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Jul 31, 2014

Brief Notes on the August 10, 2014 Full Moon in AQ (Washington DC)

Mystic Rectangle Full Moon August 10, 2014 @18AQ02

In Washington DC this culmination of the July 26, 2014 New Moon in early Leo falls within the 2/8 house polarity denoting corporatism, big business, finances, the National Treasury, possessions, earning ability, values that affect self-esteem, insurance, debt/credit, legacies, inheritances, transformation, death, the occult--you know, the usual potentials of the 2nd and 8th house departments of life.

But a culmination or fulfillment of what?

Of something begun under the influence of the previous New Moon. Now the Sun remains in fiery Leo, sign of the 'natural leader' and of braggarts and lawyers everywhere, so we may continue to expect further political charges of 'acting like a king' and 'this is a republic not a monarchy' and blah blah blah--as if anyone who's a cog in the current government wheel of total control wants anything but the status quo. Lucrative? Oh yes. The ruling class reaps huge benefits from the state of things or they wouldn't behave as they do. Maybe that's one reason the Full Moon chart of August 10th shows status quo Saturn blocking (squaring) actions and plans of the Sun (leader), Moon (the public), and messenger-reporter-trader planet of young people, Mercury (20Leo16) in 9th house of Philosophy, Diplomacy, and Foreign Climes.

And this is descriptive of the political theater of Capitol Hill that we're being subjected to in place of actual governing! Because though the US Congress skedaddles out of the District today for a 5-week vacation the astrological implications continue's a telling quote from someone who shares in his natal horoscope the Sun Leo/Moon AQ personality blend of the August 10th Full Moon:

"Idealism increases in proportion to one's distance from the problem." -John Galsworthy. And never more obviously than in federal, state, and local governments now infiltrated by ideologues with deep convictions which leave common decency out of all their calculations.

Considering the above quote, we find in the Full Moon horoscope the pattern of a Mystic Rectangle (between Sun, Uranus, Mercury, NN, and Moon) which sounds cool and denotes a condition of and a need for 'practical idealism' not the pie-in-sky kind. Does John Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama sound foolishly impractical since the bill won't be agreed to by Democrats and POTUS would hardly take part in such an undermining of his administration and of his signature achievement, would he? Once again, you waste our time and millions of tax dollars, sore-loser Republicans!

So it's about time to close this post with the factors that determine (as near as we can tell) how things will proceed from this Full Moon in Aquarius, sign of the American people's natal Moon if you use a July 4, 1776 horoscope with Sagittarius rising.

Full Moon's Ascendant 21Sco32 (conj US natal 12th cusp--the house of Politics, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, Karma, Hospitals, Large Institutions--they're rising) is ruled by Mars and sub-ruled by creepy wealth-hoarder Pluto, the manipulator and saboteur. Mars applies to two major aspects:

A sextile to Pluto which signifies an intense energy that's available when reaching for more power. Investment and research are favored yet military action cannot be ruled out as we look toward the rest of Summer 2014.

Second is a conjunction to Saturn (8A21) with both planets in 12th house. This denotes a time of obstacles blocking progress (still) and maybe even some self-created troubles arise--perhaps via short-cuts that seemed a good idea when they were taken but now...not so much. Called for are better organizing, careful planning, and an acceptance of the authority of others--something we know the GOP simply refuses to do.

Yes, the Full Moon over Washington on August 10th will find the city's denizens and perps missing, on a break from the 'work' they failed to do but were paid for. Hmm.

Ah, DC! I again will not miss being there in August for I know what it's like and wish to sit under a shady tree in Georgia instead while watching a toddler pick a bunch of dan-dee-lion flowers...

Additional note: this is the closest to Earth #SuperMoon of #2014!

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