May 24, 2013

US natal chart w/ 'Thor's Hammer': Sun-Saturn = Moon

Sun (president) plus Saturn (Congress; SCOTUS) vs The People's Moon

by Jude Cowell

A fated planetary pattern called Thor's Hammer (aka, Fist of God) may be seen in the natal horoscope (July 4, 1776) of America between the Sun-Saturn square aiming toward US natal Moon @27AQ10 (We the People):

Some basic notes are scribbled thereupon so please click image to enlarge. You'll note our Midheaven, the WHY? Point (Goal) has 2 Libra: "The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh" for its Sabian Symbol. Keyword: THRESHOLD which negatively implies "a loss of reality in an infinitely regressive other-worldliness or a total lack of all practicality." (Jones.) Hmm! Sounds like a few current-day congressional anti-government obstructionists we both could name!

Sun square Saturn denotes our Founding Fathers getting their authority act together in our nation's earliest days, and the presidents' (Sun) methodical application of what's been learned (Saturn) as the decades have passed. This square also indicates the difficulties of the presidential job with its imperatives which must be accomplished in a patient one-step-at-a-time manner.

Unfortunately for the American people and the rest of the world's populations, this measured approach has come to include the establishment of a global government with the US acting as its military arm. President Obama's speech yesterday in when he seems to have redefined America's foreign policy with a much-needed if elusive end to war was inspiring if true, dangerous and cynical propaganda if false.

Here's Stephen Colbert on the president's 'repealing power' topic from last evening:

Hit by Thor's Hammer (sounds like drones strikes, doesn't it?

Of interest are the potentials for the karmic Sun-Saturn pair in Politics and Business as given by Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets:

Thesis: The will of the people as defined in the principle founding documents; checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations; form and definition in an enterprise.

Antithesis: unreasonable centralization of authority in one location (obviously Washington DC--jc); a leadership preoccupied with the various forms of law enforcement; older and more distanced leaders; pessimism and gloom as a center focus of policy.

And for those who use July 4, 1776 as our national founding date, what are the potentials revealed by the midpoint picture created by the Sun-Saturn-Moon pattern in America's DNA (natal horoscope)?

Sun-Saturn = Moon: self-discipline comes naturally; sensitivity to otherwise rigid frameworks; added instincts for showing caution or self-control (MM); a sense of loneliness; feeling inferior, hurt (Tyl); fear; bereavement; depression especially in relation to organic disturbances (Ebertin)--'thanks' for all the toxic contamination, pharmaceutical industry--jc

Understandably, it seems that our current fear of government has been within us from the start--first with the British crown. And our fear has been purposefully increased many times over by infiltrators through the last several decades who are determined that the American people give up on America because of the government's inefficiency and ineptitude!

Not none o'me!

Hope you all have a very safe Memorial Day weekend. Jude


Liber said...

Jude, I love your new website!

I believe I have two 'Thor's Hammers'. My Sun to Saturn and my north node to's been a difficult life.
If you have any links you might suggest for me to read, It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your wonderful site!

Jude Cowell said...

Liber, thanks for kindly leaving a comment!

How difficult if you do have not one but two Thor's Hammers. Are you certain? Are two or more planets squaring one another and sesqui-squaring a third planet or planets (or point)?

Are you saying that it's Sun-NN aiming at Saturn? If so, Sun-NN relates to intellectual, physical, or family ties and of course NN and Saturn are karmic. Is there perhaps a generational or hereditary flavor going on?

Now I know that Julie Demboski has discussed the pattern and here's a site that admits difficulties with a Fist of God but prefers 'Thor's Hammer' because of the myth and says it's a gift! Of course, karmic lessons tend to be gifts for those who deal with them successfully though not everyone can or chooses to.

Here's the



judecowell at gmail dot com

Jude Cowell said...

Liber, got your data, thanks. Will take a peek asap. Email me at judecowell at gmail dot com if you wish to discuss anything! jc

Jude Cowell said...

Liber, looking at your chart I see only one Thor's Hammer: Pluto-NN--> Jupiter Rx, and their mdpt picture is quite good: attainment of great gains via the help of others. (Ebertin.)

Yes, your Sun-NN conj does square Saturn which can create difficulties--and there's that knarly trio of planets at MC--two of which are karmic. Yet after a look at your Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, your Syzygy Moon (which happens to be a Lunar Eclipse), and the fact that you were born only 4 days prior to a 2nd Solar Eclipse (May 9), many of your troubles seem related to these, imho (and of course Scorpio can be a problem unto itself and gives that "life's a battle" feeling.)

Your PE in Scorpio (rising in your chart) is one of 'sudden endings and traumatic transformation' (last occurred in 2001), and the May 9 Solar Ecl which also affects your life = 'restriction, separation, illusions' and 'overestimating our strengths or misjudging situations' (Brady.) This one last manifested in June 2002.

Ring any bells? (Don't reply here!) And remember that Scorpio can be super-hard on us but is the most rewarding sign when our energies are well-managed! jc