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Jan 7, 2019

Apr 14, 2017

Cosmic Flavors and Images of April 15 and 16, 2017

These days at Stars Over Washington my schedule is limited so I prefer writing about wider issues and broader cosmic influences such as Solstices, major planetary conjunctions, inaugurations, and other political and astrological concerns and events. But considering recent world events involving the US (unpredictable leader drops the MOAB on Afghanistan tunnels), North Korea (unpredictable leader threatens another missile launch), China, Russia, plus, other concerns, here's a bit about the cosmic flavors of this weekend, Saturday April 15th through Sunday the 16th.

This weekend the (Tropical) Sun is in Mars-ruled Aries and the Moon floats through Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius into Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business--plus, Luna triggers the Cardinal World Point of 00Cap00 as she floats so a consideration of the weekend's Sun-Moon blend just could be illuminating, don't you think?

In Today's News: The US Military Defends Its Use of 'The Mother of All Bombs" (MOAB).

April 15 (and April 14, today): Sun Aries-Moon Sagittarius is a double Fire blend of volatility, brash aggression, passion, and 'grandiose philosophizing' with a self-centered mentality that is little concerned with the feelings of others. What double Fire is sensitive to are the hidden opportunities in every situation. And to Sun Aries-Moon Sag add impatience with limitations, outspokenness, and adventurism. High energy and vitality also characterize this combination but leaning only on intuition and hunches can lead to instability, even chaos. A need to drop everything and go away for the weekend is typical of Sun Aries-Moon Sagittarius (Sag, the sign of travel). Hopefully this does not mean more bombs dropping. In addition, this blend's tendency toward committing daredevil acts can sabotage material security while its capacity for relating to others remains childlike and stunted.

Sun Aries-Moon Sagittarius is the blend of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775 5:00 am LMT Lexington, MA), philosopher Thomas Hobbes, artist Vincent Van Gogh, and sitarist Ravi Shankar.

Sun Aries-Moon Sag is revealed by one Image for Integration: "A child shoots an arrow toward the enchanted castle in the distance as he follows the road less traveled." (Arrow, missile, MOAB?)

April 16 Sun Aries-Moon Capricorn is a Fire-Earth blend of scorched earth, aka, the bulldozer. Specifically it is a blend of ambition, force, and tough-mindedness and denotes a domineering maverick at home in the realm of Politics where its headstrong aggression can be demonstrated and its tendency to be "a thorn in the side of the status quo" is evident. A good organizer, Sun Aries-Moon Cap can be sensible and pragmatic as it "wages war against oppressive laws and traditions." This blend denotes a natural leader with a mix of risk-taking and caution when problem solving is approached.

Hinting of Mr. Trump, Sun Aries-Moon Cap is shared by both entertainment and political figures such as: former US VP Al Gore, German statesman Otto von Bismarck, former British PM John Major, actor-comedian Eric Idle, film director David Lean, composer Steven Sondheim, and actor Rod Steiger. Its Images for Integration are revealing: "A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America and a new world order is born." (my italics).

And in 2017 that would be the 'new world order' that global power elites are working so hard to repeal and replace via bombs, missiles, and a refreshed 'war on terror' which will be made more obvious as The Great American Eclipse approaches manifestation on August 21, 2017 in vain, arrogant Leo at a critical 29th degree and eclipses the natal Ascendant (Self; Physical Body) of Donald J. Trump.

Related posts: After the Revolution: the Oriental Planet of Donald Trump (hint: it's America's war planet) and The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017. Also see 2017 Neptune Hits the American Revolution's Prenatal Eclipse.


Note: Most Sun-Moon blend info from Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Jan 29, 2015

Feb 3 2015 Leo Full Moon conjoins fixed star Dubhe

On Tuesday February 3, 2015 a Full Moon @14Leo47 perfects at 6:08:54 pm est across the 6/12 axis in a horoscope set for Washington DC. Along with Dubhe, the Full Moon rises with Jupiter Rx @18Leo00 conjunct the degree of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse which heralded New Millennium 'terror' and our subsequent global economic woes. Jupiter continues as the handle planet of a Bucket planetary pattern thus linking chart hemispheres and the actors (planets) opposite.

Sun @14AQ47 falls in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (military, police, civil, domestic), and Daily Tasks and with the Moon is part of a Focused YOD along with the Pluto-Chiron sextile.

Pluto-Chiron = plutocracy, oppression, exploitation, primal violence

The Pluto-Chiron sextile (the base of the YOD pattern pointing toward the Moon and by opposition, the Sun) denotes spokesmen and those who have a "finger on the mass pulse" (Nolle). Pluto @14Cap18 in 5th house applies to a final square (0A55) with Uranus--here @13Ari22 in 8th house (exact on March 16). The ongoing Saturn-Neptune square from 4th house to 7th continues to bellyache over its social burdens such as the funding of America's safety net programs and other social needs of the populace. Also, 7th house Neptune denotes the ongoing unreliability in February 2015 of partnerships and alliances domestically and in American foreign policy. A 7th house Venus, exalted in Pisces, brings in a potential link to the Vatican.

My suspicion is that the Full Moon's close encounter with fixed star Dubhe points primarily toward US foreign policy for fixed star Dubhe is the alpha star of constellation Ursa Major, the Great She-Bear, and as everyone knows, this is a traditional archetypal symbol for Russia. Potential expressions of Dubhe include: destruction, arrogance (A. Louis), a martial nature (Ptolemy), nastiness (Ebertin), strong feminine powers, intuition, psychism, persistence, endurance, and quiet strength (Brady).

