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Jun 9, 2023

Trump indicted: Sun and Mars tell a tale!

Who's There? That's Karma Knocking

by Jude Cowell

On Thursday June 8, 2023, Donald Trump was indicted by a Florida grand jury and is facing 7 counts of espionage, conspiracy, lying, and more, stemming from Jack Smith's investigation of Trump's purloining, hiding, keeping, and lying about documents he nabbed during his time in the White House.

In a timestamped message he posted to his "Truth" Social venue on June 8th he responded to his indictment citing his usual grievances, denials, boasts, and deflections using one of pal Putin's favorite tactics, whataboutism. He labeled it the "Boxes Hoax."

Since it's Friday and going on 3:00 am here, I have very few astro-notes to add at this point but below is a horoscope of his timestamped messsage of denials (June 8th 7:21 am) surrounding Trump's natal chart for those who'd like a view. Now I've heard he's at his Bedminster golf resort for the summer so the horoscope is set there for 7:21 pm ET (as per timestamp); please note that currently there are multiple transits to his natal planets, Sun to Uranus and the fateful Mars to Pluto are only two of them:

As you see, I've penned on Sabian Symbols for 18 Gemini (Sun-to-Uranus: spotlight on his alien relationships, radical tendencies, lack of loyalty issues, aka, betrayal), and for 11 Leo and 12 Leo (Mars-to-Pluto: intense, purposeful activities, vengeful actions bring perilous results, a male leads the way as karma comes to call).

Now through all of the legal proceedings, my primary concern will be for the safety of America and for my fellow Americans. It seems obvious to me that the rejected orange albatross isn't done bringing We the People misery and now he'll have grudges on steroids to fuel his rising Mars in Leo opposing and targeting America's 1776 Moon in Aquarius.

Jul 1, 2021

July 3, 2021 Jupiterian Trump's Grievance Rally

Thursday July 1 2021: On Saturday July 3rd (one assumes in the evening) Trump expects to hold what I'm calling one of his 'Grievance' rallies and this time the event is set for Sarasota, Florida. However, the cosmic weather on Saturday isn't as grand for him as he would like. For certain transits are ongoing such as transit Saturn Rx opposing natal Pluto (which conjuncts his Mars-Saturn midpoint) suggesting challenges to authority and conflicts over power. And with his Mars-Saturn midpoint, the 'death axis' duo, under the influence of more Saturnian rays, there are potentials for 'deficiencies in planning due to an incomplete review of plans, and/or a 'loss of momentum from a lack of drive'. Also note that 'prudence and caution are disregarded as pressure is brought for completing stalled work' (Munkasey). Of course, have prudence and caution ever been part of his impulsive behavior? Hard to say.

Also denoting conflict and embattlement is the transit of Pluto opposing his natal Venus in Cancer which reflects Trump's slowly building legal problems and possible bankruptcy, plus, issues of jealousy, manipulation, and loss of control are on his mind with his insecurities quite obviously shown. At 8:00 pm, the shade-throwing Neptune-MC midpoint rises along with potentials for 'living in a world of illusion and unreality; acting and pretending; taking the wrong path in life; pursuit of wrong objectives' and 'uncertainty or insecurity' (R. Ebertin). We may expect the grudges he loves to hold to be on full display. Will bored audience members walk out at some point? Well, at 8:00 pm, Capricorn rises making karmic Saturn the chart-ruler - and Saturn Rx, opposing his natal Pluto as noted, makes no applying aspects in the horoscope. Perhaps that's his aura of authority and control "going nowhere" - or impressing few listeners!

As for orating planet Mercury, it will bring us Trump's typical (translation: tiresome) messages that always tend toward dishonesty (in duplicitous Gemini). And Trump's natal 10th house North Node @20Gem48 of public contact will rendezvous with July 3rd's changeable Mercury to hear whatever he has to say, same old grievances and all. (Better them than moi!). This transit of Mercury wedges the messenger between his natal Sun-Uranus so a midpoint picture forms that suggests 'sudden reforms and/or making arrangements' as he works at projecting his 'unique' personality, and discusses with others how to achieve freedom (it's almost July 4th!) from his anxieties and concerns - or from the indictments and possible subpoenas that have his disgraced name upon them.

So pardon me for asking, but can a handy escape hatch be far away from his bone-spurred tootsies? Well, please note, dear reader, that yours truly is suffering from a serious case of Trump Fatigue as are a majority of people these days, and I do get the cranky heebie jeebies just typing his name. Mea culpa.

