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Sep 21, 2013

WTC 9/11/01: Mystery of the Missing Gold Bullion (video)

Whistling into the Wind One More Time...

by Jude Cowell

Now you and I have previously discussed here the mysterious 'put options' that were traded just in time for the WTC attacks of 9/11/01 and the ($1.7 billion in) missing gold bullion that had been stored in the basement/s of the WTC buildings--until that morning when thousands of people were murdered.

Turns out that people's lives weren't all that was stolen for it seems a tremendous heist took place on 9/11/01 along with massive insider trading perpetrated by major corporations--the usual suspects. Surprising?

Here are details if you're curious, plus, a 5-minute video on the subject which you might find quite illuminating:

You know, I always thought that transit Pluto at 12Sag conjunct US natal Ascendant (the nation itself) on 9/11/01 meant that the US government was the more powerful actor in the Saturn-Pluto opposition (with tr Saturn conjunct US natal Descendant of Partnership, Others, and Open Enemies.) So with the above info factoring in the 'major corporations', including big banks (that remain 'too big to fail' especially since tax payers were forced to bail them out against our good judgment), it seems to me to indicate underworld Pluto representing the wealthy actors with riches hidden in secret places, and Saturn, planet of government, law, and business, as the old order they were determined to collapse by way of a "new Pearl Harbor".

And some if not all big banks are said to be launderers of drug money with Scorpionic Pluto a master at drug trafficking, as you know, for it has supplied a large part of his wealth for centuries.

Yes, The Tower card in the Tarot (#16) comes handily to mind as does the Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series of George W. Bush, the 2 New North, which manifested prior to his birth and again prior to the 2000 presidential 'election' (or, selection, if you prefer.) The theme of the 2 New North happens to be: 'a sudden collapse of plans or lifestyle; confusion may reign; the long term effects are of rebuilding and transformation after the dust has settled; the reshaping will have far-reaching effects; a person's direction is changed through the sudden collapse of an existing structure' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology, my italics.)

Perhaps you agree that it wasn't only people's lives including Bush's and the Twin Towers that changed on 9/11 but the 'existing structure' that was transformed was the United States of America via subsequent wars fought on credit card, the US 'Patriot' Act, and the cluster f**k they call (in Germanic fashion), Homeland 'Security'. And remember how propagandists touted the inability of spy agencies to "connect the dots" before 9/11? Knitting the agencies together was part of the plan as well yet even now they still use whenever needed their lack of dot-connecting as an excuse for failure.

And of course, 9/11/01 rippled directly toward the Bush-Cheney Heist of December 2008 when they cleaned us out before leaving the White House. You know they did.

Okay, I'll hush for now especially since I know that no reader, regular or otherwise, will take a minute to leave even a smidgeon of a comment underneath this post!

If you get a chance, you may wish to visit Forbidden Knowledge TV for more videos on various topics--and pass them around for awareness is key.

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