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Apr 23, 2015

The TPP, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Modernizing the WTO

Brief Planetary Considerations on Trade 1995--2015

by Jude Cowell

Did you see Alex Manson's article of April 20, 2015 in the Wall Street Journal about Modernizing the WTO?

Mr. Manson writes that the trade organization has to "adapt if it wants to stay relevant" which seems a notable topic for a newspaper article considering the current tussle over the President Obama's insistence on Fast Track Authority so that the Trans-Atlantic Partnership (#TPP) can be shoved through Congress with the public kept in the dark over its provisions and threats to US workers, environmental protections, national sovereignty, and who-knows-what other serious changes to our world.

Just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren about Fast Track and the TPP. She says You Can't Read This because the American public wouldn't like the TPP at all if we knew what's in it and I must agree. If the TPP is so great why can't we know about it before it becomes law, replaces US laws, and gives international corporations an even stronger hand of disenfranchisement against workers?

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill can read the TPP--in private but then they cannot discuss its details and that alone should make anyone suspicious. And some say that the majority of the TPP's text has nothing to do with trade!

Well, on a similar topic I took look today at a founding horoscope for the World Trade Organization (WTO) since it supposedly has oversight over international trade deals, a duty which is possibly now abandoned. WTO's founding date is January 1, 1995 and since I have no specific hour, one of the charts I'm reading is symbolically set for the New Moon @10Cap33 that morning at 11:55:38 am CET Geneva, Switzerland, location of WTO headquarters. Naturally the 2-3 days leading up to the New Moon was a dark time when shady things go bump in the night!

Note that the WTO's 10Cap solar-lunar degree naturally conjoins the United Kingdom's natal Sun of Jan 1, 1801 (UK natal Moon 19Can26 in 10th house 12:00 am London, UK--Campion).

And since the WSJ article (linked above) about modernizing the WTO was published on April 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm ET, I set up that horoscope in order to view current transits to the WTO chart of 1995. Here are the primary transits now in progress with a focus on conjunctions to the New Moon chart of 1995 which has Cardinal Points of Prominence angular: 1Ari21 rising and 00Cap37 at Midheaven (MC):

2015 Neptune conjunct WTO Saturn @8Pis01 (in 12th house of Politics and Back Room Deals), a time when traditions and structures may disintegrate and circumstances (TPP = a new sheriff in town?) require a new approach to the handling of authority). Another transit is that of Saturn Rx to natal Jupiter @4Sag49 (in natal 8th house of Corporatism, Big Business, and Transformation) which times a period with the retrograde of Saturn when prosperity and growth may be restricted; a slower return for the WTO's efforts may be expected and some wealth, knowledge, and/or power may have to be shared and spread around.

The last conjunctions in this brief consideration of the WTO natal chart involves transformative Pluto, the saboteur and spy, now at 15Cap32 Rx. Powerful Pluto, planet of hidden wealth in secret places, is poised among the WTO's natal Sun, Moon, Mercury (21Cap10), Neptune (22:35), and Uranus (25:29) and will be there for the next few years. I am assuming that the WTO will continue to exist, of course.

Pluto to natal Sun and Moon, then Mercury, marks an extended period of turmoil and transformation of power and goals with ego being the driving motivation for most actions. Knowledge will make a difference in retaining one's power with ideas and plans becoming more intensely focused and previous concepts altered to allow for more relevance. Calls for modernization echo this requirement in order to increase the organization's influence.

When transit Pluto reaches natal Neptune (fresh off its Great Conjunction/s with Uranus three times in 1993 = new world order, or, Global Government which is what I believe the WTO and the TPP are all about), the WTO may expect an erosion of power via undermining forces which are difficult to detect. Sabotage, perhaps cyber, and/or newer systems may replace or greatly change the WTO's structure, methods, and traditions (all this planetary stimulation by Pluto is occurring in the structural status quo sign of Capricorn).

Pluto is within orb (5 Degrees) of natal Neptune in January 2017 and first conjoins the nebulous planet of fraud, deception, and corruption in early 2019. With WTO's natal Uranus @25Cap29, transit Pluto enters its electrical vicinity for the first time ever in February 2018 and perfects its first conjunction in 2020:

Pluto to natal Uranus will mark a period of technological advances which will deeply affect the WTO agenda and its business concerns and jobs related, or part of, federal or national programs. Popular protests may erupt in response to government actions with freedom and independence as topics of concern--as they are now with the secretive TPP deal being swept along no matter how We the People express concern and suspicion.

As a panacea for TPP critics once Fast Track Authority is gained, a 60-day period of public comment is promised and may be timed by political and financial planet Jupiter in Leo reaching its shadow degree (where investing Jupiter turned Rx on December 8, 2014) and passing it (early July 2015) and, barring political or planetary obstructions, this change of direction denotes forward movement on several financial and political levels, all of which will affect the lives of people in the United States and in other nations as well.

Yes, we're mired in a new-world-order swamp, folks, and no one in Washington DC is telling the complete truth of what the corporate globe-knitting embedded within the TPP really intends.

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