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Dec 14, 2018

Horoscopes: Yemen - North and South

Dual image: Yemen North (lower left; September 27, 1962 '12:00 pm BAT -3:00' Sanaa' Yemen; Campion chart #392) and Yemen South (upper right; November 29, 1967 3:00 pm BAT = "end of British rule"; Aden, Yemen; Campion chart #393).

The horoscope of Yemen South is currently more activated of the two and is accurately timed so today's transits (Dec 14, 2018 est) are penned around the chart. Most notable is that Yemen's natal Mars @28Cap11 in 10th house is in process of being squared by transit Uranus @28Ari49 with both planets and their square having links to war, revolt, destruction, violence, explosions (bombs), injuries, and danger.

Another current indicator of war and violence is the transit South Node, a Saturnian point of restriction and loss (aka, 'the tail of the dragon') now swiping across Yemen South's natal Mars in Capricorn.

Then both charts reveal crisis-ridden YOD patterns within them. North's apex planet of its YOD is Jupiter Rx in Pisces, a compassionate sign for Jupiter yet as apex planet this denotes expectations that tend to fall short of their promised potential due to poor judgement, procrastination, and/or over-reach and this brings fateful consequences. In South's chart, we see 12th house Saturn Rx in early Aries (where transit Chiron is scheduled to visit later on) as apex of the YOD which doubles the karmic potential of the YOD and suggests an inherent ambition, plus, a destiny replete with determination, commitment and resolve if the energies are correctly faced and handled. Obviously, maturity and social responsibility must be part of apex Saturn's demanding imperatives and periods of Yemen South's Saturn Returns would be times when YOD conditions would be most in force with many lessons to learn. South's last/current Saturn Return was a three-fer: 1. June 3, 1996; 2. September 3, 1996; 3. February 21, 1997 - all when Bill Clinton was inhabiting the White House. South's next Saturn Return will perfect on April 2, 2026.

So as you see, transit Pluto @20Capricorn+ (a critical-crisis degree) is about to cross Yemen's Midheaven (21Cap10) with transit Saturn close behind. In fact, the two karmic planets' Great Conjunction takes places January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (see link, below) and will form a midpoint picture of potentials for Yemen: Saturn-Pluto = natal MC: desire to rise from difficult circumstances through the application of tenacity and endurance; severity; one-sidedness; self-sacrifice; asceticism (Ebertin).

And perhaps you've noticed that Yemen's Mars @28Capricorn conjoins the power-mad, manipulative natal Pluto of the United States (27Cap33 Rx). We can see this planetary connection in such inconvenient-for-the-Pentagon facts as Shrapnel in Yemen ties US bombs to civilian deaths, a massive cosmic peep-eye for we Americans who are usually the last to know what the Pentagon is actually up to abroad.

So what if anything is Washington doing about our complicity in these tragic, heart-wrenching war crimes in Yemen? Well, the US Senate voted to end our nation's involvement in the war at least in part but the vote is probably merely a symbolic gesture especially with Mr. Trump unlikely to sign on to the idea of putting an end to the bombing of Yemeni women and children. After all, Big T likes to cage children, we know - and he remains a supporter of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in spite of the Saudi-ordered assassination of Trump-critic and Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Of course, big money, pay-offs, and favors are involved, a probability which neatly sums up the entire situation for the superficial Donald Trump who prefers to do just like his mentor Putin would do.

Wouldn't it be wild and crazy if Melania turns out to be asset Trump's handler?

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Oct 2, 2018

Oct 3, 2018: Trump's 1st Emergency Alert to US Phones

Apparently, on Wednesday October 3, 2018, Donald Trump via FEMA sends out his first Emergency Alert to TV, radio, and cellphones across America at 2:18 pm ET. Naturally this all smacks of disruptive shocker Uranus, doesn't it? Well, Uranus @1Tau21 Rx is conjunct the IC 2Tau02 (Foundation; Basis) of a DC horoscope set for that date and time with tech savvy Uranus in the 3rd house of Communications.

Rising is 8Cap54 with fixed star Facies (ruthlessness or the victim) and archetypal asteroid Orpheus, the melancholy. Chart-ruler Saturn @3Cap08 has no application to another planet in the chart but is rising in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self--Undoing, while creepy manipulator and wealth hoarder Pluto @18Cap45 (strong on its Direct Station degree of September 30, 2018) is in 1st house and is the first planet to rise so that soon a midpoint will form:

Saturn-Pluto = ASC: sadness and mourning (Tyl); cumbersome circumstances (Ebertin). However, at precisely 2:18 pm ET, another midpoint picture rises: Neptune-MC = ASC: acting and pretending; taking the wrong path; pursuit of wrong objectives; uncertainty; insecurity; unreality and illusion (Ebertin). Plus, karmic Saturn @3Cap08 is in Nodal Degree (and inconjunct North Node 3Leo32 = the public), an indicator of a fated event and adjustments that need to be made between authorities and the public.