Even so, I am compelled to mention one more cosmic factor undergirding his July 3rd rally of belly-aching and inflated dreams and it relates to the wide-girthed Jupiterian Trump 'the orator' and 'broadcaster': transit Jupiter Rx @1Pis53 (in 2nd house of Money and Earning Ability: are funds drying up in spite of all his fraudulent schemes?). Plus, as you know, mundane Jupiter also represents politicians, corporatists, and religious figures and you may have noticed that of late, Jupiter has been unaspected, therefore, detached from the rest of the planetary energies and influences. This presents a cosmic picture of a loner who's been living an 'ivory tower' existence, and shows his judgment to be undeveloped or flawed. Buoyancy may be noticeably lacking in his manner although Trump may exhibit a spurtlike enthusiasm that quickly fades. Feeling weighted down by life is typical with an unaspected Jupiter and most folks, if they pay attention to this rally, will recognize his usual disconnection from society's moral, ethical, and/or religious standards.

And yet, an exhuberant form of idealism and zealotry may be on display as he orates particularly concerning the realms of Jupiterian values that obviously include leanings toward materialism and worldliness, while his worsening mental remoteness may cause some of us concern.

Mar 22, 2021

"If You're Not at the Table--" - Randi Rhodes

March 22, 2021:

This Monday morning post is a complete shout-out to the excellent progressive broadcasting of Randi Rhodes and if you've managed to miss the following segment of March 18, 2021 here is:

Jim Crow in a New Suit 3-18-21

As the lady says, "If you're not at the table you're on the menu." - Randi Rhodes

So Who Was Jim Crow?

And who is Randi Rhodes?

Born Randi Joyce Beuten on January 28, 1959 in Brooklyn, NY with natal Sun in early (progressive!) Aquarius, her natal Moon sign is either Virgo or Libra (ranging from 20Vir43 to 4Lib43). During the 24-hour period of her day of birth, orating Mercury the Messenger ranged from 26Cap05 to 27Cap40. With her commentary stingingly critical of politicians, I'll guess that hard working Randi's natal Moon could very well be in Mercury-ruled Virgo, sign of The Critic. Both Sun-Moon personality blends are cited, below.

And as you see, transit Pluto in late Capricorn is now upon her natal Mercury, a major transit that she and I are sharing (more intense self-expression, increased ability to recognize hidden meanings and motivations, etc). In her broadcasts Randi Rhodes often says outloud what I'm thinking!

Now let's mention two important oppositions in her natal chart (no birth time needed for these). The closest applying aspect to natal Sun is an opposition from progressive, futuristic Uranus Rx in Leo. This opposition is a marker for restlessness and independence, and identifies Randi Rhodes as a revolutionary. Unusual experiences are also part of her Sun-Uranus picture, and for obvious reasons, contact from Uranus increases the progressive, even quirky implications and brilliance of her Sun in Aquarius goals and personality traits.

Also notable is a second opposition between Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio suggesting conflicts in the realms of religion, philosophy, and/or social and political matters. Financial conflicts may also be indicated (Taurus-Scorpio). That the planets are opposing one another helps bring these conflicts into public view and provides her with the objectivity needed to resolve conflicts due to having a wider perspective on the issues.

Randi Rhodes broadcasts weekdays from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET through various outlets including YouTube so perhaps if you haven't, you'll tune in for the wider perspectives that Randi very clearly expresses. You won't be disappointed!

Two Possible Personality Blends for Randi Rhodes:

Air-Earth Sun AQ-Moon Virgo is a devoted researcher with an excellent mind and instinctive reactions to the environment. Kind-hearted and sincere, this blend is a gregarious loner who tends toward eccentricity yet is practical and altrusitic. Devoted to her ideals, critical analysis is a talent.

Double Air Sun AQ-Moon Libra is a highly idealistic, charming lover of truth, and an ideas person with a lively, far-reaching intellect. Humanitarian, reasonable, and broad-minded, this blend suggests dignity, tolerance, and sociability, however it is not very practical and may appear unapproachable, cerebral, and fickle while exhibiting social awareness and concern which promotes a brighter outlook for humanity.

For more details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey. #ad

Oct 21, 2019

April through October 2019: the Sun-Uranus Cycle

by Jude Cowell

April 22, 2019 Easter Egg Roll; The White House from Washington, DC [Public domain]; wikicommons

October 21, 2019: With the Sun in late Libra about to oppose erratic Uranus in early Taurus by transit on October 28th (4:15:10 am edt), a consideration of the Sun-Uranus cycle seems appropriate especially since the fellow now playing the POTUS role, Donald Trump, is a Uranian chaos-creator with his natal 10th house Uranus oriental in Mutable, changeable Gemini behaving as his whimsical, disruptive guiding planet. And of course, Trump is an original, a Sun-Uranus person with only his Gemini North Node snugged between them which partially explains his ability to excite (Sun-Uranus) the public (North Node) with rallies and disrupt with tweets--with Sun representing a leader and his ego thereof.

