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Sep 22, 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Shames CEO for Raking In $200M... video

Here Thom spotlights Senator Elizabeth Warren grilling a CEO of Wells Fargo Bank and she's at her finest:

Warren and Trump: Both Have Sun-Uranus Conjunctions

Did you know that Elizabeth Warren's natal Sun conjoins Uranus as does that of Donald Trump? Her Sun-Uranus conjunction @00Cancer identifies her as an original, progressive maverick while his conjunction is in changeable Gemini and opposes his Sagittarian Moon. As for Senator Warren's personality blend, it's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus, if you're curious enough to tap or click the above link.

So with Sun-Uranus (and Moon-Uranus for him), Mr. Trump the Uranian likes to 'shake things up' and so does Senator Warren but she does it without the racism, violence, and sophomoric insults. And yes, I agree with those who say that, if nominated, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren would have won the presidency in November though I suspect that she can do more for the American people by continuing to serve in the Senate rather than battling obstructionist Republicans from the Oval Office.

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