th house of Politics and Karma giving harshness to her early life as the working class daughter of a grocer, but Saturn also supplied her with a conservative demeanor and steely self-discipline later on, building upon success one brick at a time.

Jupiter-Pluto (Plutocracy), Sun-Uranus (willfulness), and Moon-Neptune

A powerful Jupiter-Pluto opposition (0A15; 14Cap29-14Can44) across the 2/8 money axis indicates a deep determination toward material security and a tendency to challenge others by questioning their ideologies and asserting her own deeply held dogma. This opposition has a 'savior' quality to it which may use other people's finances or financial circumstances against them in order to gain victory and advantage.

However, using one's Jupiter-Pluto energies in an anarchistic rise to power only creates resentment and bitterness, and Lady Thatcher was, as you know, a deeply divisive figure within her own country at the height of her power and seems to be more revered in the US than at home particularly by American conservatives who sometimes include her in their idolatry of Ronald Reagan.

Actually, her natal Mars applies to a square of dynamic tension with moneybags Jupiter and powerful Pluto, so Jupiter-Pluto = Mars: leadership; a desire for great achievements; organising talent; publicity; application of controls to suit one's particular purposes. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Mars (energy, action, motivation) square Jupiter shows her as having a need for self-discipline in order to put tremendous physical and mental energies to best use. Time refined her goals and her ability to deal with them; a talent for public speaking is denoted by this aspect, as are feelings of impatience and of being threatened by competitors--yet much determination is given toward achievement. A certain accident-proneness is there and is echoed by her PE's theme (see below.)

And Mars square Pluto indicates a forceful nature, aggression when in pursuit of objectives, and a tendency to become abusive when denied or frustrated.

Now the closest applying aspect to natal Sun is what we want for describing her essence, isn't it? That would be a Sun-Uranus inconjunct (2A58)--but only because I'm counting the inconjunct (150 degrees) as a major aspect. Otherwise, there is no major applying aspect to natal Sun which highlights the Sun's natal house, sign, and degree of 19Lib30 in 11th house of Groups and Associations--good for collective endeavors such as Politics where she could shine. (Also in 11th house are Venus and Mars 9Lib27.)

Sun inconjunct (quincunx) Uranus denotes one who is susceptible to the 'you're the only one who can do it' guilt trip placed upon her by others--well, perhaps she was the 'only one' who could take over UK politics in 1979 with her isolated, controlling Saturn rising. In fact, being imposed upon and feeling challenged by others was part of her personality which is supported by Saturn, planet of responsibility, accountability, authority, and burdens, rising. Lady Thatcher was Saturn whose realm includes lead and other heavy metals such as iron and steel, as well as government, law, and business.

Another planetary pair to mention is her Moon-Neptune which supplied emotional sensitivity, imagination, and sometimes a tendency to daydream (!) A challenging professional life is a must with a Moon-Neptune conjunction in order to keep one productively busy, preferably in work that is publicly oriented and free from boring routines. When meeting new people she may have felt disoriented in some way so they were categorized according to her own manner of thinking. And perhaps she held an appreciation of poetry and art with her Moon-Neptune conjunction, and perhaps a liking for liquid refreshments.

Descriptively, Thatcher's 9th house Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (18North) now sets in her Secondary Progressed chart (SP) with SP Descendant @28Can20. 18N themes are: 'high stress levels, a taxing of strength, potential illness or accident, and obsessive thinking and worrying' (B. Brady.) During her lifetime, 18N also manifested in the years 1943, 1961, and 1997 (next in 2015.) Angular planets are often active at death, and in progressions, her SP Jupiter 00AQ39 is rising, thus angular, and her natal Venus 2Sag04 conjoins SP Midheaven signifying that her life will be popularly on display for the world to view and appreciate.

As for the most public angle of her natal horoscope, the Mercury-Pluto midpoint sits atop her natal chart thus relating to Career, Public Status, and guarding and/or dealing with important secrets as a goal--Mercury-Pluto = MC: leadership; great resourcefulness; deep perception of any situation; good coping ability; arranging matters well; prudence or circumspection; keen powers of judgment or discernment.

Let's close by considering potentials for one of the midpoint pictures from the initial solar eclipse of her PE Series (18N) which first manifested on February 4, 1060 (OS) @21AQ34:

Mars-Saturn = Uranus (1Sag26): intense drive; breaking loose; accident; struggling to gain independence. (Mdpts pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

Well, today is the day that PM Margaret Thatcher finally broke loose as she gained independence from the earthly plane and now all her struggles are over. May the Iron Lady R.I.P.

Now here is today's Mother Jones article to burst the Thatcher bubble of lionization in the US of this divisive politician.

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