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Feb 17, 2018

DC Horoscopes: Chiron to Aries Point 2018--2019

Chiron and the Roots of America: What Kind of Nation Are We?

by Jude Cowell

Transiting Chiron conjoins the Aries Point (AP) three times on April 17, 2018, September 25, 2018 (Rx), and February 18, 2019. Below is a tri-wheel image of the upcoming Chiron-AP conjunctions with the horoscopes set for Washington DC and basic notes penned upon the chart including each conjunction's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse which are listed, lower left:

It seems to me that any transit to Aries Point is globally significant for multiple reasons, not the least of which because in the US natal horoscope I most often tend to use (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--IC 00Ari47), the Foundation/Roots/Ending Point (IC) conjoins the Aries Point with 00Libra at Midheaven, two of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation. Therefore, Mars, god of war, rules our nation's founding and our ending through its ruler-ship of Aries. This cosmic condition unfortunately spotlights America's natal Mars-Neptune square and one assumes the Founding Fathers would not have been as proud of our national Mars in Gemini if they'd been aware of astrological Neptune's dissolving, undermining, and fraudulent influences upon our country's actions and motives (Mars). Subsequently, misguided, misdirected, off-the-mark plans and projects have abounded and usually in the realms of war and conflict.

So perhaps we should consider what wounded-wounding Chiron, priestly centaur of healing, blindspots, and the Christ archetype in Astrology, represents when in Mars-ruled Aries while remembering that Chiron orbits between inner Saturn and outer Uranus (past + future = present--be here now!, says Chiron), the planetary pair representing Israel and Palestine as well as old order vs new order--and the tension between them that is causing much turmoil across the world today.

Chiron in Aries signifies pioneers, trailblazers, and mavericks, and conjures and stimulates the Mars-Chiron 'sacred warrior' archetype into action. And since astrological Chiron is associated with our Life Quest, we must wonder what new discoveries, break-throughs, or expeditions are in store--possibly concerning America's founding or Founding Fathers (IC/4thhouse); futuristically, more space exploration is included in the Chirotic possibilities. Chiron is also linked to nuclear energy so the atomic realm may also be featured during Chiron's stay in Aries until 2027, the first year Chiron Returns to natal discovery degree (1977) of 3Tau08 in 2027--2028.

Chiron in Aries suggests head wounds (exs: concussions, depression and other mental conditions) and points toward the current mass murder climate and lack of gun control now wounding Americans physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Chiron in Aries tends to be a loner (R. Nolle) and America has always been that--with Trump's isolating policies, now more than ever. Our nation's adventurism and conquest-loving persona 'inspires' many males (US Mars Rx by progression since 2006) to take up arms against their fellow citizens within a hazy, often drug-fueled morass of misdirected targeting.

Yet Chiron also symbolizes "wholeness, the synthetic reconciliation of thesis and antithesis" (R. Nolle--his book is linked, below). Note that Donald Trump's natal Chiron is in Libra, a relatively rare placement for The Centaur, and indicating one who is 'singled out for a special role'. His Chiron is snugged between the speculator-spendthrift-bubbly pair of Jupiter and Neptune, in his natal 2nd house of Money and Values. Now you may disagree, but to me the conflict-loving, gilt-laden man, a specialist in bullying, insults, and chaos, definitely represents wounded values!

Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that the Aries Point actually conjoins fixed star Scheat (29Pis38) which can positively express as intellectualism, or negatively express when combined with a malefic planet as potentials for misfortune, murder, suicide, or imprisonment. In other words, "malevolence of sublime scope" (A. Louis) and this may echo conditions from around the time of the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse conjunct Scheat! This was the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of Trump's prez bid announcement on June 16, 2015 and we see where that's getting us.

Now using the rounded-up method for Sabian Symbols, US natal IC's degree of 00Ari47 = '1 Aries": "A Woman Has Arisen from the Sea, a Seal Is Embracing Her" which is a handy reference to America's Great Seal and the major involvement of Freemasonry in the founding of our nation. Of course, this word picture (Sabian Symbol) also points to Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati and its official founding and seal (May 1, 1776) so like our nation's Great Seal. And though we may not wish to know this, the symbol for '1 Aries' in Carelli's Degrees is: "An armed warrior of herculean build tilling the soil" which he notes is the Sun's degree of Germany's Third Reich. Well, America does like to play the role of adventure-prone strongman Hercules as did Herr Hitler in his day.

America's Founding as a Nation

Now here's a curious note: Chiron's orbital period is approximately 50 years (or, 49-51). Here's a brief excerpt from a previous post concerning America's natal Chiron:

US natal Chiron @21Aries = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" and with Chiron returning to natal degree near the day of the two Founders' deaths (Jefferson and Adams both died July 4, 1826--50 years to the day after the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed), we see that two of the top 'pugilists' of our Revolutionary era had left the ring of life" and the fight for independence they once championed. Apparently, 'the ring' on one level was global geopolitics--and Washington continues to fight behind the shield of the 'sacred warrior' with our Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries.

Now with America's natal Chiron in 4th house, we know that our search for identity is the Quest. The American Revolution supplied the original answer so that now, re-connecting with our roots and honestly assessing our past are imperative if we as a nation wish to heal our current sickened condition. Environmentalism is also suggested by a 4th house Chiron as we watch corporatists and oil drillers plunder our natural resources and poison our waters, air, and soil. Have you noticed how often we hear in the media pundits uttering such questions as, Is this who America really is? Or, What kind of nation are we? Usually these questions are asked when austerity measures and other bad policies threaten the lives and health of US citizens as they do under Trump and the GOP leadership.

Yes, FDR's healing bromide, the test of our progress remains an excellent guide for measuring who and what America really is. Yet these days we're failing rather badly at defining ourselves while plutocratic "economic royalists" are doing it for us. Will we allow regressive 'Robin Hood' politicians and policies that favor the wealthy to rule the day and send American culture back to 1854? Not if Stars Over Washington can help it! For as progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann often reminds us, democracy is not a spectator sport--so how will You, dear reader, answer the question, Who and What is America?

For one man's solution see How to Fix Our Political System by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes.

Now let's close with the April 17, 2018 midpoint picture that very soon will closely affect Chiron at AP: Sun-Uranus = Chiron. The Sun-Uranus combination of energies contains revealing information concerning the realms of Politics and Business, the potentials of which I quote here from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets for all or some of them are already in progress:

"Thesis: Political changes that shape the quality of all efforts; reforms which initiate changes to authority or power; legislation mandating major reforms in policies; revolutions which bring fundamental changes.

Antithesis: Rebellions designed solely for the removal of an existing leader; the changes which accompany upheavals; rule makers or interpreters battling decision makers; a contrary head of state with unusual habits."

Sound to you like any existing leader/s we know?

My Chiron Reading List includes: Chiron in the Natal Chart by Julie Demboski; Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart; Chiron: Rainbow Bridge to the Inner and Outer Planets by Barbara Hand Clow; Chiron: Healing Body and Soul by Martin Lass; and Chiron: The New Planet in Your Horoscope, the Key to Your Quest by Richard Nolle.

Chiron was in Aries off-and-on during the years: 1918, 1919, 1926, 1927, 1968, 1969, 1976, 1977.

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