The Sun-Uranus Cycle in 2019

The cycle began on April 22, 2019 when the Sun and Uranus conjoined energies @2Tau31:40 along with transiting health asteroid, Hygeia (2Tau42) so in this post, we'll take a look at US events on and within a couple of days of April 22, 2019. As you see in the photo, above, the annual White House Easter Egg Roll was held on April 22nd with a costumed Easter Bunny big as life (on the right, not center) in attendance. We can only hope that the fantasy-prone Mr. Trump wasn't fooled into believing that one of his imaginings had come to life like Jimmy Stewart's 6-foot rabbit Harvey. "Six-foot-three-and-a-half-inches--let's stick to the facts," says Stewart's character, Elwood P. Dowd. If only Dowdy Donald would!

Now as you know, all planetary conjunctions are like New Moons which time the beginning of a new phase of activity, and their oppositions, like Full Moons, represent the culmination, awareness, and fulfillment stage. So for the Sun-Uranus cycle of 2019, April 22 to October 28 encompasses the current cycle from 'New to Full'. This indicates that something Solar-Uranian begun in April will come to fruition or end in late October so a search for US and global events of April 2019 would be fruitful for the curious while keeping in mind current events and those over the next few days of October 2019--and until late April 2020 when a new Sun-Uranus cycle begins. (Primarily this post refers to US events which are on-the-boil just now, not that others aren't.)

Another related event occurred on April 22, 2019--the announcement that new cases of measles were reported, amounting to the 2nd worst outbreak in the US in nearly 20 years with 22 states affected. Of course, "nearly 20 years" points toward the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and perhaps the Nodal Cycle of 18.6 years so their involvement could be notable. And as mentioned, health asteroid Hygeia was spotlighted by the April 22nd Sun-Uranus conjunction with astrological Uranus often representing the 'new' or the 'novel' and the goal-oriented Sun activating public announcements and events.

In addition, two other events around April 22nd were: the redacted Mueller Report was released on April 18, 2019, and on April 23rd, it was reported that 156 people across 10 states were hospitalized due to consuming E. Coli in ground beef, another Sun-Uranus-Hygeia event. (I'll mention here that the health of Donald Trump is a constant topic of discussion and a deep concern to us all but you already know this!)

As for Politics or Business, let's consider the willful, unpredictable Sun-Uranus pair within those realms; here are the pair's potentials as quoted from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of The (Your) Planets which helpfully provides the Hegelian form of analysis:

Thesis: Political changes that shape the quality of all efforts; reforms which initiate changes to authority or power; legislation mandating major reforms in policies; revolutions which bring fundamental changes.

Antithesis: Rebellions designed solely for the removal of an existing leader; the changes which accompany upheavals; rule makers or interpreters battling decision makers; a contrary head of state with unusual habits.

Now I'm not emphasizing any of these potentials as 'what we're now dealing with' in Politics and Business because I'm certain that you, dear reader, can ascertain them for yourself and have opinions of your own. But I will add that in the physical realms, Sun-Uranus relates to 'blood pressure abnormalities' such as an overweight man can trigger within himself while furiously raging against those who stand in his way, who defy him, who testify against him, and/or who inhibit his life-or-death need to follow Putin's agenda to sabotage and collapse the United States of America. (Note that to Sun-Uranus, Ebertin adds, "heart neurosis.") As for the House's current impeachment investigations of Donald Trump, some amount of information in the Mueller Report has been recently mentioned within the public discourse and could certainly come up again as depositions are given to various committees.

Video (6m40s): The phone call that could get Trump impeached.

Now naturally, other planetary factors are in process of influencing conditions and events within the April to October 2019 time frame, either in support of Sun-Uranus potentials, or against them. One obvious cosmic factor of influence is the unpredictable Scorpio New Moon of October 27, 2019 @4Sco25 opposed by erratic 'wild card' planet Uranus Rx--for New Moons can influence events and reveal inconvenient facts in similar fashion to 'wild card' solar eclipses. So this particular Solar-Lunar cycle begins with the seeding of new ideas and plans just as a Sun-Uranus cycle culminates and unpredictable events 'led' by Trump continue to affect and influence the Collective--and the rest of the world--as his authority and integrity are challenged by the powers that be.

