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Sep 27, 2016

Anonymous: Message to the United States Government 2016 - video

The US government, aided and abetted by the global corporate syndicate, is working to undermine the US Constitution. Tyranny has been the result of this infiltration and the time for resistance is Now:

The main purpose of Stars Over Washington: Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them...; so types yours truly, A Child of the Revolution, whose ancestor, Francis P. Power of Maryland (1756--1818), risked his life participating in the ferrying of George Washington and 2,400 troops across the icy Delaware River, December 25/26, 1776, and fought in the subsequent battles that changed the tenor of the Revolutionary War.

Related posts: Christmas Day and a 'Double' Ancestor (the natal chart of my 4th-great grandfather (paternal and maternal!) David Barnett born that auspicious day, December 25, 1776 in Christiansburg, VA); The Solar Eclipses of Valley Forge 1777; and the natal Horoscope of the US Constitution set for September 17, 1787 4:00 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and showing the document's Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius blend of 'moral certitude' -- which is one of the reasons that criminals are determined to be rid of it and We the People must be even more determined to defend it.

Jude Cowell

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