Visions of an angry, protective she-bear appear with the February 3rd Full Moon in dramatic Leo! Yes, paternalistic egos may be viciously defended yet examples of the star's Mars-inspired energies include Princess Diana's natal Venus which is linked by paran to Dubhe and, as Ebertin notes, Dubhe links with the natal Moon of China's Mao Tse Tung who advised his political operatives (and all future politicians with an infiltrating mission) that,

"Wherever we go, we must unite with the people, take root, and blossom among them..."

Hmmm..I confess, this reminds me of The Americans returning to TV last evening and how Russian and other spies are embedded among us.

Note: a brief bio of Chairman Mao Tse Tung and his natal horoscope may be found here.

And for additional information on the February 3, 2015 Full Moon you'll find a comprehensive analysis showing lunation horoscopes set for various locations including the Middle East at Grand Trines.

Update 1/29/15: the 8th house Uranus is prominent in the Full Moon chart for it acts as the Thales Point (trine Moon, sextile Sun)--the negotiator--that can ease tension between the opposing Sun and Moon.

May 24, 2013

US natal chart w/ 'Thor's Hammer': Sun-Saturn = Moon

Sun (president) plus Saturn (Congress; SCOTUS) vs The People's Moon

by Jude Cowell

A fated planetary pattern called Thor's Hammer (aka, Fist of God) may be seen in the natal horoscope (July 4, 1776) of America between the Sun-Saturn square aiming toward US natal Moon @27AQ10 (We the People):

Some basic notes are scribbled thereupon so please click image to enlarge. You'll note our Midheaven, the WHY? Point (Goal) has 2 Libra: "The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh" for its Sabian Symbol. Keyword: THRESHOLD which negatively implies "a loss of reality in an infinitely regressive other-worldliness or a total lack of all practicality." (Jones.) Hmm! Sounds like a few current-day congressional anti-government obstructionists we both could name!

Sun square Saturn denotes our Founding Fathers getting their authority act together in our nation's earliest days, and the presidents' (Sun) methodical application of what's been learned (Saturn) as the decades have passed. This square also indicates the difficulties of the presidential job with its imperatives which must be accomplished in a patient one-step-at-a-time manner.

Unfortunately for the American people and the rest of the world's populations, this measured approach has come to include the establishment of a global government with the US acting as its military arm. President Obama's speech yesterday in when he seems to have redefined America's foreign policy with a much-needed if elusive end to war was inspiring if true, dangerous and cynical propaganda if false.

Here's Stephen Colbert on the president's 'repealing power' topic from last evening:

Hit by Thor's Hammer (sounds like drones strikes, doesn't it?

Of interest are the potentials for the karmic Sun-Saturn pair in Politics and Business as given by Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets:

Thesis: The will of the people as defined in the principle founding documents; checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations; form and definition in an enterprise.

Antithesis: unreasonable centralization of authority in one location (obviously Washington DC--jc); a leadership preoccupied with the various forms of law enforcement; older and more distanced leaders; pessimism and gloom as a center focus of policy.

And for those who use July 4, 1776 as our national founding date, what are the potentials revealed by the midpoint picture created by the Sun-Saturn-Moon pattern in America's DNA (natal horoscope)?

Sun-Saturn = Moon: self-discipline comes naturally; sensitivity to otherwise rigid frameworks; added instincts for showing caution or self-control (MM); a sense of loneliness; feeling inferior, hurt (Tyl); fear; bereavement; depression especially in relation to organic disturbances (Ebertin)--'thanks' for all the toxic contamination, pharmaceutical industry--jc

Understandably, it seems that our current fear of government has been within us from the start--first with the British crown. And our fear has been purposefully increased many times over by infiltrators through the last several decades who are determined that the American people give up on America because of the government's inefficiency and ineptitude!

Not none o'me!

Hope you all have a very safe Memorial Day weekend. Jude

May 9, 2013

"The Big Benghazi Theory"-- Jon Stewart (video)

On TV yesterday I watched a goodly portion of Darrel Issa's witch-hunting Benghazi hearing. So far my favorite news report on the hearing is Jon Stewart's coverage which you see here and my favorite part of that is Mr. Stewart pointing out how Republicans and their news buddies have been working so hard to make the tragic September 11, 2012 attack/s on our embassy seem hugely worse and more cover-up-able than Tricky Dick's Watergate and Reagan's Iran-Contra scandal and cynical October Surprise mixed together!

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The Big Benghazi Theory
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If you're curious, here are previous astro-notes on Darrel Issa's natal Sun Scorpio-Moon Virgo personality combo with Scorpio being the sign of investigations and probes.

Dec 23, 2009

Ron Paul video: US foreign policy ignored

Here's six minutes+ of Rep. Ron Paul discussing how important it is for Americans not to ignore foreign policy matters within all the diversions such as the current health insurance reform brouhaha.

As I like to type: whatever politicians direct our attention toward, always look in an opposite direction at what they're up to behind the door and under the table. (That's how little their 'ethics' impress me anymore. And Washington's 'divide and conquer' tactics have grown weary around here - we-the-people should stick together to fully express our power priciple--precisely what politicians don't want us to do. Can it be more obvious?)

Then there's Campaign for Liberty.


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! This is probably my last entry before our family holiday spree of a few days...time to forget about annoying Politics awhile! Hope you can forget it, too.

It's that 'grandly scheming' Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of Dec 21 atop US natal Moon that we mustn't forget about as we edge into 2010, so I leave you with its midpoint picture (one more time) and as usual, it's any-all-or-none may apply:

Tr Jup/Nep = n Moon (the people): little sense of reality; real vs unreal; losing oneself in plans; a desire to dream; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; an emotional swoon; going with the wind.

(Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.) jc