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Feb 15, 2018

A Saturnian Senator Sanders Schools Donald Trump

Trump's Proposed Deportation of The Masses

February 14, 2018: On the floor of the US Senate watch Senator Bernie Sanders speak on the subjects of DACA and immigration. Perhaps the senator represents not just his constituents but also astrological Saturn (the senex/the old man, the authority with more seniority) as he provides the amateurish yet venal Mr. Trump with a few lessons in decency. Hopefully this can help stop Trump's daft deportation plan that is certain to carry even more than a high emotional price tag since it would require massive amounts of funding to pay for the jailing and deporting of hundreds of thousands of people...'the masses'.

Who will be targeted next? Will Americans stir from their apathy before it's too late?

After all, transit Saturn is strong in its own sign of serious Capricorn and is in process of bringing karmic Saturnian limitations to Mr. Trump's very problematic Mercury-Neptune square spun with fantasies, misconceptions, falsehoods, sneakiness, faulty judgment, and deceptive propaganda ('fake' Neptune/'news' Mercury). Check out a list of the exact dates through 2018 that transit Saturn, planet of truth, realism, authenticity, and facts, rains on Donald Trump's illusory parade. And yes his idea of a military parade through the streets of Washington DC is yet another daft, misguided, fantastical, overreaching notion whereby in his mind, he reaps the benefits and accolades while other people always pick up the tab.

In addition to Senator Sanders, if anything can work out well in America anymore, Special Counsel Robert Mueller heading the investigation into Trump's dealings with Russia and other matters will act toward Mr. Trump as a critical, sobering Saturnian figure who holds him to account for any misdeeds, betrayals, or crimes he may have perpetrated--in spite of Trump's natal Saturn in self-protective Cancer and his Neptune-infected natal Mercury, also in the sign of Cancer the Crab which always scuttles sideways in order to avoid dealing directly and having to pay the price--behavior that suits trickster Mercury, the juggler and thespian, just fine.

Jan 5, 2018

2018 Saturn to Trump natal Mercury-Neptune Square

January 5, 2018: besides various positive and negative planetary transits to the natal chart and planets of Donald Trump, karmic taskmaster Saturn has difficulties in store for the current White House resident. In 2017, he and we lived through transit Saturn conjoining his natal Moon-South Node conjunction, bringing him separations galore and scrutiny of his past, then opposing his Sun-North Node and hampering his goals and undermining his ego. Trouble from authority in the forms of judges, lawmakers, and an Independent Counsel attempting to hold him accountable were prominent in 2017 and will continue to be so.

But now that 2018 has arrived, transit Saturn has more up his sleeve for Mr. Trump whose problematic Mercury-Neptune square will be targeted by cold Saturn's baleful glance.

And since we've discussed previously the Trump Mercury-Neptune square with its wrong perceptions, lack of discretion, and tendency toward fantasies and falsehoods, let's not step again into that wacky realm of his 'sneaky mind', as master astrologer Alan Oken calls this particular square. Plus, square aspects (90 degrees) contain a Saturnian quality anyway with his blocks and obstacles imperative.

Now by way of explanation, here's something I previously posted when comparing Donald Trump with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: "...there are insinuating energies since both men were born with challenging Mercury-Neptune aspects in their natal charts, aspects which suggest stretched truths, distorted facts, indiscretion, and off-kilter perceptions, unintentional and unconscious though inaccuracies may be. Both the square (Trump) and opposition (Tillerson) between Mercury and Neptune denote strong tendencies to fantasize." Of course, one could easily add a reference to fake (Neptune) news (Mercury)! Meanwhile, Trump's fuzzy (Neptune) thinking (Mercury) seems, some say, to be degrading as he ages with dementia a regular suggestion by some talking heads. And lies are ever-present with his loose grasp of Truth.

As for 2018 Saturn's restrictive effect on Trump's Mercury-Neptune square, we might first wish to consider the trio as a midpoint picture with certain potentials. Natal Mercury-Neptune = tr Saturn: egoistic ideas, pessimism, dark or morbidly sensitive thoughts (Ebertin); and, looking at the downside of things which may not be valid, a gloomy reaction to real or imagined circumstances (Tyl). In Politics, Michael Munkasey gives the Mercury-Neptune pair - Thesis: a legislature which controls the excesses and dreams of its leaders; Antithesis: a leader who mesmerizes people with delusions of possible progress or growth. Add authoritative Saturn and you have increased restraint about the use of intuition vs logic, persons with psychic gifts are disappointing.

Well, if I had ever believed Trump's campaign promises I'd be feeling mighty deluded and disappointed well before now.

Of course, it's possible that a bunch of positive transits in 2018 will manage to lift him out of the Saturnine depths but we'll see. Perhaps the shadowy figures who wanted him in the White House will pull the right strings to keep him in office in spite of karmic Saturn's demands.

2018 Saturn in Capricorn to Donald Trump natal Mercury-Neptune (Cancer-Libra)

So when transit Saturn forms an opposition to natal Mercury the period tends to bring challenges to ideas and plans, (more) strong criticism, (more) quarrels, (more) hampered activities, slow sales, delays in, or cancellation of, travel, and one's self-confidence is shaken. For Mr. Trump, the opposition will occur across the natal 5/11 Self-Will axis of Groups, Associations, Hopes, Wishes, Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children. And of course, Mercury is the planet of youth and offspring as well as of commerce, trade, negotiations, thinking, mental abilities, the senses, and communications, and plays a major role in magic and hucksterism.

Transit Saturn square natal Neptune denotes a sobering time of depression, lethargy, pessimism, and confusion. For Mr. Trump, natal Neptune is posited in his 2nd house of Money, Values, and Self-Esteem so these areas will be most affected as transit Saturn treads through his natal 5th house where Capricorn is intercepted.

The interception of Cancer-Capricorn across his natal 5/11 polarity suggests karmic issues he must deal with involving his powerful self-will which is something responsible Saturn demands of us all for we must all reap what we sow (the law of karma). And of course, Trump's natal Mercury, Saturn, and Venus are in Cancer and intercepted in 11th house though transit Saturn won't opposes natal Saturn and Venus until 2020, energy made more powerful and fateful by transit Pluto in Capricorn opposing them as well. And of course, a major period for him and all of us will be the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 exact on January 12, 2020.

Now here is a list of the 2018 Saturn transits to Mr. Trump's Mercury and Neptune in order of occurrence, which as you see, covers the entire year of 2018 for his nibs, his administration, and thus, for the American people (tr = transit; n = natal) - even if he leaves the White House at some point:

1. February 11 tr Saturn square n Neptune

2. March 30 tr Saturn opposite n Mercury

3. May 6 tr Saturn opposite n Mercury

4. June 27 tr Saturn square n Neptune

5. November 11 tr Saturn square n Neptune

6. December 10 tr Saturn opposite n Mercury

Whew! That's a major load of Saturnine vibes for any man to withstand and all within one year.