Therefore, we may expect that some measure of fulfillment, full awareness, and/or culmination will occur under the revealing rays of the Taurus Full Moon (19Tau52) of November 12, 2019 which perfects within Trump's 9th house of Foreign Lands and Legalities and, looking ahead, we find that a new Sun-Uranus cycle begins during the last week of April 2020 in the 6-to-7-degree range of Venus-ruled Taurus.

A Related Cosmic Event: 2019 Halloween: Mercury Rx Is King of the Fairies; plus, in review there's Uranus to Taurus: Nature's Revolution.

Apr 17, 2019

Redacted Report planets vs Mueller Report Submission

Assuming that AG Bill Barr (a Sun Gemini like Trump!) releases a redacted version of the Mueller Report tomorrow morning (Thursday April 18, 2019), a quick peek at tomorrow's planetary positions reveals a couple of interesting transits to the Mueller Report submission planets of March 22, 2019.

MRS = Mueller Report Submission; BR = Barr Redactions April 18, 2019.

BR Neptune conjunct MRS Mercury (in secretive Pisces) suggests potentials for covering up or veiling the report in order to confuse issues (or deep-six them), deception, erroneous conclusions, and/or mysterious communications.

BR Mercury conjunct MRS Sun indicates potentials for strong and dramatic expressions in a forum (the public discourse? in congressional committees?), hiding difficult conclusions, taking the ideas of others and adding your own (Barr's) input to create something entirely different (the goal of Trump's man Bill Barr as was his earlier "summary" letter/s that allowed Trump the opportunity to brag about being "exonerated").

This transit info sounds accurate to me, how about you?

Plus, there are the increasingly harsh energies of the Saturn-Pluto duo in process of aligning for their January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction and now oppose Trump's watery natal Saturn (authority; accountability; limitations) in Moon-ruled Cancer. As previously discussed, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction when exact @22Cap46 will conjoin the natal Vertex of Mr. Trump, a sensitive point of fated encounters. Significant? Karmic setbacks? Both? We'll see.

And perhaps a midpoint picture involving the planet of reports and communications is revealing of current events for it forms tomorrow...Mars-Saturn = Mercury: loud shouting at formal speeches (Munkasey); bad news; separation; bereavement; murderers (Ebertin)--surely murder doesn't turn up in the Mueller Report!!? If so, that would be something worth hiding at all costs. Additionally on April 18th, the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint conjoins the March 22, 2019 Sun (1Ari55): inability to meet all demands or master all situations; weak vitality; death or illness of male persons (Ebertin).

Now data for both horoscopes are listed, below, if you haven't already set up the charts and looked for more transits that apply to the Mueller Report Redaction situation once it drops tomorrow-if tomorrow! will its edge be softened by dropping just prior to the holiday weekend? I used '12:00 am edt' for April 18th but perhaps we'll have a definite hour of its release once it's done.

And to paraphrase one of the political truisms I always go by (even if FDR didn't say it as has been asserted through the years)--that whatever happens in Politics is meant to happen for nothing in Politics happens by accident (note that astrological symbols and signs are found embedded all over Washington DC--and that Astrology adds the element of Time and timing to any circumstance, in 1776 and in 2019). This follows along with the political use of the Hegelian Dialect: create chaotic problems then offer the solutions you wanted all along. To me this a large part of Why Trump As POTUS--to create chaos and massive problems so that Americans and the world will accept whatever draconian 'solutions' the puppet masters of the Universe decree--perhaps with Trump continuing as their shill and instigator or perhaps with some other raptor-brain of low character.

Now as you know, the Sun conjoins quirky Uranus (Trump's 'guiding planet') on Monday April 22, 2019 @2Tau31 and when we round up the conjunction's degree to '3 Taurus' we find, "Steps Up to a Lawn Blooming with Clover"...Keyword: HOPEFULNESS. Positive expression: a creative optimism brought to embrace every facet of everyday living; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): an unwarranted self-indulgence and a disregard of all practical reality through a concern over the phantasmal and impossible. And of course, this symbol (word picture) always reminds me of the White House lawn! Do the 'clovers' suggest good fortune for Donald Trump? Well, Sun to Uranus hints at potentials for stubborn pride, loyalty issues, and uniqueness that invites further scrutiny.

As for Barr's release of his version of the Mueller Report tomorrow, it was noted on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams that we Shouldn't Put it Past Trump to Distract from tomorrow's release of the redacted Mueller Report for distraction is one of Trump's go-to political tactics meant to soften criticism of whatever jam he's in at that moment. Yes Big T or a minion of his will think of something!

