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Sep 22, 2023

Lachlan Murdoch: Pluto = Sun-Uranus

by Jude Cowell, on behalf of democracy and the common good

Yesterday the news broke of a major transition at the head of Fox and Fox News Corp, that Papa Rupert had anointed son Lachlan Murcdoch to carry on; however, Papa says he'll be "watching." Apparently, Lachlan has been "groomed" since birth to carry the Murdoch family torch - now, into an uncertain future. Word is that Laclan is more authoritarian than his father, but Laclan did, after all, have an experienced teacher. Notable is that yesterday into today, the Sun conjoins Lachlan's natal Pluto so his power potential (carrying his Sun-Uranus 'radical reformist' vibes) are in the spotlight, a global spotlight.

Below, see the aspect grid of multiple squares and oppositions within their dynamic relationship. Even their natal Suns are in opposite signs!

Born with a significant midpoint picture of power, rebellion, radical reforms, and a potential for tragedy (Pluto = Sun-Uranus), Mr. Murdoch the Younger is a radical reformer (R. Ebertin) so this is one spot in his psyche where authoritarianism can creep in. Apparently, Fox and Fox News Corp are in for additional changes and shifts which may have already begun. Let's watch for shake-ups!

Plutocrat Pluto: Power, Control, Manipulation, Exploitation, Extreme Wealth, The Underworld

So here's the natal horoscope of the 'new boss, same as the old boss':

Lachlan Murdoch born September 8, 1971 9:00 pm CET (RR: C) Wimbledon, UK; a sprinkling of study notes are added including a few details re: his Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE'), the 9 New South, which repeats on September 21, 2025 @29Virgo conjunct his natal Pluto (see lower right corner):

And here's an aspect grid between father and son:

And btw, do you know that a German Media Baron Aided the Rise of Hitl*r?

Related: Rupert Murdoch's natal chart and Prenatal Solar Eclipse (contains a link to a 2015 Business Insider article about Rupert "stepping down" and "handing the reins to his son" but Papa will still have a "voice." As we say, history does rhyme (and sometimes does repeat).

Nov 10, 2015

Orwell rolls in his grave (video part 2) - featuring Bernie Sanders

Over the last 8 years news outlets have only become more corporatized since 2007. If you've never watched 'Orwell Rolls in His Grave' here's part 2 which obviously I am posting here primarily because 2016 presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the featured speakers:

There are several parts in 'Orwell Rolls in His Grave' so here's a link to part 1 in case you want it.

corporatism + statism = fascism

Nov 8, 2015

Indonesia is Burning and Nobody Knows (or Cares?) - David Pakman reports


Astro-Note: when we think of fire, blazes, or arson we think of fiery Mars which is now in late Virgo and approaching its 1949 position in the natal horoscope of Indonesia @00Lib28 in the country's 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland after passing natal Saturn @19Vir26 (natal IC 11Vir23.) Mars-Saturn is known as the death axis and as David Pakman reports, there have been deaths in Indonesia along with other hardships due to these conflagrations.

For those who may wish to take a look, here is the natal data for Indonesia as given in The World Book of Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion:

Indonesia: December 27, 1949 when "the Dutch gave independence to the United States of Indonesia--"; the horoscope is set for 9:22 am GMT Djakarta, Indonesia (then the new capital) with 11Gem49 rising, MC 11Pis23, and 10Cap11 = 8th cusp where transiting Pluto, planet of wealth, stealth, transformation, and death, has recently entered. Natal Mars @00Lib28 (a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation) opposes natal Moon (the people) in 10th house @6Ari36 (Aries ruled by Mars); the country's 7th house Sun (leadership) @5Cap18 has obviously been transited and transformed by Pluto, a time when the use, misuse, and abuse of power and control are spotlighted.

Sep 4, 2015

Why Isn't the Media asking About Donald Trump's Mob Connections? - video

Ah yes, I was wondering if or when this topic would come up since presidential runs are (supposed to be) fraught with close inspection of one's past dealings and alliances--and you know that many in the corporate media already know about Trump's unsavory connections and shady deals:

Aug 27, 2015

Ed Schultz Criticized Obama then Fired from MSNBC - video

Well, I, for one, always appreciated The Ed Show on MSNBC, a network said to be leaning toward the right with its programming. If that happens, the Rockerfellerites at MSNBC will lose at least one regular viewer--moi because their programming has given social liberals and non-Ayn-Randers a semblance of being heard even if it's only an elaborate ruse so if that illusion ends so will my viewership.

Of course, behemoth Comcast was behind the decision.

Aug 20, 2015

Clip: Bernie Sanders DESTROYS Corporate Media & Republicans - David Pakman Show


Do you remember that there was a major attempt to take over FDR's presidency in July 1933 just after Franklin Roosevelt entered the White House? Those fascists are ancestors--biological and/or ideological--of the saboteurs who've infiltrated the US government now and are chipping away at the US Constitution.

If you haven't, you may wish to read about the take over plan and General Smedley Butler's reaction to it in Jules Archer's book The Plot to Seize the White House.

corporatism + statism = fascism