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Apr 6, 2020

Hospitals Prove Capitalism Needs To Be Reinvented! - Thom Hartmann

April 6, 2020: What the power elite and their hidden manipulators are expecting the CoronaVirus contagion and its subsequent difficulties and shortages to show us is that Global Government is desperately needed in order to solve such huge problems. But what it's making plain to a vast number of people is how weak the scaffolding of Predatory Capitalism is and how obviously the system needs overhauling! Here's a segment from today's Thom Hartmann program on just such a topic:

Oct 24, 2017

Not One Penny To The Wealthy, Single Payer and Republican Lies (w/Guest ...

A call-in discussion recorded in October 2017 with Thom Hartmann and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) who notes current efforts in Wisconsin of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Republican and devotee of Ayn Rand of 'useless eater' fame:

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Oct 15, 2011

Halloween 2011: an astro-peek at Edgar Allan Poe

Whenever Halloween Rolls Around

by Jude Cowell

Well, it's almost Halloween 2011 and time for remembering the original inventor of the Detective Novel, Mr. Edgar Alan Poe. You'll find a previous post does just this as the Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe's life and death is discussed with his natal horoscope shown.

(Blog Note: the 'Poe Toaster' link in the above post is no longer live so here's an alternate item from Wikipedia which states that no mysterious Poe Toaster turned up at his gravesite in 2010 or in 2011 which apparently heralds the end of a 60-year tradition of honoring the esteemed author and critic in the middle of the night.

October 9, 2011 marked the 162nd anniversary of Poe's birth in 1849. Intriguingly, his violent death under mysterious circumstances includes a potentiality that the practice of Politics was intimately involved!

Plus, as you've heard and Professor Robert Reich laments, there's been another untimely and unfortunate death recently--that of the long term insurance provision in President Obama's health insurance legislation.

So considering the season, let's all give a hollow cheer for an apt Sabian Symbol, the one for Inauguration 2009's Moon (we-the-people in Mundane Astrology for the US) which on January 20, 2009 noon est Capitol Building clocked in at a crisis-critical 29th degree: 29Scor45. (Moon in Scorpio, the Halloween season's favorite sign of mystery and betrayal--but thankfully of regeneration!)

Rounding up Inaugural Moon 2009's degree, we have '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester", and I think, m'peops, it's become quite clear that--Boo!--we've been tricked not treated once again.

Jun 7, 2009

Healthcare reform? GOP frets over 'artificially low costs'

The Following Is Not a News Flash:

Well, I assume GOPers are saying they prefer artifically high costs for your health insurance expenses and medical treatments, Pilgrims.

And this, after extorting American consumers for decades into paying extra for other countries' reduced prescription rates - while they keep American taxpayers footing the majority of the bills for pharmaceutical research which creates the patent formulas we pay the world's highest prices for. Crazy weasels!

Yes, on Capitol Hill they're fighting The People all the way to keep credit card companies in clover at our (obscene) expense, and to retain the sneaky, high-handed fees the banking industry levels on us at the drop of a Majority Leader's gavel - in order to boost already out-of-proportion bottom lines and line politicians' deep pockets.

Beyond scandalous! Duplicitous. Craven. Over-the-line greedy. Wicked. Psychotic. ______ <--your adjective goes here. Can you name that weasel in one adjective? reform in the US? Wake me when it gets here - but after you give it a while to show its true results for, and its effects on, The People.