Horocope data used in this post: Mueller Report Submission March 22, 2019 4:00/4:35/5:00 pm edt Washington DC (4:35 pm puts Trump's natal chart angles on the Submission chart's angles); Barr Redaction Release April 18, 2019 '12:00 am' edt Washington DC. Also note that on March 22, 2019, the Sun and wounded healer Chiron conjoined @1Ari51/55 which suggests someone with a strong will on a mission seeking recognition and positive feedback, someone for whom "pride and power may lie in wait"--R. Nolle, Chiron The New Planet in Your Horoscope, The Key to Your Quest.

Above portrait: Attorney General William Barr.

Feb 17, 2018

DC Horoscopes: Chiron to Aries Point 2018--2019

Chiron and the Roots of America: What Kind of Nation Are We?

by Jude Cowell

Transiting Chiron conjoins the Aries Point (AP) three times on April 17, 2018, September 25, 2018 (Rx), and February 18, 2019. Below is a tri-wheel image of the upcoming Chiron-AP conjunctions with the horoscopes set for Washington DC and basic notes penned upon the chart including each conjunction's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse which are listed, lower left:

It seems to me that any transit to Aries Point is globally significant for multiple reasons, not the least of which because in the US natal horoscope I most often tend to use (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--IC 00Ari47), the Foundation/Roots/Ending Point (IC) conjoins the Aries Point with 00Libra at Midheaven, two of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation. Therefore, Mars, god of war, rules our nation's founding and our ending through its ruler-ship of Aries. This cosmic condition unfortunately spotlights America's natal Mars-Neptune square and one assumes the Founding Fathers would not have been as proud of our national Mars in Gemini if they'd been aware of astrological Neptune's dissolving, undermining, and fraudulent influences upon our country's actions and motives (Mars). Subsequently, misguided, misdirected, off-the-mark plans and projects have abounded and usually in the realms of war and conflict.

So perhaps we should consider what wounded-wounding Chiron, priestly centaur of healing, blindspots, and the Christ archetype in Astrology, represents when in Mars-ruled Aries while remembering that Chiron orbits between inner Saturn and outer Uranus (past + future = present--be here now!, says Chiron), the planetary pair representing Israel and Palestine as well as old order vs new order--and the tension between them that is causing much turmoil across the world today.

Chiron in Aries signifies pioneers, trailblazers, and mavericks, and conjures and stimulates the Mars-Chiron 'sacred warrior' archetype into action. And since astrological Chiron is associated with our Life Quest, we must wonder what new discoveries, break-throughs, or expeditions are in store--possibly concerning America's founding or Founding Fathers (IC/4thhouse); futuristically, more space exploration is included in the Chirotic possibilities. Chiron is also linked to nuclear energy so the atomic realm may also be featured during Chiron's stay in Aries until 2027, the first year Chiron Returns to natal discovery degree (1977) of 3Tau08 in 2027--2028.

Chiron in Aries suggests head wounds (exs: concussions, depression and other mental conditions) and points toward the current mass murder climate and lack of gun control now wounding Americans physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Chiron in Aries tends to be a loner (R. Nolle) and America has always been that--with Trump's isolating policies, now more than ever. Our nation's adventurism and conquest-loving persona 'inspires' many males (US Mars Rx by progression since 2006) to take up arms against their fellow citizens within a hazy, often drug-fueled morass of misdirected targeting.

Yet Chiron also symbolizes "wholeness, the synthetic reconciliation of thesis and antithesis" (R. Nolle--his book is linked, below). Note that Donald Trump's natal Chiron is in Libra, a relatively rare placement for The Centaur, and indicating one who is 'singled out for a special role'. His Chiron is snugged between the speculator-spendthrift-bubbly pair of Jupiter and Neptune, in his natal 2nd house of Money and Values. Now you may disagree, but to me the conflict-loving, gilt-laden man, a specialist in bullying, insults, and chaos, definitely represents wounded values!

Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that the Aries Point actually conjoins fixed star Scheat (29Pis38) which can positively express as intellectualism, or negatively express when combined with a malefic planet as potentials for misfortune, murder, suicide, or imprisonment. In other words, "malevolence of sublime scope" (A. Louis) and this may echo conditions from around the time of the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse conjunct Scheat! This was the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of Trump's prez bid announcement on June 16, 2015 and we see where that's getting us.

