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Feb 19, 2010

CPAC descends, Obama attacked as drug user

Sayin' What They Want to Hear

Well, it didn't take conservatives at CPAC long to bring up an old subject concerning President Obama as being a cocaine snorter but I wonder where the same conservatives were during 8 years of George Bush whose liberal drug use is well known?

Plus, it's been said that Laura Bush was the dime bag go-to girl in college yet that was hushed up during the 2000 campaign. She also ran over and killed someone at some point in her young life, an act which could be misconstrued as an initiation rite of passage into a society of some sort where murder is required for membership.

Or as simply a young driver running a STOP sign with highly unfortunate results that demonstrate why we have STOP signs to obey.

Okay, let's see: if you're a GOPer you can be forgiven anything in your past (even if it's only yesterday's amour or last night's alcohol binge) but if you're a Democrat (an opponent) it's different. Has Mr. Obama ever used cocaine in his life? Probably. Don't know, don't especially care. But I do know he'd look pretty silly at press conferences with a snowy nose and would make a fool of himself in such a condition.

Scratching the Underbelly of Washington, DC

Where there's big money and massive amounts of power, drugs (and prostitutes) always come along for the ride...even for the holier-than-thou types who like to pretend they're white as 'snow' - but the other guy!


Blog Note: This is my last post until Sunday - Georgia Aquarium here we come! ;p

Oct 30, 2007

Laura Bush Nov 4, 1946

Laura Bush, in an attempt to defend her husband's SCHIP stance and his oily foreign policy says she's more involved in policy than previously known which is no comfort considering how things have gone since Bush coup'd the White House.

Since my move-along needs to get along, there's no time for much, but here's Mrs Bush's natal chart (rating: B) with its out-of-bounds and Rx Venus as chart-ruler. It's also a Venus Hour, with n Venus at the "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree. Guess she's serious about being involved--although she's been instructed to steer clear of such topics as Iraq and Iran.

Her Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (2 New North) is same as her husband's. If you're familiar with the Tarot, you'll know all about Number 16, The Tower, with its collapse of plans and lifestyles, and the rebuilding and reshaping that begins after the dust settles--with far-reaching effects.

Sounds exactly like 9/11 doesn't it? Yet the 2NN Series manifested July 31, 2000...3 days after the Jupiter (Rs) conjunction with Saturn (Ds) at "9Leo", conjunct the natal Mercuries of George Bush, Al Gonzales, and the Republican Party...and very near Bush's n ASC (7Leo07.)

So the attacks of 9/11 occurred after the next Solar Eclipse (2South), the PE Series of Woodrow Wilson and of Ronald Reagan.

Keywords: individual involvement with unusual groups and the belief that much will be gained from such involvement. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)
And, of course, AFTER Bush was in office and needing a major boost to his nebulously-gained presidency. Neocons all agreed--America "needed a new Pearl Harbour" to take us to we got one.

Back later to add some comments on the First Lady's chart...please pardon any typos, will clear them up asap!