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Dec 13, 2019

Astro-Notes Dec 13, 2019: House Votes to Impeach

December 13 2019: At 10:07 am est until 10:11 am this morning in Washington DC, a Roll Call Vote was taken in the House of Representatives resulting in a 23 D vs 17 R vote to impeach Donald Trump on two Articles of Impeachment: Abuse of Office and Obstruction of Congress.

During the vote, the Moon (the public; publicity) and the transiting North Node (public contacts; destiny) met in conjunction upon the natal 11th house Mercury (8Can51) of Donald Trump suggesting much public attention focused on the proceedings with an emphasis on his words and transactional endeavors (Mercury: communications, commerce, trade, lies, duplicity).

Other significant cosmic events occurred during the proceedings such as wounded healer Chiron Station Direct and turning Direct 11 hours 19 minutes prior to 10:07 am est @1Ari26:01--stationed upon America's natal IC in our 5:09 pm LMT horoscope of July 4, 1776. As you know, in our late afternoon charts, US Chiron is in the 4th house of Roots @21Aries: "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" - we began with Revolution - and I know that every American has heard our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution mentioned upteen times during this dreary political saga among other founding principles: 4th house foundational and structural matters under attack and thus, wounded.

Related, here's an excerpt from a previous post concerning transit Chiron to Aries Point (3 times from 2018 into 2019) along with the quirky Trumpian Sun-Uranus combination of energies via Michael Munkasey's expertise and use of the Hegelian Dialect:

"Thesis: Political changes that shape the quality of all efforts; reforms which initiate changes to authority or power; legislation mandating major reforms in policies; revolutions which bring fundamental changes.

Antithesis: Rebellions designed solely for the removal of an existing leader; the changes which accompany upheavals; rule makers or interpreters battling decision makers; a contrary head of state with unusual habits." (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, MM).

Now House Impeachment Day's various cosmic events affecting the natal chart of Donald Trump also include but are not limited to: Sun @21Sag17 conjunct natal Moon (and his South Node--lack of popularity) and opposing his natal Gemini Sun-North Node (in natal 10th house of Public Standing) which contains culmination/fulfillment vibes (Sun to Moon). Sun opposite natal Sun is meant to be a time when we reconsider our course and goals for the year and correct them if needed--little if any chance of such wisdom a la Trump. Also transit asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) @24Sco06 conjoins Trump's natal IC and no one needs Astrology to inform them of how Mars-rising Trump the Vengeful will react to impeachment.

(But for helpful ideas on this topic we can always turn to a year-old Randy Rainbow parody song and 'interview' with Trump If You Ever Got Impeached.)

Another cosmic event this morning was a significant midpoint conjunct Trump's Sun and thus his Moon: Saturn-MC with potentials for: 'falling into states of depression or psychosis; lack of courage to face life' (except by bluster, deception, and distraction! jc); 'insufficient powers of defense; worry; sickness' (Ebertin). Add 'inability to get over one's losses', and 'suffering from the consequences of wrong actions' (Neptune-MC = Saturn, planet of lawmakers and attorneys) and the picture becomes fuller. Obsession joined the impeachement party this afternoon as the Moon @10Can37 conjoined and activated the themes of the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse in the over-excessive 3 North Saros Series: 'news which transforms a situation' and that may involve 'a young person' (Brady). As you know, old man Trump has been assaulting 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg this week.

Plus, when it comes to serial enemy-maker Trump we should note that today's Nemesis @22Vir53 (divine retribution--another reference to retribution; the unbeatable foe) conjoins America's natal Neptune, planet of the masses, the media, propaganda, confusion, fraud, loss, deception, and idealism.

What else the Nemesis-Neptune conjunction may portend is your guess as good as mine.

Related: DC Horoscope: The 1st Public Impeachment Inquiry (horoscope shown) in which ambassador Bill Taylor testified and asteroid Taylor conjoined the Midheaven!

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Jude Cowell said...

Here's a good example of what Trump hopes the Republicans will do in retaliation against the next *Democratic* president:

Plus, I failed to make it clear in the above post that today's vote isn't the end of the impeachment process which continues next week, probably on Wednesday Dec 18, 2019! jc