Now using the rounded-up method for Sabian Symbols, US natal IC's degree of 00Ari47 = '1 Aries": "A Woman Has Arisen from the Sea, a Seal Is Embracing Her" which is a handy reference to America's Great Seal and the major involvement of Freemasonry in the founding of our nation. Of course, this word picture (Sabian Symbol) also points to Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati and its official founding and seal (May 1, 1776) so like our nation's Great Seal. And though we may not wish to know this, the symbol for '1 Aries' in Carelli's Degrees is: "An armed warrior of herculean build tilling the soil" which he notes is the Sun's degree of Germany's Third Reich. Well, America does like to play the role of adventure-prone strongman Hercules as did Herr Hitler in his day.

America's Founding as a Nation

Now here's a curious note: Chiron's orbital period is approximately 50 years (or, 49-51). Here's a brief excerpt from a previous post concerning America's natal Chiron:

US natal Chiron @21Aries = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" and with Chiron returning to natal degree near the day of the two Founders' deaths (Jefferson and Adams both died July 4, 1826--50 years to the day after the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed), we see that two of the top 'pugilists' of our Revolutionary era had left the ring of life" and the fight for independence they once championed. Apparently, 'the ring' on one level was global geopolitics--and Washington continues to fight behind the shield of the 'sacred warrior' with our Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries.

Now with America's natal Chiron in 4th house, we know that our search for identity is the Quest. The American Revolution supplied the original answer so that now, re-connecting with our roots and honestly assessing our past are imperative if we as a nation wish to heal our current sickened condition. Environmentalism is also suggested by a 4th house Chiron as we watch corporatists and oil drillers plunder our natural resources and poison our waters, air, and soil. Have you noticed how often we hear in the media pundits uttering such questions as, Is this who America really is? Or, What kind of nation are we? Usually these questions are asked when austerity measures and other bad policies threaten the lives and health of US citizens as they do under Trump and the GOP leadership.

Yes, FDR's healing bromide, the test of our progress remains an excellent guide for measuring who and what America really is. Yet these days we're failing rather badly at defining ourselves while plutocratic "economic royalists" are doing it for us. Will we allow regressive 'Robin Hood' politicians and policies that favor the wealthy to rule the day and send American culture back to 1854? Not if Stars Over Washington can help it! For as progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann often reminds us, democracy is not a spectator sport--so how will You, dear reader, answer the question, Who and What is America?

For one man's solution see How to Fix Our Political System by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes.

Now let's close with the April 17, 2018 midpoint picture that very soon will closely affect Chiron at AP: Sun-Uranus = Chiron. The Sun-Uranus combination of energies contains revealing information concerning the realms of Politics and Business, the potentials of which I quote here from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets for all or some of them are already in progress:

"Thesis: Political changes that shape the quality of all efforts; reforms which initiate changes to authority or power; legislation mandating major reforms in policies; revolutions which bring fundamental changes.

Antithesis: Rebellions designed solely for the removal of an existing leader; the changes which accompany upheavals; rule makers or interpreters battling decision makers; a contrary head of state with unusual habits."

Sound to you like any existing leader/s we know?

My Chiron Reading List includes: Chiron in the Natal Chart by Julie Demboski; Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart; Chiron: Rainbow Bridge to the Inner and Outer Planets by Barbara Hand Clow; Chiron: Healing Body and Soul by Martin Lass; and Chiron: The New Planet in Your Horoscope, the Key to Your Quest by Richard Nolle.

Chiron was in Aries off-and-on during the years: 1918, 1919, 1926, 1927, 1968, 1969, 1976, 1977.

Jan 11, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump w Mike Pence's natal planets

In this image the natal planets of VP-elect Mike Pence (R-IN) are penned around the outside of President-elect Donald Trump's natal chart which shows a few descriptive links between the men, one born in June 1946, the other in June 1959. Mr. Trump's chart and planets are highlighted in orange, Mr. Pence's planets are in blue-green with no angles shown since I don't have Mr. Pence's birth time; therefore, 'noon' positions are entered on the chart:

Naturally, Mr. Pence's natal planets were transits in 1959 for the almost-13-year-old Donald Trump.

DT = Donald Trump; MP = Mike Pence; MP's natal Moon ranged from 23Gemini to 6Cancer over the 24-hour period of his birth day.

The links that pop out at me (and are not dependent upon an accurate birth hour for Mr. Pence) are:

DT's late Leo Mars and Ascendant are conjoined by MP's natal Pluto @1Virgo. All three conjoin royal star and 'kingmaker' Regulus (success if revenge is avoided); this creates midpoint pictures with potentials, one of which is penned, lower right: DT Mars/MP Pluto = DT ASC: daring (Ebertin); coercive measures; intimidation (Munkasey); also: DT Mars-ASC = MP Pluto: violence; a love of quarreling; desire to rule others; premature action; forcible adjustment to new circumstances and conditions (Ebertin). As always, any, all, or none may apply.