Testy Mars 7AQ03 will soon be swiped by the separative 'Tail of the Dragon' (South Node 3AQ32) and both are also rising in 1st house (after Pluto) which suggests a loner acting out of harmony with the traditions and standards of society and this--plus, the sudden Emergency Alert--may antagonize and annoy the populace.


Image above: Cryin' to the Hills, a drawing by yours truly from a certain Secret Moon Art Collection.

Jul 1, 2018

Horoscope: July 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse conj Mars Rx

DC Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse @4AQ44 July 27, 2018 4:20:17 pm edt White House Washington DC = Radical Events; Hour of an unaspected Mercury Rx @23Leo20, 9th house. When unaspected, the thinking-communicating planet Mercury knows little of which it speaks due to its limited interests and lack of curiosity or experience in a variety of realms.

This is a prominent Total Lunar Eclipse occurring upon America's natal South Node of the Moon so a dependency upon past actions or solutions may be evident and may or may not be sufficient to deal with present circumstances. As you see, testy Mars Rx in Aquarius accompanies the eclipse which provides dynamic energy and motivation but premature action and past quarrels and anger may erupt. And since eclipses tend to uncover hidden conditions and secrets, this Lunar Eclipse won't be shy in that department.

Meetings and encounters are suggested (Sun-NN) for POTUS and other leaders (Sun) while those of a feminine persuasion (Moon) may be left behind (SN) and feeling enraged (Moon-Mars). That America's natal Nodal Axis is involved suggests we've been here before and one may think of past SCOTUS or other legal rulings which directly affect women and families including Trump's self-created, cold-hearted border crisis. Corporate and other financial realms are affected by the eclipse perfecting across the 2/8 axis in DC with the National Treasury (2nd house) under stress thanks mostly to spendthrift, wastrel politicians (Jupiter-Neptune) who continue to style themselves as "conservatives".

Now with 6Sag51 rising, moneybags Jupiter is chart-ruler and makes only one applying Ptolemaic aspect, a trine with Neptune which hints at financial schemes or fraud (see lower left corner of the chart), plus tricky conditions, dumb luck, inspired creativity, and our visionary abilities expanded (to see how much better things could be!) Beware get-rich-quick schemes (as always!) and try hard to focus on reality as much as possible. Upholding truth would be good as well though it's difficult with the massive amounts of propaganda we're subjected to from all directions--also a function of Jupiter-Neptune.

Now I neglected to circle it but there is an inconjunct between Sun (POTUS) and law-abiding Saturn, the authority. This shows consciousness of a sense of guilt and the need to be taken to task for one's past mistakes. It seems that someone's needs for significance and recognition are being hampered just now and an adjustment is necessary on the level of personal authority and accountability. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump's obsession with constantly comparing his achievements with those of others only points out his flaws and failures rather than having the brainwashing effect he expects--even with all the whoppers he tells to boost his image! Well, as you know, Saturn isn't about 'image', he's about the facts and he demands them.

So with fire-starter Mars out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane (off on his own in rigid Aquarius) we still must add his frustration (Rx) to the dynamic energy encased within the T-Square/s that point to radical Uranus so we expect many changes and reforms as pent-up energies and pressures are suddenly released into the environment. Possible expressions include political policies and regulations that anger many people, depression, a potential for more suicides, natural disasters such as quakes and/or tsunamis, more volcanic activity, arson, explosions, violence, riots, protests, strikes, war, and general strife. Pressure must be released and a certain sense of purging may be the eventual outcome and this may involve US natal Neptune in Virgo (22Virgo) which sits atop the Aspiration Point of this chart. In Virgo, delusional Neptune can be fault-finding and with a pathological sensitivity, plus, Mars in Aquarius also likes to criticize though it's often superficial. Even so, our usual delusions and disappointments over Virgoan matters such as employment and health may surface (MC) under the rays of this karmic Full Moon in Aquarius and be brought into the public discourse once again. Perhaps abortion issues such as Roe v Wade will continue to be a heated part of the conversation since a new conservative SCOTUS Justice may threaten to unsettle the law, and of course, Virgo is also the sign of The Virgin so sexual and gender issues are certain to be on the political agenda.

And of course, as anyone can tell, this promises to be a Long Hot Summer. With Mr. 'Red Tie' Trump having natal Mars rising and being born under his own Saturnian Moon-SN conjunction (with Sun conjunct NN and Uranus, his chaotic guiding planet in Career 10th), he's definitely a large participant in this difficult cosmic picture and is certain to be directly affected by its energies which perfect within his natal 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and Daily Rounds. However, he may choose to blow of steam through speeches, throwing tantrums, and/or by projecting onto others via Military or Police actions (6th house). Yet if he should choose this course, his actions will be premature.

For Astro-Notes concerning the July and August Solar Eclipses of 2018 which 'sandwich' this Lunar Eclipse, type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search Field and a plethora of posts will appear for your consideration!

Photo: Planet Mars says Hi!

Note: Other chart details are penned upon the chart if you care to enlarge the image for I really am quite wumped out with typing for today and still recovering from eye surgery. Thanks Y'all! jc