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Nov 8, 2015

Indonesia is Burning and Nobody Knows (or Cares?) - David Pakman reports


Astro-Note: when we think of fire, blazes, or arson we think of fiery Mars which is now in late Virgo and approaching its 1949 position in the natal horoscope of Indonesia @00Lib28 in the country's 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland after passing natal Saturn @19Vir26 (natal IC 11Vir23.) Mars-Saturn is known as the death axis and as David Pakman reports, there have been deaths in Indonesia along with other hardships due to these conflagrations.

For those who may wish to take a look, here is the natal data for Indonesia as given in The World Book of Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion:

Indonesia: December 27, 1949 when "the Dutch gave independence to the United States of Indonesia--"; the horoscope is set for 9:22 am GMT Djakarta, Indonesia (then the new capital) with 11Gem49 rising, MC 11Pis23, and 10Cap11 = 8th cusp where transiting Pluto, planet of wealth, stealth, transformation, and death, has recently entered. Natal Mars @00Lib28 (a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation) opposes natal Moon (the people) in 10th house @6Ari36 (Aries ruled by Mars); the country's 7th house Sun (leadership) @5Cap18 has obviously been transited and transformed by Pluto, a time when the use, misuse, and abuse of power and control are spotlighted.

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