Together they concentrate Mars-Pluto force with its potentials for chaos, aggression, suppression, and/or oppression.

MP Sun @16Gemini conjunct DT Uranus @17Gemini: quirky, rebellious Uranus which not only leads all of Mr. Trump's natal planets but is oriental (rising just before his Sun) has MP's natal Sun shining upon it which suggests that pride may interfere with group endeavors and cause separation or disruption, and loyalty issues may ensue. This connection shows DT inviting MP to take a leadership role and hints that MP was selected for his traits and abilities that DT lacks (obviously!). Yes, they are a team yet trouble may develop unless MP accepts DT's non-traditional ways of doing things, and/or if their egocentric personalities cause too many quarrels over authority issues--especially with DT's planet of authority and responsibility (Saturn) in Cancer opposed by MP's natal Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn. Plus, MP's Saturn widely opposes DT's Mercury which suggests MP's need for DT to become more sober in his communications--if not, then restriction, criticism, or resentment may occur.

Perhaps Mr. Pence's Solar Return in June 2017 will reveal their Sun-Uranus link either positively or negatively, and it will be a Sun-to-natal-Uranus transit for Mr. Trump.

MP Mercury @21Gemini conjoins DT Sun and North Node of public contact and future direction. This connection suggests the ideas and goals of DT which are in sync with MP's thoughts and expression of them to the public via the media or via speeches, meetings, and/or pressers. It also indicates the more aggressive and dramatic forum that MP has now thanks to DT; Mr. Pence may add his input to DT's ideas and plans but this must be done gingerly by MP or the super-sensitive DT may take offence (or perhaps MP will manage to turn DT's ideas and plans into something totally different than what DT intended. This is perhaps not a good idea.

An interesting link is formed on MP's Nodal Axis in DT's 2nd house of Money and Values which holds Trump's Jupiter-Neptune 'speculator' pair (and which rule DT's natal 8th house of Corporatism and Debt via its shady Pisces cusp). DT's Juno (a political asteroid) is there are well along with guru Chiron, the blind spot. This picture is fraught with complexity beyond the scope of this meager post but with MP's North Node conjoining DT's 2nd house trio, Mr. Pence may find himself dealing with such monetary themes in his public contacts before their first term ends. The presence of wounded/wounding Chiron between DT's Jupiter and Neptune seems to be a sign of Mr. Trump's many bankruptcies and over-extensions of credit to the point of massive debt to foreign banks. DT's chronic non-payment of workers he hires may be pictured here as well along with his over-inflated boasts of his wealth.

Now there are other chart factors between them that are worth considering such as MP's Jupiter Rx conjunct DT's IC--opulent surroundings, gain via real estate?) but these are the primary ones I see. You may see others, of course, and a study of their progressions and return charts will yield more information about their association (and make for a much longer post).

There is one more thing I want to mention: Mr. Pence's natal Chiron Rx @27AQ38. As you know, Chiron is the Wounded Healer, priest, guru, mentor, and blind spot--and signifies the Christ archetype in a horoscope. Here we find that MP's natal Chiron conjoins US natal Moon (We The People) of July 4, 1776. This conjunction suggests the religious aspect of Mr. Pence but perhaps also a kind of wounding which may occur due to Theocracy being brought into the US government where it doesn't belong. I say this as a Christian myself and as a Child of the Revolution--one who demands that church and state remain as separate as possible in America for the sake of religious freedom. For it is my belief that morality cannot be legislated but must come from within each individual. Externally enforced morality is a false morality and only serves to enslave not free!

Disagree if you must but there it is. And if I've missed a link between their natal planets that you consider important or you have info to add to the above assessment please let me know in a comment or at judecowell at gmail dot com.

Related posts: The Asteroids and Dreams of Mike Pence; The Oriental Planet of Donald Trump; Horoscope: Inauguration 2017; and Horoscope: The Great American Eclipse of August 2017--the 'splitting' energies of which will imprint upon the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Or should I say, the Trump-Pence presidency?

Sep 22, 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Shames CEO for Raking In $200M... video

Here Thom spotlights Senator Elizabeth Warren grilling a CEO of Wells Fargo Bank and she's at her finest:

Warren and Trump: Both Have Sun-Uranus Conjunctions

Did you know that Elizabeth Warren's natal Sun conjoins Uranus as does that of Donald Trump? Her Sun-Uranus conjunction @00Cancer identifies her as an original, progressive maverick while his conjunction is in changeable Gemini and opposes his Sagittarian Moon. As for Senator Warren's personality blend, it's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus, if you're curious enough to tap or click the above link.

