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Dec 16, 2019

2019--2020 Transits to Republican Party planets

Donald Trump Points Up Toward the Cosmos

During the Civil War, The Election of 1864 was "A Different kind of Election" during which Abraham Lincoln won his second term with 55% of the popular vote. The National Union Party, as the Republican Party was temporarily called at that time, counted Mr. Lincoln as a member.

Now with all the turmoil in America and the Republican Party in a bright spotlight we may wish to search for any major planetary transits to the Republican Party Horoscope. Thing is, there are at least two such horoscopes in circulation (that I know of!) yet with both set for 1854, we can be assured that the transits are in progress of affecting the party and its members with the main difference being one of timing of the transits' exactitude.

There are two Republican Party horoscopes in my files: March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT (Sun 00Ari05 conjunct Mercury Rx 5Ari18; Moon 20Sag27) Ripon, Wisconsin, and July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT (Sun 14Can27 Mercury 10Leo05; Moon 28Sco00 ) Ripon, Wisconsin. Either chart may be set for other hours depending on the choices made by various astrologers. (Note that no Angles or cusps are included or considered in the following.)

Current Transits of Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus

The 2019--2020 transiting planets I'm noting today are the exact Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (noon est) which 'hits' the natal Jupiters in both charts: March 20 Jupiter @22Cap59 and July 6 Jupiter Rx @23Cap52--with both Jupiters 2 to 5 degrees from Chiron in Capricorn (Chiron Rx on July 6, 1854), and transit Uranus on January 12, 2020 @2Tau39.

Now as I type (December 16, 2019 12:45 est Raleigh NC) transit Saturn @19Cap58 and tr Pluto @21Cap53--both moving in direct motion--are aligning for their big meeting on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (conjunct Trump's natal vertex!) and to me it seems their energies are already affecting the Republican Party via its Jupiter and its Uranus (@1Tau30 on March 20, 1854 and 3Tau48 on July 6, 1854). Let's list them as separate transits:

2019-2020 Saturn conjunct 1854 Jupiter denotes a period of serious spiritual and economic concerns and possible restrictions in these realms; if prosperous it's time to share and to give back, plus, divergence from or breaking of rules, laws, and traditions leads to limitation, frustration, and delay.

2019--2020 Pluto conjunct 1854 Jupiter indicates a time when greater power and influence is sought in the political and financial realms (which may or may not succeed); total honesty is required for best results, exaggeration and misrepresentation can backfire, and social and/or religious reforms may inspire fanaticism and intolerance.

2019--2020 Uranus conjunct 1854 Pluto (@1Tau30 on March 20 and 3Tau35 on July 6, 1854) tends to bring abrupt shifts and changes in society and serious psychological adjustments that are necessary and may trigger hidden fears and complexes that are difficult to directly and honestly confront. And as you know, Uranus-Pluto energies combined suggests potentials for: riots, revolutions, protests, upheavals that bring changes in government, upsets, unrest, violent acts, subversive activities, the enforcement of decisions, the process of transformation, and 'collapse of the old order, construction of the new' (Ebertin). To Uranus-Pluto Michael Munkasey adds, "sudden new criminal acts." We see these every day!

Jupiter Expands What He Touches

In closing, we may also wish to consider the midpoint of harsh Saturn-Pluto with 1854 Jupiter as apex of a midpoint picture with potentials for: religious and social fanaticism, sacrifice, difficulties caused by illness (Ebertin); trouble with authority, trying to save what's left, staying out of trouble, adoption of the austere (Tyl); and/or, people with leadership and power to dispense (Munkasey).

Well, there's my spot check on the cosmic condition of the Republican Party (aka, the Trump Party) in our current day. If this post seems helpful or revealing at all perhaps you'll Share and discuss the topic among yourselves!


Heartfelt said...

During the entire possible nebulous beginnings of the Republican party from 1854 through 1856 Neptune was in Pisces and we can assume it was powerfully placed since we are having such trouble pinning it down. As of this writing in May 2020 with Neptune again in Pisces and the Republican party in serious trouble, it is possible that they are experiencing their Neptune return.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Heartfelt! Yes it's more than possible! Here's one of my previous posts concerning the Republican Party's Neptune Return/s (5x) and if you type 'Neptune Return' in the sidebar search field you'll probably get a list of them all!

The Long Shadow is Neptune in Pisces (return horoscope shown).

Inconveniently there are multiple dates for the founding of the Republican Party which changes results for planetary returns but with Neptune a slow-mover they all come out with approximately similar results if not exact dates. Jude