So with Sun-Uranus (and Moon-Uranus for him), Mr. Trump the Uranian likes to 'shake things up' and so does Senator Warren but she does it without the racism, violence, and sophomoric insults. And yes, I agree with those who say that, if nominated, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren would have won the presidency in November though I suspect that she can do more for the American people by continuing to serve in the Senate rather than battling obstructionist Republicans from the Oval Office.

Sep 21, 2016

Astrology Explains: Donald Trump Loves to Shake Things Up!

Quirky Uranus and November 8, 2016: It's The Prepared vs The Unprepared

by Jude Cowell

Since his presidential bid announcement on June 16, 2015, candidate-turned-Republican-nominee Donald Trump has done one thing really well--turn US political campaigning on its head. Is there a reason which can be discerned from his natal chart? Is his rock-the-boat nature for real or merely an act?

Yes, all can be explained as astrologers Lynn Hayes and Alex Miller reveal and it concerns Mr. Trump's natal Uranus in Gemini so close to his Gemini Sun. By this one aspect astrologers know that he was as hard to limit or control in childhood as he is now.

And of course, some political pundits have said, "he's a child" which is also borne out by the chart emphasis on Gemini, sign of the child or the eternal youth. And with Gemini also being the sign of the trader, deal-maker, trickster, publicist, magician, juggler, salesman, and communicator, many of us sometime cringe at his weird behavior, off-the-cuff remarks, sophomoric insults, and his extreme self-awareness (that's Sun-Uranus again--Uranus is often called, The Awakener, and he sleeps very little, he says). Plus, when Donald wants advice, he consults himself and his "very good brain".

Add to his Geminian-Uranian traits the fact that quirky, disruptive maverick Uranus simultaneously opposes natal Moon in Sagittarius (a natal Sun-Moon opposition, a 'Full Moon' personality so relationships are all-important) and we see that Mr. Trump possesses a deep need (Moon) to be involved in the affairs of others (Moon-Uranus). His lack of boundaries and indiscriminate sharing of information (Mercury square Neptune) are displayed almost every time he speaks unless guided by a teleprompter and a pre-written speech. Have you noticed that he seldom seems to realize how much information he 'gives away' when he speaks?

Now all these planetary factors (and others) explain to some people (such as yours truly) how Trump The Unprepared is temperamentally unsuitable and unqualified for the job of US president which requires a much more discreet personality and deeper, more wide-ranging political knowledge than this Solar-Lunar Uranian naturally possesses. Can he learn? Ruh-roh! He only listens to himself, he informs us.

Talents? Oh yes, Mr. Trump has plenty of them. But are they the right talents for this particular job? After all, presidential campaigning is more than just a PR stunt...maybe not much more but it is not a book sales marathon or a 'new hotel' promotional event.

In light of all this (and unless you, dear reader, disagree), we do need a majority of American voters to stir themselves to prevent a farcical Trumpian outcome on November 8th--even if it means swallowing our misgivings and voting for an alleged 'progressive' such as Hillary Clinton whose discreet (some would say too discreet!) and studious Mercury-Saturn square is more suitable for the serious role of US president.

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And here's my post on the Astrology of Mr. Trump's June 2015 campaign announcement New Moon in Gemini even though someone has removed the video from SO'W. Perhaps we should credit his overly sensitive Mars rising in proud Leo! But not to fret for here's a link to Mr. Trump's 51-minute cringe-worthy campaign announcement video in case you wish to refresh your memory.

And for a little Astrology about Hillary: A White-Clad Hillary Clinton Accepts the Democratic Nomination which is not a fashion review but a babble concerning the White Goddess.

Apr 8, 2016

Apr 8, 2016: Check Out This Week's Top Clips! plus, Sun Meets Uranus

Need a political catch-up? David's video clips for the week of April 4, 2016 begin with a disheveled Sarah Palin (the queen of incomplete sentences) and end with the Starbucks confrontation of Florida's Rick Scott--two Republicans rockin' the crazy eyes:

A Little Weekend Astrology

On Saturday (4.9.16 5:27 pm edt) the Sun (leadership) and quirky reformer and rebel Uranus catch up by conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries and this should make for lots of political activities, arrogant remarks, progressive proposals, shocking words and/or events, and arguments against any form of restraint on freedom or the sense of uniqueness. Protests continue, impatience is shown, reforms are in the news, originality may be rewarded, and perhaps an important meeting is held. (Bernie Sanders visits the Vatican next week, if memory serves. A Jew walks into the Vatican... wonder if the senator will be required to kiss the Pope's golden ring?)